Daddy’s Girls • Chapter 22 • Phase 2


Monday, in The Circle, Becky warned them all to be ready for a LONG tale, and then gave it to them. By the time she finished, the girls were all panting, horny beyond belief at Becky’s story. For being the last of the Girls to lay her dad, she surpassed them all in one wild, weekend sex romp. Now it was THEIR turn to be jealous of Becky, where the tables had been turned only a couple days prior.They were all silent in the Circle, deep in their respective thoughts. Perhaps güvenilir bahis not coincidentally, each of the other girls was trying to find a way to induce the same behavior in their respective dads. They longed to see their men be as brazen; so horny and so caught up in the love affair with their daughters that they would risk anything to get their dicks inside them anywhere they could.Becky mistook the silence for some kind of judgment, instead, and was worried güvenilir bahis siteleri she had crossed a line somehow. “Guys… say something, please!”Beth crawled across the circle to take Rebecca in her arms, embracing her in a big hug. “I am SO happy for you, girl, and to be honest, a little jealous, too!”“Hmph!” Laurie snorted. “A LITTLE? My dad still locks the doors and pulls the shades closed before he even thinks about gettin’ busy with me. You two iddaa siteleri went PARKING?”“Yeah!” Stacey said, laughing. “And right after you dropped me off, too, slut!”“What can I say?” Becky said, shrugging. “He just had to have me, that’s all.”“And I can’t believe you wanted until TODAY to tell me you made it with your dad!” Stacey smacked Becky’s thigh. “What’s up with that?”“Well, we weren’t in the Circle, were we?”“Oh, please!”“Don’t ‘oh please’ me! You were late to the gym, AGAIN, and the locker room was full, and we weren’t alone, were we?” Becky replied. “Stacey, you know all those girls LIVE to gossip! I couldn’t risk bringing it up. You would have freaked out, they wanted the whole story, and… ”

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