In Times of Need Ch. 01

Big Tits

Moderate build-up. Hope you enjoy.


“Tyler! I really need your help! I’m so scared!”

“Okay, calm down. What’s wrong?”

“I don’t want to say on the phone, it’s too embarrassing. Can you please just come over?”

“Okay, hold on! I’m on my way.”

That’s Claire. She’s a friend. Well, a close acquaintance I guess…it’s kinda complicated. But I’ve realized life’s usually complicated.

We met in high school. We were classmates in a couple classes, but never spoke. She was one of those popular girls, probably because she’s drop dead gorgeous and every guy that looked at her wanted to drop through and fuck her brains out. Needless to say she got a lot of attention. Guys wanted her, and girls wanted to be her.

Of course I was one of those guys, but I was also one of the nerdy kids. I played trumpet in the band, hung out with some of the goth kids, and would do what I always did with girls I liked. Memorize her beauty and then rub one out at home thinking about her. I didn’t say it was healthy, but what’s a teenage boy to do?

When I was 18, a senior in high school, I was involved in an interesting interaction with Claire. I had just gotten out of band practice and was walking through the halls to get to my locker when I heard someone yelling from the girl’s locker room. I walked up to the closed door and propped it open slightly to listen.

“Hello? Is anyone out there? Hello!” It sounded like Claire’s voice.

I yelled back in. “Hey! Uh, I can hear you!”

“Who is that?”

“It’s Tyler, from class!”

“Tyler?” She called back.

“Yeah, the nerdy guy?”

“Oh! With the converse?” She shouted back excitedly.

I looked down at my rugged converse all-stars. Wow, she remembered those? “Yeah!”

“Oh good! Can you please come in here?”

“Um, this is the girls’ locker room.”

“Please? No one’s in here, and I need some help!”

I sighed. If I got caught, I’d be the laughing stock of the whole school. Not to mention I’d probably be expelled. Damn my male curiosity.

I pushed open the door and walked into the locker room. I was surrounded by lockers, but didn’t see Claire anywhere.

“Claire?” I called out.

“In here!” I heard from the direction of the showers. Jesus, of course she’s in the showers…

I slowly walked in that direction and ended up in front of several vacant shower stalls. The one at the end was closed.

“Claire? You back here?”

“Yes! I’m right here!” I saw a hand come out from behind a curtain. “Now you’re not going to perv at me are you?”

“What? No!”


“You’re the one who asked me in here!”

“Alright alright, well, I’m trusting you. I need you to do me a favor.”

“Um, okay…” My male brain started to heat up with possibilities of what the next few minutes would involve.

“I had a change of clothes and a towel in here, but some of the girls took them and ran away.”

“Jesus, that’s mean.”

“Yeah, tell me about it. I have another change of clothes in my locker, but I didn’t want to run naked all the way down the hall to get them. Can you go get them for me?”

“Um, yeah sure. What’s the number?”

“1374. The combo is 35-20-12.”

“Okay, I’ll be right back.”

“Alright, hurry! I’m kinda freezing. The damn hot water stopped working.”

I rushed off to her locker. It was up on the second floor toward the cafeteria. I got to it, put the combination in on the lock, and opened the door. It was quite organized on the inside. Books were neatly lined up on the bottom. There were pictures of her friends taped to the walls and back of the door. A water bottle was hanging from a hook on the inside, and so was a canvas bag. Other than that there weren’t any clothes that I could see. I figured they must be in the bag. I grabbed it off the hook and looked inside. There was a shirt, short shorts, I should probably stop looking through this…

Couldn’t hurt to check to make sure this was everything she needed!

I pushed past the shirt and froze. Laying at the bottom of the bag was a pink bra with a matching pink thong. Damn, a thong? This girl was hotter than I thought. Just under the bra was a strip of six condoms. Wow…six? Well, at least she’s safe…

I quickly closed the bag, looking around in case anyone had seen. I was still alone, thank god. I closed the door and headed back to the locker room.

When I got there, I called in again. “Claire?”

“Tyler! Did you get it?”

“Yeah, is anyone else in there?”

“No, c’mon in.”

I walked to the shower area. She was holding out her hand from behind the shower curtain. I handed her the bag, and she pulled it in, making sure to keep out of sight.

“Thank you so much! I don’t know what I would’ve done without you.”

“No problem.” I said awkwardly. We were silent for a second and I could hear her putting on the clothes. “Well, I’ll see you tomorrow.” I stammered.

“Thank you again Tyler!”

