Making Him a Panty-Boy Ch. 01


I heading up to college to move back into my dorm. Luckily Panty-Boy will be there to help me take my stuff up. He will be greatly rewarded. I make it up to town and walk up to my residence hall. It is a new year, so no elevators!

I walk down the hall looking at all the new bulletin boards, some of these people need a more creative side. I turn the corner and there he is. Waiting for me, his Madam S, oh so patiently outside my door. He is sitting with his legs crossed and his arms by his side, just like a little boy. He thinks he’s grown sometimes because he loses respect and uses foul language. The way he is sitting makes him remember that he’s my Panty-Boy. He is NOT a man, Panty-Boy. I walk into my room and set my bags down, I have got to hurry. I instructed him to give me two minutes to get ready and then to knock on the door kneeling. Let’s see if he can follow directions this time. Last time he disobeyed, the outline of my hand glowed on his tender ass for nearly a week.

Wow!! He actually followed directions this time! 2 min right on the dot! I let him in and he immediate goes into my room and gets ready for his inspection. We’ve been slacking on our weekly inspections of him so this one is going to be extra strict. If he fails I’m going to smack him in the balls so hard he won’t fail to remember it next inspection! He opens my bedroom door when he’s ready. Wearing nothing but the panties I left for him on my bed, he walks out into the common room. He loves my light blue hipster panties with princesses on them. I’m sure he got a welcome surprise when he saw them on my bed.

I walk him back in and I start inspecting. Clean shaven face, smells good, hair nicely comb, the only thing out of place is that hairy dicklette of his, but I taking care of that right now. I tell him he will pass when we get that done but I still want to spank him a little, just a tease.

And he looks so nice in those panties, I don’t know why he doesn’t like to wear them outside of my room.

“Ok let’s go get that forest shaved off, I have a big day planned and there is no time to spare,” I say as I lead him in to the bathroom, “Get your clothes off and kneel here waiting!”

I lead him into the bathroom and turn the water on as he takes off the panties. I had to shave my pussy and clit when we started seeing each other before I found out he is a little pussy so I’m making him shave his off. I’ve got to make sure the water doesn’t burn my little Panty-Boy.

He’s made me proud and he deserves this. I shave all the hair off of his little dicklette. It looks so much better this way!! A month ago, I would have been on my knees sucking it and obeying him but now that life is over, I want a real dick now, not that little thing.

“Go put your clothes pursaklar escort on, we’re going on a trip.”

“Yes ma’am”.

“Oh, and go into my drawer and get that tank top, it’s one I don’t wear no more and it will be nice for you Panty-Boy!”

He leaves as I stand starring into the mirror. This is going to be a great day, my little Panty-Boy is getting a day he will never forget and I’m getting spoiled today, what could be better?

We walk down the stairs and out of the door, I wave at the cute door attendant, he is soo cute, maybe he will want to join in one day. As we are going by the bookstore, he says he needs to go in and get some books, “This is my day, you do what I want Panty-Boy, your needs are not important!”

I love watching his butt dance around, knowing that he’s wearing cute panties. I hand him the keys and send him after the car, he has ten minutes to get there and get back before I start counting the number of licks he will get on his rear.

He arrives, “Wow that was quick; Open my door and take my bag to the trunk.”

I hand my Panty-Boy my bag and step into the car, he closes the door behind me. I cross my legs, “Panty-Boy, take me to the toy shop, I have got to get something for you.”

Panty-Boy stops us by the local toy shop. I get to buy a strap on to use on him because he lost a wager, and I need something to please me since he can’t measure up. I’m going to fuck him in the ass so hard when we get back, this truly will be a night to remember, and he doesn’t know anything about it. I purchase an 8in long pink glittery dildo and a strap on for him and off we go to the next store.

Walmart! I absolutely hate Walmart but I’ll make an exception this once. While in Walmart we buy some pantyhose. He loves pantyhose, it makes him so horny. He stares at ever girl that walks by and he has learned in past experiences that I am the only girl the he can ever look at. I send him after some condoms, a pack of hair ties, and something to use as some restraints. “Ohh and lipstick Sissy, I need another tube of it, bright red!!” I was going to make him check out at a cashier line but I decided to let him check out in a self-help line. He can check out at the next store.

Next we’re off to the mall to buy him some nice panties that he can call his very own and a bra that he will start wearing on a daily basis through the week. Little does he know I have a surprise for him in the fitting-room. We go to the lingerie department of the nice clothes store and I instruct him to pick out 4 pairs of panties for him to try on. Different styles that he will like and that he has seen on the internet.

