Joan Takes Charge Ch. 05

Big Dicks

[This story is part of a series, and you likely will enjoy it more if you read the earlier chapters. However, that is not mandatory, but the story does involve incest, bodily functions and spanking, as well as other fetishes. If any of this offends you, please read no further. All characters are 18 or older.]

Andrea was still amazed that Joan, who had shown herself to be a true dominatrix, had spared her the spanking that the two had decided each deserved after their naughty playing. When they first encountered each other at the weekly family meeting, which Andrea attended as the fiancée of Ken, Joan’s brother, Andrea had challenged Joan’s authority over the group.

Joan had been designated by her mother in her will to take over the mother’s role of reviewing the behavior each week of the siblings: Jill, 32; Ken, 30; Emily, 28; and Joan, the youngest at 24. This meant she would decide who deserved to be disciplined for various misbehavior including messy rooms and other offenses. Spanking and other punishments were generally dispensed on the spot at the meeting.

Andrea thought this was crazy but Ken, to whom she was affianced, pointed out that they could live in the huge family home for free (as did the other sibs). Jill, the eldest, was not happy with Joan’s dominant position, but Jill had not wanted the responsibility and her mother clearly agreed: by choosing to have Joan serve as ruler.

After the bad first encounter, Andrea and Ken invited Joan to spend some time with them and the three engaged in almost every kind of sex with one another as well as other play (see Ch. 04). This definitely cleared the air, so much so that Joan excused Andrea from going across her lap, right after Joan had taken a rare spanking from Andrea.

At the meeting, Joan did spank both her eldest sister, Jill, and Jill’s live-in, Clarice, for leaving the kitchen in a mess. Joan received reports from the staff who served the house and these reports were never challenged. Jill found herself embarrassed to go over her youngest sister’s lap with her skirt lifted and panties lowered. But she took the spanking in good humor.

This was not the case with Clarice, who still found understanding the entire arrangement hard to accept. Andrea had shown the same attitude and had been severely spanked as a result. Joan suffered no resistance; anyone who did not immediately accept her sentences was likely to be awarded another mark, and this meant another spanking or, more likely, a caning.

Andrea had been so surprised and even frightened to have been spanked during that weekly meeting that she lost control and peed on Joan’s lap. Fortunately, she had previously asked to be excused, but her request was denied, which really took her aback. This, however, resulted in Joan’s placing a thick towel under her, expecting that Andrea might have an accident. Joan actually was pleased that this slightly older woman who had defied her was shamed by emptying her bladder during her disciplining.

At the end of the next weekly meeting, a surprise emerged. Joan said rather plainly that she had to be away the following week on business, so she was deputizing Andrea to preside in her place. This meant that Andrea could review the staff reports and decide on her own whether any of the residents deserved to be spanked or otherwise disciplined. Jill was definitely upset by this—after all, Andrea was not even part of the family yet by marriage—but she held her temper and hoped for the best.

When Ken and Andrea returned to their suite, Andrea looked at her fiancé and said, “I owe this to you because you decided we should entertain Joan and look how nicely that worked out for us.”

“I agree,” Ken said, with a grin, “although I’m not looking forward to my fiancée spanking me next week in front of everyone.”

Andrea laughed but then looked at him, adopting a severe mien, and responded, “You better make sure your plate is clean then.”

Next Friday arrived and Andrea, dressed more formally in black skirt and white blouse, sporting sheer hose and burgundy pumps, seated herself in Joan’s large chair. The others—Ken, Jill, and Emily, as well as Jill’s friend, Clarice, and Emily’s new boyfriend, Grant—were present but not at all certain of what might transpire.

Andrea had received reports from Petra, the maid in charge of the staff, who had been designated Housekeeper recently by Joan. She carefully read the reports: Emily had been docked for not cleaning up after she had apparently had sex with Grant; Jill had come in late one night with Clarice, which was not itself anything warranting discipline, but the two had made noise and staff had mentioned it to Petra; and Ken had left his dirty underpants in the common bathroom.

Andrea realized that she would now be disciplining all of them. She would have to determine gradations of who deserved how much of what. First, she summoned Emily and dressed her down for embarrassing the staff by leaving the used condom and her soiled panties on konyaaltı sınırsız escort the floor next to her bed. She told the middle sister, whom she knew to be Joan’s confidante, to get across her lap and began spanking her with the slipper. Emily’s fair bottom turned red soon and Andrea let her up when it grew redder than rosy.

