Mature Sisters Pt. 02


So, with several days holiday to go, wild thoughts were going through the sisters heads.

They were certainly going to visit the wine bar again.

They’d already decided, in the hope of meeting the same two guys they’d had sex with before.

They got up in the morning, and again Elsie had wet the bed.

“You’ve wet the bed again, you slut,” said Brenda.

“Yes, I couldn’t be bothered to get up,” she said.

“Lay on your back then, so that I can lick your cunt,” said Brenda, “you know how I love it when it’s wet, and sticky, and you haven’t washed it. Lift your legs up.”

“I like it too, you know I do, even though you’ve got a tampon in, I can still suck your clitty,” said Elsie, who lay on her back, and lifted her legs up, her upper thighs resting on her chest, her hands behind her knees, holding her legs in place, and her crutch open, and vulnerable.

Brenda looked down at her massive open vagina.

Her labia parted, and clitoris erect with the expectation of what was to come.


Both sisters were gifted with a generous clitoris, and labia, as already mentioned, probably due to all the attention they’d received with each other over the years.

Their labia were 3″, maybe 4″ long, and they folded up when they had their panties on.

Their clitoris’s when aroused were easily 4″ long, and stood erect held only by the skin underneath, pulling back the skin of the hood to expose the sensitive head, almost like a small penis, so suckable.


As already mentioned, as far as work colleagues were concerned, they were well spoken, ‘nice’ ladies, but during their fun times, they loved to use naughty language.


Anyway, with Elsie laying there with all her feminine sex on show, Brenda went down between her open thighs, and felt her stiff clitoris, squeezing it, and running her fingers up and down it’s sticky, slippery length.

Elsie started gasping as she began to orgasm.

“Oh! Fucking lick it, suck it, make me come..don’t tease me you bitch,” she cried out.

Brenda went down, and continued to tease her, licking her pouting anus first, opening it with her fingers, and pushing the tip of her tongue just inside the rim, all the time squeezing Elsie’s throbbing clitoris.

Brenda moved her tongue along her sticky slit, tasting the nights urine, finally settling on her clitoris.

She sucked on it, like she was sucking a guys penis.

Elsie went wild, and began to pee yet more urine, her flow gushing everywhere, uncontrollably.

Brenda pursed her lips over the swollen urethral mound, and sucked, swallowing as much urine as she could, then returned to the pulsating clitoris.

Elsie’s body was shaking with a really strong orgasm, almost continuous.

“Oh! Shit, fuck, fuck,” her voice disappearing into gasps.

Finally after about 5 minutes, Brenda came up the bed, and kissed Elsie opening her mouth, and dribbling her urine tasting saliva into her mouth.

A few minutes later, having got her breath back, Elsie looked into Brenda’s eyes.

“It’s your turn now, I’m going to tease you, like you did me, you fucking bitch,” she said,” get on your back.”

She shuffled down the bed, and took up the same position as Elsie, with her legs pulled up to her chest, her backside exposed, and all her wares on show, and vulnerable.

As Brenda had done previously, Elsie began to massage her slippery clitoris with her fingers, while she moved down, pushing her tampon string to one side, and spent several minutes licking her anus.

Urine was trickling down, and as Eslie licked it, she was also getting a drink!

She moved up, passing the stained tampon with her tongue, around her trickling urethral opening, and sucked hard on the throbbing clitoris.

Already Brenda was shaking, her breath gasping.

“Oh! Yes….yes…..fuck….fuck, I’m coming….ooooh!”

Her orgasm lasted for quite some time, during which she lost control, and pee spurted everywhere, all the time Elsie was sucking hard, and licking the sensitive clitoral head.

Afterwards, Brenda lay getting her breath back.

“I lost control didn’t I,” she said.

“I should say so,” replied Elsie,” you pissed everywhere.”

“I need to get up,” said Brenda,” I need a shit, ooh! It’s coming.”

She slid off the bed, and Elsie caught sight of her anus begining to open.

“Hurry up then, you’re almost doing it, you fucking slut,” she said.

Brenda hurried to the bathroom, just making it, as she began to go, sitting down as she emptied her bowels.

Elsie shouted out,” I’ll make a pot of coffee, and make some breakfast, but don’t be long, I need to have a shit soon.”

Brenda didn’t have time to pick up a pair of panties on the way to the bathroom, she had been in such a hurry to get to the toilet, so she got a used pair from the wash basket.

Without wiping herself she put them on, and went to the kitchen.

Elsie had put on a pair of panties herself.

Breakfast was ready, and as she sat down, Elsie noticed Brenda was wearing her own dikimevi escort used panties.

