Experimenting with Classmate Ch. 02


I had my first sexual experience with Kenny, my classmate. He is 19 and I’m 18.

The following day in school we barely said hello to each other. Kenny was distant and sat on the other side of the classroom. I felt betrayed and used by my friend. It went on like that for weeks.

Despite his attitude, I still masturbated a lot on the thought that I had sucked his cock. I felt disgusted by myself but also wanted to do it again. The thought alone made me rock hard.

It was the end of term, a month after we went swimming. We had summer holidays and everybody went home. It was the last day of high school. I had no friends and would just go home and sit alone in my room for most of the day until the holidays were over and College started.

It was the next day that Kenny texted me in the morning. ‘U up for meeting this afternoon?’ His text came as a surprise.

I texted him back and told him I was ok with meeting him. I was still pissed off, but I had no other friends to hang around with. There was also the thought of something happening with him again.

We agreed to cycle to the park and walk from there. It was a cloudy day, but not too cold. He was dressed in jeans a shirt and a yellow sweater. I wore black trousers a T-shirt and a grey hoody. He waved when he saw me coming. I cycled toward him and said hi. We were both a bit awkward at first.

Kenny: “I euhm, I thought about texting you for a while.”

Me: “Ok.”

He smiled at me and said: “let’s go for a stroll around the park.”

Our town had a big park, with a big pound with swans. It was miles in circumference. We started walking away from the town and talked about everything except what happened a month ago. It started raining after an hour and Kenny asked: “Wanna go to my place and watch a movie?”

Me: “Sure, sounds like a good idea.”

Kenny: “My parents are away until tomorrow afternoon and my little brother will be out partying until early morning.”

Kenny’s little brother, Simon, was not that little. They were only 11 month apart. I was still 18 but Kenny had his birthday in January. Simon was very athletic and went to the gym often with his friends. Kenny had a good bond with his brother, not like myself with mine. My brother always belittled me.

Kenny: “I’ve got Netflix on my PC. I’m sure we’ll find something to watch.”

Me: “Oh cool! I don’t have Netflix at home.”

We got our bikes and cycled through the rain to his place. We were both soaking wet.

Kenny: “Here’s a towel! I’ll have to go upstairs and change. You better get out of those wet clothes too or you’ll be cold in no time!”

This is almost how it went last time. Kenny knew that I always get cold. My clothes were soaking and my tight jeans stuck to my skin.

Me: “I don’t have anything with me.”

Kenny: “Don’t worry, my little bro is your size. I’ll get a tracksuit out of his room.”

Me: “Oh, sure he won’t mind?”

Kenny : “He’s not gonna be home anyway. I’ll just drop it in the wash when you leave.”

I followed Kenny when he ran up the stairs. He went into Simons room and looked for a tracksuit. He came out with a red set with black stripes.

Kenny: “You can change in my room, I’ll have to change too.”

Kenny opened the door and all those memories came back. I was very sensitive and I felt my penis growing already. The thought alone that we would both change clothes together was enough to get me started. Kenny threw his brothers clothes on the bed and turned around. He opened his wardrobe and started undressing. It took me a few seconds to find the courage to undress too. I saw him dropping bahis siteleri his trousers and also his boxers.

Kenny: “Even my balls are wet!”

Me: “Yea, I’m soaking too.”

I took off my hoody and T-shirt and dried myself with the towel. I took Simons sweater and threw it on. If felt soft and it smelled very masculine. I tried to take my trousers off, but they stuck to my skin. I had to sit down and started pulling very uncomfortably. There was no way I could do this fast. Kenny was already dressed. He turned around and saw me struggling.

Kenny: “You with your skinny jeans, ha. I can see that your briefs are wet too. I see if I can find some that fit you.”

Kenny left the room and gave me the time to take me trousers off. I sat there in my briefs with a semi hard penis. He came back in the room and threw a jockstrap at me.

Me: “Seriously dude?”

Kenny smirked: “Sorry, couldn’t find anything else.”

Me: “Of course.”

Kenny just stood there nonchalantly and walked over to his bedside table to find some tissue to blow his nose. I pulled my briefs down whilst he was sitting next to me. I could feel that he was watching me. It was obvious that my cock was not flaccid anymore. My cheeks were bright red. He grabbed my undies from the floor and said: “I’ll put all your clothes in the dryer.”

