The Voice – Chapter 3


After that amazing night of exploration, intimacy, and mind-blowing sex, my body was spent. I had never climaxed more than once during a night with a man; for that matter, I am not sure that I had ever had a true g-spot orgasm with a man! But after all that, I slept hard and slept late on Sunday morning.I awoke to the smell of coffee brewing and cinnamon rolls. Yummy! I threw on a robe and hurried to the kitchen to greet my morning barista, but I was disappointed to find only a cup, a plate, a note, and a rose. I smelled the rose as I read: Beautiful Jill, you were sleeping so peacefully, and I did not want to wake you. But I would like to see you again tomorrow night; if you agree, do nothing. I will courier over everything you need this afternoon, and I will pick you up at 7:00 p.m. If you are busy tomorrow, just message on the app. Now, pour yourself some coffee, get a cinnamon roll from the oven and climb back in bed for a bit. You deserve it, my darling.  Sincerely, Michael  I considered the note and its request for a moment and then squealed with excitement. My Mr. Darcy was, in fact, Michael Ladd, but he was still as proper and chivalrous as any English elite. I did exactly what the note said, took my breakfast note, and went back into the bedroom. I snuggled in and promptly pulled out my copy of Pride and Prejudice from the nightstand.I must have fallen asleep reading because the next thing I knew, the doorbell was ringing. Still in my robe, I rushed to the door, and there stood the courier.”Ms. O’Donnell?” he asked politely.”Yes, that’s me,” I responded.”Excellent! I have several things here for you from Mr. Michael Ladd. If you accept, please sign here.” As I signed his iPad for receipt, he brought in a garment bag and two large, unmarked shopping bags. He took the iPad from me, wishing me a good day, and left me with a treasure trove.The instant I touched the first bag, a text chimed on my phone, and I jumped at least three feet off the floor! Once I could breathe again, I looked and saw that Michael was asking if I had received all the packages.Jeez, how does he know these things? It literally just got here! I thought to myself.I texted back to let him know the packages had just arrived. Michael instructed me to try everything on today to check the fit and to send a photo for him to approve the attire for the eventI typed, “Do I get to know anything about this event we are attending?”He texted back, “No. Be a good girl, and trust me.”Well, that was that! Apparently, I didn’t even need to hear him say the words. I could just read them and still have that spontaneous, visceral reaction between my legs.  The heat started to build and spread down my thighs and up my pussy walls, deep into my abdomen, causing a deep pang of need.  All this, causing my nipples to harden and wetness to run.It shocked me that I could even get aroused after last night! I was sure I wouldn’t be horny again for at least a week or so, but here I was, yearning to cum in the middle of my living room.I bet everything here is couture.  I better güvenilir bahis shower before trying anything.  Wouldn’t want to get anything dirty! I thought with a coy smile.   I grabbed all the bags and threw them on my bed before hopping in the shower. I washed my hair and bathed, removed the showerhead, and switched it over to what I called the take-care-of-business setting, a strong, pulsing water stream. I sat down on the built-in seat, spread my legs, and let the vigorous, oscillating water take over. Holy shit! I was already so turned on just from his texts, I needed to cum so badly.As the pounding water hit against my aroused clit, I closed my eyes and thought back to last night.  Who would have thought I would like to be handcuffed to a bench in the middle of a park? Not me! But it was the blindfold and the feather that were really ramping up the fire in my core now.  With that blindfold on, every kiss, every nibble, every lick was accentuated! And the feather, just a whisper in contrast to every nibble.Oh, God! I started to moan in the shower, remembering all those sensations. Remembering Michael and I climaxing together in my bed. Feeling his stiff, thick shaft moving in and out of me, I slid my free hand down and pushed two fingers into my tight, yearning pussy.Oh. My. God!  Oh, God! Yes, yes, Michael.Seeing him in my mind’s eye ramming me hard. Seeing him ravishing me while never breaking his eyes away from mine.  The pulsing water on my swollen clit and my fingers mimicking his every thrust.Yes.  Oh God, Yes. Arching my back, squeezing every muscle in my entire body, and screaming to no one in particular, as I reached that glorious peak“Fuck!”I was a bit lightheaded when I stood up, and I reached for the wall to steady myself. I had better hydrate today, giggling to myself.  Then I rewashed all the essential areas and climbed out of the shower. I dried off, did my hair and makeup to make sure I could get the whole picture of whatever was in those bags.My jaw dropped to the floor as I revealed the singular most gorgeous dress I had ever seen.  It was an exquisite jade color evening gown, with flower and beadwork on the top, a shear décolleté, cap sleeves, a well-defined waist with a sweeping sash, and a long A-line skirt. I turned the dress around to see the back was entirely open!  I nearly cried; it was so beautiful.After catching my breath, I dove into the other bags.  I found Jimmy Choo, Glitter Pump shoes, and a silver Roger Vivier clutch with a diamond clasp. One box devoted to luxurious lingerie.  A beautiful black lace bustier, perfectly matched with the fit of the dress, the matching thong, and silky thigh-high stockings with garter belts. Wow! I had never worn anything like this.  