A Virgin Girl Serves An Ace


When a girl with a conservative upbringing enters the world of the bold and the beautiful, some thing has to give; learn how this little thing gave her virginity to a guy from whom she went to learn tennis;

Well that girl happened to be me and my story is all the fault of the man who became my husband; You see, as a typical Tamil Middle class girl, I was engaged to be married to Chandru, this cute Engineer who happened to be a great Database Architect like me; it was all arranged by our parents and there was nothing remotely unconventional about it; except this guy would call me every day and we would meet regularly after work, chat for a while and go home;

Then one day out of the blue, he told me that I should start learning tennis and as he was an amateur tennis player, it would be fun if the two of us played together; plus I would be fit and ready in the right places four months down the line, right around our wedding date. Plus, my fiancé was going to Europe to clear some mess for a couple of months and the diversion would make me miss him less

I bought into the idea and my finance spoke to a guy by name Ram who was making some money on the side teaching kids;

The tennis court was in a nice club and the area was surprisingly wooded and a cool breeze made things pleasant;

The first few days went off without incident as the coach just thought me a few exercises, made me jog a little; the only thing that I noticed that Ram is hugely muscular and I liked it when he touched me to correct my strokes. After the class, we would have a fruit juice and then I would give him a ride mamak escort back home in my car.

I had a couple of early calls that day and in my hurry forgot to pack my sports bra; feeling suddenly naughty, I decided not to wear a bra while playing; Ram noticed and I was hugely enjoying myself. A loose really short sleeved T-Shirt did its part. We had our usual fruit juice after the practice and I dropped him at his place;

The next day was Friday and I was looking for the weekend; Instead of the usual loose T-Shirt and Track Pants, I decided to wear shorts and a sleeveless v-necked top; I had never worn shorts and exposing my thighs was new to me; as I came out of the dressing room, I felt a little nervous; Ram merely said, this looks nice; I did not know what to make of it;

As we were winding up, Ram said, ‘Your calf muscles are developing well’; I thought what crap, just come out and say it and so I asked him ‘You mean, I have nice legs’; he said yes; I bent down a little in a mock curtsy, lowered my voice, and said ‘Thank you’; as he clearly saw the cleavage, I pretended not to notice; Inside the juice bar, I confessed to him that I had never worn sleeveless tops or shorts outside home and not even Chandru had seen me in that; Ram seemed both flattered and grateful;

Just as we were leaving for the car, my room mate called me and told me that she was leaving for Madras immediately and that I should not wait for her for dinner; brilliant, I thought; an opportunity was presenting itself and I was not going to miss it; I briefly thought about Chandru and then ankara masaj yapan escort said ‘Hell, I will have fun with him any way, but this hulk Ram, should not be missed’. Ram then asked me who it was on the phone and if everything was OK; I told him and he said, ‘Fine, then why don’t we go out for dinner?’;

I said fine, but first we need to change; so we went home, I had a shower and was wondering what to wear, when Ram rummaged through my room mate’s wardrobe and picked up a sexy black backless top and a long skirt with a huge slit; I fitted into it very well; we first went to a pub, this being Bangalore, pubs are ubiquitous; as I had never tasted alcohol before, I was very nervous; Ram calmed down ordered a few drinks for both of us; as we sipped the drinks, Ram drew closer to me and his hands pressed my thighs; Ram must not have met with any resistance as his hands were quickly making themselves up; I put the drink down, gave him one look and drew even closer to him moved my mouth to his ear and bit him at the edge of the ear lobe.

In the meantime, his palms had become a new layer between my crotch and my panties; they were vigorously pursuing my cunt when the bartender announced that they were shutting in the next 15 minutes; We had to beat a hasty retreat and as we were leaving the pub, I whispered in Ram’s ear ‘Let’s go home and continue’; we quickly returned home, opened the door and by then my ardor had cooled a bit; I was having second thoughts about the whole thing as I freshened up, but as I came out of the bath room, Ram grabbed me by my mithatpaşa escort waist drew me near him and started caressing my boobs even as he started licking my face; soon we were kissing passionately and my left hand unzipped his pants lowered his briefs and grabbed the erect cock; I started stroking it gently when Ram removed my skirt and pulled down my panties;

I never realized how violent I could be till I grabbed his T-Shirt with both my hands and tore it and started licking and biting his hairy chest and neck; we were soon rolling on the living room floor; my top was still on, but soon it was gone and so was my bra; he grabbed my erect tits with his mouth and bit it so hard that my scream could be heard all the way to Madras; for the first time I could feel his naked cock touch my wet cunt; soon he was deep inside me and it was the most wonderful moment of my life;

I made Ram spend the entire weekend with me and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves; I was a little sore on Monday morning when Suganya, my room mate walked in; the first thing she noticed was her soiled skirt and then the huge hickey on my neck; she first thought it was my fiancé, but soon the truth was out; at breakfast, she merely said that I owed her a skirt and something extra; later that evening when I came back from work, I learnt what that extra was; she stayed home and so did Ram and both had just a shirt on and she was without a bra! Go figure

What happened later that evening is a story that I shall tell later; suffice it to say that I went from a virgin to a cock sucker to a tit sucker in less than four days

All in all, it was literally a dream come true for me; my sex life with Chandru has been excellent and I have two kids to show for that; but I have always spiced it up with a few flings here and there. But I will always remember the first one and ten years later, I am still wet in my panties when I recall that week!

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