I quickly pulled the jockstrap up. I had never worn any. It felt weird that my ass wasn’t covered. I then jumped into the trousers and pulled them up when Kenny entered the room again.

It gave me a weird feeling to have someone else’s underwear on. Simon was rather hot, skinny with blond spiky hair. He was very hyper and was always smiling the few times I met him. I say met, we briefly saw each other three or four times when I was over at Kenny’s place.

Kenny had his computer already running and was browsing the movies. He found a superhero movie to watch. That was not really my thing, but I did not have the courage to ask for another movie.

He switched his sound-bar on and pressed play. He closed the curtains on his small bedroom window. They were very thick and made the room instantly pitch black. He jumped next to me in the bed. We were both sitting with our backs against the wall and our feet just over the rim of the bed.

Kenny: “You know what we should have?”

Me: “Euhm, what is that then?”

Kenny: “Beer and crisps!”

Kenny pressed pause and ran out the room to the kitchen to run back in a few moments later. He pressed play, gave me a tin of beer and opened a bag of crisps. We both opened our beers at the same time. Kenny then also opened the crisp and threw the bag in between us.

We were watching half an hour when the crisps were empty. Kenny stood up and placed the bag in the bin. He then sat down again, but closer. I could feel his leg against mine.

Kenny: “You’ve been thinking about last time?”

Me: “Euhm, yea, I have.”

Kenny: “Me too, I often fantasised about it.”

There was an awkward silence until Kenny lifted up his right arm next to me and moved it to my belly. He put his hand on my belly and felt my heart racing. He slowly moved over the fabric of the soft jumper down to my crotch and stopped right on top of my semi hard cock. I was hard in no time. It was too dark in the room to see any facial expression and I was to shy to look over to him too.

Kenny: “You know, you did that very well last time.”

Me: “Oh, I had never done that before.”

Kenny: “You’re a natural faggot hahaha!”

Me: “What?”

I started blushing and did not know what else to say. I was not out as gay and I barely canlı bahis siteleri knew myself who I was. Because I did not have friends I also did not get in contact with anyone and so I knew barely anything about myself. Sure I knew I was looking at the guys in porn, but I had never really though about me being gay or anything.

Kenny: “Joking man, light up!”

Kenny left his hand there. He barely moved. He wiggled his fingers lightly and gave me shivers through my body. I just let him take initiative as he did not let me cum last time anyway.

Kenny now moved his hand back up and this time pushed it between the skin of my belly and the rim of the jockstrap. Now I knew that something was going to happen again. I felt his finger tips touching my rock hard cock. I was dripping with precum again, but this time Kenny said nothing.

He grabbed my cock and rubbed it very lightly, as if he was afraid of my reaction. I just looked straight ahead and did not move. I even tried to keep my cock still but it pulsed from time to time out of my control. First I did not want to do anything. I did not want to end up like last time; super horny but no release. I decided to move my right hand toward his belly and slowly slid under the rim of his trousers, feeling his super hard cock. I heard him moaning a little. I cubbed his cock and balls in my hand and squeezed a little. I then decided to move my hand up a little and get in his boxers. His cock was warm and hard as I remembered. My hand grabbed his shaft, feeling the texture of the veins on the skin.

Kenny pulled his hand away and I though that he would let me do everything with him again. He moved a little until my hand had to let go. He went and laid on his side with his head on my belly. I was so skinny that my belly was flat with my legs and my back bent up to the wall. I did not really know what to do with my arms and tried to push them behind him. He went with his hand to the rim of my trousers and pulled them down. I lifted my ass a little to help him. He then pushed them all the way down to my ankles. He grabbed the top of the jockstrap and pulled it down until my stiff cock popped up, pointing at his face. He only used one hand to slowly stroke my shaft, moving my foreskin up and down over my cock head. He squeezed it a little and a big drip of precum came out. He opened his mouth and slowly pushed his lips over my cock head. He circled with his tongue around the head. He moved now deeper down, taking almost all of my cock inside his wet and warm mouth. Fuck, that felt good. I sucked me slowly whilst holding my cock at the base, his hand resting on my balls. He sucked me for a while until he said: “Wanna try something I saw on porn?”

