A TRANS Formation – Chapter 47 – Rosy’s Desire


As she begins to stir from her deep sleep, Jill rolls over to see Rosy’s smiling face. “Good morning… my stud,” are the first words out of Rosy’s mouth.”Morning, sweet Rosy. Damn, was that real last night?” Jill says. “I feel like I’m waking up from a beautiful dream.””It was real alright,” Rosy sighs, “and yes, it was beautiful. You were so good, baby. You made me melt. I don’t want to ever have sex with another man as long as I live, because I don’t think any man could ever be as good as you are, Jill.””Aww, c’mon,” Jill says, “I wasn’t that good.”Rosy crawls on top of Jill and kisses her. “I’m gonna show you how good you were. This is how I say ‘thank you’ after a night like that.”Jill starts to say something, but Rosy puts a finger over her lips. “Shhh… Just be quiet… and let me say thank you.”She starts out kissing Jill’s face and neck, but her head is soon under the covers, sucking each of Jill’s nipples. As she works her way lower, Jill knows where she’s going. She lies there smiling, remembering all the mornings she’s sucked Allie’s cock like this after being fucked so nice by her the night before.”Mmmm…” Jill softly moans as Rosy takes her soft cock in her mouth. She gently sucks until she’s given Jill a nice, morning hard-on. As it throbs, Rosy’s soft lady lips glide up and down her hard shaft and sucks Jill’s nutsack into her mouth.She rolls her tongue around the two balls before taking her shaft back in her mouth. Jill squirms as Rosy slowly sucks her with deep, long loving strokes until she tastes the sweet cum filling her mouth.She licks her clean until she goes soft, then starts kissing her way back up her body. Rosy takes a detour at her belly button and kisses Jill’s left hand. Rolling to the left side of her, Rosy kisses her arm with an interest Jill doesn’t quite understand. She continues up her left arm, slowly and deliberately kissing and caressing the burn scar that covers most of it.When she’s kissed the length of the scar, she caresses it, kisses Jill’s lips, and asks, “Jill… baby… I’ve often wondered how this happened on your arm. I’ve never asked because I knew it might hurt you if I asked about it. After last night, is it alright if I feel close enough to ask you now? Do you feel close enough to me to tell me about it?”Jill has tears as she tells Rosy how it happened and how she’s felt about it. She opens up to Rosy about all the times it’s hurt her when kids made fun of her when she was growing up. She tells her that even though she tries to not let it bother her, it still hurts every time someone asks about it or even looks at it. She feels like she’s had to explain it a million times and knows she’ll have to explain it a million more times, because the scar is never going to go away. She hates having it, but knows it’s permanent, and she can’t do anything about it.With tears in her own eyes, Rosy says, “Oh Jill, my sweet friend, thank you for telling me that. I really didn’t want to ask, but at the same time… I really had to know. We’re lovers now and we’re much closer today than we were yesterday. I want you to know, it’s never bothered me one bit that you have that scar. You’re such a beautiful person inside and out, and I don’t see your scar when I see you.””Thanks, Rosy,” Jill says. “It warms my heart to hear you say that. Allie told me the same thing when she saw it. I’m so blessed to have friends like you.”Rosy smiles and says, “OK, baby. We don’t need to talk about it any more. I needed to know how you felt, and now that I do, I don’t see it anymore.”Rosy gives her a kiss and pushes the covers to the bottom of the bed. She straddles Jill’s chest and rubs her tits seductively as Jill stares at them.”Wanna lick my pussy?” she asks.”Shit, you already know what my answer is.” Jill giggles, sticking her tongue out and wiggling it seductively. Rosy straddles her face and starts giggling too as Jill’s tongue tickles her private parts.Jill thinks how erotic it is to have her tongue lapping at the moist crevices between Rosy’s legs and seeing a soft bush above her eyes. She sees the firm nipples of her beautiful titties hanging below Rosy’s happy face. Her dick starts getting hard again as Rosy smiles and gives her pussy to her. Jill’s just started pushing her tongue up Rosy’s tasty hole, when there is a knock on the door.It’s Carla, saying, “Hey you two… Are you gonna wake up today?””We’re kaçak iddaa awake.” Rosy giggles.”Well get your asses out here! I’ve got breakfast ready.”Remembering they didn bring extra clothes, Rosy asks, “What are you wearing?””Same thing I wore all night,” Carla jokes. “Nothing! I’m buck naked, and so is Allie. We’re all having breakfast in the nude, so drag your naked asses out of bed before breakfast gets cold.””Are you hungry, baby?” Rosy asks.”I’d rather lay here with your pussy in my face,” Jill answers, “but yeah, I’m starved. We probably should get up.””I’m hungry too. Don’t worry baby, after last night…? I plan on giving you my pussy again and again. You’re such a beautiful lover.”They get out of bed and Rosy pokes her head out the to make sure Carla is indeed naked, before she opens the door. They’re welcomed with warm hugs from Carla and Allie when they come into the living room.Allie takes Jill in her arms and kisses her with a passion she usually saves for the