His Pet Ch. 02


Looking around with more than a little fear, I watch as the hooded usher slowly begins moving the arm ratchet back and forth, which slowly but surely tightens the chains attached to my limbs. Each movement of the arm moves the chains only a fraction of an inch, but in only a matter of minutes my arms and legs are pulled tight almost to the point of pain.

Moments later, I am surrounded by the three other hooded figures who at first only watch as my naked body is stretched to its limit!

“Does it hurt,” he asks softly?

“Yes,” I reply truthfully, but there must not have been enough pain in my voice, as immediately he moves the lever another notch, which ever so slightly pulls harder on my arms and legs. The low moan that escapes my lips must please him, because for the time being, he doesn’t make another move to stretch me further. Instead, however, one of the other hooded figures holds a burning candle over my nipples that drips hot wax onto my sensitive skin!

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that burns,” I moan. “Please, no more!”

Quick as a cat, the hooded usher reaches out and clicks the ratchet ahead a notch, causing me to moan even louder as the pain in my shoulders and hips intensifies!

“Don’t ever tell us to stop,” he reprimands me, “retribution will be quick and sure, do you understand me?”

“Y-yes,” I stammer, as my eyes began to blur from the pain, “I understand!”

“Very ısparta escort good Cassandra,” he continues, “now, be a good girl and ask for some more wax!”

“Oh, please,” I groan!

“Please what,” he demands.

“P-please give me some more wax,” I say in a wavering voice!

“Very good, my dear,” he replies softly, while more burning wax drips slowly onto my erect nipples, “you have a lovely body, but I fear that it is a touch too short,” and with that, that ratchet moves another notch and my moan is now loud enough to fill the room.

“Does is hurt, dear?” the usher asks softly, while massaging my breasts.

“Oh, god,” I moan, “it hurts so badly, please, no more!”

“Well, dear,” he says still more softly, “we have something else planned for you, that I’m sure will be a great deal more palatable!”

“W-what are you going to do to me?” I ask nervously, as my body is being pulled tight like a bow string. The answer comes soon enough, when I feel warm oil being gently rubbed into my pussy!

“Oh, myyyyyyy,” I moan, “that feels so goooooood, please don’t stop!”

“Your pussy is too hairy,” the usher replies, while still caressing my chest and softly twisting my nipples, so of course, we have to shave it for you!”

Upon hearing that, I automatically stiffen, while thinking about a sharp razor gliding over my pussy lips.

“Now, now, Cassandra,” the usher istanbul escort says soothingly, “you’re so tense, maybe this will help you relax a little,” and with a swift jerk, he ratchets the handle one more notch!

While more oil is being applied to my pussy, it is inevitable that my clit is brushed over and indirectly massaged by the swirling digits. The pain, especially in my shoulders, is growing more intense by the second, but much to my amazement, the fury building gradually in my pussy is making it hard to distinguish between agony and ecstasy.

The usher produces a long bladed straight razor that he carefully makes sure I get a good look at before moving down to my pussy and gently cutting away the stubble. The cool air on my bare skin makes goose bumps break out all over my body, as well as causing my nipples to stand erect like it is the middle of winter.

When I am finally smooth as a baby, oil is again applied generously to my bulging mound, but this time fingers eagerly probe my opening, searching out my special spot, and masturbating it shamelessly, which of course makes my pussy convulse in an orgasm that seems to last forever!

Cradling my head in his arms, the usher asks softly, “Did our little slut enjoy her orgasm?”

Barely able to speak, all I can do is whisper, “Yes, it was wonderful, thank you so much!”

The usher continues to caress my cheek izmir escort and breasts while adding, “Of course, you will cum again and again for us Cassandra , but this time, you will be violated by this!” He leans over and shoves a thick black dildo deep into my defenseless pussy!

My eyes nearly pop out of their sockets while the usher rams the thick rubber dildo in and out of my pussy at lightning speed. I try to move my body to time his thrusts with those of my own, but I am being held so tightly by the rack, that all I can do is lie there and take it, as orgasm after orgasm flows from my pussy like a waterfall!

I finally pass out, from both a mixture of pain and orgasmic exhaustion, the next thing I realize, I am awake and dressed, and standing next to the front door with the usher, who points me in the direction of a cab which is waiting at the bottom of the stairs in the street in front of the old house.

Gingerly I take an awkward step out the door, but have to grab the hand railing to keep from falling on my face. As I begin my slow descent down the steps, I hear a voice from inside the door, “Have a safe trip home, Cassandra , we hope to see you again sometime, goodnight!”

The big door then swings slowly shut and I struggle to reach the cab for my ride home. Finally back in my apartment, I am just about ready to slip into the shower when the phone rings.

“Hello,” I answered softly.

“Did you have a nice evening, Cassandra?” My sir’s voice asks quietly.

“It was, shall we say, interesting,” I reply.

A chuckle comes through the phone line and he replies, “Sleep well my pet, you never know when the next call will come!”

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