Me: “What is that then?”

Kenny stopped sucking me and went to his PC. He paused the movie and went to his browser. He opened a porn site, I think it was in his favourites as if he was prepared. The video started playing. It was two young guys having sex, but they did not suck each other. One had his penis in the others ass.

Kenny: “Look what I have!”

He opened the drawer of his desk and grabbed a condom.

Kenny: “I found this one in the youth centre, wanna try?”

Me: “Oh, not sure, who puts it in who? I’ve never done that before.”

Kenny: “Well, you proved that you can take a lot more than me, so I think I’m putting mine in you ha!”

Me: “No, that won’t work, that will hurt. I’m to scared to do that.”

Kenny: “I see it on porn all the time, looks like everyone does that, plus I go slow, promise.”

The room was still dark and we could only see our silhouettes in the light canlı bahis of the monitor.

Me: “Have you ever tried a condom?”

Kenny: “No, I saved this one.”

Me: “Are you gonna put it on?”

Kenny ripped the packaging open and took the condom out. He turned with his cock facing sideways in front of his computer so I could see it. He put the condom on his cock and rolled it all the way down.

Kenny: “I also have this one.”

Kenny showed a little pack, the size of a condom. He opened it and squirted the contents on the condom on his dick.

Kenny: “You better take the trousers off, you can leave the jockstrap on.”

I did what Kenny said, even though I was not sure about this. Kenny walked towards me and grabbed my legs. He pulled me by my legs away from the wall with my ass over the side of the bed. He then pushed my legs up.

Kenny: “Hold your legs.”

Me: “Be careful!”

Kenny was a lot taller than me and had to spread his legs a little to be able to point the tip of his cock at my hole. He rubbed it against my hole. It felt sticky and cold. Kenny started pushing his cock against my hole until I felt it opening. He pushed a little more until half an inch was inside of me.

Me: “Stop, it hurts.”

Kenny: “I read that that’s normal, it will pass soon.”

Kenny withdrew and pushed back in. He now kept on pushing and I felt my ass opening and engulfing his big cock. I felt pain and horny at the same time. I did not want it, but I also did not want to stop. Kenny now pushed his cock all the way inside. He quickly pushed his hand on my mouth when I screamed. He kept his hand on my mouth and started fucking me. My cock was hard but forced in the jockstrap. The pains slowly ebbed away as Kenny kept fucking me harder and faster. He moaned with every thrust as it slid in and out a lot better. I started moaning too and Kenny took his hand of my mouth.

Kenny: “shhhhh, don’t make any noise, the neighbours might hear us.”

Kenny pulled his cock out and pushed me on my side so I was facing the wall. He pulled the jockstrap off me and laid behind me pushing his sweaty body against me. I felt his chest sticking to my back. He grabbed his stiff penis with his hand and pushed it inside me. I sighted when I felt him sliding in. He now moved his hand holding my waist and then moved it towards my cock. I moaned when he pulled my foreskin back and he started stroking me whilst fucking me. It felt amazing.

Kenny: “Oh fuck, I’m gonna shoot my load in you.”

I was close but not ready to shoot yet. He let go of my cock, grabbed my waist and started trusting his cock aggressively and deep inside me. He let out a sigh of relief when he shot his load. He relaxed and pulled his cock out my ass. He rolled me on my back and pulled the condom of his cock. He held it over my hard cock and let the cum drip on my penis. My penis jumped with excitement. He then grabbed my cock and started moving his hand up and down using his cum as lube. His grip was firm and rhythmic. I started moaning after a minute when my cock started pulsating. First a little cum dripped out the head followed by streams of thick sperm over my belly and on his hand. I was out of breath. This was the first time someone else had made me cum. He wiped his hand on my chest and got up to take some toilet paper. He gave me the roll to clean myself up.

There was no love or anything romantic involved. Kenny got dressed and went to the next room to take my my clothes out of the dryer. I got dressed and felt that that was it. We walked downstairs, Kenny opened the door and we said goodbye.

I texted him when I got home, asking him how he felt with all that. He replied: ‘I guess ok, not sure. Did U not like it?’ I replied: ‘does that make us gay?’

Kenny did not reply until a few days later: ‘Can we talk?’

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