Hotel Bar


We start with a few drinks at the hotel bar. We talk, but neither of us can deny being distracted by the room key that is lying on the table between us. I finish my drink when yours is still half full. We laugh about that and you say I should go up. You will follow once you’ve finished yours. I know you’re checking me out when I walk away from the table and hope you like what I chose to wear. Up in the room, I decide to have a shower rather than wait foolishly for you to arrive. It is a nice strong jet and I feel invigorated after.  When I come out of the shower, you’re there, sitting on the bed looking at me. I can’t help but smile shyly, my towel loosely wrapped around me. I close the bathroom door and, as I do, you take a point of my towel and slowly pull, making me come towards you, unwrapping me at the same time. Now threadbare and smelling fresh, my still damp body stands in front of you. I feel exposed, but the exhilaration I feel is bigger than my timidness and my breathing shows you I do not mind. It just shows you I am bahis şirketleri ready for this. Your hands slowly take hold of my hips, then slide upwards, caressing my sides, halt, cupping my small boobs. You bring your head forwards and nibble my hard nipple. I can not conceal a little sound, and you continue kissing me, soft nibbles and kisses, your hands slowly gliding, exploring the shape of my body. You have me begging you for more in my head. Luckily you have no intention to stop. Pulling me towards you, I am forced to rest my knees on the mattress, straddling your sitting body with my legs. I bend over to kiss you, to show you how much I want you. But you are planning to discover how badly I crave your touches in a different way. Holding on to my ass you pull me on the bed and lie down, sliding down between my legs until my legs are now straddling your head. You look up to me. As I look down, I see you slowly open your mouth for a kiss on my lips. I close my eyes in anticipation until I feel you kissing me there, tasting bahis firmaları me.My lips are swollen and sensitive as your tongue gently feels its way around. I grab your head, caress it, moaning softly. My body is yearning for more. I inhale briskly, holding my breath as your lips enclose my now rock-hard little pebble only ever so briefly, before continuing. I can’t help it, I have to move, you are making me so horny! I am aware of my juices starting to flow, but you do not seem to mind, in fact, it seems it is making you pretty turned on yourself. I can feel your hands grab my ass tighter to guide me into your face.I’m trying to contain myself, but when I feel your fingers slide deep inside me while your lips are still devouring me, I start moving uncontrollably. You still don’t mind,.you encourage me; guiding my hips back and forth over your mouth, lips, tongue. Things are starting to build up steadily. I’m crazy for you to continue this, but desperate for you to fuck me as well.  I stammer, only hoarse half-sentences roll kaçak bahis siteleri out of my mouth. I touch my erect nipples between my fingers as a wave the size of a tsunami rolls over me. Bending over I kiss you and taste myself. An erotic taste. I can feel your cock throb through your underwear as I sit on you. I ask you to take it off.You get up off the bed and remove your underwear in less than a second. I reach out a hand, palm up, between your legs and up to gently hold you in my hand. Then, softly, my fingers close around your shaft sliding along its entire length. I pause, reach between my own legs, and transfer some of my wetness to your swollen glans.  I make a circle with my thumb and forefinger and move up and down from the tip and back. The smoothness and friction are intense and you’re lost in this moment.I stand up, and we kiss again. You’ve grabbed my hair and are touching my nipples, yet you’re still lost in the feel of my hand.  Your eyes are closed but you can tell when I kneel in front of you, gently sliding my hand down your cock and taking the swollen tip into my mouth. Suddenly warm and wet, the feel of my tongue makes you greedy and after a moment you can’t stop the urge to thrust just a little, reaching the back of my throat. 

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