The other bag held the final touches, jewelry, a set of lovely silver bangle bracelets, and an exquisite pair of earrings with a diamond at the top and a jade gemstone teardrop below. I said to myself, Do Not lose one before tomorrow. Finally, a charming hair clasp, also with diamonds and jade gemstones. A note read: I have güvenilir bahis siteleri taken the liberty to make an appointment at your salon for 5:00 p.m. tomorrow. That should give you time to get there from work. They will fix your hair and place the clasp. They will also do your makeup. Take everything else with you, and they will help you get ready. I will pick you up promptly at 7:00 p.m.Anxiously awaiting tomorrow,Michael A small, feminist, indignant thought went through my mind,How can he think he can just tell me what to wear and make my appointments and blah, blah, blah?But the thought passed quickly; I wasn’t kidding anyone! I was mesmerized and more than a little turned on again by how he took charge and planned to the smallest detail without being bossy. There was no pretense or arrogance about him, just a calm veracity. Giggling to myself, I thoughtHe’s kind of like the showerhead; he just takes care of business! Ok, I don’t think I’ll tell him that. I quickly put on the lingerie, the stocking just as smooth as butter, and the bustier was the perfect fit. Then the dress; how did he know my size? It was perfect! And it is not always easy to fit a curvy woman, but this dress showed off all the right curves and covered up all the ones that I liked to keep hidden. Next, the shoes and the jewelry. Perfect! And the 4″ heels were not as bad as I thought they were going to be! I put the hair clip in so that he could see it but left my hair down. I took my phone and the clutch out to the hall, where I had a full-length mirror, and snapped some shots of the ensemble.The text came back immediately. “Jill, that is perfect, and you look so stunning! Even more so than I anticipated. Now take the dress off so I can see how the lingerie fits.” “Really?” I texted back.At this, my phone rang. “Jill, I saw you last night,” his voice that deep, smoky sound seeping through the airwaves.”True, ok. Just a minute.”  I hung up the phone.I took the dress off and snapped shots of me in the lingerie and sent them.The phone rang again. “That’s a good girl,” he said.  “You learn fast, Jill. You are as beautiful as the gems on that jewelry. Never hide that.”As he spoke these words, his voice permeated the air and fondled every bit of my skin. I felt my body flood with fervor. Heat swept up my face, blushing my cheeks. Fire spread over my breasts, down through the depths of my abdomen, and deep into my tight tunnel. I was a storm of lust. And as I felt my juices draining down my leg, I thought to myselfSo much for not soiling this thong. “My, my, Jill, you are a sexy woman, and this is exactly how I pictured you,” I could hear the impish smile in his voice. For just a moment, he was not the stern businessman. He was just a guy happy to be looking at a sexy woman. And I was proud that it was me.”Hu-huh” he cleared his throat and continued. “We have dinner reservations at Les Brise Miche; I hope you don’t mind. I have already talked with the chef; he is making us his specialty, and the sommelier will pair the wine. Then we will head iddaa siteleri to the event.” “That sounds like you have thought of everything,” I reply, smiling.”I will see you promptly at 7 p.m. at the salon. Sleep well tonight and have a great day at work tomorrow. I look forward to our evening together.” And with that, he ended the call.~~~~~~~~~~Work dragged on and on the next day. Usually, Mondays were bustling at the hospital, but today was the exception to the rule.  Finally, 4:30 p.m. rolled around, and I raced out the door, arriving at the salon at 5 p.m. on the dot.I loaded everything inside with me, and I was greeted by five little elves, including my longtime stylist, Ariel.”Girlfriend, I don’t know where you found this new beau, but we all think he’s a keeper!” they all giggled. “He has set you up today, and we have no time to spare!”Allana took me first. She waxed everything that needed to be waxed. With everything smooth, Allana passed me to Lisa, who got me comfy in the massaging chair.  Lisa and Marci gave me mini versions of a Mani/Pedi, and we chose a deep magenta color to polish things off. It would be great with the jade dress. I was then ushered to the stylist chair, and Ariel expertly styled my hair in a sophisticated updo, adding the hair clasp for a final touch. Lastly, Sharon took over and in no time had my makeup completed in that magnificent done-but-not-overdone look.”Wow, ladies, you worked fast and did an awesome job!” I exclaim as I look in the mirror.But Ariel didn’t let me even take a breath. “Let’s get you dressed, beauty!”In just 15 minutes, my dream team had the lingerie clipped and clasped, the dress on, the shoes on, and all the jewelry in place. They all stepped back, and when the chiffon settled, there was a collective gasp.  I took it as a good sign.It was 6:55 p.m., as they did final touch-ups, we heard the door chime that my date had arrived. I walked out with my team in tow, and there Michael stood in stunned silence.”Ma belle fille,” he said. “My beautiful girl.” Oh heavens, if his voice was knee-buckling in English, there were no words to describe it in French.”One final touch,” Michael pulled a long, velvet box from the breast pocket of his tuxedo and opened it, facing the case to me. It was a double-strand diamond collar necklace with a jade teardrop. I was speechless, but the dream team was squealing behind me. Seeing my stunned silence, Michael took the necklace out and placed it on my neck. Turning me to a mirror, he said, “Ah, perfection!”  We thanked the ladies and were off to our adventure. “Ok, so do I get to know anything about the evening yet?” I pleaded.Michael turned to me with a coy smile. “Let me first ask you, Jill, you enjoyed Saturday night, correct?”I blushed, “Yes, very much so.””And I kept my word, didn’t I? To protect and respect you while making your wildest dreams come true.” He took my hand and stroked it softly.”Yes, absolutely,” I whispered, as his touch made my whole body tingle.”Good. Good. Then I would like us to take the next step in our journey together tonight. Would you like to do that with me?”I nodded. “Yes, Sir, very much so. Oh, I’m sorry.””No, Jill, I like it when you call me Sir. I will explain more about this later, but if that feels right to you, go ahead. Do what feels natural.”

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