Jenny and the Wedding Dress


I parked my car on the side street as I’d done a dozen times now. I was very excited and my cock was hard in my sissy panties as I got out of the car. Grabbing my gym bag, I felt the weight of the breast forms I carried in it, excited to put them on soon. I’d waited several weeks since my last visit to save up a nice amount of mad money. I never got out of a visit without a glorious new purchase.

I glanced around, hoping the girls walking down the street couldn’t see my erection or somehow just ‘tell’ that I was a dolled up sissy underneath my button down shirt and slacks. Fiddling with my phone, I let them pass and then stepped into their wake, happy to see their tight curvy asses in yoga pants. As always I was caught between lusting for them and wanting to look as feminine and hot as they do.

Leaving the girls, I turned down the main street and proceeded to the fourth store front. “Lily’s Consignments for Women” was a delightful resale shop that I’d discovered about a year before. The owner, yes actually Lily, was an older woman who was quite beautiful with a slender body and timeless face. She’d had me admitting I was a sissy almost immediately on my first visit, asking me for my size inside her women’s clothing store.

Lily had been wonderful with me, helping me find outfits, helping with fit and giving me her opinion on what looked sexiest on me. It was amazing to be so directly indulged in my sissy passions and I spent a lot of money there. Part of it was her store’s specialization in resale lingerie, each elaborate piece meticulously cleaned and repaired so they all seemed brand new. She also seemed to attract fun and fetishy consignments from her clientele. More than once I’d found satin or latex panties with a prominent, tailored hole in the back just where a sissy needs one!

Another great thing about Lily’s is that she was willing to close the store for ‘special appointments’. I’d had three of these so far where she could focus on helping me and I didn’t have to worry about women coming in and seeing me dressing like a woman. This day was another appointment like that. She’d called to tell me that a large consignment had come in that she felt was perfect for me in size and style. I’d gathered up my sissy spending money and come as quickly as I could.

Entering the store was like a breath of fresh sissy air. From the tinkling little bell over the door, to the perfumed air, to the elegant furniture, it was an undeniably feminine space that I loved to be in and let my mind be in. I saw that she already had the “Closed for Special Appointment” sign up as I walked in but I closed and locked the door anyway. I didn’t want a woman accidentally coming in, not paying attention to the sign.

Actually, that wasn’t really true. I loved the idea of being exposed as a sissy and humiliated by having women see me like that. I also knew that my fantasy wasn’t something I could push on to complete strangers. The last thing I wanted to deal with was offending someone or even being arrested for some sort of lewd conduct violation! No thank you, I’ll stick with Lily who invited me to be myself with her as I shopped.

I was a little surprised that Lily wasn’t in the first room of the store as usual. I decided to look through the first few racks of dresses to see what was new for sale.

“Good afternoon,” came a distinctly male voice. I turned toward the sales counter and saw a young man standing up. I’d not seen him there as I came in. I stood there slack-jawed, never imagining I would meet another man at Lily’s. “I’m sorry if I scared you. I was trying to fix the credit card machine.”

He was a handsome man about my age. His demeanor was confident, in charge, without being pushy about it.

“Is… is Lily here?” I finally blurted.

“My mother? No, she had to run errands today.”

“Oh, I thought I had an appointment with her.”

“You do!” he tried to explain. “Or konyaaltı kendi evi olan escort at least you have an appointment. She asked me to take care of you.”

“I don’t think…” I mumbled, extremely nervous. I wanted to bolt from the shop.

“I’m sorry, you don’t have to worry. My mother explained everything. I just moved back to town but I used to help her here at the store all the time.” I was obviously still very unsure so he continued. “This is where she used to let me play dress up. Still does,” he ended with a wink.

My mind raced as I drank all this in. First, the thought of growing up with the store and being able to dress as a girl from a young age almost made me swoon with how wonderful that would have been. Then I looked him over. I’m a naturally slender guy with ambiguous features so I’d been fairly successful in doing makeovers to look like a girl. He was not going to pass for a girl, ever. He had strong shoulders, was taller than I am, and had a layer of stubble on his chin. (I was smooth shaven _all_ over as a proper sissy should be). Now he’d basically admitted that he was a sissy or at least a cross-dresser.

“My name is Chris,” he said, coming from behind the counter. I couldn’t stop myself from glancing at his pants and seeing an intriguing bulge there. “And you’re Jenny, right?” Lily had told him my sissy name so I knew he wasn’t lying. I let him take my hand, not shaking it like guys but take my fingers in a soft squeeze.

