Bringing Out the Sissy in Fred

All Holes

“Yessss.., ooh yesss, aahhh! yesss! That’s it! Thaat’s iit! God it feels good, so good! Ohh Sammy! Fuuck mmee! Yessss, yessss, fuuck, fuuck, yesss!” Mary Pats nails were digging into my shoulders; her ankles were hooked on my ass cheeks. I wasn’t sure who was riding who but it was what it always was, a great fuck.

“Give it to me Sammy! Harder…., h.a.r.d.e.r., drive.. it.. home!” She voice always rose as her passion increased. Her ankles pounded my ass as she almost squealed. When she came she bit my neck. I fucked harder, deeper, quicker. She won! Her enthusiasm brought me along with her.

“God you’re a great fuck, Mary Pat!” I groaned as I arched my back and buried my cock deep in her pulsing pussy. “Why did we ever get a divorce?” I rolled to her side and took a nipple between my lips.

“I can’t stand living with you Sammy.” She stated matter of factly as her fingers caressed my thinning hair.

It was true. We were married for just three years but we’d been fucking for thirty! Mary Pat left me for two reasons really. One, I was a self centered pig. Two, she was a self centered slut. And to make matters worse she left me for a little tart that she dropped after six months. Mary Pat traveled for her job as a cosmetics buyer and she returned every three months. It was always the same, dinner, dancing and fucking on Saturday morning. Finding a place that still had dancing became harder over the years but the fucking on Saturday morning always was great; maybe because we knew each other so well and didn’t see each other but once in three months.

The door bell rudely interrupted us. “Who the hell could be bothering us so early on a Saturday morning?”

“It’s a surprise, Mary Pat.”

“But you haven’t finished Sammy. You owe me a nice tongue bath you pig.”

“Patience lover, patience. Wait twenty minutes and throw on a robe, then join me in the living room.”

“What are you up to Sammy? She purred.

“Patience, lover!” I teased.

I put on a robe and went to the front door to let Fred in. Fred is my cum slut in training. We met two months ago, finally, but that’s another story! Of course you can read it if you haven’t already. It’s up to you!

Fred has become a regular thing for me on Saturday morning. Why not? Mary Pat is only in town once every three months and I’m a little tired of chasing women. Besides, Fred has become a good cocksucker and he enjoys our weekly sessions as much as I do!

“Did you bring the panties?” I greeted Fred as I opened the door.

“Yes, Master Sam.” Fred grinned as he handed me the package. He brought six pair of plain white cotton panties.

I handed them back. “Take them to the kitchen, there’s a permanent marker on the table. Write ‘I suck’ on the seat of one pair. Put them on and join me in the living room.”

Fred returned in mere moments wearing only the panties. “Show me.” I demanded.

Fred turned and revealed the message on his ass. I (heart) to suck! “You’ve embellished my words, Slut.”

“Forgive me Master! I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you!”

“It’s a nice touch, Slut! Now kneel and approach, I have a surprise for you.”

I fell back in my easy chair as Fred dropped to his knees and slowly crawled forward. I let my robe fall open and spread my legs. “Sniff my crotch, Slut! What do you smell?”

The hair around my cock and balls was matted with cum and pussy liquor. Fred’s eyes widened as he sniffed. “Is it pussy, Master?”

“Very perceptive Slut, it’s starting to dry. Clean me, now.”

Fred advanced and began licking. He started with my thighs, cleaning the product of Mary Pat’s visit. His low moans let me know he was enjoying every drop.

Mary Pat entered the room quietly. She stared silently with her hand over her mouth at the spectacle before her. I pointed to the easy chair opposite mine. Fred’s ass displayed his mission statement.

She watched intently as Fred cleaned my cock and balls. When he finished he looked up at me quizzically. “You may suck, Slut.” He took my cock in his mouth and began gently sucking. Fred was never in a hurry and on most Saturdays this might have lasted an hour or more. Today was going to be different!

I placed my hand on the back of his head. “So, what do you think, Mary Pat?” Fred’s head jerked. I held it down, keeping his mouth full of cock. He looked up at me with concern but continued to suck.

‘Keep sucking, Slut! Today you learn to serve me in front of others.” Fred closed his eyes and bobbed on, sucking and bobbing, sucking and bobbing. “Good Slut.” I reassured him, stroking his hair and releasing my grip. I put both hands on the arms of the chair and let him work.

“So, Mary Pat, I asked you, what do you think?”

“I never thought you’d come over to the dark side, Sammy!” She said, referring to her own bi-sexuality.

“I got tired of chasing skirts. Would you like to hear the whole story?”


