The First Time


My best friends and roommates, Savanna and Jaiden, know a lot about my sex life, which is a very small amount of information. They know I masturbate and I’ve never used any sex toys of any kind. I’m an innocent young eighteen year old college girl, with no boyfriend. I’ve also never kissed a dude; sad, I know. Savanna and Jaiden are both very experienced when it comes to sex, which is why this night happened.I was laying in bed, wearing a long sleeve shirt and black lace panties, bahis şirketleri when they walked in. I thought nothing about it as they both sat on either side of me. Savanna began to stroke my thigh while Jaiden started to play with my hair. “What’s up, guys?” I asked confused by the random affection. “Nothing, we just wanna love on our best friend,” Jaiden said before Savanna leaned in to kiss her. There I sat, watching my best friends kissing right in front of my face. Saying bahis firmaları nothing, Savanna turned to look at me. I knew what she wanted. I looked at her plump, moist lips feeling nervous. She smiled and leaned in to give me a fiery kiss. I thought it was going to be short and sweet like hers and Jaiden’s, but Savanna had other plans. She kissed me with such hunger and desire. Jaiden started kissing my face. She licked and sucked on my ears causing me to moan. She giggled kaçak bahis siteleri and whispered to me, “Just wait till we get down south,” causing me to moan again, as she slowly started to travel down my neck. Savanna forced me to turn my attention back to her, as she shoved her tongue into my mouth. Feeling her moist, pink tongue in my mouth was so foreign but it felt and tasted delicious. She tasted of mint and strawberry. She traced around my entire mouth before she licked the roof of my mouth. She then started to suck my tongue. She went back and forth with her head as if she were sucking a little cock. I loved every second of it.Jaiden was working her way down my body as Savanna sucked my face, literally.

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