Gaming Distractions


I hummed lightly along with the BGM as I played. I’ve played Spyro a billion times before, but you couldn’t go wrong with a billion and one.

I heard the door to the bathroom open, not paying it much mind. I did, however, slip myself more into the corner of the couch, nestling against the arm and the back and lounging comfortably.

“Good shower?” I asked, not looking away from the TV as I heard her bare feet pat lightly on the hard wood.

“Aaaah the best,” Eloise replied, rounding the couch and flopping onto it against the opposite arm. I finally tossed my gaze over to her; she was in her simple striped PJs, long brunette hair wrapped up in a towel that sat atop her head. She was looking at her phone, probably browsing Discord or Twitter.

I just smirked, admiring her for a second before turning my gaze back to the game. I was going into the last world, and I know I always have a bit of a hard time with these ones. It was focus time.

I was getting really into it; zoning out in that classic gamer way.

Until I felt the poke to my outer thigh, followed quickly by a sliding and a weight on my lap, and a pair of pristine, pale, perfect size seven feet resting in it.

I looked over at her once more, focus completely broken from the game. Ellie was still looking at her phone, but no matter how hard she tried to look nonchalant, her cute lips just couldn’t not help be curled into the faintest of submissive smiles.

As if to add to her look, she scrunched her toes in my lap sheepishly.

I smirked, returning myself to the game and resting my arms in my lap on either side of her soft feet. One arm was draped over her ankles, and the other was resting against her soles. It wasn’t the most comfortable, but I was no stranger to gaming around some cute feet.

Every now and then while I played, my arm would rub along her soles. During loading, I’d take a hand off of the controller and rub my palm against her. I darted my gaze to her every time I’d touch her feet; she was quite intent on looking at her phone, but her face held nothing back. She chewed her lip, she exhaled slowly. My ability to make her squirm while playing must have been equally frustrating and amazing for her.

I continued to game like this for a while; also continuing to tease her silken soles as they squirmed about in my lap. Steadily, however, my focus was shifting more and more from the game and to these peds under my control. And I could tell that she was getting more and more flustered. The way she was moving her feet more, using her heels to rub against the very center of my lap.

I was torn; part of me wanted to continue teasing her, making her more and more flustered and putting her in that cute squirming sub-state I loved to watch. Another part of me wanted to make a demand; to force her to ask me for exactly what we both knew she wanted.

I didn’t even pause the game as I set the controller down beside me against the back of the couch. The part of me that won out was neither; the buildup was already too great for either of those.

I twisted on the couch, turning to face her while keeping her feet in my lap. Last time we played like this I started by massaging her feet.

Last time we played was also days ago, however, and there was a lot of pent-up feelings to vent.

“A-ah!” Eloise gasped gently as I gripped her ankles and lifted her feet up. She rocked back and slid her backside forward to accommodate my lifting, setting her phone against her chest as her blush intensified. “I-IAhn~!”

Whatever she was about to say, I cut her off completely with leaning my face into her soft soles, planting my lips against her left arch. I had a firm grip on her ankles, and she knew to keep them as still as possible to let me work. I wrapped my thumbs around keçiören escort her heels to hold them as I began to kiss along her feet.

My movements were slow, tender, but precise. I knew exactly where I wanted to kiss–and just how to do it. I alternated between kisses, licks, nibbles, rubs. I moved her feet in small was to give myself the best vantage at her lithe feet.

“H-hmmm… F-fuck…” She moaned, arching her back against the armrest.

I smirked as I pressed my lips into the ball of her right foot–it was just so satisfying knowing I was washing those kinds of sensations over her body with this worship. I continued to have my way with her perfect feet, simply covering them and soaking them with my lavish love. I pulled her ankles a little closer so I could feel more of her plush softness deeper against my face, and of course she obliged. I moved one foot up so I could focus on the other, spreading her legs a little in the process. I didn’t need to of course, but there was something so lovely about how I could manipulate her body as I needed to make sure I could worship her feet in the ways I knew I wanted.

Watching her body writhe in pleasure, listening to her gasping moans and sexy curses, I was in top heaven. She had completely lost her phone, her hands were plenty occupied alternating between clenching into fists, rubbing her body, and twitching as they inched their way towards the growing wetness between her legs.