bedroom. Carla kisses Rosy the same way and Rosy says, “Oh God, Carla, I love you so much more than I did yesterday.””I love you more today too, my little Rosy. Hmmm… is that cum I taste in your mouth.”Rosy starts giggling and says, “Maybe.””Ooooo… Jill got a blow job this morning,” Carla says as she laughs. “Well guess what…? Allie got a blow job too.””Damn,” Allie says, “what a fun night that was.”Carla presses her naked body against Jill, gives her a kiss, and tells her, “Those red fingernail scratches all over your back tells me you treated my Rosy well last night. We could hear her moaning through the wall. I’m so happy you two hit it off so well. Did you like her sweet little pussy?””Oh my God,” Jill says, “it was so much better than I thought it would be.””Now you know why I love her so much,” Carla tells her. “And now I know why you love Allie so much, too.”After a few minutes of everyone kissing and hugging each other, they sit down naked at the table to enjoy breakfast together. Carla’s fried up some bacon and made a batch of pancakes, and Jill is happy she didn’t have to cook this morning.”Rosy?” Carla asks, “how would you like to go shopping with the girls today? These girls need help feminizing their apartment.””I’d love to go shopping,” Rosy says, “but under one condition… I want Jill to go dressed like the beautiful girl she is.”Jill starts to blush, “Oh no… I can’t do that. What if people see that I’m a boy. It would be so embarrassing.””Bullshit!” Rosy snaps. “With your wig, and the way I’ll make up your face, you’ll look fine. I already told you, you can pass for a girl easy.””She’s right,” Allie says, “I saw how looked last Saturday night. If didn’t know you, I wouldn’t have known you’re a guy.””Are you really a girl, Jill?” Rosy asks.”Yes, of course I am. You all know that.””Well then, it’s about damn time you start dressing the part,” Rosy lectures. “You need to get out and look like one. After what we did last night, you should trust me enough when I tell you you’ll pass as a woman. What do you say, Jill? Are you brave enough to trust me?””Shit, you guys,” Jill whimpers, “you’re putting me on the spot.””We’re not putting you on the spot, we’re helping you take the next step.” Carla adds, “Do you trust us, Jill?”Jill fidgits and squirms in her chair before she gives in and says, “OK, if you all say I’ll be OK, then I’ll trust you and try it. But if I start getting embarrassed, we’re coming right back home, OK?””I can live with that,” Rosy says. “After we eat, we’ll take a shower together and then I’ll make you up. You’re gonna have a blast, I just know it.”After breakfast, they get in the shower and once again Jill gets the pleasure of worshipping Rosy’s female body as she runs her soapy hands along her smooth curves. Gliding her hands over her soft skin and her firm, perky little tits, she sees her in a different light.She’s not seeing Rosy sexually, but rather as a soft, sensitive person with many hidden facets. She wants to be more like Rosy, and she feels Rosy’s femininity transferring into her own persona.More important than the incredible sex they had last night, Jill and Rosy became close personal friends. That’s why Rosy asked her about her scar this morning, and it’s why Jill felt safe telling Rosy some of her deepest hurts and feelings about it. She told Rosy things she’s never told anyone else before, kaçak bahis not even Allie.As they dry each other off, they share a couple girlfriend kisses, not sexual kisses. Jill trusts Rosy when she takes her hand and says, “C’mon girlfriend, let’s go make you pretty.”She takes her into the living room first, where Carla and Allie are cleaning up the kitchen. “OK, girls, take a look at Jill,” she says. “Next time you see her, she’ll be a beautiful woman.”In the bedroom, Rosy has Jill put on her nylons and panties so she’ll feel more feminine as she gets her face made up. Rosy slips her panties on but leaves her bra off for now. She rather enjoys letting Jill see her tits and knows it helps Jill to feel more comfortable being with her as she teaches her how to make up her face.When she sits down in front of the vanity mirror, Rosy tells her, “The first think you have to think about is where you’re going… and what impression you want to make. The fun thing about being girls is we can make make ourselves look different every day if we want.”We’re not going to a party, we’re going shopping. You want to blend in and not be noticed. So tell me, looking at the eye shadow colors on this pallet, which one can you wear and not be noticed?”Jill chooses several different colors and Rosy explains why they would be bad choices for going shopping. Since she’s wearing her black mini dress, she chooses a very light shade of grey to match her dress but still not stand out. Rosy tells her it’s the right choice and why.Rosy does one eye for her, and has Jill do the other one herself as she guides her. On down the line they go until Jill puts on her lipstick and she’s done. “Nice job, Jill,” Rosy compliments.”Let’s put on our bras. I’ve been dying to see how those boobs look on you.” After they both have their bras on, Rosy compliments her again. “Those titties you bought are perfect for your body,” she tells Jill.”I was wondering if I shoulda bought c-cups,” Jill says, “but I just feel better in b’s.””Big tits aren’t all