Amy’s Solo Vacation


The sound of singing birds and crashing waves outside of my open balcony door slowly coaxed me awake. I noticed the sun was up and realized that another day in paradise lay ahead of me. Rolling over, I pulled the white linen sheets higher over my tanned and naked body in an effort to steal a little more sleeping time from the long departed cover of night. The sunshine made it difficult to fall asleep again, as my mind drifted back to last evening. As I peered out from under the covers and across my suite, I could see the various components of last nights ensemble strewn across the floor and furniture where they had been carelessly thrown during the heat of passion. A sly smile escaped the corners of my mouth at the thought of what had transpired in this room only hours before. I didn’t know that I had such wild abandon inside me before last night, but I was certainly aware of it now. Last week I sensed I needed a vacation badly, but none of my girlfriends or Eric had the ability to get away on short notice. Totally out of character for me, I called an airline and booked a trip for one to Hawaii on a whim. A week poolside or on the beach was just what I needed to reboot myself. After arriving a few days ago and decompressing, I was now feeling great. The extra sleep, along with some yoga and a few morning runs along the beach, had restored my sense of well being and I was ready to explore now to see what the island had to offer. I was happy that my initial sunburn had subsided and my tan was now coming along nicely. I got up early and spent the morning driving the island in my little white bikini and matching jeep to check out the sights. I stopped in for a drink at a cafe near a volcano, went for a short hike to get out a little closer to it for some pictures, and then cruised the coast watching big waves breaking on the lava before heading back to my hotel again for some late afternoon sunning. As I lay beachside on my comfortable lounger, my waiter brought me a tropical coconut drink with a beautiful red flower in it. The sun was getting a little low in the late afternoon sky and the surfing crowd was in full force as the waves grew larger. I watched as one surfer after another waited for the perfect wave before paddling feverishly in an attempt to catch a ride. I marveled at the core strength and balance that surfing required and how much practice it must take to really be good at it. One surfer in particular caught my attention as I took another long sip from my drink. He was tall and darkly tanned, with short, dark hair and a lean, muscled physique. On every attempt, he seemed to effortlessly catch each wave and ride it all the way into the beach, before heading back out for another. I noticed that on each ride, the rider ended at about the same place near the beach, so I finished my drink and strolled into the knee deep water in same general area to get a closer look. I was hot and sweaty from sunning and splashed myself with water to cool down, taking care not to get my hair wet. My white string bikini was a stark contrast against my tanned skin and the cool breeze raised a few goosebumps, as bahis şirketleri well as my nipples beneath my teeny top. The surfer caught his next wave and I watched intently as he expertly navigated his way toward shore before running out of speed and ending his run just short of me. “You’re really talented.” I said with a smile. “Well thank you.” he answered. “My name’s Mano.””My name is Amy.” I replied with a smile. “I’ll bet surfing is really hard to learn.””It’s not that hard.” Mano replied. “It just takes a lot of practice. Want to give it a try?”I blushed a little at the obvious pickup line, but I was game. Why else would have I already strolled out here if I wasn’t. “Sure.” I said. “But why don’t we try it here in the shallow water?” I really just didn’t want to get my hair wet and this would suffice for pick up purposes. Mano eased the board over into waist deep water and instructed me to lay on the board first to get the feel. When I was ready, he instructed me to grip each side of the board and try to quickly pop up onto my feet. He helped balance the board as I tried several times to do it, struggling with the coordination required each time. On my third attempt, I felt Mano’s hand slide gently under my butt as I successfully rose to my feet and he held the edges of the board with both hands as I acclimated to the balance. “That’s great. You’ve got it!” Mano said in an encouraging tone, before letting go and enabling me balance on my own. “I don’t know about great, but it’s a start.” I laughed. Over the next hour, Mano continued my lesson and I actually got up and rode several waves for a very short distance, which was a total high. As the sun fell low in the sky, I said that I had had enough and we headed for the beach where my belongings were still lying on the lounge chair. As we settled in an dried off, the waiter took our order for a couple of fresh drinks and then quickly returned with them. “Mano is an interesting name.” I said. “Obviously it is Hawaiian. What does it mean?”Mano gave a sheepish look before replying, “Passionate lover.” “Bullshit!” I exclaimed. “You’re full of it. I’m going to call you on that with the Google truth detector!” “I’m not kidding.” he replied as I typed in the search. Immediately my efforts were rewarded with the results confirming Mano’s claim. “You aren’t shitting me!” I exclaimed. We both laughed and joked about what sort of parents would give their child a name like that before the liquor suddenly gave me the courage to ask, “Well are you?”I could feel myself blush as Mano answered, “You’ll have to let me know in the morning.” Not knowing exactly how I wanted to respond at that exact moment, I asked Mano if he’d like to have dinner with me at a swanky beachside restaurant in the resort. He answered that he would love that and we agreed to meet at 7:00 pm after we both got cleaned up. As we left the beach I thanked him for the surfing lesson and gave him a kiss on the cheek.”Until later.” he said as we parted. “Hopefully not too much later.” I answered walking away. Back in my suite I got undressed and took a long shower to wash the salt out of my bahis firmaları hair before doing my nails and putting on a very revealing short, white dress that showed