My Wife Found Me A New Secretary


I’ve always had a great fondness for women.  I’ve always had a roving eye most of my adult life.  My wife and I married right out of college.  She saw a good thing and wanted to get married right away.  I wanted to wait a little while.  However, she talked me into getting married.  We’ve been married for twenty years.  We never had children, which I believe put a strain on our marriage.  My wife found out early, she couldn’t conceive.  She didn’t want to adopt.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my wife, but marriage gets old and stale.  I’ve always had a little hanky-panky on the side.  I’m usually very cautious so my wife doesn’t find out.  I know it’s probably wrong, but my wife has always been a little vanilla.  When I’ve tried to spice things up, she becomes nervous and starts crying.  I think it’s just her lack of experience.  She was born in a very conservative family.  Sex was never talked about.She just doesn’t like any games in the bedroom.  She’ll use vibrators, but only when she’s alone.  I think she likes porn though.  Sometimes, I wonder if she likes women.  Her and her friend June seem to be very close.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they had sex together.  She’d never admit to something like that.I just can’t get sex out of my mind.  The scent of a women’s perfume can stir all kinds of erotic thoughts for me.  A song playing on the radio can bring my mind to other places.  A beautiful piece of art reminds me of a woman’s sexy form.  I always like to imagine what people look like having sex.  I pretty much see everybody naked.  I’m always a bit horned up.The last woman I was seeing was the receptionist at my gym.  She was a hot little thing that had a nice figure and a güvenilir bahis great talent for sucking cock.  She basically threw herself at me, but my wife’s friend might have seen this little honey going down on me in the parking lot.  It really was too bad on getting caught.  This hottie could basically swallow my big hard dick.  She didn’t even choke.  She loved the taste of cum and begged for me to blast her mouth with my junk.  That day, I came all over her pretty face.  I didn’t have anything for her to clean herself up with.I really liked her.  That tryst was short lived when my wife’s friend June saw Caitlyn exit my car.  Her hair was a mess and her lipstick was all over her face.  I guess, the cum all over her face didn’t help either.  My wife wasn’t very happy to see pictures of Caitlyn that June had texted to my wife.  She’d caught me and there wasn’t anything I could do.I was in a bit of hot water with my wife.  I thought it was best to send June and my wife to Puerto Rico for a week’s vacation.  She was thrilled that I paid for her and her best friend to go on vacation with each other.  That took care of the hurt of that affair.  I promised not to see Caitlyn again.  She made me change gyms.  I really liked her it was a shame I had gotten caught.My wife stays with me because I’m rich. She loves the money and all that it buys.  She puts up with a lot of my bullshit.  I just can’t help myself.  I love younger women.  I love their bodies and how flexible they are in bed.  Most little whore’s will do anything you ask of them.However, I was totally blindsided.  It was the perfect scheme to catch me in yet another affair.  My wife and I own a company together.  güvenilir bahis siteleri She’s not working right now, but is very involved with our company.  She knew that my secretary had gone on maternity leave.  My wife worked hard with Human Resources to find a good match to replace her.Angela was the perfect secretary.  She was my ideal woman.  I was happy that my wife had picked somebody so incredibly gorgeous.  I often wondered if my wife was testing me.  She knew that this secretary was hot.  I did wonder what kind of a game my wife was playing.  Did she want me to cheat on her with Angela?  Was she going to document this affair and finally divorce me?It wasn’t very hard not to like Angela.  I can remember the first day she had started.  She was dressed in a short mini dress suit.  She had taken off her jacket and was wearing a shear colored blouse.  Angela was quite busty. She wore a thin bra, but her enormous breasts stood there standing at attention.  I could see through her bra that she had unusually long nipples.  I wanted to see those nipples without her bra.  Her nipples were very exciting.  I imagined her breasts in my mouth.  I wanted to taste her hard nipples.Her skirt was short and she didn’t appear to have any panty lines.  I had wondered if she was even wearing any panties.  Of course, she was wearing my wife’s perfume, which drove me crazy.  Angela was stunningly gorgeous.Did I mention her legs?  She had long beautiful legs.  She wore high heels and had the cutest ass wiggle you’d ever seen.  She wore thigh highs with her short skirt.  It was so cute to see the lace tops of her stockings showing.  Looking at Angela caused my cock to stir.  I iddaa siteleri knew in the first day, that I wanted to sleep with her.I didn’t sleep with her on day one, but she was playing all kinds of games with me.  She liked to leave me little surprises on my desk.  First it was little chocolates, then a few weeks later, she was leaving pictures of her tits and ass on my desk.  She must have gone to the copier and taken pictures of herself.  It was hot and it was a little game that she was playing with me.  She was teasing me.  She was marking me.**“Angela, are you free tonight?  I’d love to take you to dinner.”“What’s the occasion?”“Nothing.  Just a boss taking his secretary out.  You’ve been working so hard recently.  I’d love to take you out.”“Sure.  That would be great.”“Grab your things.  Let’s get out of here.”“Great.”Angela looked incredibly sexy today.  She was wearing a yellow sundress with small blue flowers and sandals.  I was sure she wasn’t wearing any intimates.  I could see those sexy nipples poking through her dress.  They were mouthwatering.  I couldn’t wait to get this girl into my bed.  I planned on taking her to dinner and fucking her brains out.  That was the plan.We walked over to my car and we drove to an Italian restaurant.  I knew she liked that cuisine.  I was so horny and couldn’t wait to get her into my bed.  She was flirting with me in the car.  I just loved looking at her.  She was extremely pretty.After a short while, we got to the restaurant.  The hostess sat us in a cozy booth in the back.  I ordered us a bottle of red wine to share.  She looked so pretty and we just exchanged pleasantries back and forth.I ordered our meals and that’s when Angela put her foot into my lap.  She moved her foot all over my trousers.  This of course made my cock tent up in my pants.“I like all the pictures you’ve been leaving me lately.  I’d love to get to know you better.  I think we could help each other.

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