“Then I must introduce you to my slut.” I pushed Fred’s head away from my crotch. “Stand up, Slut.” güvenilir bahis Fred stood and backed away. I stood, tied my robe around my waist and walked over to stand by Mary Pat’s chair. I motioned for her to remain seated. She leaned back.


“Yes, Master.”

“In a moment you will turn and greet my guest Mary Pat. She is my ex wife and lover. She is in town just four times a year. You will see her rarely but I know you want to tell her all about being my slut, don’t you?”

“Yes, Master.” Fred’s voice trembled but his cock betrayed him.

“You may turn.” Fred slowly turned; his eyes on the floor.

“Slut, I’d like you to meet my former wife and parttime lover, Mary Pat. Mary Pat, this is my cock slut, Fred.”

Fred blushed as he looked up at Mary Pat but remained silent.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Slut Fred.” Mary Pat cooed sweetly.

“Where are your manners, Slut? Kiss her feet.” Fred dropped to all fours and bowed low to kiss Mary Pat’s feet. First one then the other, back and forth.

“Enough, Slut. Mary Pat likes to have her feet massaged. Massage them while you answer her questions.”

Fred took her feet into his lap and began kneading her soles as he looked at her intently for the first time. He saw a large woman. Five eleven and a hundred ninety four pounds that she admits to. As large as she is she carries it very well. Round in all the right places, not really fat at all but big. Round face, piercing blue eyes and a killer smile.

“So tell me how you met Sammy, Slut.” Mary Pat asked sweetly, like she was talking to a new acquaintance at a party.

“I read stories on an erotic web site called “Literotica”.

“I’ve seen it.”

“I liked the ones about women who dominate men. The CFNM stories, but then I read one where a woman makes her husband suck cock and eat her cum filled pussy that really made me excited so I started looking at gay stories. About a year ago I established a member identity so I could respond to stories and maybe meet a woman who would make me suck cock.

“Did you meet such a women that way, Slut?”

“No I didn’t, but then, gradually, I started reading first time gay stories. I responded to one titled “Curious WM 30”. Sam saw my comment and contacted me.

“So then you met.”

“No, not at first, we just talked for months about different stories and how much he wanted to meet some one safe to suck his cock and I wanted to meet some one safe to suck. After a while he agreed to meet for coffee.”

“Speaking of coffee.” I interrupted. “Would you care for some, Mary Pat?”

“I thought you’d never ask! Do you have any sweet rolls?”

“Danish or donuts?”

“Are the Danish from the Swedish Bakery?”

“Of course! Who else but the Swedes could make great Danish?”

“Danish then; cheese if you have it!”

I went to the kitchen to prepare a tray. I heard bits and pieces of their conversation; most of it you already know if you’ve read “Finding a Friend with Benefits” so there’s no need to go into detail. Fred relaxed as he talked. He became more animated and talked in detail about how thrilling it was for him to be my slut and what a relief it was for him to tell Mary Pat about it.

I returned to the living room and announced, “Breakfast is served.”

Mary Pat opened her robe and spread her legs. “Your breakfast, Slut?”

Fred glanced my way and I nodded my approval.

He started with her thighs as he had with me and began cleaning her.

“Oh, Sammy! This feels so.o nice!” Mary Pat moaned softly. Her bush was as messy as my crotch had been. Fred carefully ‘groomed’ her like a mother cat grooming her kitten.

“Do be careful lover, the coffee is hot!” I handed Mary Pat her coffee and Danish. “I need your help, Sweetheart.”

“Whatever for, Lover? It looks to me like you’ve got things going quite well!” Mary Pat used one hand to guide Fred’s head and the other to hold her Danish. “Oh.h.h y.e.s.s.s, Freddie, that’s the spot! Suck me, suuck mme ohh yyes!”

“My slut enjoys wearing panties and I think he might like to try a few more items of female attire, if you know what I mean.”

“Do tell, dear.” Mary pat’s hips twitched and she bit her lip. I never watched a woman get head from this distance before. It was fascinating!

“You know, bras, teddies, garter belts and stockings, heels, that sort of thing.”

“How can I help?” Mary Pat squealed as she put down her roll and used both hands to hold Fred’s head to her pussy. Fred’s face was getting fucked and he was enjoying it as much as Mary Pat!

“You know people. You can get him fitted properly.”

“Ah yes, of course, I see what you mean. I know just the person to help, Alice in lingerie has seen it all and I’ll bet she’ll enjoy this as much as Freddie.” Mary Pat relaxed her grip and her voice lowered considerably as she let Fred finish his task.

“What do you think, Slut? Would you like to go shopping with Mary Pat?”

“Sammy, I think he should call me Mistress Patty, is that all right?”

“Splendid güvenilir bahis siteleri idea, lover. Would you like to go shopping with Mistress Patty, Slut?”

