Lost Cell Phone: Tuesday


My alarm went off and I slowly got out of bed. Matt had gone to work already and I found a sweet note next to the fresh coffee he’d brewed for me.

My Love,

Last night was amazing! I can’t wait to have you again tonight!


I rubbed my breasts, they felt sore and my nipples were in excruciating pain. The lightest touch brought them to attention and made them ache.

I showered and checked my cell phone while I put on my make-up.

“Shelly” –Be sure to wear your new bra today. You have a package by the door.

I rushed to the front door and looked down to find a box. This creep knew where I lived!? Of course he knew. He had my phone and all of my private information.

My heart raced as I ran into the bedroom and opened the box. It was a black scoop-neck thin shirt with a wrinkle to the fabric. It felt lighter than air.

My text alert went off:

“Shelly” –A skirt with no panties, slut.

“E-Phone” –Yes, Sir.

Calling this jackass ‘Sir’ was starting to irritate me. The only skirt I had was a tan pencil skirt, but I was thankful that I owned no mini skirts today. This would fly at the office.

With my new shirt tucked into my skirt, I looked in the mirror. The wrinkled fabric helped make my nipples less obvious, but it also accentuated the bounce of my breasts as I walked. I decided to take a sweater for the office.

I went to the closet and my cardigans were all gone. I checked the hall closet but found nothing. All of my button-up coats were gone too. The only jacket I could find was my black quarter trench, but it was for looks, not function. It didn’t go over my breasts, let alone button. Was the creep in my APARTMENT!? I felt violated.

I was going to be late if I didn’t leave now. I grabbed the trench and ran out the door, my breasts bouncing. I noticed that as I walked, the movement of my breasts brushed my nipples across the fabric ever-so-lightly. They were so sensitive and sore that they immediately became hard as pebbles and ached.

There was a morning breeze, which didn’t help me on my walk to work. It blew the light fabric of the shirt tighter around my breasts as they bounced with each step. What was the point of even wearing the bra? It gave them a little left, yes, but other than that it was like I had nothing on under my shirt. False security.

When I arrived at the office, it seemed like all of my male co-workers were eager to say ‘Good Morning’ and tell me how nice I looked. Pigs.

On my desk was another manila envelope. No, no no! My tits couldn’t take any more. I walked to the bathroom with the envelope and closed myself in a stall.

A small box and a note were inside.


There are instructions inside. You will wear this all day. Send me a photo when you have it on.


Inside the box was what looked like a binder clip with an ordu escort 8″ small rope through the handles attached to a silver metal ball. The picture showed graphically that it attached to your clit and the ball would hang freely between your legs. I was terrified.

When I clamped on the clip, I expected pain but there wasn’t any really. Just pressure. It kind of felt good. Then I stood up and the balls weight pulled at my clit and I jolted. How would I walk like this!?

The weight was just enough to put a delightful tug on my clit while the sway of my hips with each step teased the bundle of nerves. My hands began to shake again. My clit was throbbing happily.

I took my phone and photographed myself standing with my legs apart, the ball dangling between my legs from my clit. This was by far the strangest selfie I had ever taken. I hoped this sicko was happy.

I threw the envelope in the trash and my heart raced as I opened the bathroom door. My cubicle looked so far away.

I started walking, the ball swinging with the motion and tugging my clit. If that wasn’t distracting enough, my nipples were still hard and the shirt was teasing them too.

A co-worker stopped me to chat and asked if I wanted to get coffee. She was annoying and talked too much. But we did this a few times a week and I didn’t want to appear like anything was different, so I agreed.

Somehow I chatted and smiled and made my way to the break room without moaning or stopping to catch my breath. The tug was torture. The walk back was just as bad. I kept looking at the male coworkers, wondering what they were like in bed, what their cocks would look like. How would I concentrate on my work today? All I could think about was my throbbing clit.

Sitting in my chair gave me some relieve from the tug, but the pressure still made me squirm. It felt so good!

I realized that I never knew how much I walked during my day. I guess you wouldn’t realize how much you’re standing until you have a weight attached to your clit, would you? I had to make special trips to the bathroom just to wipe away the wetness in my crotch.

My boss, Mr. Starr, called me into the office that afternoon to sit in on a conversation and take notes. But of course, there were no chairs. I had to stand behind him, facing the clients and take notes by hand.

The clients were two men in suits, as usual, who seemed to spend the entire conversation staring at my breasts. I felt like I was under a spotlight. Where I stood was directly under an air vent and the breeze blew the light fabric a bit and it felt like my nipples were going to grow two inches.

As they stared, I’m sure I blushed, and my clit was throbbing uncontrollably. I was taking notes and listening, but my mind kept wandering. I was having fantasies about the three men taking turns fucking me over Mr. Starr’s desk. I would have osmaniye escort allowed the men to do anything to me at that point just to relieve the pressure and make me cum.

“Shelly?” Mr. Starr and the clients were staring at me and I noticed that I’d drifted away from the conversation.

