Babyboy Ch. 06


This story contains offensive language. Enjoy!!


“That’s what you’re wearing for your date?” Emmuanl criticized me when I walked into the kitchen.

“The fuck is wrong with my clothes?” I glared looking down. I was wearing my usual black tee shirt with black jeans and my black forces. I put on my silver cuban chain with the bracelet to match. I had my hair in two french braids to the back. I think I look good.

“Aren’t you guys just staying here?” I nodded. Bassir wanted to have a low key date where we could really focus on each other. He’s coming over here so we could cook together and talk. I’ve never just talked with someone (someone I liked or at least wanted to fuck) before so I was kinda confused.

“Yeah and?”

“You know you don’t have to wear a full get up. You’re at home. Go put on some slides and take the watch off. Oh and switch out the chain with something a little less flashy.” He frowned. I groaned walking back to my room. I know he’s right and only because I know Bassir is not the type to even like this kind of stuff.

I changed out of my forces and into my Nike slides. I also took off the watch and changed into a smaller chain that peaked out from under my shirt. I finished the new look with some diamond studs in my ears.

“Better?” I asked walking back into the kitchen looking down at my shirt.

“You look amazing babyboy.” I heard Bassir say instead of my cousin. I looked up and standing there looking fine as fuck was my man. Emmanuel was sitting at the island with a cocky smirk.

“Base! I didn’t hear you come in.” I rushed over to him. I grabbed him in a tight hug. “You look sexy as hell.” I whispered in his ear. He had on an army green shirt with ripped jeans and green and black air max 97’s. He had a dark green durag and a couple chains hung from his neck.

“No point in whispering because I heard yo loud mouth.” Manny smirked. I flipped him off and took the bag Bassir had placed on the floor. “Hi I’m Emmanuel. I’m Tyrell’s cousin.” He stood up to shake hands with Bassir.

“Hi I’m Bassir nice to meet you.” My man said. “I’m Tyrell’s boyfriend.” I face lit up when I heard him call me his boyfriend. I know I’ve been calling him my man but this is the first time I’ve heard him address me as his boyfriend.

“Wow you’re not at all what I imagined.” Manny laughed.

“What were you expecting?” Bassir asked. He came and sat at the island while I put up the grocery.

“Well to be honest, I thought you would be some twink with a big booty. Not a tall, muscled, sexy hunk.” Manny complimented my man.

“Slow yo roll nigga. He’s mine.” I glared at him. “Fuck is a twink anyway?”

“It’s someone like me actually.” Manny shrugged. Emmanuel was skinny and tall. He was fit but not buff and had short curly hair. He looked like a tall little kid and not his actual age of 18. The only thing that made him look any older was the tattoos all over his arms.

“Why the fuck would I want to date some stick?” I glared. “I like meat on my women.”

“Yeah but Bassir is a man. I thought you would like a more feminine guy.”

“Why I’ve never liked a nigga before so why would you assume I got a type for niggas?” I shook my head.

“That’s not what I mean Tyrell damn. I mean He’s built like you. I thought you would want a smaller, less dominant guy.” Manny groaned.

“Why would I want some weak nigga?”

“Oh my fucking God.” Manny sighed. Bassir started laughing at us. He had a huge smile on his face showing all of his perfect teeth.

“Fuck is you laughing for. You showing all yo damn teeth and shit.” I asked him.

“Babyboy you’re so cute. Come here.” He opened his arms. I glared at him as I walked over to him and stood in between his legs. “I forgot my kiss when we hugged.” He smirked. I nodded leaning in to kiss him. I gave him a slow closed mouth kiss before pulling away.

“Awe you guys are adorable. I’ll leave you two alone. I’m going to Axel’s. I might not be home for a couple days.” Manny smiled.

“Okay see you later and text me when you get there.” I called out as he walked out the door.

“Okay Ty.” He answered before the door shut.

“You guys are close huh.” Bassir smiled. He had his arms warped around my waist.

“Yeah. bahis şirketleri We’re all each other have.” I nodded.

“How long have you guys been living together?”

“For about five or six years. It’s a long story.” I sighed. He nodded, pushing me back so he could get up.

“Let’s start cooking and you can tell me about it.” He smiled. I nodded coming around the counter to help.

“What are we making?” I asked. He had chicken breast and some noodles with some other random stuff.

“I thought we could make chicken alfredo.” He smiled, grabbing some of the chicken.

“Well you gonna have to show me because I don’t know how to cook at all.” I frowned poking at the raw chicken in his hands.

“I’ll show you babyboy.” He smirked walking over to the sink.


Me and Bassir actually made some pretty good food together. He did most of the cooking but I did help cook the noodles. After we ate he had me give him a tour of the apartment. It was a pretty big apartment with three bedrooms, a living room, movie room, a home gym, kitchen (which he already saw), and a few bathrooms. He was smiling the whole time I was showing him around.

“This is my room and the last room I have to show you.” I said opening my room door. My room was the biggest bedroom in the apartment. I had a walk-in closet and a connected bathroom. Manny had decorated it with black and silver. It was nice.