I walked out of the locker room. Well that was anticlimactic. But what the hell was I expecting, a scene kırklareli escort from some porno where the girl invites the random guy in to fuck her brains out? She barely remembered me! I looked down at my semi hard cock in my jeans. So pathetic…

When I got home, I proceeded to vigorously rub one out to all the fantasies that could’ve happened in that locker room. Imagining Claire’s tits, her pussy, if only she knew how hard she made me.

The next day, I saw her in class. She was wearing a nice black skirt and a short sleeve v-neck. My mind tried to imagine that pink bra and thong set under her clothes.

When the bell rang, to switch classes, she came up to me. “Hey Tyler. I just wanted to thank you again for helping me out yesterday.”

“Yeah, no problem.” I looked up at her from my desk. Her brunette hair cascading down to frame her beautiful face.

“You’re…not gonna tell anyone about that, are you?” She looked rather nervous, biting her lip as she looking into my eyes. God she was cute.

“Of course not. Your secret is safe with me.” I smiled up at her.

She smiled back. “Thank you Tyler, that means a lot to me that you would keep it a secret.” She turned away to leave the classroom and then turned back. “You’re a good friend, Tyler.”

I was surprised. “Um, wow, we’re friends?”

“Of course we are.” She smiled at me again and then left the classroom.

A month and a half later, Claire had barely said two words to me. She’d occasionally smile at me in the hall as we passed, but if she was with her friends she would completely ignore me. Figures, but nothing ventured nothing gained. I certainly wasn’t begging for her attention.

On Friday, I was walking out to my car when I felt someone run up next to me and grab my arm. I looked over to see Claire and she seemed rather flustered. “Claire?”

“Just keep walking, I’m being followed.” She mumbled to me. I started to turn to look at who was following her but she pulled my arm toward her, steering me forward again. “Don’t look! Just pretend you’re my boyfriend.” She held my arm closer and leaned her head on me as we walked, as if we were close lovers. Somehow I was okay with that.

Jeez I’m easy.

Suddenly I heard a deep voice from behind me. “Claire! Where you going? Thought you were gonna hang with us!”

I felt Claire turn slightly toward the voice. “Oh hey Billy! No, I decided to go hang out with my boyfriend. Have you met him?” We turned toward the voice. When I saw who it was, I immediately recognized him. This was the wrestling-team’s-biggest-player Billy. The no-one-messes-with-Billy Billy. “This is Tyler.” And this was the about-to-have-his-tiny-ass-kicked Tyler.

“You’re dating this guy now?” Billy eyed me up and down. I was probably a full foot shorter and a hundred pounds lighter than this beast of a boy. “Like I believe that.”

“It’s true! Going out for almost two weeks!”

“Right…prove it.” I looked over at Claire. How the hell was she going to prove it? She looked at me, grabbed my face, and kissed me. And she put fucking effort behind it, making sure to kiss me hard, use some tongue, she even pressed her body to me and stroked my hair while her lips pressed into mine. Jesus, it felt amazing. Even if Billy didn’t believe we were dating, she was certainly convincing me. My cock was hardening in my jeans.

She finally ended the kiss and looked back at Billy. “See? Dating.” My head was spinning as my eyes wandered back to him as well.

Billy seemed to disapprove, severely, but turned around and walked away, grumbling.

Claire looked back at me, still holding me. “Thank you so much for that.”

“Um, wow, no thank you.” I chuckled, then I noticed her look down between us.

“Oh my goodness, um…” She pulled away, looking at my crotch.

I tried to cover myself up. “I’m so sorry!”

“No, it’s okay.” She looked up at me, a slight smile on her face. “I’ll take it as a compliment.”

I awkwardly smiled back at her. I noticed her look back toward where Billy was and then to me. “Hey, do you mind driving me home? I was hoping to get a ride from those guys, but they seem more interested in something else.” She rolled her eyes.

“I’m sorry you have to deal with that from them.” I motioned down to my crotch. “You don’t think I’m like that?”

“No, I think you’re a better guy than that. But I know sometimes they have a mind of their own.” She smiled, motioning to my cock.

“Heh heh…yeah…” I half smiled back.

We were silent for most of the ride to her house. Occasionally she would tell me to turn on a street or would comment on the quality of my car. I tried to keep it clean and neat.

We finally reached her house, which was a McMansion on the side of a hill. It was fenced in but I could tell it had a pool in the backyard. There were also two really nice BMW’s in the driveway, I assumed her parents’.

I pulled up and she turned to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Thank you so much for everything today. I don’t know how to repay you.”

“No need, I’m glad I could help.”