Then she called on Grant. She explained to him that this was how these matters were dealt with in this house and she was standing in for Joan, who normally was in charge. Then he was told to drop his slacks and undershorts. Standing there embarrassed, and probably facing the first spanking of his grown-up life, he found himself across Andrea’s ample lap. She began to spank him with her hand and then her hairbrush and he began to cry out despite his intent to keep from showing pain.

Andrea knew this was new to Grant, so she spanked only a short time and then told him to stand, recover his shorts and trousers, and go sit with Emily. Grant breathed a sigh of relief but was definitely chastened.

Jill was next. She showed her ire at being disciplined by Ken’s fiancée. Andrea told her that this was how Joan had directed that the meeting be conducted. Jill remained silent. Andrea then said that she had disturbed many of those asleep in the house and thus was due to receive the cane.

Jill did not respond, and Andrea ordered her to bend over the table and grasp the other side. Then Andrea stood, lifted Jill’s short skirt and pulled down her stylish French beige knickers. She positioned Jill, having her spread her legs apart so that all was visible between them. Then she stepped back, picked up the cane, which was a thin, whippy one, and began applying strokes across Jill’s bare, untouched bottom in accurate horizontal lines.

Jill cried out because the snap of the cane caused a horrid sting on her bottom. She screamed when Andrea gave her two crisscross strokes but did not lose position. After the standard six, Andrea told her she could pull up her pants and sit down.

Clarice was next. She seemed very nervous and afraid. Andrea felt sorry for her but had to consider that she had been resident for some time, enjoying Jill’s hospitality and her favors, and thus deserved the full punishment. She was directed to lift her skirt, pull down her undies, and bend over the same table. Andrea also stood behind her and gave her six strokes with the cane. Clarice screeched after each one. She jumped up after the next to last and Andrea told her that if that happened again, she would get extras.

Somehow Clarice controlled herself and endured the final stroke. Andrea told her to recover her panties and sit down.

Finally, Ken knew he was the last to get it. He did not smile as he stood. Andrea calmly told him he was a repeat offender in leaving his dirty underpants in the bathroom. She then stated that this meant he would get the cane, which obviously surprised him. Andrea could tell that the others respected her willingness to give her fiancé a major punishment. She said he needed to drop his pants and undershorts and bend over the table and spread his legs apart.

He could see his sisters and Clarice and Grant staring between his legs, where they could see his large scrotum and the tip of his sizeable cock in front of it. Andrea lay the cane across his bottom and fired two quick strong strokes across the middle of his bottom, and he screamed, despite his pride in being able to take a caning, or so he thought. She then gave him two above the first ones and after another pause, delivered the last two strokes at the base of his bottom, near the crease with his thighs. This was sheer burning pain and he yelled out.

Finally, his fiancée told him he could stand and recover his clothing. He slowly did that and stood rather than sit on his wounded bottom.

Andrea ended the meeting by calling on Petra to come forward. She told the Housekeeper that Joan appreciated her performing what had to be an unpleasant task although it did give her some authority. She asked Petra to report on those members of staff who had been disciplined that week by her.

The Housekeeper, who was in her 40s, related how she had spanked several of the staff for various omissions and errors. This did make some of the family feel better. Then Andrea told Petra that Joan had directed her as deputy to discipline Petra in front of this assembly as an incentive to improve staff behavior.

Petra seemed surprised. She stepped forward and without being ordered, lifted her grey skirt and then lowered her full-sized white cotton panties. She had a fairly thin bottom and asked Andrea if she was to get across her lap or bend over the table. Andrea called her to lay across her lap and she complied with the direction.

Andrea looked down and saw that Petra had lain down on her lap with her legs apart. Not only could Andrea see her pubic hair between her legs, but her large labia were visible in the classic cheeseburger konyaaltı türbanlı escort view of her pudenda. Andrea began to spank her with her hand and then used the hairbrush until Petra began first to grunt and then to utter small cries. Andrea was surprised that she began to move her bottom in rhythm with the strokes and obviously orgasmed.

