Kay and the Alien Spa


Kay told me that her and Mary were going to check out the new spa in town.  Some of her friends have been there and keep going back since they like it so much.After she returned from the spa, Kay said that she was exhausted and would tell me about her trip later and that she and I had an appointment to go back tomorrow.After Kay woke up, she began to tell me about the erotic time she had at the spa.  It started with a shower and a complete body shave from her toes to her head.  Then a naked woman placed her bahis siteleri into a sensory deprivation pod. The woman stated, “She would come back and take her out later.”Kay went on to tell me that after the pod was closed that she began to feel tendrils with suction cups slowly encircling her ankles.  As they slowly came up her legs, she could feel like a small cock sliding up and down her vagina.  One of the suction cups had fastened itself onto her clit and was sucking it. As this was happening, she canlı bahis siteleri could feel her legs being spread wide and more tendrils encircling her wrists and arms.  Then a cock like tendril went into her mouth and began to swell and fucked her mouth.She could feel the one tendril slide into her wet pussy and begin to swell.  Another tendril began to probe her sexy anus and quickly entered her and swelled also.  All three of her holes were being fucked at the same time and she relaxed and enjoyed canlı bahis the feeling.Kay told me, “That I could feel the tendrils in my vagina and my anus wiggling around and going past others as they fucked me.” They came in her and were replaced by others.  She had lost all track of time and did not remember how many times that she had cum.She continued to tell me that as quickly as they came, they left and the pod was opened by another naked woman, who kissed her and licked the cum off her face.The woman then took Kay and showered her and cleaned her up.  Kay had mentioned to the woman that she wanted the feeling again and the woman told her that she could come back tomorrow and her bring her husband for a very special treat.

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