“Yes, Sir?” My cheeks burned and I could feel wetness slowly creeping down my inner thighs. I was sure that Mr. Starr could smell my musk.

“Did you get that? Next week we’ll meet again. Same day, same time.”

“Oh. Yes, Sir, I got it.” I quickly wrote it down and the meeting ended. But I was not out of the woods yet. There was idle chit-chat and shaking hands and the men wanted to know all about Mr. Starr’s assistant. How long had I been here? Did I like this field? Where did I go to school?

I answered their questions politely, trying not to imagine them with stiff cocks, pumping in and out of me one by one. If they could have asked me about my breasts, I’m sure they would have, they certainly stared at them enough.

I was dismissed and I walked out, the silky juices rubbing between my inner thighs, working their way down my leg. As I passed the windows to Mr. Starr’s office, I noticed all three of the men watching me walk. I imagined my bouncing breasts with their perky nipples making quite a show through the windows. Did they know? What if the pervert making me do all of this was Mr. Starr? Fuck. My heart hadn’t stopped racing most of the day.

I hurried to the bathroom to clean up the wetness and my text alert went off. How did the bastard know!?

“Shelly” – How is your clit today? I imagine you’re quite wet by now.

“E-Phone” –Yes, Sir.

“Shelly” –You can do better than that. Do you like the clamp?

How was I supposed to answer that? If I said yes, he won. If I said no, he might get angry and God only knows what I’d be made to do then. I couldn’t lose Matt. He could NOT see those videos.

“E-Phone” –I like it, Sir.

“Shelly” –Good girl. When you get home, you may take it off.

“E-Phone” –Thank You, Sir.

When I got home!? I had to fucking walk home like this!? Dammit.

I managed to get my work done for the day and was out the door at 5:00. I was hoping to beat Matt home so I could take this thing off and be normal for the evening.

The breeze was back and the sun was so low in the sky that the temperature had dropped a little. There I was, a coat that wouldn’t button and a shirt with such thin fabric that the wind blew right through it. My nipples were hard from the cold, but they would have been anyway bouncing freely with that damn shirt constantly rubbing them.

Twice the distraction now as that weight swung between my legs, tugging at my clit with a perfect rhythm. I just wanted to cum. I was entertaining the thought of ducking into an alley to get myself off when I noticed ostim escort that I was only a block from home. Hallelujah!

I saw Matt get out of a cab and my heart sank. He saw me walking his way and waved. Shit. I waved back and made my way to him, watching his eyes watch my tits like a hungry animal. He grabbed me the second I was within his reach,

“You’re wearing that bra again, aren’t you? The Not-Bra? It’s fucking HOT watching your tits when you walk.” He kissed my neck and pressed me against him. “Let’s get you upstairs!”

In the elevator, he fondled my tits like they were his toys and kissed me so deeply that I moaned. Yes, I wanted this. I just needed to sneak into the bathroom and take this embarrassing contraption off first.

Matt closed the door and pushed me against a wall. He pulled my shirt off and sucked on my nipples. I yelled and he stopped, “Sore, are they?” He winked and lifted my skirt.

Oh shit! No, no, no. I had to find an excuse to go to the bathroom.

“I have to pee first.”

“Pee later.” He ignored me and reached his hand down to my pussy. He pulled back with a confused look. “Another surprise?” He smiled and kneeled down to get a closer look. When he came back up, he was smiling, “I love it!”

He pulled me into the bedroom and stripped me naked. He felt my pussy and moaned, “You’re so fucking wet, it’s so sexy.”

I felt his cock and it was that extra-inch-rock-hard again. I wanted inside of me more than anything.

Matt turned me around and bent me over the bed. The weight between my legs banged against the bed and pulled at my clit from just enough of a different angle that I couldn’t help letting out a moan.

When I felt matt’s cock slide easily inside me, I went wild. I was desperate to be fucked after a whole day of this. He felt amazing.

The rhythm made the weight flail and tug at my clit in so many ways that I could barely stand it. Matt reached down and took the clamp off. The blood rushed to my clit and it swelled.

“You like that? You like a little pain?” Matt was ramming himself into me and reached down to press my face into the mattress.

“I love it!” I spread my legs wider and got his cock at just the angle I needed. My clit was throbbing and I was so close. Matt reached around and flicked my clit back and forth while he fucked me.

The jolts shot through me like I’d never felt, “Oh my God, I’m gonna cum!” I moaned as it built and when the waves hit, they were so intense and so deep that I let out a scream, “Yes, fuck YES!” I felt Matt tense up and jerk before shoving into me and filling me with cum.

He pulled out and we both flopped on the bed, dazed.

“What possessed you to try that?”

“Don’t ask.”

“Don’t get me wrong, I love it!”

“We’re going to have an exciting week. I promise.” I smiled at him and laughed to myself. He thought this was all my idea. He LIKED it! What was wrong with men? What was wrong with ME? I liked it too. Fuck, I loved it. Whoever this jackass was who was blackmailing me seemed to know more about my sexual desire than even I did.

Maybe he wasn’t SO bad.

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