“Are you wearing my dirty panties, you fucking slut?” she asked,” and I bet you’ve not wiped your arse.”

“No I haven’t,” replied Brenda,” your undies were on top of the bin, so I used them, and they’re still a bit sticky from your come juice.”

Elsie smiled.

“Oh! Well, get breakfast,” she said.

They sat down, and enjoyed croissants, coffee, and fruit, discussing what they’d do today.

Of course, mostly, their chat was sexual.

“I really fancy meeting those guys again, and getting my arse fucked if they agree,” said Elsie.

“Yes, I really fancy that,” said Brenda,” having a mans cock up my arse.”

As they sat chatting, Elsie had forgotten that she’d needed to follow her sister to the toilet, and let out an enormous fart.

“Fuck, that was a good’un, be careful you don’t follow through,” said Brenda.

“Oooops, I think I have, Oh! Dear..I think I should have gone earlier,” she said.

“You’d better go now, you dirty cunt….you’re stinking the kitchen out.”

Elsie got up very slowly, and sure enough, she had ‘followed through’, as Brenda had put it.

At the back of Elsie’s panties there was a flat, dark stain, flattened, as she’d been sitting.

She headed for the bathroom, still leaking.

“Oh! Well,” she said,” I’m a mess now, so what the heck.”

As she walked she relaxed her anus, and let go, filling the back of her panties.

Sitting on the toilet, she finished, without taking her panties down, and filled them, watched by Brenda.

Afterwards, she stood up, her panties hanging down at the back.

“You’ve really followed through,” Brenda said.

Elsie stepped into the shower, and Brenda helped her remove them, leaving poo streaks all down her legs. Then she cleaned her, before they both had a shower.

“I bet you enjoyed that, you dirty slut,” she said.

“I did, feeling my shit slithering around my arse cheeks,” said Elsie.

They enjoyed the hot water running down their bodies, and washed their hair.

“Oh!,” said Brenda, as she looked down, “you’re bleeding.”

Elsie looked down, and saw the red streaks, mixed in with the water, running down her thighs.

“Oh! Fuck, I’ve come on,” she exclaimed.

She knew that this could happen anytime.

She was approaching, if not already, going though her menopause, which made her periods so irregular.

“Oh! Well, we’ll both get arse fucked tonight, if those guys are at the wine bar tonight, and if their willing…..we’ll both have tampons up our cunts, so they won’t have a choice,” said Elsie.

“Guess so,” said Brenda,” but I ain’t complaining.”

She washed Elsie’s vagina, putting two fingers inside, and then they dried themselves.

As they left the bathroom, Brenda grabbed two tampons from the box on the sideboard in the hallway, one for herself, and one for her sister.

In the bedroom, she inserted one into Elsie’s vagina, then squatted down to remove her own used one, and let Elsie insert a the new one into her vagina.

It was a gorgeous day, so they stayed naked.

Their apartment faced toward the morning sun, and had a small balcony.

When they opened the french doors, they could sit in two easy chairs, and sunbathe, without being overlooked, and still remain inside the apartment.

They had a bottle of wine, and sat, and relaxed.

“I hope those guys are into arse fucking,” said Brenda.

“Me too, I really fancy a nice cock up my arse,” said Elsie.

It was so nice to just lay in the easy chairs, and relax, the sun shining down on their naked bodies.

They poured another glass of wine, and Brenda looked over to Elsie, who was squeezing her right breast, moving her fingers around her nipple.

It was getting erect.

As mentioned earlier, they both had ample nipples, and she was coaxing hers.

It got harder as she pulled on it, till it was fully erect, maybe 1″-1 1/2″.

She put her glass down, and worked on her left nipple at the same time, until that too was standing out.

She squeezed them hard.

“Oh! This feels so good,” she said.

Brenda started playing with her nipples as well, and soon hers were sticking out, as long as her sisters.

While she pulled on them, with her left hand, she reached down, opening her thighs, and rubbed her clitoris.

Elsie copied her, and they both began to enjoy orgasms.

“Oh! This is so fucking good,” said Brenda.

“M’mmmm, Oh! Yes,” gasped Elsie.

Maybe twenty minutes passed, before they stopped playing with themselves.

They lay back, to rest, and had some more wine.

“I love your body sis,” said Brenda.i

“I love yours too,” she replied.

They lay still for a while, legs open, their clits swollen, and nipples poking forward.

“I’m going for a piss,” said Elsie, and she got up, and headed for the toilet, alone!

Several minutes later, she returned, carrying a glass.

