Julie’s Panties Ch. 09


Christmas was coming in ten days. The store where Julie worked was throwing a big gathering at a venue in town and we were going to attend. This also coincided with her parents going out of town to visit her Aunt and Uncle. They would be gone overnight so my horny mind was already planning to spend some time alone with my girl at her place.

The party was in a conference area that the store owned across town. This was still in the era when company Christmas parties were quite a big event with catered food, open bars, the works.

I dressed in my best suit, but in honor of the Holiday, I couldn’t help but put on a Santa hat that had a pom-pom on the end of the tail. I picked Julie up after work and wow was she was dressed to impress! She was wearing a long sleeved red velvet dress, black stockings and high heels! Typical of the era, the dress came to about her knees and but had a plunging neckline that accentuated her firm bust line without showing too much of her cleavage. She had gotten her hair done in some soft curls and was wearing a little more makeup than usual including lipstick. I let out a low whistle and as I held her red wool coat for her, I caught a glimpse of red lace from her bra.

“You like?’ she asked as she got into my car, flashing a lot of leg and some more red lace from her slip.

All that I could stammer out was “Holy fuck, you look fantastic!”

We got to the party and as Julie got out of the car, I got another flash of leg and red lace slip. Needless to say, I was already fantasizing about how she would look once I got that dress off of her but we had to make an appearance, so in we went.

The party was already in full swing with lots of great food and drink flowing. As we headed to the bar, it seemed that all heads were turned to look at my girl. She was stunning and I was as proud as a peacock to be at her side! I could see a few of the guys stare a little longer than I liked, but fuck them, she was mine and they would have to find someone else to take home tonight.

We each got a drink, me a beer and as usual, Julie got fluffy wine of some sort then we headed to a table where a few of Julies work friends were sitting. Julie introduced me to all of them and shortly a waitress came by with our pre ordered meal. The food actually was pretty good, I had gotten the roast beef and Julie had ordered the chicken. There were sides of vegetables and plenty of great bread so for a while everyone was kind of preoccupied with eating.

As we had coffee and desert, some of the guys started in with the inevitable questions about how much a garage or a roof or whatever would cost them. I hated those questions because I wasn’t at work and I didn’t get involved with pricing anyway. I politely told them to call my boss if they were serious and changed the subject.

Neither Julie nor I drank much but we had each had a couple and there was some music so we danced a little. I’m not much of a dancer and Julie wasn’t really big on dancing in heels anyway, but we had fun making fools of ourselves and all the while I kept thinking about what Julie might have on underneath that velvet dress!

My mind was preoccupied with my desire for Julie and some of the more rowdy partiers were getting drunk and a couple of guys hit on Julie even though it was obvious that we were a couple. It was time to leave and when I suggested it to Julie she winked at me and asked “What ever could we do for the rest of the night?”

My horny mind was already in bed with her so I suggested, “Perhaps you could show me your panties!”

“You couldn’t handle it!” she teased.

As we headed towards the door, I shot back, “You just try me, I may die trying but I’ll give it my best!”

Once we got home to Julie’s house, we stopped in the kitchen for a bottle of wine and some glasses and then headed right to the bedroom. I took Julie into my arms and we began kissing. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her tits, they looked so hot and the glimpses of her bra already had me in full arousal. Julie stopped me, saying, “I had better get this dress off, It’s my Mothers, she let me wear it tonight but will kill me if I get anything on it” She reached down, squeezed my already hardening cock and continued, “If you know what I mean!”

She turned so I could unzip her and as I did so I exposed the back of a blood red satin full-slip! She slid the dress off of her shoulders and it glided down to the floor, the slip eliminating any friction. Holy fuck did she look hot! As she carried the dress over to her closet and hung it up, the light shimmered on the red satin. She knew that she had my full attention and did a little twirl for me, the slip flared slightly then settled back down, gliding over her black konyaaltı üniversiteli escort stockings.