“I’m sorry for that behavior,” Petra said quietly to Andrea. “Miss Joan and your mother would definitely add to my punishment for my offence.”

Andrea realized she needed to add something, so she opened the drawer in the sidebar credenza next to her chair and took out a medium-width butt plug and a vial of Vaseline. She took a dab of the Vaseline and rubbed it around Petra’s anal opening and then slipped her finger inside to lube her anus. Finally, she slipped the butt plug into Petra’s bottom and told her it needed to stay in there overnight. She added that Petra could come to see her if it needed to be removed “for natural needs.”

Petra’s face was now as red as her bottom as she stood, carefully pulled up her panties, and returned to her seat, sitting gingerly as the butt plug was obviously affecting her walking although it was inside her anus.

There was little else on the meeting agenda this week. Neither Jill nor Emily were inclined to raise any objections without Joan being present, since they knew it would be unlikely that Ken would offer any support that might diminish Andrea’s status with Joan.


Joan returned the next day from her business trip. She settled back into her comfortable suite and then found Petra waiting to see her. Petra gave her a report on the meeting and also confirmed that the butt plug Andrea had inserted remained in her anus. Joan told her that it sounded like Andrea had handled everything quite well.

Petra agreed and at Joan’s direction, lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties, presenting her bottom for Joan’s inspection.

“Did you need to have Miss Andrea remove the butt plug?” Joan then asked.

“No, Miss Joan, I have not needed to have a movement,” Petra answered, her face reddening.

“I expect to hear better reports on staff behavior this week,” Joan continued. “In fact, I want you to have any staff members you have awarded marks to this week report to me an hour before next week’s meeting. I intend to get them up to standard here.”

“Should I regard this as a punishment?” Petra asked, aware that Joan was assuming what had been her disciplinary authority.

“No,” Joan responded. “You will continue to keep track of their performance and mark them down for discipline as appropriate and you will also keep track of the residents and provide me with reports on their misbehavior. When I’m satisfied that staff behavior has improved, I will return this responsibility to you.”

“Very well, Miss Joan,” Petra said softly. “I do feel I have disappointed you.”

“Do you feel you need further discipline beyond what Miss Andrea imposed,” Joan asked.

“Yes,” Petra said, trying not to lose her composure. “I pride myself on performing as expected, and I feel I have let you down by needing correction from someone other than you, Miss Joan.”

“You may remove your skirt and panties now then,” Joan ordered, while feeling strong affection for Petra’s attitude expressed toward her.

Petra managed a slight smile and complied with the order, standing in front of her superior naked below the waist except for thigh-high hose and her work shoes.

“Lie back over the end of the couch and keep your legs well apart,” Joan continued, and Petra assumed this ignominious position which exposed not only her hairy split but the entrance to her vagina, which was open and clearly visible between her spread legs.

“You are an attractive woman, Petra,” Joan commented. “Do you think we need to have you shaved down there?”

“I would prefer not to do that,” Petra managed to answer, afraid of incurring Joan’s wrath if she resisted her suggestion.

“Very well,” Joan said. “Because you have acknowledged that staff behavior has not achieved the level of performance we both wish to see, I will discipline you accordingly, much as my mother did in this situation.”

Petra blanched, knowing the severity of Joan’s mother, Jennifer, and exactly what was now coming: a pussy whipping.

Joan reached into her desk and extracted a small soft whip. Then she stood in front of Petra, viewing the Housekeeper’s spread legs and exposed vaginal opening inside her wide-open labia. She lined up the whip and snapped it lightly right on the vaginal opening. Even though the stroke was light, Petra groaned and then let out a deep cry as she felt the sting. Joan followed with three more such strokes and now Petra was in tears.

“I’m sorry I had to do that, Petra,” Joan said, putting the whip away. “But you no doubt expected this when you confessed to failing to produce improved staff behavior.”

“Thank konyaaltı ucuz escort you for correcting me, Miss Joan,” Petra responded, “and although the correction was painful, it was what I knew your mother would have awarded and imposed.”

Joan nodded to acknowledge Petra’s total compliance with the punishment. Then she asked her, “Did Miss Andrea say when the plug would be removed?”

“She did not, Miss Joan,” Petra answered, “only that it should stay in overnight and that I should come to her if I needed to take it out…for the bathroom.”

