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Carmen was cooing loudly as she rode my hubbies stiff, long, hard rod up and down. I was enjoying the sight from the bed several feet away, but I would intermittently join the action too by placing my tongue on Carmen’s pussy. The action was too intense so I would retreat to the bed and watch.

“Fuck yea, Tim,” that is amazing Carmen blurted out as she finally was able to ease all of his thickness into her young, fresh, pussy. I could smell sex and it was inviting. Certainly she was a sexy thing just a lot younger than I would have believed.

Carmen was completely naked, with her lifeguard red one piece in a heap on the floor. She was 45 days past high school graduation and another 45 days from reporting to Iona for her first semester of college. That made her almost 19 years old, but she was much more mature, intelligent, and an interesting conversationalist that led to her riding my husband in our hotel room directly across from the beach that she guarded daily.

At this moment she was riding up and down Tim’s shaft doing most of the work. Tim sat in a creaking, adirondack-style chair with thick cushions. Carmen’s feet were on the floor, shoulder width apart. facing me on the bed. Her 34B mounds of perfect flesh were bouncing like they were preparing a milkshake. Her brown, waxed bush was tamed, sexy, and under control. And her perfectly pedicured toenails belied a lithe, swimmers body that was getting her late afternoon exercise. Her supple skin and deep dark tan made her almost exotic with the sharp contrast of her tan lines.

“Ohh fuck yea Tim. Do that some more. Keep going sideways,” she commanded my husband as she ran both her hands through her shoulder length brown hair. I knew the pleasure she felt being married to Tim for 20 plus years. I was never a “big dick” worshipper but the first time I took him back to my apartment I knew I had to do my best to keep that thing around.

I knew exactly how Carmen felt as Tim is so thick when he goes sideways it fills you up and stretches your poor little, horny pussy. Tim didn’t know it yet but his day was not done. I was going to get mine at some point, but at the moment it was fun to watch our little beach friend get hammered. I’m guessing she hasn’t had a lot of sex and certainly not with a couple old enough to be her parents but she was riding his hard-on like an expert at the moment.

Now Carmen reached for her milky-white tits, grabbed her sharp little nipples, and squeezed hard. She gave me a pleasureful glance, almost a thank you for allowing her to ride the best ride in town, Tim started to pump hard when Carmen would rise and lower to meet his manhood. The intensity was that of a desperate swimmer trying to touch the wall first but this would be a bigger celebration.

Carmen was starting to lose control of her orgasm. She was slamming into him hard and whimpering. The moans were more guttural now and I was envious of what was about to happen to her hot box. I wanted to go lick her some more but she was morphing into a wild animal, so I kept my distance.

When we entered the hotel room I was wearing a two piece blue bikini that enhanced my 36DD’s and made my 50 year old ass look good enough to eat, or at least that is what Tim always said. But as I watched them get into a steamy mess, I lost my bottoms along the way, and I was now rubbing my pussy harder and harder and it was getting wetter and wetter.

When we went into the room I had visions of me and Carmen rolling around the bed and it started off that way as we started playing with each other on the couch and Tim was on the chair watching our touching and feeling. Carmen said she had never touched a woman but was taken with my hourglass shape, and I suppose good conversation.

I lost her when Tim, relaxing in the chair, removed his swimsuit to stroke to our action. Carmen took one look at his monster, jumped off the couch abandoning me in the heat of the moment, and went right to him saying she had never seen anything nallıhan escort like it in her short time on the planet.

She was very bold, reaching out and taking over the stroking from my husband. She did not ask him for permission but she shook her head and asked me if I would mind sharing the treat with her. Of course I prodded her into action and seconds later she was trying to pack Tim’s junk into her very young, tight pussy, for a trip to the moon. She was wet but had trouble squeezing it all into her tight box.

I was relaxed on the bed as I touched myself. I pushed two fingers into my dripping wet pussy and slowly let them take their toll on my clit. I spread my legs wide as I stroked and I had a great view of my husband and his new sex partner. I was getting into the live porn show and it was so hot. We are not swingers and have not had sex with a stranger for about a dozen years and that was on a vacation too. But now I was pleasuring myself to live porn watching Carmen try to milk my husband of all his hotness in his balls.

As Carmen grabbed his balls, Tim started to moan in pleasure and she was now taking a toll on his potential cum. I knew from experience that after about 30 seconds of testicle massaging, Tim can’t take it and will explode. They were now both groaning and moaning and riding in unison. I did Carmen a favor. I got up, grabbed her hands and placed them on my tits to save her from his load.