I guess it was time to kick this up.

I gave her foot a slobbery lick before I pulled my head away. My glasses were skewed with the intensity of how I was going at her feet, but it was nothing compared to Eloise’s state. The towel that was around her head was completely unwound, her damp hair a mess over her face and the arm of the chair. She was panting hard, lost in that erotic bottom space of edged arousal. I knew I could make her cum if I continued to have my way with her feet… But I wanted her to scream with pleasure tonight.

“Strip,” I commanded, firmly but kindly as I set her ankles down onto the couch and slid off of it to stand up. She nodded, not a shred of disobedience in her pleasure-addled mind. I gave her an approving smile before I set off out of the living room.

We both knew what was needed here.

I went into the bedroom, into the toy chest and slid out our favorite drawer. A multitude of vibrators–all shapes, sizes, and functions–greeted me. But tonight I needed no bells or whistles, no patterns or pretense.

I gripped the white orb-tipped wand and pulled it from the drawer. I didn’t even bother closing it, I was too focused.

On my way out I also grabbed the leather belt that was draped over the bedroom doorknob. I’m glad I was lazy this afternoon and didn’t put that in its proper place.

I came back into the living room, the sound of Spyro’s continued BGM and sound effects welcoming me back as I round the couch once more. Eloise was nestled into the same corner of the couch, but her pajamas were haphazardly strew on the floor, and the towel was discarded to the side. Her half-lidded eyes watched me in earnest as I tossed the belt onto the couch, then plugged the Hitachi into the power strip that was at the foot of it–used as much for toys as it was for laptops and phone chargers.

Probably more, really.

Her eyes widened as I got back onto the couch, though I was on my knees to have some height over her. My gaze was hungry, intense, and needy. It was made moreso by her contrasting submissive pose, her begging eyes, and her glistening pussy that she was flashing to me by keeping her knees apart. She was as ready as I was.

I traded the wand for the belt, and leaned down to once more take hold of her little ankles. Once, then kızılay escort once more I wrapped the belt around her limbs.

The feeling of the tight leather around her bare skin made Eloise moan. I didn’t really need to tie her up like this, but we both knew it added a little something extra when she felt that restriction against her, even if it was just a little.

Fastening the belt nice and snug around her limbs, I lifted her ankles once more to my eye level; which was much higher thanks to my kneeling position on the couch. It was so much higher, in fact, that it required her to lay on her back more than sit down, and that exposed her cute little ass and the base of her leaking slit to me.

Using one hand to hold onto the belt (and thus both her ankles), I reached for the Hitachi with my other, thrusting it forward to Ellie’s quivering little legs. I started to worship her feet again, as I probed the orb of the toy around her crotch. It was still off, so I was just teasing her with it at this point. I pressed it against her ass, against her taint, massaging her sensitive perineum with the thing.

Submissively, she spread her legs as best she could, gasping and groaning as her body begged me to stop taunting her already. I was too heated to torment her too much, as my tongue slid between her cute little toes to get her squirming, I slipped the vibrating wand between her legs and against her slit. “N-nyahh~!” She finally erupted in an audible moan, arching her back and grinding her hips against the plastic. I was rubbing her slit with it; getting it covered in her wetness. My tongue was licking against the most sensitive spot of her feet–right between her pinky and ring toe on her left foot–just to make her writhe more against my toy.

Finally–and right as I took her toes into my mouth to begin to suck–I turned the vibrations on. Eloise arched and let out a shrill squeak as she gripped the couch cushions, the vibrator shaking her to her very core. If I would’ve turned it to high, I probably would have made her cum instantly… But I wanted at least a little buildup.

Moreso, I wanted to spend more time with these feet.

With the vibe rubbing against her pussy, she was being much more animated with her squirming soles, and it was just what I wanted. I had popped her toes out of my mouth and was just enjoying her writhing with my face. I used my tongue and my lips to control the way she moved her feet. If I wanted to bury my nose between her toes, I would send the flat of my tongue up her arch to make her pull her toes back so I could dive in. When I wanted to nibble at her heel, I would plant light kisses along the outer rim of her feet to make her foot turn sideways to expose more of the roundness. And when I needed to feel her plush sole deep against my cheek, I ticklishly fluttered the tip of my tongue against the ball of one foot, making the other press against my face instinctively.

