Hot Date


You’re waiting in the bedroom, and I’m sitting on the edge of the tub in the bathroom with the door closed, trying to build up courage. I rub my nose — damn these allergies! — and smile when I smell your sex on my hand. We’d come home from the movie ready to jump each other, tearing off our clothes on our way to the bedroom. We’d jumped on the bed and I started devouring you, from your mouth and neck, leaving a trail of bite marks and spit all the way down to your cunt where I was feasting on your juicy clit while my fingers explored your vagina. Gently you put your hand on my shoulder to stop me and say, “I want your dick inside me.”

Now any sane guy would die of happiness to hear these words from a beautiful woman like you. Your dark hair, slight Asian features, sensuous mouth, oh-so-suckable breasts…I still can’t figure how I got so lucky to get your ‘yes’ when I asked you out last week. And here I am, sitting in the bathroom, afraid to go out there and do what I’m dying to do. I take a deep breath, stand up and look in the mirror. I look down at my dick, sticking straight out and ready to go.

I izmit escort lick my hand and stroke the dick a couple of times, aching for it to be real. But it’s not. It’s a big black rubber dildo strapped onto me with a harness, which is hidden under my boxers. I know this. And you know this too, but you haven’t seen it on me yet. Tonight’s the first time another person is gonna see me with it on, and I’m scared of going out there and being laughed at. I look down at my pseudodick again and smile ruefully…I guess all guys have performance anxiety at least once, huh? I take another deep breath and open the door.

You’re there on the bed waiting for me patiently. You look into my eyes and smile encouragingly, then look down at my crotch. You look back into my eyes with a hungry look on your face and actually lick your lips and say, “oh baby!” I laugh nervously and walk toward you, while you slide off the bed onto your knees. You kiss me deeply while your hand grabs my dick and with a firm tug pulls me against you. You look at me again and smile, pulling on my cock, “Let me get this ready kadıköy escort for you to fuck me.”

I gulp and say, “oh yeah, baby…suck my dick…” I moan as I look down and see you kiss the end of my cock, your tongue darting out and circling the head. I moan again as you take the head into your mouth. I can’t feel the soft wetness of your mouth, but seeing my dick in your mouth I get a slight feeling, like the phantom feelings an amputee has for their missing appendage. I put my hands on your head and look down at you sucking my cock. I’ve always had fantasies of fucking your face, holding your head firmly in my hands and with my dick down your throat, but tonight I can’t take my eyes off what you’re doing to and for me. I’m too much in awe and feel too awkward yet.

You stop sucking and rise up to kiss me. “Are you ready to fuck me now, big man?” I kiss your mouth, your face and moan, “Oh please…please let me fuck you.” You smile and turn, leaning your arms on the bed with your ass and cunt facing me, waiting for me. I step behind you and take kahramanmaraş escort a hold of my dick with one hand while my other hand rests on your back. I find the entrance to your vagina with the head of the dildo and gently and slowly push it in.

Gasping, you push back against me, helping the dildo find its way all the way into your cunt. I stop for a moment and imagine what it must feel like in your tight, wet hole. But longing quickly turns to lust and I let out a groan as I pull almost all the way out and plunge back into you. “Fuck me, fuck me hard,” you cry, so I grab your hips and pick up the pace, plowing into your cunt as you push back to meet me. You lay your head on your arm bracing yourself on the bed and furiously rub your clit as we fuck. Breathing hard as I pump into you, I can feel the base of the dildo pressing against my own hard clit/dick which sends waves of pleasure through me.

You arch your head back and groan, “I’m cumming!” so I push my dick in as far as it will go as you shudder and stiffen in your orgasm, then follow you as you fall against the bed, holding you. We lie there for a moment, catching our breath, then I gently pull out of you. You turn around and smile, then kiss my dick. “That was great, you did great. Let’s get you some more practice, shall we?” you say, as you grab the lube and put the bottle in my hand, then turn around, opening your ass to me.

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