“Yes, hello Chris.”

“Now my Mom wanted me to show you the big consignment we just got in. I haven’t finished sorting it all out but it’s all been to the cleaners already. Whoever dropped it off was pretty… adventurous I would say.” Chris walked me back toward the fitting room where I saw several boxes of clothing and over a dozen dresses hanging on a rack.

I was captivated by what I saw and I walked to the dress rack. Drawing the dresses apart, I focused on a gorgeous, white, satin wedding gown. It had to have been from the 80s or 90s with puffy satin shoulders, a big satin bow, and multiple petticoat layers sewn in under the satin skirt.

“She thought you might like that one,” commented Chris softly. “Do you want to try it on?”

I knew I had to try it. I couldn’t find a label so it must have been custom made. The other dresses were 8s (my size) so I felt like I had a shot at it.

“Yes, thank you.”

“Just call me if you need any help,” he said before heading back to the front room with one of the boxes for sorting.

The shop was quiet as usual with just the sound of a couple slow ceiling fans and Chris working in the front room to be heard. Checking that he couldn’t see me from the counter area, I began to disrobe down to my panties, thigh high stockings, and satin garter belt. I’d use a hair removal cream on my body that morning so my skin was delightfully sensitive and the feel of standing there in just my bits of lingerie had me very stiff in my panties.

Opening my gym bag, I brought out the heavy case and opened it. Laying in velvet were two large, perfect breasts. I’d saved a long time for such an indulgence. They were a perfect match for my skin tone and while their size was a little ambitious for my frame, I’d felt nothing less than a full C-cup was going to realize my dream.

I’d practiced putting them on many times now, preferring to wear them when I dressed at home at night and all weekend. I used the adhesive and positioned them perfectly using the fitting room’s many mirror angles. After holding them in place for a few minutes, I removed my hands and felt their delicious weight on my chest. I looked at myself in all the mirrors and it took almost no effort to see myself as a beautiful girl (though one with a cock in her panties!)

Looking back in my bag I found that I’d forgotten my bra. I’d worn the breast forms konyaaltı otele gelen escort before without a bra but I preferred to feel the support. There weren’t any in the fitting room area that I could see. Swallowing hard, I put my arms over my breasts and leaned out until I could see him.

“Um, Chris? Could you find me a 36C bra?”

He smiled at me and nodded. I ducked back into the fitting room and waited, still covering myself up. It didn’t take him long to arrive with several bras hanging over his arm.

“We had a couple different brands up front although my Mom told me you prefer satin. Let’s try this one,” he began, drawing a black satin bra with white lace trim from his pile. He moved toward me and I must have flinched or something.

“I can leave you to it but I can help you too. My mother had me helping the ladies for years so I know how to size and fit a bra properly. And you shouldn’t be ashamed of the beautiful girl you are.”

Somehow his words disarmed me and I found myself being put into a bra by this handsome man. Some naughty thoughts were beginning to form in my mind but I brushed them away without really examining them.

It took him two tries before he had me in a wonderfully fitting pink satin bra.

“There! I think that does justice to your beautiful breasts, honey,” he concluded. I glanced at him and saw he was blushing a little and I could swear that his bulge was bigger in his pants. Those naughty thoughts were beginning to become much more prominent in my mind.

He moved to the dress rack and brought the wedding dress over to me. He unzipped it and held it out for me to step into. His strong hands drew it up my body, shifting it until it was positioned correctly and my breasts were in the right place. I slid my arms in the sleeves and he began to draw up the zipper. That was the moment that I really felt the transformation: the dress getting tighter, fitting/shaping me, encasing me, trapping me.

The sound of the zipper stopped with his hands on my shoulders. I was staring into the mirrors at how amazingly gorgeous and sexy I looked and then I was staring in Chris’ eyes as he looked at me over my shoulder.

There was only the sounds of the fans, the smell of the perfume, the feel of his hands slowly becoming firmer on my shoulders, holding me at the sides. Our eyes met.

“You’re the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen,” he whispered and kissed my neck. I was amazed at how good that felt. I mean I’d fantasized about cocks thousands of times but not really with any real ‘guy’ attached. I didn’t think about it this way, about being in the hands of a real man. But his kiss was electric making my cock throb in my panties and my naughty bottom twinge with desire to be filled.