“Bend over the couch then and I will inspect it,” Joan said.

When Petra’s bottom was now facing her, she had her spread her legs and reached in the split to grasp the end of the plug which had receded into Petra’s anus. This required Joan to insert a finger into Petra’s opening to find the end of the plug.

Petra flinched as she felt the finger but then heard Joan say, “Yes, it’s right in there as it ought to be.” Then she carefully grasped it, first with two fingers, that stretched Petra’s opening a bit, and then with her hand as it emerged.

The plug was laid on the small cloth next to where Petra was spread out.

“It has a smudge at the inner end, Petra,” Joan reported. “Do you feel you need to make a doody now?”

Petra was more shamed now at this discussion of her bowel habits, but managed to reply, “Yes, I do feel something, Miss Joan.”

“Would you be able to make it now?” Joan persisted.

“I think so, Miss Joan,” the Housekeeper said softly.

Joan pointed to the small toilet seat on the floor that she had recently used with Andrea.

“Go sit on that and put this bowl underneath,” Joan told Petra.

Petra took the bowl, placed it where instructed, and sat on the seat, showing some tension as she strained to start her bowel movement moving out of her anus. Finally, she relaxed, and it was clear she was defecating into the bowl. She knew that Joan, as had her mother, liked to observe others in this intensely private moment. So, she tried to banish her embarrassment from both her mind and face, with only slight success.

She knew she had to proceed and wipe herself with the toilet paper next to the seat, which she did, and then she had to rise and present the bowl for inspection to Joan. Almost losing control of her tears, Petra held it out and Joan glanced at the turds coiled in it and then told Petra to take it to the bathroom to dispose of it.

When Petra returned, assuming Joan had finished punishing her, she was surprised when Joan told her to lift her uniform skirt and drop her panties, then to bend over the end of the couch. When she did that, Joan came over and bent down to examine her rear crack.

“This is an inspection, dear, to see if you wiped adequately,” Joan explained.

Petra was definitely taken by surprise as she had wiped quickly in order to satisfy Joan’s interest in observing her having her movement. She cringed as she realized Joan would now scrutinize her anal area while she was bent over with her legs spread wide open.

Joan peered into Petra’s crack and with her fingers, probed into her anal opening. She rubbed inside and around the puckered opening. Then she showed Petra the smudges on her fingers from her finger’s penetration of Petra’s rectum.

“There was enough doody inside and out to show up on my finger,” Joan announced to Petra.

“I’m sorry, Miss Joan,’ Petra pleaded, sounding like a guilty schoolgirl rather than the experienced Housekeeper. “I wanted to get right back here after taking my bowl to the toilet.”

“I’m going to try something with you, Petra,” Joan said. “I want you to put on this pair of incontinence panties.” She handed the pink panties that were made of some kind of refined paper and clearly were designed to absorb liquid.

“You will wear these and when you feel you really need to pee, come and get me, no matter when, and I will take you to the bathroom,” Joan explained. “I want to see how much pee they really can retain.”

Petra was miserable at serving as a lab rat for one of Miss Joan’s loathsome experiments. She well recalled when Joan was a schoolgirl and played mad scientist of which this was a slightly more mature version.

“Yes, Miss Joan,” Petra said as she curtsied, hoping to be free to leave even if she had to report the next time she needed to pee.

“You may go,” Joan said, “but I will need to see you when you feel the pee urge enough.”

Joan then walked down to Ken and Andrea’s suite and knocked on the door. Andrea came to the door in her panties and a tee.

“Did I interrupt something?” Joan asked, with no sarcastic tone.

“Yes, Miss Joan, you did, but you are welcome here any time,” Andrea smiled.

“Were you two fucking?” Joan grinned as she questioned the taller blonde.

“That we were,” Andrea said with relish. “Your brother knows how to please this girl.”

“I’m so glad, really, darling,” Joan said in an earnest tone.

“Does he have a little left for me?” Joan asked plaintively, showing her need more directly than Andrea had recalled.

“Of course, sweetie,” Andrea replied. “Ken, you better get ready to give Joan a treat.”

Ken emerged from the bedroom in boxers with a big smile.

“Joanie, do you want something from me?” he asked mischievously.

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