The Vixen

Big Dick

One rather chilly night during the early spring I was in my bedroom asleep when I awoke in a rush from a very lucid dream. I was initially in a panic, probably still feeling emotions from whatever the dream was about.I rolled over to cuddle my wife, in an attempt to lull myself back to sleep; my wife’s curvaceous and soft ass always seemed to calm me at night. To my surprise, her side of the bed was empty. In my haze, I searched the darkness of the room to see if she was there but to no avail. I noticed one of the hallway lights was on so I quietly rose from my bed. I feared the worst. Janelle was never the type to stay up late at night, she was an early bird.Slowly walking into the hallway, I heard noises coming from the living room. I crept my way towards the living room but stopped cold in my tracks the moment I realized what the noises were. I heard my wife moaning, writhing, trying desperately to muffle her sounds while still being completely in the moment.She was not one for masturbating when I was around, she said it felt weird, so I assumed she was trying to do it in secret. As kaçak iddaa I was about to turn and look into the room, I was thrown back against the wall when I heard what came out of her mouth next.“Mike, oh Mike. Fuck!” she said in a low, but still audible, voice.My blood ran cold from the shock of what she was saying. Why was she fantasizing about her friend, Mike? Right as I was going to force myself to storm in and interrupt her, I heard what I knew was a male grunting. Peering around the corner, I saw my wife on our sectional laid back with her legs spread open. Between them was Mike. Janelle and Mike had been friends since college, they’d met in their theater class. Janelle made it a firm and foremost point to assure me that there was nothing between them but I could always tell. Smart men can always tell when men want a woman.I should’ve been enraged or totally destroyed but I wasn’t. Watching Mike devour my wife’s pussy sent all the blood straight to my cock. Watching her facial expressions, seeing pure ecstasy exude from her as Mike was making love to her clit with his tongue ensnared kaçak bahis me. I could do nothing but stand and continue watching; my heart was racing and my head began to swirl from the excitement of what I was seeing. Mike pressed Janelle’s legs up into the air as her began to lick her from her ass to her clit and back down. He even took moments to stop and focus his mouth directly on her clit; I assumed he was sucking and swirling his tongue gently while he did this, it was the very move she’d taught me to do. This made her struggle harder to contain her pleasure.Her moans were becoming louder and she was doing less to contain them, as her hands were busy switching between pinching her nipples and gripping the cushions. It was as if I were watching the Mona Lisa being painted the way his head moved and swirled between her legs.He took one hand and started to finger her pussy, continuing to lick and suck on her clit.“Oh my god. Yes! Right there. Right there. I’m gonna cum,” were the words that came from Janelle’s lips in a higher pitched tone.My heart was racing and my cock was illegal bahis throbbing. She was like my very own in-house porn star. It was all driving me crazy with desire, envy, and excitement. As her orgasm crescendoed and she began to fiercely squirt all over our sectional, I thought I was going to faint. Janelle did not squirt and cum like that when we had sex, at least not since the first year of our now ten year marriage.“I told you I could make you squirt,” Mike spoke as he rose from between her legs up onto his feet, clearly proud of himself as he looked down at the messy puddle that was once my wife.Totally out of breath with a wide grin she responded, “I haven’t cum that hard in years. I mean David makes me cum, but he hasn’t made me squirt like that in long time.” She sat up and felt the seat below her. “Fuck, the couch is a mess. Why did you do that?”Mike chuckled to himself and began unbuckling his jeans. Luckily for him he was already shirtless or it would have soaked. Seeing him standing there shirtless made me understand why my wife had given into him. He was tall, had chocolate skin, a beard that almost didn’t look real, shoulder length dreads, and to top it off being an actor meant he had to stay in top shape so he was as chiselled as Dwayne Johnson, before he did Fast & Furious.

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