The Visitor


On her visit to her friend’s home city, Katrina was so bored that night because she had nothing planned. She was a brunette with majestic hybrid silver/hazel eyes. She wasn’t skinny but she had curves that guys drooled over. Contemplating where to go that night, she decided to do something she had never done before but had always thought of and had fantasies of in the back of her mind. She told her friend, Madison, that she wanted to try going to a gay bar and that it would be something different and fun for the both of them. Being the party animal that she is, Madison quickly agreed. Madison was definitely skinnier and taller than Katrina but stunning in her own ways; she was a red head with dark eyes that could expose your deepest, darkest fantasies. While they were getting ready, trying to rock a look that they knew will turn all the girls’ heads, Katrina couldn’t help but notice Madison and the way she looked that night. Similarly, she caught Madison giving her the same glimpses of secret desire as she turned to see how good her tight jeans looked on her big, round ass, but decided to go with a dress that better showed her curves and D cup boobs. Both of them had fierce looks in their eyes they had both noticed before, but tonight those looks meant a little more than they should; they were magnetic and almost too seductive. They got in their car and drove off to the gay street in town. They both walked down the street and randomly chose a bar with a noticeably large number of girls in it. Hot girls, butch girls, slutty girls, and nerdy girls, this place was full of viable options for Katrina to live out her sexy little lesbian fantasy with. As soon as they walked in, they noticed the typical bar look but with big TV screens and kaçak iddaa a nice fountain in the back. The hostess gave Katrina a seductive look that made her blush, and then spoke into the microphone saying, “Looks like we have a new comer! What’s your name, beautiful?” “Katrina.” “What a beautiful name. It doesn’t look like you’re from here. Where are you from?” “Not from around here,” she said with the mysterious smile she is known for. The hostess gave a knowing smile and said, “ Well then, hope you have fun tonight.” Katrina smiled, flipped her hair, looked at Madison who was absolutely stunned at how quickly things were looking up for Katrina, and they both took a seat at a table near the bar. Katrina quickly took two shots for some liquid courage and lit a cigarette with Madison. They talked about how hot they looked that night to boost each other’s egos. Even though Madi wasn’t planning on getting a girl that night, she still wanted options. As they sat there drinking, Katrina caught looks coming her way from the gorgeous hostess. She had a magical aura that Katrina found absolutely hypnotizing. She had long locks of golden hair and a golden headband. The hostess looked mysterious, she wore ankle high boots, tight high-waist jeans and a top that showed off her perfect cleavage. She smiled at her. Katrina felt nervous. The first thing she though of was to make her jealous. Katrina turned to Madi and explained this to her. Madi understood exactly what was to be done. She put her hand on Katrina’s thigh and began to stroke it in and out while she gave her a puff of her cigarette to smoke out of her hand. She did this with such seduction and the same piercing eye glare that Katrina knew all too well. For a second, she forgot all kaçak bahis about the hostess and instinctively stroked Madi’s hair behind her ear while softly pulling her hair just like she knew how she liked. Madi’s eyes closed for a second too long and Katrina knew that she was completely turned on by this move. They both looked like they were enjoying each other’s company as Madi continued to stroke Katrina’s thigh closer to her ass that she loves so much. The closer Madi got to her ass, the harder Katrina pulled her hair and softly scratched behind her ear. Just when things were getting a little too hot for the both them, Katrina looked at Madison and said, “I think it’s working, baby. Your work here is done. Thank you.” Surprised at how abruptly Katrina left her hanging, Madi blinked twice and said, “No problem. We’re just trying to have a new kind of fun tonight!” The hostess started to make her way through the crows towards Katrina. It worked. She smiled at the both of them but was standing a little too close to Katrina. She smiled at her and asked where she was from claiming that she was too curious not to know. Katrina reached out and stroked the hostess’s arm and charmingly told her that she should probably know her name before telling her all these things about herself. At this point, Madison announced that she would go get more drinks to give them some time alone. The hostess introduced herself by putting both arms on Katrina’s shoulders bringing her close and whispering her name in her ear, “Hailey.” At this point, Katrina was definitely feeling her. She put her arm around her waist and told her it was a beautiful name. Hailey asked her if she smoked and when Katrina nodded, they both went outside the bar, away from all illegal bahis the people, to smoke. Katrina put a cigarette in her mouth as Hailey held out her hands to light it for her. Their eyes met in a seductive moment of give and take. Katrina then proceeded to tell Hailey that she thought having someone light your cigarette for you is one of the sexiest things. Upon hearing this, Hailey blushed and said, “Well then, you’re welcome.” She was pretty cheeky. As they stood there talking, each girl was slowly analyzing the other’s soft lips, hair flips, the look in their eyes, and how they smile and the things they laugh at. They were really beginning to see the sparks. Now that they were closer to each other, Katrina noticed Hailey’s hazel eyes, her favorite! She quickly interrupted her and admitted, “Oh, my God. I’m really sorry to interrupt you like this, but you’re talking and all I could focus on are your beautiful eyes. Has anyone every told you how gorgeous your hazel eyes are?” Hailey just looked at her surprised that she even noticed her eye color, she bit her lip and felt like Katrina was one of a kind. After being stared at by Hailey like that, Katrina began to think she had said something wrong so she looked away nervously. Before she could turn her gaze back towards Hailey, she felt her step uncomfortably close to her and grabbing her by her waist. Katrina quickly responded by telling her that it was just a compliment and that she had never done this before. Hailey told her she didn’t have to do anything she didn’t want to but that it feels too right to ignore. Katrina whispered, “Yeah, but this is not fair. Who told you I loved to be grabbed by the waist like that? You’re playing all the right cards, how can I say no?” Hailey pulled her closer and allowed her lips to linger close to Katrina’s, and waited for her to make a decision. No longer able to control the feeling, Katrina let her lips touch Hailey’s, still unsure.

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