The Interview And After


Nineteen-year-old Matthew Pearson went through the lobby of a multi-story building and the lift at the end was about to close.”Hold the lift, please,” shouted Matthew and the closing doors stopped then re-opened.”Thank you,” Matthew smiled to the only other occupant of the lift, a very attractive mature woman who was probably in her fifties or even slightly more. She was dressed in good quality looking business skirt, jacket and blouse.”Where to?” the woman asked with her finger hovering near the floor buttons.”Oh, all the way with you, love,” grinned Matthew but was met by a steely stare from the woman.”I beg your pardon,” she said very stern-faced.”Oh, sorry, the fourth floor please; I have an interview,” said an admonished Matthew.”Do you now?” replied the woman with what could only be described as a smirk as she pressed ‘4’ and then ‘6’.They travelled in silence but Matthew was pleased that the lift moved fast and he mumbled, “Thank you,” as he got out on the fourth floor, without looking at the woman.Matthew did not know it yet but the woman was sixty-year-old Penelope Raymond and she was a high-ranking executive in one of the many companies that the building housed. Today she was chairing a three-member panel that was interviewing for a position within the company.On arrival at the relevant office on the fourth floor, Matthew had introduced himself at reception and had been invited to sit down in the corridor to await being called in for his interview. He had arrived in the building quite confident but the slightly embarrassing encounter in the lift had taken the wind out of his sails a little bit.Almost ten minutes later, the receptionist came into the corridor and said, “Mr Pearson, please follow me,” and led Matthew a bit further down the corridor. Matthew was quite happy to follow her because she was probably two or three years older than him and her short skirt was rather tight across her buttocks.The receptionist knocked on a door, opened it, and invited Matthew to enter. She said, “Mr Pearson,” to whoever was inside as Matthew entered the room.Matthew entered with a sort of nervous smile on his face but his expression must have changed as he saw the people that were in front of him. There were two middle-aged men bahis şirketleri and they were flanking a mature woman but not just any mature woman, it was the woman from the lift.When Matthew had announced that he was there for an interview, Penelope knew that there was a very good chance that she would be interviewing him although he might have been there regarding another company on that floor.Matthew was stunned and the expression on the woman’s face was almost identical to the ‘smirk’ that she had in the lift, “Sit down please Mr Pearson,” she said indicating the chair on the other side of the desk to the three interviewers.”Thank you,” Matthew mumbled but he was currently wishing that he was anywhere other than in this room.The woman made introductions, “This is Mr Andrews, this is Mr Payne, and I am Mrs Raymond, ” she said although it hardly registered with Matthew.Matthew slowly gained confidence during the interview, although he kept expecting the woman to suddenly say something about the lift. The interview had just about concluded when Mrs Raymond asked, “Anything that you would like to ask us, Mr Pearson?” The Matthew that had entered the lift would probably have said, ‘your phone number, please,’ but he replied, “No thank you Mrs Raymond, but thank you for your time,” as he nodded to her and her two colleagues. “Right, well you will appreciate that we have several candidates to see, but…we will be in touch, ” said Mrs Raymond and Matthew was convinced that there was a slight delay before she said ‘we will be in touch.’Matthew said his thank-yous and left the room.”That was a bit strange,” said Mr Andrews after Matthew had gone.”What was?” said Penelope.”When he came in it looked like he had seen a ghost,” replied Mr Andrews.”Yes, I noticed that,” said Mr Payne.”Oh, I didn’t, but it was nerves I expect,” said Penelope.Being the professional that she was, Penelope Raymond conducted the interview as she would any other but she also thought what a good-looking young man Matthew Pearson was. Her mind also kept going back to his remark when he had entered the lift. She determined to contact Matthew again whether he got the job or not.Later that morning, Penelope got Matthew’s mobile phone number from his job application bahis firmaları form and at lunchtime, she rang it from her personal mobile.”Hello,” said Matthew seeing an unknown caller come up on his phone.”Hello, is that Matthew Pearson?” said the female voice on the other end.”Yes, who is calling please?” said Matthew.”It is Penelope Raymond here, we, um, met this morning,” said Penelope.It took a split second to register with Matthew because she had not used her first name at the interview but he responded, “Oh hello Mrs Raymond, I was not expecting to hear from you yet.””Well no, we have not completed the interviews yet; I was ringing about, um, something else,” said Penelope who suddenly wondered if she was doing the right thing.”Sorry Mrs Raymond, I don’t quite understand,” said Matthew.”You remember we met in the lift before your interview?” said Penelope.”Oh yes, I am so sorry about what I said, I was very rude,” said Matthew thinking that Penelope was ringing to tell him just that.”Oh, so you did not mean what you said to me?” said Penelope, sounding slightly disappointed.”Um, yes, well I mean, um….” said Matthew, torn between what he wanted to say and what he thought he should say.”Mr Pearson, in a moment I am going to text you an address; I will be at that address at seven this evening and I would like you to be there with me,” said Penelope.”But Mrs Raymond, I still do not quite understand,” said a genuinely confused Matthew.”Matthew, you indicated that you would like to have sex with me, I am giving you the chance. Now do you understand?” said Penelope, clarifying the situation.”Fuck!” was all that Matthew could respond. It was an exclamation rather than a question.”Ha, yes, exactly,” laughed Penelope, who knew it was an exclamation.Matthew was stunned so Penelope said, “I will text you the address, see you later Matthew, goodbye,” before ending the call.The address was texted through, a very smart part of town, but Matthew could still hardly believe what was happening. He had only encountered this woman three or four hours ago but since then she had chaired an interview for a job and she was now inviting him to have sex with her. In fact, it was more insisting than inviting.Matthew was now thinking kaçak bahis siteleri that it was too good to be true. As she was Mrs Raymond, there was presumably a Mr Raymond, so was Matthew being lured to that address to be beaten up by an irate husband avenging his insulted wife?In this case, that was not likely to happen because although Penelope Raymond was married, her husband was only interested in his twenty-four-year-old secretary that he was currently knocking off. He and Penelope had not had sex for years, not with each other anyway.Matthew drove his rather modest car considering the area that he was visiting and eventually found the address, an impressive house at the end of a short driveway. The assumption was that he was there to have sex with a very attractive mature woman but he still had his doubts about what was actually planned.The property was one of three that the Raymonds owned between them. Their main home was just outside of town and was the ‘official’ address for Penelope and her husband although they spent little time together and certainly not in the bedroom.A smiling Penelope Raymond stood in the doorway, looking stunningly attractive. Gone was the business clothing of the morning, she was now wearing a yellow T-shirt and very obviously no bra underneath. She had on tight white trousers and it was uncertain at this early stage if there was anything under them.”Good evening Matthew, so good to see you,” she said, with her eyes drifting to his crotch as he got out of his car.”Good evening Mrs Raymond, so good to see you too,” he replied a little nervously, but with his cock hardening.”I think Penelope or Penny or anything else that comes to mind would be more appropriate, don’t you?” she said, before pulling Matthew towards her and locking her lips on his.Despite this, Matthew was still not one hundred percent convinced that a Mr Raymond was not suddenly going to set upon him, “Are you here alone?” he asked when Penny withdrew her lips.”No silly, you are here too, ” she laughed and Matthew thought that he tasted alcohol in the kiss.Getting more serious, Penny said, “Relax honey, we are here to have fun together, okay?”Penelope turned and Matthew’s eyes, naturally, went to her arse and what an arse it appeared to be in those tight trousers. There was no visible panty line so it seemed she was either naked underneath or was wearing a thong.”But what about your husband?” asked Matthew who was still finding all this too good to be true.

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