While he’s doing that I’m picking out the perfect bra for him. Not too big, I want rize escort him to be able to wear it under a hoodie and I want it to be white with bright pink polka dots. It has to be something that will make him look great in that dress and that will look appropriate in my dress. He finds what he needs and comes over to me and he cares everything that we found to the fitting room.

“Go in and put on this bra and your favorite pair of these panties, leave the door unlocked and cracked.”

I wait a few moments after the door closes and I hear him unzip and his jeans fall off. Well it’s time to go in there, I peak through and see him with his back to me. Sweet, I rush in and smack his ass as hard as I can.

He makes a groan and I giggle alittle.

I kneel down and pull the panties to the side and let his little dicklette pop out. I put my mouth around his little dicklette. “You are pitiful Panty-Boy, you can’t even get an erection and I’m sucking on your little dicklette. “I am done, I thought putting you in a pair of panties and a bra would make you hard but even with all of that and me sucking it doesn’t help.”

That was pathetic, I am done pleasing him, now the only pleasure will be for me. He goes to the cashier and the clerk is kinda cute but he was checking my Panty-Boy out the whole time. We go through the drive-thru get something to eat and then head back to my room, the worker about flipped when she saw him wearing his bra.

We drive to the dorms and he drops me off at the front door, “Hurry and go park the car and bring all of the bags up to the room. You know the routine, get in the front door and come up the stairs. Then, come knock on my door and kneel patiently, the faster you are the faster we can get started.

Fifteen minutes pass and finally there is a knock at the door, “Finally that shit made it, dang, what took him so long???”

I open the front door and there he is with the bags. “Take the bags to my room and start unpacking them.”

I hold the door open for him and close the door behind me, then I walk over and knock on my roommate’s door.

No answer, Good, she must not be back yet, that means we have the room to ourselves, I get to have my way all afternoon!!

“First things first, before you get started, know that you are the slave, I am the master, you will obey every command I say, if not five smacks per fault, Do you understand Panty-Boy??”

“Yes ma’am, yes ma’am!!”

Even though he’s a great slave he still has some stuff to learn about respect and obeying me. I owe him 30 swats for a football game he beat on, who goes for the underdogs up against the division champs???

“Turn around and get ready for them!” He leans over the bed like I have taught him. At that ankara rus escort very moment my hand lands dead center of his right cheek, he groans as five more lands on his ass. I give him his 30 swats and his ass glows like a candle. I believe he has learned something now.

He takes his swats like a man though, first thing he has ever taken like a man. Now is what I have been waiting for all day, I unbox the dildo and get it in the strap on and look at the instructions a bit. I pull it on and tighten it down. It’s go time!!

“Drop those panties and hop up on the bed on your hands and knees, butt against the wall.”

“No touching your little dicklette, Panty-Boy.”

I jump up on the bed and my pink glittery dildo flops up and down. “Wow, now I have something that flops between my legs and that is actually can get erected. Lean forward and lube this thing up.” He leans over and looks through the toy store bag.

“Madame, there is no lube in the bag, did I leave it in the car? Do you want me to go out and get it?”

“No slave, you didn’t leave it in the car, I meant your mouth you fool. Get your mouth on this dildo now!” I shove the dildo in his mouth and waddle over and jam him against the wall. “Choke on it, what’s wrong slave, you don’t like this? You did it to me the first time I tried to suck one and I had no experience, you’ve received a few so you know what you need to do!!”

I push the dildo to the back of his mouth and he gags. I pull back a little and then start to pound his virgin mouth, I keep pounding and pounding until boom, climax. He blows his load all over my sheets. “What the hell did you do??? You pathetic waste, why, can’t you control yourself, don’t you know when you are about to cum???”

“Get out!! Go clean up in the bathroom and then hurry back, there is one more thing you have to do!”

I hear the bathroom door close and a few minutes later the toilet flushes, good he got cleaned up!

He comes back in looking nice and clean with his clean shaved dicklette. “Alright Panty-Boy, did you enjoy today?”

“Yes ma’am, I did, this was great!!”

“Good, now it’s time for you to pay me back, kneel down.”

He finally gets down on his knees. “Good boy, it took long enough. Now, lick that up.”


“You heard me, I didn’t stutter and I know you are not that stupid. Get to it, clean it up!” I shove his face all in the cum and he licks most of it up.

“Good job, cum-slut!” I wipe some of the cum off his face with a finger and shove it right in his mouth. “Good slave, take it all, lick my finger clean!!”

“Alright, I am done with you. Get your clothes together, take a pair of those panties with you and leave that bra here, I’ll decide when you can wear that, it isn’t for your personal usage at night!”

I stand at the door as I watch him leave. He has such a sexy ass, and he knows it, dang he works those hips as he prances out of here wearing those cute panties. I’m kinda jealous!!

“See you later my Panty-Boy!!”

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