Hotel Visit


The soft click of the door lock awakens me. Without lifting my head from the softness of the pillow, I turn my face towards the hotel room door. A yellow shaft of brightness enters the room, grows then shrinks as the door opens and closes. The purity of the light broken by the shadow of the woman silently passing in with the light. I fein sleep with my eyes open in the almost total darkness of the room. In this blackness, I let my imagination give form to the barest sounds of movement. In my mind I see her stand frozen before the door, letting her eyes adjust to the dark. Once she can make out the outlines, she reaches back and turns the door lock. CLICK Yes, I got that right. A soft rustle, she hasn’t moved but bahis siteleri is undressing. More sounds…buttons? Oh that was a zipper. I keep my face and body still even as I fight the urge to smile…and to touch myself. My urge dampened as I make out a footfall. Bare feet, like a cat padding on carpet, you can hear if they’re not careful, or in her case, in a hurry. Naked, the room’s coolness touches her and now she heads for the warmth of the bed…my warmth. The tiniest of scrapes, followed by a sudden oomph as she launches and lands on the bed. I’m trapped under the covers with her on top. Trapped by her weight and the giggles that accompany it. Arms and legs straddling and wrapping me up within the blankets. canlı bahis siteleri Its cold, let me in. I’m not stopping you. No, she’s stopping herself with the kisses with which she’s covering my face. I can only turn my head but it’s enough. Our lips find each other and our kiss is sweet and hot. My mouth fresh from the recent brushing and her’s fragrant with mint and wine. I search her mouth for the wine and all else is forgotten. Did you miss me? Madly. Prove it. I find the strength and I rise up and spin. Now she’s at the bottom, covered by the sheets and me. I kiss her. Her laughing mouth. Her nose. Chin. Eyelashes desperately trying to protect her eyes. I lick her face and make her giggle canlı bahis more. My tongue travels along her neck to where it meets her jaw. I blow in her ear, then tongue it before blowing in again. As she squeals, I send my soft pink muscle in search of her mouth only to find her nose. We both laugh then. Louder when she whispers, do that again. We both kick at the covers now. The coolness of the room of no matter now, we’re heating it. It will be overheated soon. Hands grab and limbs struggle to win our wrestling match. She cheats and bites the soft flesh of my underarm and I lose the battle and win the war. My breast suckled, I surrender. My fingers in her hair. Her long lovely silky hair. I bring some up and inhale. Her tongue circles my stiff nipple. Did you fuck yourself while you waited? In answer I press my fingers to her nose. Oh you bitch, you did. Fingers sucked now along with my tit. I slide my right foot up and down her leg.

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