“I bought you a drink,” she said, handing it dikmen escort to Brenda.

The glass felt warm, and she knew what it was.

She raised it to her lips, a began to drink it.

She’d always loved Elsie’s urine, and vice versa.

She didn’t drink it all, leaving half a glass.

Brenda stood up, and without leaving the room, moved behind her chair, half squatted, and held the glass beneath herself, and refilled it, mixing her pee with Elsie’s.

She drank some of the mixture, and handed it to Elsie.

She looked at the rim of the glass, and found where Brenda had drank from.

There was a lot of saliva, which she’d dribbled, on purpose, and then she took a large mouthful, dribbling as well.

They took it in turns, until the glass was empty, each of them keeping some in their mouths, which obviously meant they were going to kiss, mouths open, lots of tongue action, and exchanging of urine, and saliva, made more enjoyable for Brenda, as Elsie had not put her dentures in yet, and she loved licking inside her mouth.

“It’s getting bloody hot here, let’s go in, and have some lunch, and we can watch some films later,” said Elsie.

Brenda agreed and they retired into the kitchen.

Being so warm, another salad was in order, and they prepared the necessary ingredients, then sat down to enjoy the feast, including wine of course.

“That glass of piss was nice,” said Elsie.

“Yes,” said Brenda,” and especially when we mixed it.”

They continued eating, and chatting, and after washing the plates, went to see what films were on the tv., staying naked of course.

So for the next few hours, they sat in the lounge, watching the tv.

They only took breaks to empty their bladders, not in the toilet though, but mixing it as before, into a large jug, which they drank from in their wine glasses.

After watching a film, suddenly Elsie remembered they had some vhs sex videos, naughty, quite explicit tapes they hadn’t seen for a while.

She went to fetch them.

“Let’s see what we’ve got,” she said.

They had half a dozen.

She put one in, and they sat back to enjoy it, drinking glasses of pee from the jug, which was still warm.

They commented on the film, as they watched it.

“Look at that woman swallowing three mens come at the same time, filthy whore,” said Brenda,” I wouldn’t mind doing that.”

“Me too,” said Elsie.

Then there were two lesbians, a very mature female, about 60 years old, and a middle aged woman, around 40+ years of age.

There was a lot of open mouthed kissing, tongues, and saliva.

“I love that, ” said Brenda.

“I remember this one, see what they do next,” said Elsie.

On the film, the older female was masturbating, rubbing her clitoris.

As she rubbed, she had an orgasm, and urine was trickling down her vulval valley.

The younger female noticed it, and went down to lick and suck her wet vagina, and of course, swallow the urine.

Having got her mouth wet, and sticky, she went up and they engaged in an open mouthed kiss, with loads of saliva.

“Just like us,” said Brenda.

Then they watched a guy, pushing his ample penis in a females anus.

“Maybe us tonight,” said Elsie.

They watched a load more porn, eagerly rubbing their clittys while they enjoyed other peoples fun and games, both of them wetting themselves.

They didn’t want to leave the room, and miss anything, a good job their chairs were protected.

They decided to have a light tea, just sandwiches, and coffee, then another

quick shower, and they replaced their used tampons for new ones.

Then they got dressed, almost the same as before, but at Elsie’s suggestion, they agreed to wear stockings and suspenders, and loose panties.

They wore their summer skirts, thin t-shirts, and a light cardigan, as before.

Of course their erect nipples were clearly visible through the material of the t-shirts

Elsie put her dentures in.


The time came to leave for the wine bar arrived, so they took a slow stroll, because of the warm weather, hoping the guys would be there, and they’d be up for some anal fun.

They arrived at the winebar, and found it surprisingly quiet, so they ordered some wine, and sat chatting.

Slowly a few people entered the bar, apparently there had been a football match on the television, a big cup match.

The sisters had more wine, and then, wow!, the two guys arrived, and spotted them straight away.

They bought themselves some wine, and bought two more for Brenda, and Elsie.

They chatted for quite some time.

“We really enjoyed our fun last time, you’re a couple of sexy girls, and good looking as well, ” said the older man.

“Thanks, always nice to get compliments,” said Brenda.

Eventually the chatting got around to sexual matters.

Elsie discreetely lifted her skirt, enough to expose her stocking tops, which well pleased the guys.

“Nice,” said the older one.

“I thought you’d like that,” she said.

“Are elmadağ escort we going to the car park again?” he asked.

“If you like,” said Brenda,” but I need to tell you something first.”

“Ok!,” said the younger guy.