“Whatever pleases you, Master.”

“Don’t give me that, Slut; I can see your cock straining in your panties. You want this more than I do.”

Fred just nodded in agreement as he finished cleaning Mary Pat’s pussy. Mary Pat pushed him away. She stood up and took Fred’s hand. “Let’s take a shower, Sweetie, you can scrub my back.” I made a mental note; I should make Fred bathe me.

About an hour later, after arranging to meet Alice, they left to go shopping. I went back to bed to rest and gather energy for later.

As they entered the lingerie department Alice greeted them warmly; giving Mary Pat a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek she turned to Fred and asked, “What have we here?”

“Introduce yourself, Fred.”

“My name is Fred, Ma’am.” Alice started selling lingerie fresh out of high school and had been doing it for fifty-one years, she had seen everything, and deserved to be called Ma’am.

“That’s not quite right, Fred. Tell Alice Sammie’s name for you.”

Fred blushed and appeared tongue tied.

“You told me, Fred, now tell Alice. She is going to fit you so she will know anyway. You should tell her.”

Fred slowly took her hand and looked into her eyes. Alice looks like a kindly grandmother, gray hair and all. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Ma’am. My name is Fred, I am Sam’s Slut.”

Alice smiled and gave no appearance of being shocked, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Fred. Do you suck Sam’s cock? Is that why you are Sam’s Slut? It’s all right, dearie, I’ve met plenty of men who suck cock and plenty who like to wear woman’s underwear. We’re going to have a little fun today, aren’t we?” Alice looks like a such a kindly grandmother; hearing those words from her was so out of place. She led him into the fitting room.

The fitting room was semi-private. There were small changing rooms that lined one wall. In the middle was a raised platform, about six by six. Three sets of triple mirrors provided ample opportunity to see what each item looked like. Some items, of course, could not be tried on like panties, for health code reasons. Others, like robes, could.

“Step into one of the booths, dearie. Strip down to your underpants and then join us out here.” Alice instructed. “Don’t take too long, sweetie. There could be more customers any time and it might be embarrassing, you know!” Alice looked for all the world like a sweet little lady but the twinkle in her eye betrayed her amusement. She was having fun!

While Fred was out of the main fitting room Alice called to her associate, “Sara Lee, please join us. I have an important lesson for you to learn!”

A young woman appeared from the stockroom and asked, “What is it. Alice? What are you talking about?”

“You need to learn about dealing with men, Sara.”

“I don’t have any trouble dealing with men, Alice. Men come in all the time.”

Of course they do, Sweetie! Men buy presents for their ladies all the time. I’m not talking about those men; I’m talking about the kind of man who buys lingerie for himself! If you treat them right they will be some of your best customers.”

Fred removed his clothes quickly and as he went out to join them Sara Lee’s eyes opened wide as she watched, speechless.

“You don’t have the proper shoes, do you Freddie?” Alice asked sweetly.

“What do you mean?”

“High heels, dearie. If you want to look sexy you need high heels!”

“No, ma’am. I’m sorry, I don’t own any.

“We’ll fix that, sweetie!” Alice wrote a brief message on a scrap of paper and handed it to Mary Pat. “Take this to the shoe department and give it to Alan. He’ll know what I want. I’ll take some measurements while you’re gone.”

Mary Pat left and as she walked to the shoe department she read the note. “I’m fitting a cock slut and need heels, if you want to see bring over a size 11 or 12 three inch sandal. If you’re too busy now, give them to the lady.” Mary Pat smiled. Alice looked sweet but had a wicked streak!

Alan was middle-aged, over weight, balding and had one of those tiny little moustaches. He read the note, smiled, and said, “I’ll bring them right over.”

When Mary Pat returned Fred was standing on the platform. “These panties are disgusting, Mary Pat!” She turned to Fred and patted his ass. “Not because you love to suck, dearie! We all love to suck cock, don’t we? No, lover, these things are plain and baggy, not what a sexy slut should wear at all!”

“What do you suggest, Alice?”

“I think a nice hip hugging style with a ‘V’ plunge to draw attention to his ‘package’ would be nice. Don’t you agree, Sara?” Alice answered.

“Why yes I do, Alice.” Sara Lee replied and looking Fred straight in the eyes she added, “We have a couple of nice combination panty/garter belts that should do nicely.”

“What do you think, Fred?” Mary Pat asked sweetly.

“I’ll trust your judgment, iddaa siteleri Mistress Patty.”

Alice sent Sara Lee to the stockroom for a package containing a black, combination panty/garter, made of a stretch material. She opened the package and handed them to Fred. “Put this on, sugar.”