I exposed more of my neck to him and sighed as he kissed and one arm slid around my waist, holding me gently. I was scared but thrilled, not wanting it to stop. Slowly, I moved my hand behind me until I found his bulge. He was very large and very hard in his slacks. I began to stroke his shaft through his clothing and he moaned as well.

I’d never felt more feminine, more desired, more sensual and more sexual. He knew everything about me and still he lusted after me. I wanted him desperately. Moving my hand more deliberately, I explored his slacks, finding the buckle of his belt, the snap of the slacks and the zipper. When my hand felt his satin panties straining to contain his cock, he stopped holding back.

His hands moved to cup and squeeze my breasts making me wish I could feel them too. His bulge tried to find the split of my cheeks through the thick layers of the dress and his hips ground against me. He was urgent enough I had to grab on to the fitting room mirror bolted to the wall. I could watch everything.

I felt the skirt of the dress starting to rise as his hands worked to gather konyaaltı rus escort all the layers up. My legs were spreading naturally and I gasped as his hand cupped my bottom through my panties. “Oh yes,” I gasped, surrendering everything to him. For a few moments, his rigid cock in his panties slid against my curvy bottom in mine, satin on satin. I happily ground back at him, capturing him in the divide between my cheeks and thrusting backward. There was no confusion on what I wanted from him.

We were both breathing hard and desperate with desire. He struggled to get my panties down so I helped until he had enough room to reach my asspussy but the head of my own cock was still covered in the front of my panties. I heard the squelch of lubricant and he held it in his hand long enough to warm it up. Then I felt his fingers try to explore me. I almost closed my eyes but anywhere I looked was another mirror in perfect position to show me my deflowering.

I whined with need as one of his large fingers slipped into my bottom, then two. My hips bucked against his hand, revealing the eager slut I truly am. Well-lubed, his fingers disappeared and then I felt the head of his cock. It felt absolutely huge so I went through the little mantra my mistress had given me to loosen me up for my big dildos.

“Size is a number and I am a size queen. Even the biggest cocks fit in my pussy. I am relaxed and ready for my lover’s cock,” I said softly. I’d practiced the mantra countless times with my own collection of ambitious cock dildos in my pussy and I felt my bottom relax quickly.

“I want you…” he breathed in my ear, his hand on the mirror beside my head as he guided his thick flesh with his other. I moaned when the head teased my hole but pushed back. It was his turn to gasp as his cock sunk deep inside me and I watched it all in the mirrors. I was finally getting fucked like the sissy I am.

“Fuck me, baby,” I growled. “Give me your thick, long cock. Fuck my pussy silly!” I pushed. Chris did not hesitate. Within moments, he had a firm and fast rhythm started with his body smacking the curves of my ass with each thrust. That sound and the feeling of being filled by cock almost made me cum right then, but I didn’t want it to be over so quickly.

For a few minutes, we stayed like that… horny guy and horny bride fucking in a fitting room. Our breathing and body smacking mixed with the sound of the fans. I wanted more. I slowed him down and had him pull away for a moment. I hurried to the chaise couch on one side of the fitting room, laid on it and spread wide for him. Chris grinned, his big cock waving in front of him as he came to join me, batting away all the material of the dress. A moment to align and he slid easily back into me, making me sigh with such pleasure.

The fucking continued as we tried different positions… cowgirl… all-fours doggy style… on the front counter. It was on the counter that he panted that he couldn’t hold back any more.

“Fill me with cum, Chris,” I begged and I leaned forward and kissed him hard on his lips. After a moment of surprise, he returned the kiss until he had to let it break as he hurried his thrusts.

“Yes, yes yes yes” I began, my words becoming an unintelligible moan as my whole world became his beautiful cock inside me. He clutched me to him, all the wedding dress bunched between us as he growled loudly. I felt his cock throbbing as he held it deep in me. My own cock responded by unleashing the tightness in a huge orgasm, pumping cum into my panties. In turn my ass was working his cock making him cum even more.

When we came down from that wave and he moved out of me, we didn’t separate, our hands still lingering wherever they were when we forgot to care about them.

“Chris, I…” I began but he silenced me with a kiss, fierce at first and then gentle.

When he finally pulled back, he smiled. “I’ve wanted you since the first time my mother showed me your picture.”

My face reddened as I recalled the “boudoir” shots Lily had urged me to try after one of our early special appointments.

“Well, I hope you won’t wait so long for next time,” I joked as I pulled my panties back into place.

I was still smiling as I walked back to my car, the beautiful wedding dress in a garment bag over my arm.

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