More than Roommates


Jessica sat on her dorm room bed as she stared across the room to her roommate, Krista.”It’s about time we have a night out, hey?” Krista said as she slipped on a black, cotton crop top over her head. The top was loose, and showed off her tanned midriff.”I’m definitely ready to take a break from studying,” I said. “And we’ve been studying hard enough this week. We deserve a break.” It was true. Finals had already crept around the corner. Krista and I had spent hours on end in our cozy dorm room reviewing for Calculus, World Issues, and Physics. I was ready to have a night out with my best friend and let loose on the dance floor. Krista slid her grey sweatpants off and reached for a pair of shorts from her bed. She was wearing a pink, lacy thong which bared her bottom. I had always admired Krista’s ability to stay in shape during exam season. Her butt was round yet firm, and fit nicely into her black, high-waisted shorts as she pulled them up.She walked over in front of her body-length mirror and paused. “How does this look?” Krista was a tall, athletic girl with bronzed skin. I had always envied her ability to pull any outfit off. She had a slender build, but had great curves to fill out any outfit. Her long, brunette curls cascaded just past her chest. She flashed me her great big, baby-doll brown eyes, waiting for my approval.”Looking good as always,” I smiled. “I’ll try to keep the boys off ya. Help me pick bahis siteleri something to wear!” I was still in my oversized college t-shirt that I always wore when I bummed around in the dorm room. I usually just wore a t-shirt and underwear if I would be staying in the room most of the day. Today I was wearing a pair of light purple panties with lace around the edges. Krista didn’t seem to mind my casual wear in the dorm room, and would often wear the same type of outfit when we stayed in. “Hmmm…Let’s see…” Krista said as she walked over to my side of the room. She started shuffling through my clothes that hung in my closet. “What about this?” She pulled out a hanger which held a black dress I often saved for nights out. It was a cotton, low-cut dress that hugged the body tightly in every area. “Put it on!”I had been feeling a bit self-conscious with my body since I hadn’t been very active during the exam season, but I sluggishly walked over to Krista and took the dress off the hanger. I stood only two feet away from her and slid my t-shirt off over my head. I tossed the shirt to the ground and paused for a moment when I noticed Krista eyeing my body. For a second, I felt a wave of self-consciousness, but then I noticed that her eyes lingered on my breasts, before darting away quickly. Krista and I both had a 34C cup and would often joke that we could share bras. I looked down and remembered I was wearing canlı bahis siteleri a cotton bra that wouldn’t sit well under this dress. “I have to find the right bra to wear under this,” I said.”Pfft. You don’t need one with this dress, remember? There’s built in support!” Krista reminded me.”Ah, right.” I proceeded to turn away from her and unclasped my bra. I felt a sense of relief as my breasts were no longer constrained. I could feel Krista’s eyes on my bare back and I began to slide the tight black dress over my head, and down my body. Sure enough, the dress had just enough support that I wouldn’t be needing a bra after all. I stood in front of the mirror and eyed myself. The dress didn’t look so bad after all, and the few pounds of exam weight I gained actually filled the dress out nicely. The neckline plunged just enough to expose a bit of cleavage. I brought my long, brown hair to one side of my body and gave it a few strokes. “You look hot!” Krista exclaimed. “But you’ve got to get rid of that panty line.”I stared at my reflection, and she was right. My panty line was way too obvious with this form-fitting dress. I reached under my dress, and shuffled my purple panties down towards my ankles and kicked them to the side of the room towards my laundry hamper. “Perfect!” She laughed. “How does that feel?”I never really enjoyed going commando in the past, but this time it actually felt liberating. canlı bahis “Feels great.” I shot her smirk.I sat back down on the edge of my bed and watched Krista play with her hair in front of the mirror. “You know what I want to try tonight?” Krista asked.”What’s that?” I asked back.”Well…” She turned around a gave me a sly grin. “I’ve always wanted to give someone a good lap dance.”I burst out laughing and Krista threw her pillow towards my face and missed.”I’m serious! When you see people like Nicki Minaj doing that kind of thing, it’s so hot. I would love to make someone go off like that.””Sure, sure. Then why haven’t I seen you practicing then?” I teased.”Well maybe I can right now. Before we go out tonight.” She looked at me and gave me a smile. She shuffled over to her speaker system and flipped on a song with a strong beat.She jokingly strutted across the room towards me. “Pleeease. Just for fun!”My heart was beating hard inside my chest, but I manage to keep myself composed. “Alright, show me what you got. But you better not quit school to be a stripper! I still need a study buddy!” I joked. I slid my bottom to the edge of the bed. Krista walked over, taking each graceful step to the rhythm of the music. She turned her back towards me and her legs moderately apart. “Spread those legs, hun!” She piped.I remembered I wasn’t wearing underwear, but at that moment I didn’t really care anymore. I spread my legs apart and felt the tingle of the dorm room air against my pussy. She bent over in front of me, and rotated her hips smoothly to the music. She inched her ass towards me and slowly began grinding against my exposed pussy.

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