She leaned into my breasts, grabbed the swimsuit top, pulled it off and let the girls fly, and did they ever, smacking her in the face. She didn’t miss a beat as she whimpered in pleasure taking one nipple in her mouth and squeezing the other one between her thumb and index finger. “No piercings, honey.” I’m not sure whether her observation was directed at me or Tim, but I was appreciative of the sucking action to the point that I did not respond.

The eruption was building in both of them and Carmen realized my naked pussy was close by and she tried to grab it with her fingers while she thrashed around on Tim’s raging cock. “Nice landing strip hon,” is all she managed between pumps of the erection.

“Oh shit, I’m cumming.” she warned us as she smacked into his lap harder and harder. “Ohhhhh, damn.”

“Good girl Carmen. Come to him hard baby,” I cheered her on.

“Oh yes, yes, yes, yesssssss.” here it is and she came hard on his big one. He kept slamming into her tight pussy and she abandoned my pussy again in favor of his balls. She wiped my juices on his balls and as she did so Tim came with a huge explosion. He shot his cream into her tight pussy and she slid off him in time to get several shots of his cream across her stomach and some near her tits.

They both started to laugh and I applauded their performance and warned it was now my turn. I turned on all fours, offering up my ass from behind. “Come relax on the bed, Carmen. Catch your breath, baby,” I beckoned her over.

Carmen stretched out on the bed and I spread her legs. I plunged my tongue right into her pussy and she warned me to go easy that it was very tender. About that time, Tim eased his cock into my pussy from behind, and started pushing gently. I know him well and I knew he was about 3/4 mast having just come hard in and on Carmen, but I also knew he would work his way back to full strength in just a couple minutes.

Carmen’s pussy was a mix of her juices but more salty since Tim left a large deposit. I’m not a natural cum eater but the mixture of salt and goo appealed to me. Apparently, the looser pussy appealed to Tim as he cranked up his engine and as he started hammering me from behind and I could feel his beautiful dick coming back to life with fresh hardness.

Oh wow that felt so good and I could feel the pleasure spread from my toes to my tits. I really had to concentrate hard to keep my tongue on Carmen’s pussy. Judging from the noise she was making I must be doing a good job.

And there we were. necatibey escort My husband pounding me from behind. A young graduate sprawled spread-eagle on the hotel bed, my face buried in her tight cum-soaked pussy, looking out the third floor window of the hotel to the beach where we had met this babe just hours before. I thought I was dreaming but it was true.

It all started innocently. We walked over to the beach from the hotel and we sat in a few Adirondack chairs next to the life guarding station. Tim went for a swim and Carmen and I hit it off in deep conversation. This young lady had grown up in this little Adirondack town but was well-read and articulate. When it was time for the beach to close we suggested we could have a glass of wine on the hotel balcony and watch the sunset on the lake. She looked so good in her red one piece life guarding suit and watching her in the shadows was turning me on.

Good wine, good conversation, and lithe bodies led to me having my tongue working over her wet box while my husband fucked me from behind having given Carmen a screaming orgasm just minutes ago. I had rarely placed my lips on another woman’s sexuality but here I was swirling my tongue across Carmen’s clit, bringing her to the cusp of another cum. I really couldn’t believe this was happening.

But then the reality of Tim’s cock going deep inside me brought me back. It was almost too deep and I reminded him he needed to take it easy from behind. Carmen moaned when I stopped licking her pussy to tell Tim to go easy. I resumed my rhythm on her clit working it counter clock wise and easing a couple fingers into the bright pink, very tight, very hot pussy. She met my fingers with a groan and a squeeze of my fingers.

Damn I was impressed that a 19 year old had control of her pussy muscles. I think it took me into my 30’s before I figured out how to fuck a guy and a lot of that is how you squeeze his cock with your Kegal muscles. And her pussy was so tight. I’m pretty sure when I was 19 my pussy was not nearly as tight as Carmen’s. Does that make me a slut? Hey, I had a great time in the Boston bars in college. I was all business during the week and all sex on the weekends.

The bartenders would let us in and drink for free since we could draw a crowd of horny men that would buy lots of drinks. Sometimes we’d go home with the bartenders and sometimes we’d meet a few hotties and take them back to our house of 5 girls for a fuck session. So my pussy wasn’t as tight as this little honey’s, but that is a story for another day.

Carmen interrupted my daydream as she started grinding her hips and moaning loudly. I had unknowingly added a third finger to her pussy and that combined with my tongue was wrecking her pussy and bringing her to the edge. I spread her lips wider and worked my tongue in an up and down motion, gently touching her clit on every upward motion while my three fingers filled her hole tight. The juices flowed in every direction and the bed was soaked.