This slip was incredible, it looked to be made from the same Satin Remarque that Barbizon used but looked like a style that I had never seen before. There was a large V shaped lace panel on her chest that plunged down over her breasts, just covering the cups of her bra. This was the lace that I had caught peeking out and had probably gotten the attention of every man attending the party.

The bodice was all satin, following the curves of Julie’s figure, clinging to her slim waist and then flaring out to follow the curve of her ass and hips. It had a slit up the middle of the front that was edged with two inches of the prettiest red lace. The lace went down one side of the slit, followed the hem just above her knees, all the way around and then back up the other side of the slit. Her dark stockings added just the right contrast, I began to drool, she looked so fucking hot!

I wanted to touch her so bad but Julie had other plans. “Put your tongue back in and help me open this wine.” We removed the cork and Julie poured some into each glass, handed one to me and said “A toast to our first Christmas party together!”

Julie had put some soft music on in the background as we sipped the wine and recapped the party. We had both enjoyed it until a couple of drunk co-workers started hitting on Julie. I certainly could see why they were interested but it was also obvious that we were a couple.

We were getting a buzz from the wine and I put my glass down and put my arms around Julie. As usual, the satin from her slip sent shock waves to my brain, it was so silky and Julie looked so hot wearing it. We were slowly moving to the soft music as I kissed Julies pink lips, my hands clasped around her slender waist. She put her arms around my neck and pulled me close, her head resting on my shoulder, her breasts rising and falling with her breathing. It was pure heaven, slowly moving across the carpeted floor in each other’s arms, the rest of the world seemed to have disappeared for the moment. The song ended, we each took a sip of wine and I removed my tie, then my shirt. Julie whistled and said “come on now, lose the pants!” I didn’t need any encouragement, I dropped my trousers and then she piped up, “keep going”. I removed my underwear and made a big show of twirling them around my finger and then threw them at Julie.

She slowly sauntered over to me, cupped my rapidly growing cock and balls one hand while kissing me and pulling on the pom-pom of my Santa Hat with the other. She purred into my ear “Oh Santa, Are you bringing me a nice present for Christmas?”

Seeing an opportunity, I replied “Well young lady, it depends upon how good you have been!”

With a sexy smile, she answered “I could start being a reeeeeal nice girl right now if you like!” She dropped to her knees, wrapped her soft hand around my cock, stroking me to full hardness and then she licked it from bottom to top. Without any hesitation, she engulfed the head in her hot wet mouth, gently sucking on the head and licking up my pre-come. My God she was good at this, my head was spinning from pure desire for this girl. She began bobbing up and down, deeper and deeper, sucking down all that she could fit into her mouth. I wanted to fuck her pretty face but didn’t want to gag her so I let her take charge.

As I stood there watching her give me this incredible blow job, I could also get glimpses of the tops of her breasts, swelling up through the red satin and lace of her slip and the bra that she still wore underneath. Her hard nipples made little peaks in the fabric and I so wanted to touch them but didn’t want to interrupt her long slurpy blowjob. I just stood there braced against her bed post looking down on this beauty, her hair in disarray, the red satin straps of her bra and full slip peeking out through her long brown hair as it cascaded down her back. Her enthusiasm began to have its desired effect and after several particularly great minutes of her oral pleasure, my toes curled up and my legs felt weak. I guess that I must have wobbled a little as Julie stopped sucking long enough to tease me “What’s the matter Santa, am I being too nice?”

“Oh my God Julie” I said “Santa loves what you are doing, but before he comes in your mouth, he would like to inspect your panties!”

I helped her to her feet, took her into my arms and kissed her, tasting her saliva and most likely a little come as well, I’m sure that I had been close to completely exploding! I didn’t care, if Julie could give me that kind of a blowjob, I could handle a little of our love ick!

We continued kurtköy escort kissing, her satin covered nipples poking into my chest, her slip also rubbing up against my chest and my still rock hard penis. I broke our kiss and helped Julie into her bed, she stretched out with her head on the pillows, her legs and feet angled towards the edge of the bed. I stood there taking in the sight of my gorgeous girlfriend in her red satin slip and black stockings.