“Well, kırşehir escort I said we were friends now and I haven’t really been following through with that. We should really hang out more, like how real friends do.”

“Oh wow, Claire, that would be awesome.”

“Here, let me give you my number.” She took my phone from where it was on my dash and typed in her number. “There, shoot me a text and we can chat.” She winked at me. Then she turned and got out of the car. I watch her ass sway in her jeans all the way up to her front door.

I texted her while I was driving home to give her my number. She text back with a smiley face and a “thanks again!”

Three weeks later, I hadn’t heard from Claire. I’d seen her in class but the two times I had texted her, she hadn’t responded. I wasn’t surprised. It was a fluke that she even suggested for us to exchange numbers.

The next day, I noticed Claire wasn’t in class. I didn’t think much of it past the thought that she might be sick but it wasn’t my business. But at the end of the day she texted me asking if I had been in class.

“Yeah, are you okay?” I texted back.

“Yeah, stomach bug. I’m fine tho. Can you bring by my homework from class?”

“Sure.” Ug, well I guess if she needed help, I’d help her. I’m not a douche. But that meant I had to go out of my way to her house and…she texted me again.

“And can you grab the bag out of my locker and bring that too? There’s something in there I need.”

Jesus, I should be charging this girl. I went to the school library and made a copy of the sheets needed for her homework and then headed down to her locker. When I reached it, I put in the code and opened it up. I found the canvas bag in there and grabbed it. Curious what was so important that I had to go back to her locker, I opened it up. Inside was another change of clothes, sunglasses, and more condoms. A different type of condoms from what I had seen earlier.

Later, I pulled up to her house and instead of the two BMW’s I had seen earlier, I now saw a red pick-up. I walked up to her door with her homework and bag and knocked. After a minute of not answering, I knocked again. Still nothing. Then I heard laughter and splashing from behind the house. Stomach bug my ass. Angry, I called her. She picked up after several rings.

“Hello?” She sounded out of breath.

“Hey, it’s Tyler, I’m at your door.”

“Oh awesome! I’ll be right there!”

I waited another minute when finally I saw the door open. Standing there, dripping from head to toe, in a pink string bikini, was Claire. My jaw dropped as I looked her up and down. Her brunette hair was slicked back from the water, allowing me to see fully her fantastic rack, her taut stomach, wide hips, and killer legs. She smiled at me as I blatantly checked her out. “Hey Tyler.”

“Uh, hey, um, Claire.” I couldn’t stop raking my eyes across her body to look her at her face.

She smiled at me. “Is that for me?” She reached over and pulled the bag from my hand.

“Um, yeah, here you go.” I stuttered.

“Thanks so much Tyler. I really appreciate it.”

My eyes had landed on her breasts. I could feel my cock starting to swell. I barely noticed her walk toward me until she put her hand on my chin, pulling my eyes up to hers. “You’re such a sweet guy, giving so much and asking for nothing in return. You’re a true friend.”

I awkwardly smiled at her as we kept eye contact for longer than was really appropriate, but I didn’t want to look away. Her eyes had something in them.

“Hey Claire, bring that sexy ass back here!” I heard a male voice yell from inside the house.

“Sorry, gotta go. Thanks again!” She quickly moved away from me and back into the house.

“Yeah, sure.” She went back inside and started to close the door when I realized I was still holding her homework. “Wait! Claire your…!” But the door shut in my face. I stood there for a second, contemplating what just happened. She didn’t even need the damn homework. She just wanted…the condoms…Jesus fucking Christ.

I headed home, seething in my realization of how I was just used to deliver condoms. I went up stairs, pissed off, and sat at my computer surfing the web. After a few minutes, I realized I had ended up on a porn site. I started watching random videos, but my thoughts drifted to Claire. I replayed in my mind how she had looked in that bikini, water dripping off her tits, abs, thighs. I came hard that night to the image of that look. A look of power. I had completely forgotten about the porn.

Another week passed. Nothing changed at school. Claire of course didn’t really speak to me, but I wasn’t surprised.

On Friday, around 12am, my phone suddenly rang. It was Claire.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Tyler! Are you busy?” It sounded like she was in a crowd.

“Um, no, just on Reddit.” Code word for watching porn.

“Can you come get me? I’m at a party and my friends left me here.”

“What? Why?”

“I don’t know, can you just come get me?”

“Fine, text me the address.” God knows why I kept kızılay escort doing these things for her. She was practically a stranger to me, but I still felt compelled to help her. Maybe it was because I was a nice guy…or that she was hot. Fuck me, I’m such a horny idiot.