“Wow babyboy. I didn’t know you cared about interior designs.” Bassir smiled. He walked over to my bed and sat down.

“I don’t. Manny did all this.” I walked over sitting on his lap. I love it right here.

“So you let Emmuaul do all this?” He looked around. Everything in the room was black with silver accents. So my covers, pillows, door handles, and just a few trimmings were silver. Manny put up some simple paintings and had my TV mounted on my wall.

“Yeah. My room was plain as hell before Manny put his hands on it.” I shrugged.

“He did a great job babyboy.” Bassir smiled turning back to me.

“Yeah I guess so.” I shrugged.

“How many women have complimented you on your room?” He smirked, circling his arms around my waist.

“Ain’t no bitches been in this room.” I frowned.

“Aww you look so cute with a pout babyboy.” He smirked.

“Stop calling me that.” I glared.

“You look even better blushing.” He grinned.

“F- Fuck you.” I stuttered. He was still smiling looking at me. “I don’t like that shit Bassir.”

“You don’t?” I shook my head looking at his lips. “What do you want me to call you?”

“Tyrell.” I said leaning into him. He was slowly leaning into me.

“Yeah?” I nodded yes. I was so close to his lips I could feel his small breaths on my face. “Not going to happen babyboy.” He whispered, finally connecting our lips.

I moaned into his mouth as soon as I felt his lips on mine. They were just as soft as I remembered and tasted like mint. Bassir does this thing where after he eats he puts an ass load of breath mints in his mouth. It’s weird but I don’t mind.

“Did you just moan?” He asked.

“N-No you hearing shit.” I stumbled.

“You’re so sexy.” He said before kissing me again. He just called me sexy and I’m not mad about it. Any other dude and I think I would’ve killed him but for some reason with Bassir it didn’t phase me.

My hands were gripping his shirt tightly while he kissed down my neck. His lips left fire wherever he kissed. He licked me and lightly sucked on the skin. His hands were on my body sneaking their way up my shirt.

“Bassir wait.” I said backing up a little.

“Is this your limit?” He said, hands still on my stomach. I looked at my lap and noticed the tent in my pants. I don’t feel uncomfortable with him touching me but I don’t feel good about it either. I feel weird like I shouldn’t like what he’s doing so much.

“I don’t know.” I frowned.

“How do you feel when I do this?” He kissed my lips softly.

“I like it.” I whispered.

“And this?” He asked. He kissed me again but this time with tongue. He swiped at my bottom lip trying to get me to open up. I opened up letting him in. Right away we were fighting for dominance. He bit down on my lip making me moan. He pulled away.

“Yeah bahis firmaları I liked that.” I said breathing hard.

“What about this?” He latched back onto my neck, licking and sucking. It was odd having someone treat me like this. I’m usually the one with girls on my lap kissing on their neck. I don’t like being treated like this. I should be the one in charge.

“Bassir stop kissing me.” He paused looking at me. “I wanna kiss on you.” I said with a frown.

“Go ahead babyboy.” He smirked. I glared at him before shifting positions so I was straddling him not just sitting on him. I started kissing his lips before trailing light kisses down his neck. He laughed, backing away. “Sorry, continue.” I frowned trying again. I kissed his neck again and started sucking. He laughed again.

“Fuck is you laughing for?” I asked sitting up. He smiled. His smile was gorgeous.

“I’m ticklish so dudes don’t really try to tease me.” He said.

“What kind of men do you fuck then?” I asked.

“Men like you to be honest. I like thugs I guess.” He shrugged.

“How do you know I’m a thug?”

“Tyrell, I saw you shooting at a party and you’re in anger management class.” He said. I nodded looking down. So I can’t even treat him how he treats me. That’s unfair.

“So these thugs don’t care about being bitched out?” I asked.

“They are not being bitched out.” He glared. “They just know that I’m more dominant when it comes towards sex. They just want to be used but I won’t treat you how I treat them.”

“How did you treat them?” I asked. He is shocking me.

“Like how they asked. If they wanted it rough I gave it to them rough. They knew I was more educated in the field of gay sex and I was more dominant.” He shrugged.

“So you think you’re more dominant than me?”

“Yes I do.” He smiled.

“I highly doubt that. My dick sweeps the floor.” I said with a grin.

“Oh it does? You think you’re bigger than me?”

“I do. I got a slanger baby.” I grinned. His hands started traveling up my back till he got to my hair. He pulled on my hair forcing me to tilt my head back.

“I highly doubt that.” He said kissing my neck again. I guess this is just how he is. It’s no point in trying to do the same to him because he’ll just laugh.

“Bassir I’m not one of them niggas you been with. I want to dominate you. I’m not giving in.” I said. He was still kissing on me.

“Show me then.” He whispered in my ear.

“Bassir take your pants off.” I commanded, pulling away from his lips. He looked at me with a shocked smile. “I’m serious. Strip.” I smiled.

I got off of him and watched as he peeled off his shirt and his pants. I did the same but stopped when I saw him pause at the underwear.