I first reached for her feet and began to gently massage her toes, working along first one foot then the other. I loved the silky feel of her nylons and rather than be ticklish, Julie sighed in delight as I slowly worked past her ankles and began massaging her slender calves. I had never done this before and the silky feel of her stockings gave me a thrill. Using the foot that was currently being ignored, Julie began rubbing her silky toes against my balls and cock. If there was any possibility of me losing my hard-on, this little maneuver ended it.

Wanting to get in a better position, I climbed up on the end of the bed and sat on her foot, positioning my cock and balls so I could continue feeling her foot action. I ran my hands up her stocking clad thigh, under the lace hem of her slip, and Julie responded by drawing her leg up, bending her knee and spreading her legs. The slit in her slip exposed the top of her stocking and the delicate red straps of her garter belt.

Gently, I caressed her thigh, my hand feeling the silkiness of her slip, the soft skin inside her thigh and the satin garter strap. I was in heaven and dying to see what she had on for panties. My heart racing, I pushed her slip up, bunching it around her waist and…TAP PANTS!! Holy fuck she had on matching red satin tap pants! I guess that my excitement showed as Julie purred “Do you like my panties, Santa? I bought them just for you!”

“Do I like them?” I asked. “Let me show you how much I like them!”

I dove down and planted a huge kiss on the satin just over her pussy then rubbed my face all over the short satin legs, God they were sexy. Like the slip, they were blood red and made from the same satin and lace as the slip. They had a satin wrapped elastic waistband and short flared satin legs that ended with about two inches of fancy lace just like the slip. Laying over her panties, she had a matching satin and lace garter belt with straps that held up her dark nylons. I didn’t know where to begin, so I ran my hands up and down her thighs from her waist to her knees, first feeling her stockings then the skin of her thighs, then her panties. With her thighs spread, Julie wrapped her lower legs around my torso. The loose fitting tap pants provided a perfect view of her crotch and even a few silky wisps of pubic hair.

I wanted to eat her pussy so badly, I slid my body back down, laying between her legs and began kissing the inside of her thigh at the top of her nylon stocking. I licked her garter strap as I followed it up to her waist and headed for heaven! I could smell Julie’s arousal as again I kissed the satin over her pussy. I buried my nose into her panties and licked the satin crotch covering her pussy. Her juices had already soaked the material and my saliva made things even wetter.

Julie began humping my face as I pushed the fabric into her juicy crack with my tongue. She was squirming and moaning soft sweet nothings as I pushed the panties aside and ate her pussy with total abandon. I was so horny that you couldn’t have pried my head out from between her legs with a fucking crowbar. As I ate her pussy and Julie ground her soaking snatch into my face, I ran my hands up her torso and began groping her tits. She was still wearing her bra and slip, tripling my pleasure. I could feel Julie’s hard nipples poking back at my hands through the satin and lace so I began rolling her nipples between my fingertips.

Throughout all of this, I had been grinding my cock against Julies nylon clad leg and my cock was aching for some action. Eventually I broke away from eating her pussy, climbed between Julie’s legs, pushed the crotch of her panties aside and slid the head of my throbbing cock into her. We both were so hot that in a few strokes, her pussy relaxed and I slid all of the way in, making Julie gasp from the penetration, her legs wide open, her ass rising up to meet my thrusts. “Oh God that’s so good, Um, um, um, “she cooed ” Julie’s talk could get dirty when we had sex and tonight was no exception. “Oh fuck “she cried “Oh fuck, Oh fuck, Oh fuck” in perfect stride with my cock sliding in and out of her hot pussy.

I pulled out and stood next to the bed, Julie immediately figured out what I was going to do and slid over ankara kurtuluş escort to the edge of the bed, planted her heels on the side rail and spread her legs. “Come on Santa” she encouraged me, “stick that hard thing back into me!”