Tim was wrecking my pussy and bringing me to the edge of ecstasy. I was now torn between cumming and taking care of Carmen. Tim reached around my hip and placed his middle finger on my clit. He might as well of just pushed the cum button and I lost it. He whispered how fucking wet I was but the feel of his finger on my pussy with his dick slamming into me was more than I could take. I lost it in a screaming, huge cum, shaking the bed and staying with his motion.

He did not stop fucking me and I know he didn’t cum because there was no warm cream in my pussy. My noise and tongue set Carmen off and she squeezed her knee’s into my head as she lifted off in a violent cum, reminiscent of a moon launch. She came twice and she came hard finally pushing my tongue away from her now very sensitive pussy.

As me and Carmen wrecked the bed Tim kept slamming into my pussy. Since I had pushed his hand away from my pussy he had grabbed both of my hips and was pulling ankara otele gelen escort back with his hands as his beautiful, hard cock plunged deep into my box. Man he filled me up. But he wouldn’t cum. So I reached back under my body with my right hand, grabbed part of his dick and squeezed it hard as he hammered me for what seemed like hours.

He started moaning and Carmen saw what was going on. She jumped up, her radiant nakedness catching both of our gazes. She pushed my hand away, grabbed Tim’s hard-on, and squeezed hard. She whispered something into his ear, bit it,and he laughed and groaned as she squeezed his cock hard. He continued to pound my pussy with Carmen squeezing. I told her to take her other hand and play with his ass.

Like a good student, she obediently slid a digit toward his ass and Tim lost his edge. Louder than normal, he let go. I knew it because I felt the hot cream hit deep inside my pussy. He pulled out, Carmen grabbed his cock with both hands, and stroked a couple more streams of cum on my ass and back. She held on to his package as it retreated in size.

The three of us collapsed on the bed and just started laughing and congratulating each other on a fantastic nightcap.

After several minutes of silence, I suggested I needed a shower and I headed down the hall to the community shower. Carmen said she really needed to be headed home and Tim just laid on the bed, watching the two naked women.

I stepped into the shower and allowed the hot water to just roll across my body. I was too tired to do anything other than let the water course over my body. Finally I lathered my body and when I touched my pussy it was so sensitive to the soapy suds and my fingers that I had to give it a rest.

I wrapped my body in a towel and headed back to the room. I heard noise coming from our room and I couldn’t believe my eyes. When I opened the door I was met with the view of Carmen’s naked body straddling my husbands hard dick. She was facing him, completely upright, knees on the bed, grinding her narrow hips into his loins.

Tim was laying on the bed facing the ceiling fan. Both his hands were fondling Carmen’s flesh mounds, tweaking her slight nipples. Her tits looked up at the ceiling as a young women’s tits are wont to do. Almost making fun of my 36DD’s that, as gorgeous as they are, are slightly pointed down at my age.

It looked to me that Carmen was grinding and fucking Tim and he was just holding on for dear life. She glanced over her shoulder, blushed and apologized.

“I swear I was going to leave but when you left and I saw Tim’s shriveled manhood, I took it as a challenge to bring it back to life.” Carmen tried to rationalize the bonus ride on Tim’s dick. And bring it back she did.

“I can’t believe how it fills me up,” the young pre-collegian said to me.

“I know honey. No need to apologize to me. Just enjoy it. I’m not fucking that thing again today that is for sure. To be young again.” I whined. I was enjoying her nearly perfect naked body that radiated sexuality. This young lady was gorgeous.

And Carmen turned and ground her thin hips and ass into Tim’s cock. She was clearly riding him and he was just enjoying the ride. As some point, the feeling must have come back in his balls as he started to groan and thrust as she slammed down.

He pulled her over, grabbed her ass, and let it rip. Her supple tits were dangling close to his face, but his eyes were closed in pleasure. She moaned and I sat on the Adirondack chair and watched the show. I was too tired to even touch myself, but when Tim pulled her toward him I had a great view of his thickness squeezing and filling her tight pussy. It looked to me like he was going to hurt her but she was feeling no pain. I was enjoying the show.

“Get it girlfriend,” I encouraged the young lifeguard as she fucked the hell out of my husband. Finally, he worked his magic on her clit and she lost control, whimpered, bit her lip, and then screamed. Her body shuddered and she slumped on top of his chest. He was still hard but I could tell he came too because I could see his liquids seeping out of the sides of her wet pussy.

And to think this was the first night of our four night Adirondack vacation. I need to get some sleep so I can be ready for tomorrow.

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