I showed up at the address in about 15 minutes. It was a small house but it looked packed with young people. Loud music blared from the open door. She was standing on the corner in a minidress and heels with a tiny purse. She got into the car when I pulled up and we started heading to her house.

“Thank you so much for helping me out again Tyler. You’re an amaaaaazing friend!” She sounded just a tad tipsy.

“No problem. What happened to your ride?”

“They didn’t want to wait for me.”

“Wait for you? To do what?”

She looked over at me, knowingly, and then rolled her eyes and smiled. “Matt.” She giggled.

“Wait, what?”

“Matt, I did Matt.”

I was silent for a moment. She had a one night stand and she decided to call me to pick her up? What the hell?

“Tyler, don’t judge me, okay? Matt’s just…ug, he’s so hot and his cock, it’s just so big!” She moaned a bit in her seat.

“Alright, alright, I don’t need to know all that.” I cringed at the thought of another dude’s dick in the girl I was fantasizing about. Not good fapping material.

She looked over at me with a grin. “Don’t be jealous Tyler.”

“I’m not jealous.”

Wait, was I?

“Well then just don’t judge me! Look, I’m 18, I’m horny, and we used protection! It’s okay!” She waved her arms around to help her make her point. “Oh! Speaking of which! I need more condoms! Here! Pull over into this CVS!” Her words were slurring even more as she became more excited.

“What? Right now?”

“Yes! I can’t sneak them in while my parents are awake!”

We pulled into the CVS and I helped her walk through the store. She searched through the condom options, making comments about each. “Ribbed feels weird, don’t ever get that. Trojans are good. Aha! The thin kind!” She pulled them off the shelf. “These are the best. Well, no condom is the best, but that’s beside the point.” I rolled my eyes as she giggled at her perverted, drunken joke. I guided her loud self to the front desk, trying to avoid the disapproving eyes of midnight CVS goers.

When we got up to the front desk, she put the box on the counter and started going through her purse. After a few seconds she spoke. “Uh oh.”


She turned to me, “I don’t have any money on me.”

“No way.”

“Tyler, I’ll pay you back, I promise!”

“Oh, cmon Claire!”

“Pleeeeease?” She gave me puppy dog eyes.

I couldn’t believe it. “Ug! Fine.” I whipped out my wallet and paid for the condoms. I heard Claire mumbling thank you’s and apologies to me as the clerk bagged the box. I grabbed it and her and we headed back to the car.

The trip was silent back to her house. When we reached it, I handed her the bag. “Here.”

“Thank you so much for everything tonight, Tyler.”

“Yeah, yeah.” I sighed.

She looked at me with those puppy dog eyes again, “You’re such a good guy, Tyler. I feel so safe with you. I know that I can count on you for anything and that you’d never take advantage of me.” She looked down at my crotch. “Even though you might want to.” She giggled.

I rolled my eyes. “Look, just try not to get into these stupid situations, okay?”

“Okay.” She pouted. Suddenly I saw a glimmer in her eye. “I know how to repay you. You jerk off, right?”

My eyes widened as I looked at her. “Excuse me?”

“Oh all boys do it. And you like me, so you probably think about me when you do it, right?”


“It’s okay, I totally understand. Here…” I watched in shock as she reached up her dress and pulled down her panties. They were black lace to match her dress. Then, she just plopped them in my lap. “You like me, I know that, so I’m giving you something to show my…appreciation that I know you’ll be able to enjoy, okay?” She was still tipsy, her drunk mind finding the logic in this very odd situation. “I know you’d never take advantage of me, so I’m giving you this as a token of my graditude.” She smiled at her tipsy self as she spoke. “Use them next time you think about me!”

“Claire, I can’t accept…” She suddenly leaned over and kissed me. Her hand reached down to her panties. She grabbed them and, while her tongue distracted my face, she used her other hand to pull open the waistband of my pants and boxers, and tucked her panties in alongside my hardening cock. I felt her hand brush against my cock and she immediately wrapped the panties around it.

Then she pulled away, pulling her hand out, and looked into my eyes. “Let me know how it goes.” Then she got out of the car and walked up to her house.

I was paralyzed. Holy shit…what the fuck just happened!?

My mind was going a thousand miles per hour. Did she seriously just…just…holy shit. I could feel the panties coiled around my cock. I didn’t dare reach down to take her panties out of my jeans. Even though they were already touching my most private area, it was almost like admitting to myself that I was okay with accepting these if I touched them with my hand. My cock strained hard trying to feel the panties as much as possible. My body was betraying my mind.

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