“Haah… O-ohfuck I’m… I’m gonna-fucking cum…” she airily stated, body and mind lost completely to the two-pronged attack of pleasure over her hot body.

“Cum for me,” I said simply. Sometimes I would tell her no; sometimes I would pull the vibe away. Neither was my mood tonight. I wanted to feel her orgasm through her feet. Multiple, actually.

On cue, Ellie let out a pleasured groan, her body shaking as her orgasm tore through her. Using my grip on the belt, I let my wrist press against the tops of her feet to pin them against my face. I felt the contractions of her pleasure make the muscles in her feet clench, her toes drumming against my head and her soles flexing against my tongue.

I was holding the Hitachi still against her clit, just letting her own erotic squirming rub herself against it. When I felt her orgasm begin kolej escort to subside, I flicked the device to its higher setting.

“HYAH!” She screamed, a second orgasm suddenly crashing against her. My continued worship of her erogenous feet combined with the intensified vibrations made her shake uncontrollably. I was glad I decided to bind her ankles; I don’t think she would be able to hold it with the intensity of her release.

I turned the vibe to its lower setting in an effort not to overstimulate her; that wasn’t on the docket for tonight. I just wanted to let her ride out her orgasm for as long as possible. Her long moaning, her soft shuddering, and her soaked soles against my face continued for a long minute before I felt her hand press against my wrist–her sign that she was done.

I turned the Hitachi off and pulled it away, discarding it onto the couch. She was done, but we both knew that I was not. After giving her feet one more long, deep lick, I pulled her ankles away from my face just a little. “Turn,” I said, my voice full of lust and need. Without missing a beat Eloise lowered her ankles and scrabbled up the arm of the couch as best as her exhausted body could.

My now freed hands went to my lounge pants, pulling them and my boxers down. I was as hard as a rock; I had been since the second I started licking her feet. As she got onto her knees on the couch, she slipped her feet right under my throbbing cock–that I was starting to stroke.

“Fuck…” I moaned out, long and loud as she spread her soaked, glistening toes and stroked them against the underside of my member. Ellie pressed her shoulders into the couch, her cute ass sticking up and turning her head to watch me fuck her feet.

And fuck her feet I did. I was stroking with one hand while holding the belt with the other. She was doing some moving of her toes and scrunching of her soles, but mostly it was me commanding my dick over her feet, using my knees to rock my hips forward and backward, letting my precum mix with my saliva over her feet. I turned one of her feet a little to get even more contact on my cock as I had my way with her soles.

Watching her watch me work, seeing her perfect feet against my erection. It didn’t take me more than a minute to burst onto her silken soles. I groaned deeply as I let wave after wave of cum splatter onto her feet, drape over her heels, pool between her toes. She pressed her feet together and scrunched her digits, creating a platform to catch every drop of cum on her feet. I even heard her moan again; I knew she loved the warm feeling of my sticky seed on her.

After an eternity I finally stopped cumming, rubbing myself to milk out a final drop to add to the glaze that I had so shamelessly coated her feet with. I sat back on my heels, panting and watching my thick seed dangle off her feet like jewelry. Ellie slowly wiggled her toes and rubbed her feet together; putting on a show as much for herself as she was for me as we both just watched her dirty peds for a few seconds, letting the clouds our afterglow subside.

I slipped off of the couch, as she just stayed there in the same position, watching me.

“Good girl,” I cooed, leaning down to her and planting a cute little kiss on her lips.

She replied with just the most adorable giggle and happy smile. I reached over for the towel that she had used on her hair, grabbing it before sitting back down on the couch under her still up-turned and cum-covered soles.

I cleaned off her feet, making sure to sneak a few quick tickles to her damp soles whenever I could. Once nice and dry, I tossed the towel back onto the floor–I’ll deal with that later. Eloise turned to sit back on the couch properly, with her feet resting against my outer thigh; she had found her phone again, and was back to scrolling. Naked.

And I had found the controller again, getting comfortable once more to resume my Spyro playthrough.

The dragon was looking back at me as part of his idle animation.

He cared not for me wasting his time like this!

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