I took aim at the crotch of her tap panties and slammed in, balls deep with the first stroke. Once again, Julie was arching her hips up to meet my thrusts as fast as I was fucking her. Her writhing body looked so incredible, still wearing all of her underwear, as I pounded in and out of her. Julies slip had slid back downward, partially covering her garter belt and panties. I was mesmerized by the sight my cock sliding in and out her satin covered pussy. I couldn’t actually see much of her skin, the satin was sliding against my sensitive cock, just adding to the pleasure. I began to feel like I was fucking her underwear, almost like those nights when I would masturbate with the panties she left behind on our early dates.

I took in the whole scene, Julie crying out for me to fuck her, her long stocking clad legs, the garter belt, the satin tap panties, the slip, the bra peeking out from the slip, Julies firm breasts swelling out the cups of her bra and slip, her long graceful neck, her beautiful face, her long auburn hair.

I felt the ecstasy of Julie’s hot wet pussy as I fucked her writhing body. In and out, In and out, In and out! I was fucking Julie, I was fucking her panties, I was fucking her satin slip, I wanted to come on her bra, I wanted to come on her slip, I wanted to come in her panties! I wanted to come in her mouth, I wanted to come in her pussy, I wanted to come on her tits! Julie was coming. I was coming. I stared, transfixed by Julie in all of that satin and lace and I came. My balls tightened, I slammed my cock balls deep into Julie, my cock spasmed and I shot several long streams of semen deep into the love of my life. I stood there, still between Julie’s legs, my mind reeling from the endorphin rush, gasping for air. Julie relaxed her hips and flopped back down on the bed, her absolutely perfect breasts heaving as she also caught her breath.

With her devilish grin, Julie looked me in the eye and asked “well Santa, what do you think about my underwear? Is it up to your standards?”

“Oh Julie,” I sighed, “You look so beautiful laying there. At times I wasn’t sure whether I was making love to you or fucking your panties. It was so unreal”

Julie replied “I remember a big cock being pumped in and out of my pussy, I begged you to fuck me and now there is a lot of come leaking out of my pussy so I think that you fucked me and fucked me good! God that was great!”

“By the way” she added, “was I a good girl?”

I replied “Young Lady, you were a very good girl! Santa will remember this on Christmas Eve!”

“Oh goody” she said “Now take that goofy hat off, it looks silly!”

I lay down next to Julie, she cuddled up and kissed me, “I love you Santa” she said.

Next thing I knew she got up and headed to the bathroom, presumably to pee. I closed my eyes, thinking back to our torrid lovemaking, or was it fucking, I wasn’t sure. I had just had the most incredible sex of my 20 years and I hadn’t even removed one item of Julie’s underwear. Quite frankly, I preferred it that way, something about the silky satin, the way it looked, the way it felt, turned me on as much or sometimes even more than the sight of a naked body. There was so much left to the imagination, something forbidden. Something incredibly sexy.

I heard Julie walking back in. I lay there with my eyes still closed, waiting for her to climb back into bed, wondering if she still had her slip on. I heard her stop near the foot of the bed, I felt something silky being rubbed against my legs. I opened my eyes and there was Julie, wearing just her bra, garter belt and stockings, her slip in hand, rubbing the satin along my leg. “Surprise” she said, “my panties were soaked with something a lot like come, and I had to take them off. What did you think of my outfit? Wondermaid, Satin Remarque!” she offered.

“Holy fuck, Julie that was incredible. I have never been that turned on. I just don’t know what came over me” I confessed.

Julie unclipped her stockings, rolled them off of her long legs, unhooked the clasp of her garter belt and dropped them into the laundry hamper. “You get to unhook my bra” she offered. I willingly did that then reached around to feel her firm breasts, gently pinching her nipples.

“You had better stop” she warned me “I’m worried that my parents will drive all night and get home before morning. They would flip out if you were still here.

Reluctantly, I got dressed. Julie put her slip back on and said “I think that I will wear this as a nightgown tonight. What do you think?”

“I think that I’d like to stay and feel you next to me all night” I answered

She kissed me “Good night lover!”

I drove home and when I was hanging my coat up, there was something in the right pocket. You guessed it, Julies red satin tap pants!

I fell asleep, dreaming of Julie, and her panties!

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