Stealing My Friend’s Husband- Part 3


That night, the bar went quiet very quickly and soon there were only me, Paul and a couple of the older regulars left in the whole establishment. With the other barmaids finished and Amy tucked up asleep, I pretty much had Paul all to myself.As he talked I made sure I was the ever-so-enthusiastic worker. He never mentioned my panties but as I took drinking glasses off tables and cleaned the wooden surfaces I bent over as far as I could, my skirt riding up my round, pert arse, knowing he’d see my underwear and possibly the line of damp at the area where I so eagerly wanted him to stuff his married cock in me. I knew he was watching, and he now knew I wasn’t bluffing, or I hoped.’Do you have a boyfriend?’ He asked me curiously.’No,’ I replied, smiling at him. ‘Why, do you have someone in mind for me?’ I teased. He shrugged, his big shoulders looking amazing in the tight t-shirt he wore to show off his muscles.’I’ve got a couple of single friends,’ he said, smiling.’To be honest, I’ve already got my eye on someone,’ I said giggling.’Oh aye? Do I know him?’ He asked.’You might. You’ll have to wait and see,’ I said. This time I bent forward-facing him, my tits touching the cold surface of the bar between us, my nipples hard as bullets. He could see everything but if he liked what he saw he was showing a lot of restraint.*****Over the coming weeks Amy’s pregnancy bump got bigger, and the dresses I wore to the bar to work got sluttier. The hemlines were higher than they’d ever been and if the top I was wearing didn’t make for the potential for my tits to fall out I didn’t wear it. I had my man bahis siteleri in sight and I didn’t want to falter before it was too late. Once the baby was here I knew Amy would be a brat and want all of his attention on the two of them and I couldn’t have that. As luck would have it though, the summer months crept in and she couldn’t cope with the summer heat and the pregnancy together.Paul would try and help her up the stairs or suggest she take a nap to leave us to run the bar and she would bite his head off, telling him he was an idiot, that he was insensitive and he didn’t understand. He’d laugh it off to me after she stormed off and I’d put my arm round him, making sure I was pressed in close to him. ‘You’re a great husband. Any woman would be lucky to have you as their protector,’ I’d say. He loved the attention. ‘What would I do without you?’ He’d say, smiling.’I’m here for all of your needs, any time,’ I’d say. We’d lock eyes with each other. He was getting the hint but I knew he wasn’t ready.*****The weirdest thing about the whole situation was how quickly Amy attached herself to me as a friend. It seemed the bitches she used to speak to at school who used to help make my life a living nightmare had all but deserted her once she married Paul. I couldn’t blame them, many of them were only friends with her out of fear of the victimiser turning on them as well.Paul loved seeing Amy in revealing outfits even with her pregnancy weight, and as her new ‘confidante’ I had to try and find ways to break her confidence a little. I craved his eyes on me, and I couldn’t stand the jealousy canlı bahis siteleri I felt when he paid attention to his wife.When it was just me and Amy, and Paul wasn’t there I’d drop subtle digs at her about her outfits being inappropriate while carrying a child. ‘I don’t think that fits right,’ or, ‘you’re getting too big to pull off that dress,’ I’d say to her. I’d do it in a way to bring in her trust. If she thought I was being mean she’d get Paul to fire me. I needed to continue to make him feel wanted while also putting it in her head that she was worthless.One afternoon she came downstairs in a light summer dress. She actually looked really pretty, but her pregnancy bump was huge at this point.’It looks really tight at the front,’ I said to her.’Oh really?’ A flash of disappointment on her stupid face. I couldn’t help but relish what I was doing given that she’d done the same things to me years earlier. ‘Paul likes me in it… and to be honest the sex is non-existent at the moment.’I was shocked at how candid she was being here, and relieved that they had some distance between each other in the bedroom.’Oh really?’ I asked, trying not to sound overly interested.’Yeah,’ she replied. ‘That’s why I want to look pretty around him. Show him that I’m still desirable even if my desire for sex has diminished because of the pregnancy.’My mind flashed back to when they were in the back room. His hands lifted the hem of her skirt as he got behind her, trying to bend her over the table to fuck her, and my jealousy that it wasn’t me at the time. I was filled with relief.’I’m sure he’ll canlı bahis wait ’til the baby’s born,’ I said. ‘And actually, if he won’t wait until you’re ready then that’s not fair. You do what you need to do to get yourself through this pregnancy and make sure he supports you like a good husband should.”Thank you so much,’ she said. ‘You’re a good friend to me, and a better one than I probably was to you in the past.’ I hugged her.’Everything’s going to be OK,’ I said. ‘I promise.’ Over her shoulder, another photo of the two of them on the wedding day with a caption underneath reading, ‘eternal love.’We’ll see, I thought to myself.******On a busy Saturday night after the bar closed, I was left to clear up again with Paul. Just the two of us on our own. He was distant and agitated and I didn’t know why.’What’s wrong?’ I asked him. Was it me? Had I done something to upset him?He shrugged his shoulders. ‘Married life,’ he said, laughing.’What do you mean?’ I asked him, innocently.He dumped his cleaning cloth on the bar and sat at one of the tables and he looked me in the eyes.’Can you keep a secret?’ He asked.’Of course I can,’ I said. I pulled a chair up beside him and I could feel the butterflies churning in my stomach for being so close to him. My panties were damp again as I smelled a faint mix of his sweat mixed with his sweet aftershave.’It’s hard with me and Amy,’ he said. ‘I love her more than anything but she’s giving nothing back. And her mood swings when we’re alone are awful. I feel more like her servant than her husband,’ he said.’Have you tried talking to her?’ I asked, pretending real concern that things weren’t great, while the excitement in my stomach continued to build.’Yeah, she says I should be more considerate and I only think about sex,’ he said laughing, his face going slightly red out of shame.

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