off my two best assets – my skinny legs and my 36E breasts. I contemplated how this evening might potentially play out before deciding to go sans bra and panties under my dress. I straightened my sun kissed blonde hair to negate the effects of the humidity, before donning some fancy white sandals and applying some red lipstick for a hint of color. As prepared as I felt I ever would be, I started to grab my diamond ring out of the hotel safe before realizing I had not been wearing it all day! Not that I hadn’t given Mano some pretty obvious signs already about my interest in him, but just to be sure I didn’t add any confusion to the situation, I put the ring back into the safe and closed the door. When I arrived at the restaurant, Mano was already at a table fronting the beach with a couple of drinks waiting. He was wearing a nice pair of linen shorts and leather flip flops to go with his floral print Aloha shirt, which complimented my ensemble perfectly. We toasted to a great afternoon and settled in for a wonderful dinner and conversation about all things Hawaiian. Once dinner concluded, we adjourned with our drinks to a comfortable lounge area on the sand with a private fire pit. Mano took a seat next to me on the cushioned love seat and lay his arm across the back of it behind me, while I moved closer to him. Now emboldened by several cocktails, our conversation turned much more provocative in nature. “So what makes you a Mano?” I joked. “I know what a woman wants.” Mano answered. “Oh really,” I replied seductively, “And what exactly is it that I want?””Since you aren’t wearing anything under your dress… this.” Mano replied confidently. Mano placed a hand on my knee and slid it up my inner thigh before it crept under the hem of my skirt. I felt my temperature rise as I relaxed my legs and opened them slightly for him. His hand continued on decisively and I felt two of his fingers slip inside of me. “You’re right.” I said in a low murmur. “That IS what I want. Mano’s fingers gently explored me as he located my most sensitive areas, while I tried to stay nonchalant in our semi-public setting. “And what do YOU want?” I whispered into Mano’s ear. “To take you back to your suite, peel you out of this dress and give you a night of lovemaking like you have never known.” he replied. “OK.” I said as I bit down on his earlobe. “Let’s go.”The door to my suite closed heavily us as we entered. The room was dark and I opened the balcony door before stepping out onto it and into the warm evening breeze. I turned my face toward the ocean as my hair blew softly behind me and Mano’s hands gently clasped my shoulders from behind. As I tipped my head back, Mano’s lips gently kissed my neck below my ear to the sound of the waves crashing on the beach. Slowly I turned to face him as our lips met in a forceful kiss that released some of the sexual tension which had been slowly building all day. Mano’s embrace was firm as he held me close and his breath kaçak bahis siteleri was hot on my throat as his mouth moved lower again. Inch by inch he moved down my collarbone to my cleavage before sliding my dress gently off my shoulders and revealing my ample breasts for himself. Slowly he circled one of my rock hard nipples with the tip of his tongue before closing his teeth and lips on it softly. I let out a quiet moan as a large wave crashed and let my hand move down Mano’s hip to the front of his linen shorts. I could sense his growing erection tilted off to one side and rubbed my hand along the length of it through the fabric before letting my fingertips locate and slowly lower his fly. Mano’s hands moved down to my hips as he dropped to his knees in front of me. They wrapped around me, lightly caressing my ass for a moment before returning to my hips and sliding my white dress up, exposing my soft and waxed pussy. My head tipped back again and my hands fondled his dark hair as Mano ran his warm tongue intently up my wanting little slit before lightly circling my pebble hard clitorus. I fought to stand steady as Mano expertly worked me with his mouth and lapped at the wetness that told him I wanted him. He slipped two fingers inside me and stroked the front wall of my vagina with a come hither motion across my G-spot as his mouth continued working my clit. I felt the familiar sensation of my approaching orgasm as I struggled to remain standing until succumbing to it fully. I was acutely aware of my moaning that was mostly disguised by the wave action, and both subsided at the same time in an almost coordinated fashion. Mano stood up from his kneeling position as I stood before him to unclasp his belt and the button on the front of his shorts, allowing them to fall to his ankles. To my surprise, he was naked as well beneath them and his beautiful cock stood fully erect now that it was free from its prior captivity. I clasped him by the base of it and a quick appraisal of about two thirds of him protruding from the grip of my small hand told me that he was about eight inches in length and very thick. I opened my mouth and extended my pink fleshy tongue before lightly circling his glans. Mano’s hand moved up under my hair and directed me to softly take a little more of him. I could tell he was very excited now by how rigid his erection had become, and I pumped him a little more aggressively to his sounds of approval. It was quite exciting to gaze upon an erect man, completely shaved of all pubic hair and watch his cock swell so large and hard in my grip. The veins and arteries protruded in zig zagging fashion along its length and I could taste a hint of his pre-ejaculate as I committed more to the blow job I was giving him. Mano’s hand held my head firmly as my pace increased. I relaxed my throat and with each head bob allowed increasingly deeper penetration until he was bumping the back of my throat with the soft head of his cock. My hand firmly grasped his testicles and pulled down while my lips traced the contours of his shaft. I could sense Mano’s excitement building and slowed my activity to allow him to regroup for a moment. I grasped the shorts around his ankles and allowed him to step out of both them and his sandals simultaneously before picking both up and tossing them in the open balcony door and back into the room.

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