“We’re both on our periods, so you can’t fuck our cunts,” she said,” because we’ve got tampons in, so instead, if you like, you can arse fuck us.”

They looked at each other, smiled, and nodded.

“Sure,” said the older guy,” we’re up for that.”

“But, whatever we do, can we take it a bit slower than last time, make it last eh!,” said Elsie.

They readily agreed.

More wine was drank, and they chatted for a while longer.

“Shall we go outside then,” said Elsie.

“We’ve had a lot to drink,” said the younger guy,” I need a piss.”

“Do it outside, so we can watch,” said Brenda.

They agreed, and being dark outside, they left the building, and went to the rear of the car park, as before, where it was more private.

The men got their cocks out, and prepared to urinate.

The sisters both had an idea, at the same time, and as they started to pee, they went, and took hold of each spurting penis.

In midstream, Elsie bent forward, and took the young guys in her mouth, and drank his hot pee.

Brenda followed her sisters lead, and took the older guys in her mouth, swallowing his pee.

“Oh! Fuck,” he said.

“M’mmm,” was all the younger one could utter.

When they’d finished, Elsie, and Brenda stood up licking their lips.

“We certainly weren’t expecting that, you two are a right naughty pair, what else do you get up to, tell us more,” said the older guy.

“We do anything that’s naughty, and you ought to know, we’re sisters,” said Brenda, as she approached Elsie, and they kissed, open mouthed, and lots of tongues.”

“Wow! Sisters…..fuck.!”, said the older guy,” and you have sex with each other?”

“Yes we do,” said Brenda.

“We’d love to watch you, and maybe join in,” he said.

“Maybe that could be arranged,” the sisters agreed.

“Anyway, you seem to like piss fun,” he said,” you’ve watched us piss, can we watch you?”

“Of course,” said Brenda, who lifted her skirt, drew down her panties, and squatted, her legs open.

They all watched as a long arc of urine gushed forward.

It excited the men so much, their penis’s stood out from their trousers, bobbing up, and down.

When she’d finished, she stood up, without wiping, and the remains trickled down over her stockings.

It was Elsie’s turn now.

She lifted her skirt, and standing, she bent forward, without lowering her panties, and wet herself, urine flooding through the gusset, and running down her legs.

“Oh! Wow! That’s so sexy,” said the younger guy.

“Ok! It’s arse time, if you’re still up for it,” said Elsie.

“Up for it, I should say so,” said the older guy.

The sisters lifted their t-shirts, so that their pendulous breasts hung free, as they bent forward, leaning their hands on the back fence of the car park for support.

The guys made sure their skirts were lifted right up, and their panties were stretched

between their knees.

Thighs open, the tampon strings hung down, soaking wet.

“We need a bit of lubrication lads,” said Elsie.

They didn’t really, as their anal openings were well stretched normally.

She just wanted to see what the guys would do.

To her, and Brenda’s surprise, they leant down,and began licking their pouting rims.

“Oh! Yes, that’s what we like, m’mmmm,” sighed Brenda.

Within a couple of minutes, the guys were wiggling their throbbing organs against their sensitive rims.

One push, and their bulbous heads passed their anal sphinters.

“Oh! Yes…..yes, all the way in,” whimpered Brenda.

“Right up hard,” said Elsie,” don’t fuck us yet, push as hard as you can, and leave it still.”

The guys reached round, and played with the hanging breasts, pulling on the swollen nipples.

“I can’t hang on much longer,” said the younger guy,” I’m about to explode,” as he pushed hard into Brenda’s rectum.

She pushed down, as if she was going to do a poo, and wriggled her bottom.

That was enough, and he came in her, his legs shaking.

At that same moment, the older guy came as well, thrusting in and out, ramming hard into her.

“Leave your cocks in,” said Elsie,” let them go soft.”

“But I will need another piss,” said the older guy.

“Ok! Do it then,” she said,” piss up my arse.

As soon as she said that, he pulled her close.

“Here it comes,” he said, and she felt her rectum swelling.

The younger guy followed suit, and although he couldn’t do much, was happy to deposit as much of his hot urine as he could into her.

After several minutes, their cocks slipped out, and the ladies, pulled up their panties quickly, before any of the valuable cargo could escape.

But obviously, fluids started to leak out.

The older guy got a piece of paper from his top pocket, and a small pencil, and wrote his phone number on it.

“Can we meet again, and maybe you could come to our house,” he said

Elsie looked at Brenda.

“We’d love to…..lots of naughties?”

“Oh! Yes,” he said.

With that, the sisters headed home, following a quick cherrio, as their bottoms were now leaking quite a bit.

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