Fred took the panty and stepped off the platform to go to the changing booth. “Where are you going, Fred?”

Fred blushed. “To the booth to change. Mistress Patty.”

“Don’t be silly, Freddie.” Alice chided. “You might as well be naked now with that dick of yours getting hard. Besides I’m going to have to check the fit.”

“Don’t be shy, Freddie.” Mary Pat agreed.

Reluctantly, Fred took off the baggy cotton panties and put on the sexy new ones and stepped back on the platform.

The ladies watched, amused at his discomfort. Alice ran her fingers around the waist band and tugged every so gently; her finger tips brushed Fred’s skin “accidentally”. She adjusted each leg and she cupped his testicles as she adjusted his swollen penis. “See how these fit, Sara Lee? If the crotch were any smaller he would need a different style.”

Sara Lee ran her fingers around the waist and tugged gently. She ran her fingers over Fred’s ass and then cupped his balls just as Alice had done. She lingered there as she spoke, “You’re absolutely right, Alice!” Looking at Fred and giving him one last squeeze she said, “You’re going to love these, Sweetie!”

“There’s not much room here for your package but you look positively wicked in these!” Alice concluded.

Mary Pat agreed. Fred could feel his swollen dick throbbing.

As they admired their handiwork Alan arrived with the shoes. “What have we here, Alice?”

“This is Freddie, Alan, he’s a cock sucking slut, isn’t that right, sweetie.” Even though Alice maintained her sweet grandmotherly facade she knew how to humiliate a man and she also knew Fred was very excited. She could see his prick peeking out of the “V”.

“Maybe we can work something out for the shoes, Freddie, would you like that?” Alan asked.

“Freddie isn’t a whore, Alan. I’ll check with his master Sam and see what he thinks.” Mary Pat informed him.

“Whatever suits you.” Alan turned to leave. “The shoes are $72.95 or he sucks me off, Alice.”

“We’ll let you know, dear.”

Fred stood on the platform wearing nothing but the lacy low cut panties, garter straps dangling on his thighs. “Slip these on, Freddie.” Alice instructed as she handed him the sandals. He stepped into the heels and immediately his legs seemed shapelier. “What nice calves you have.” Alice commented. “If you were any taller I might not have anything to fit you but if the “E’s” don’t fit the “Queen 2’s” certainly will.

Alice guided Fred to a chair, handed a pair of stockings to him and explained the proper way to put them on. She adjusted the garter straps and took his hand, guiding him to a triple mirror so he could see for himself how sexy they made him look. Patting him on the ass she exclaimed, “You’re starting to look like a proper wench, Freddie!”

“What’s next, Mary Pat?

“I think a baby doll nightie would be nice, Sara Lee offered.”

“Good choice, Sara Lee, it will show off his legs and ass!”

As they slipped the nightie over his head a young woman came into the fitting room.

“Excuse me, are you Alice? You were recommended to me by Sherry Phillips. You helped her pick out lingerie for her honeymoon. I was hoping you could……..”

She stopped, staring speechless, as she realized that a man was being fitted for women’s lingerie! “I’m sorry…..I didn’t…. What….

“It’s all right my dear, Freddie is just a sissy who wants to look sexy for his master, isn’t that right, Freddie?” Alice explained.


“I know, dear. Look how cute his package looks in these panties.” Alice lifted the hem of the nightie and squeezed Fred’s balls as she talked. “We’re almost done here, take a seat and wait, why don’t you?”

“I don’t know….. this seems so….. strange!”

“Yes dear, but it’s not as uncommon as you might think. Quite a few cock sucking sissies like to dress up like the ladies when they’re with their masters.”

“What did you say?”

“I said cock sucking sissies like…”

“I heard you but I don’t…”

“Tell the young lady, Freddie.” Mary Pat ordered.

“I’m a cock sucking sissy, miss.” Fred blushed but stated bluntly.

“Oh, my!”

“Just take a seat or go outside, dear.”

The young woman started towards the door but turned and said, “You did say he sucks cock?”

“Yes dear.”

“I think I will stay.”

Alice turned to Mary Pat and asked, “A nice shear robe will complete this outfit, don’t you think?”

“Of course, Alice. A nice long flowing robe.”

When they picked out the final piece of Fred’s outfit Alice inquired. “What did Sam say, Mary Pat? Is it OK for Freddie to blow Alan?”

“Sam says it’s up to Freddie! What do you say slut boy, would you like to save $72.95?”

“I don’t think so, Mistress Patty. I’ve only been doing ‘it’ with Master Sam for a few weeks; I’m not ready yet!

“That’s alright, Sweetie,” Alice comforted him. “Alan isn’t all that nice anyway; besides there will be other chances in the future.”

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