Bassir was built like how I expected. He looked like he had muscle under his clothes. He had a strong six pack and perfect chocolate skin. Bassirs is fine as fuck and I know I said that before but I really mean it now he is fine as fuck.

“Tyrell are you sure you want to do this?” He gave me a comforting smile.

“Yes Bassir. Now whip that dick out.” I frowned, pulling my boxers down. He followed after me with a nervous look.

“Bassir what the fuck is that?” I asked. The thing swinging between his legs looked like a bat. His dick was long and looked heavy. It was the color of his dark chocolate body and the head was pale pink.

“Tyrell you’ve seen my dick before.” He laughed sitting back on the foot of my bed. I stood there frozen staring at his monster dick. His dick flopped down with a soft thump.

“It was dark. Bassir that’s a fucking third leg literatly.” I frowned.

“Tyrell your dick is almost the same size as mine.” He sighed. Our dicks weren’t that far off but he was still bigger than me. I was about nine inches long and he was maybe an inch or a half longer. My dick was about three inches in width and he was at least four maybe even five.

“Bassir, your dick is shaped like a tree branch.” I finally broke out of my stupor and went to sit back on his lap. We’ve never sat skin to skin but feeling his warm smooth skin under my own felt good. He moved his dick so it was leaning on my stomach and next to my own rock solid dick. At least I know he makes me hard.

“Tyrell.” kaçak bahis siteleri He laughed. I shook my head with a smile.

“You can start a baseball career with this thing.” I smiled poking at it. It twitched when I poked it.

“Stop joking around.” He smiled. His smile was stunning and really took my breath away. His teeth were completely straight and his lips looked soft and plump. I leaned down and took his lips in a kiss. He responded right away with a low moan. I took that as an invitation to kiss him deeper and ease my tongue in his mouth.

He let me guide him in our heated kiss. I know it was hard for him to let me lead his lips and tongue but he did. He let me deepen the kiss and control the speed and intensity. I love kissing his soft lips so I let myself get pulled into his lips quickly. I was so distracted by his lips that I barely noticed when his hand slowly started stroking our dicks together.

“Bassir.” I gasped on his lips. His hand kept up its pace as he stared into my eyes. His brown eyes were staring at my hazel ones with pure lust. He was making me feel so good with his stroking. His dick was up against my own and it felt so different from a normal handjob.

It was like I could feel his arousal up against mine. His hot hard dick rubbing against mine was turning me on more than I thought it would. Bassir had us in a semi tight grip so he could still stroke us comfortably. The pre cum from both our dicks added to the lubrication of his hand.

“This is so fucking arousing.” I moaned staring at his hand working our dicks. He nodded still looking at me. His intense gaze on me was making me feel warm on the inside and I’m sure he could see the fire red blush on my face.

“Look at me babyboy.” He growled. I immediately looked back up at him. His eyes held mine while I let him take me over the edge. His hand gripped my neck softly holding me while we came together looking into each other eyes.

“Bassir I’m almost there.” I moaned. He nodded, increasing his speed on my dick.

“Let’s cum together babyboy.” I nodded and started grinding my hips into his hand. Soon I was shooting all over his chest and he followed quickly after shooting all over the both of us.

That orgasm held so much behind it. I had never came looking into someone’s eyes before. It made this way more sensual.

“Fuck Bassir.” I moaned. He gave us a few last strokes before letting our dicks go. I sat on him a little longer while the cum on our bodies dried.

“We should take a shower babyboy.” Bassir spoke first. I looked at him with a smile. I climbed off of his lap and led him to my bathroom. It was big with a separate shower stall and a huge tub that I never used before. “Wait let’s take a bath instead.” Bassir eyes lit up when he saw the tub.

“You a big ass child.” I smiled, still walking over to turn the tub on. I sat on the edge while the water was filling up the bath. Bassir came and stood in between my legs. His dick was pressed against my chest. I didn’t mind his dick that much so I let him stand in front of me and I even wrapped my arms around his waist. They were more so resting on his fat ass. Bassir has a fat ass that I’m surprised I’m just now noticing. “Bassir when did you get all this ass?”

“Oh babyboy I’m not the one with the fat ass. Have you seen that thang you got on you. That ass is bootylicious.” He smirked.

“Please don’t ever say that shit again.” I shook my head. I looked back and saw the tub was filled so I turned off the water. Bassir followed in after me and sat behind me with his arms on either side of me.

“How do you feel about what we just did babyboy?” I could feel Bassir’s chest rumble as he talked. I threw my head back on his shoulder so I could look at him. This nigga looks good in any fucking lighting. It’s kinda annoying how good looking he is.

“I liked it. Don’t get me wrong at first I was nervous but once you started touching me all the nervousness went away. The only thing I was focused on was your hands on me.” I said. He leaned down and gave me a short kiss. His hands were lying dangerously close to my hardening dick.

“So you don’t feel disgust.”

“No nigga. I like you so anything we do I think I’ll like. We just gotta try everything and see.” I smiled. I felt his hand gently touch me. I looked down at his hand slowly circling around me.

“We can start now right?” He whispered in my ear. I nodded watching as he started stroking me again.

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