they’re cracked up to be,” Rosy says. “Most of the girls I know with larger breasts wish they were smaller. You look good in b-cups.”As she puts on her mini dress, Jill says, “I wish I didn’t have to wear my whore dress, but this is the only one I have that isn’t a plain every day dress.”Rosy tells her, “You’re right, it’s over dressing just a bit, but it’s Sunday and a lot of girls like to dress up on Sunday. It’s not like you have a big wardrobe yet. Maybe we can find you a nice dress when we’re at the mall. That floral-print dress you wore the other night would be fine if you had a belt and shoes to match it.””I know,” Jill laments, “I’ve got so much to learn and so much stuff I still need to get. I get so confused.””Don’t worry, you’ve got me to help you. We’re girlfriends now. Close girlfriends… who sometimes will have sex with each other.”I’ll teach you how to be a girl. That’s why I wanted you to be dressed today. It’s because I know you’re ready. You’re more ready than Allie, actually, but don’t tell her I said that.”Jill laughs and says, “OK, I won’t tell. It’ll be our secret.”They both giggle about it as Rosy puts her dress on. All Jill has left to do is put on her wig, but before she does, Rosy stands her in front of the mirror and tells her,”Look at yourself, Jill. That’s a pretty girl in that mirror. Even without your wig… look at your face, your skinny figure, and look at your natural hair. Imagine how different that hair’s gonna look in a few months when it’s down here to your shoulders.”You’re a beautiful girl, Jill. Your flower is still blooming. That’s why I want you to take the next step and start being girl in more places than just at home and in hotel rooms when you’re out whoring.”The less time you spend being a boy, the happier you’re gonna be. Now, let’s get that wig on. It’s time to be Jill, the female who’s not afraid to go out in public.”Jill’s filled with confidence from the pep talk Rosy just gave her. With her wig on, she walks into the living room with an aura of confidence about her.”Holy… Fuckin’… Shit…!” Carla shouts when she sees her. “Jill! You look absolutely stunning! You’re a woman, you really are!””Isn’t she beautiful?” Allie says.”OK, enough of this giving me a big head shit,” Jill says. “Are we ready to go?””Pretty much,” Allie says, “Carla gave me some ideas for the apartment.””What illegal bahis kind of ideas?”Carla breaks in, “I told her the first thing you need to buy is a new set of drapes for your big window behind the couch. Those curtains have been hanging there for years. They’re dirty and they suck. New drapes will brighten the whole room.”Then we’ll find some pictures for the walls. No taping cheap fuckin’ paper posters on the walls. Real girls want real pictures… with frames.”Maybe a couple bean bag chairs for the floor and that’s all you want right now. You can add other stuff as you discover where you want to go with it.””Good advice,” Jill says. “We have plenty of cash, so money’s not a problem.””Do you have a purse?” Carla asks. When Jill says she doesn’t have one, Carla says, “The first thing you’re going to do is buy yourself a purse. Girls don’t leave home without their purse.”After measuring the window for drapes, they leave for the mall in separate cars in case they’ll need room to carry stuff home. When Jill gets in the car, Rosy stops her.”Jill, when you’re out in public, keep your legs closed. You just opened your legs wide open when you got in the car and gave every man in view a beaver shot. We don’t like guys looking up our dress. Especially the mini you’re wearing.””Good tip Rosy. I never would have thought.””I’ll teach you, Jill. We’re girlfriends now.”As they’re driving to mall, Jill tells Rosy, “As much fun as it was being in bed with you last night, I think I’m having more fun with you right now, the way you showed me about makeup and stuff. I don’t really have any friends besides Allie, and I’m glad we’re best friends now.””I don’t have any friends besides Carla either,” Rosy confesses. “I’ve been longing to have another friend, and I’m glad to have you.””I thought girls always had lots of friends.””Yeah, usually they do. But me and Carla are lesbians. We’re outcasts, just like you and Allie are outcasts. Once other girls find out we’re lesbians, they don’t want anything to do with us.””It sucks being who we are sometimes,” Jill says, “but I’m a lot happier accepting who I am than when I was living a lie.”Rosy agrees as Jill follows Allie into the parking lot of the mall. Jill makes sure she keeps her legs together when she gets out of the car. She goes up to Allie and asks, “Wanna hug your girlfriend in public, baby?”Allie not only hugs her, but kisses her too. Taking Jill’s hand, they walk towards the mall as a proud couple. Jill’s a little nervous approaching the entrance, but once they’re inside, it’s crowded with shoppers and no one seems to notice she’s even there.”Where should we start?” Allie asks.”Jill needs a purse, that’s the first thing,” Carla says.”No shit,” Jill says, “this dress doesn’t have pockets, and Allie has my wallet.””Give me Jill’s wallet,” Rosy says. “I’ll put it in my purse. Me and Jill will look at purses and you and Carla look for draperies.””Good plan,” Carla says, “that’ll save us time. C’mon Allie-girl, let’s find some curtains.”With Carla and Allie off on their own, Rosy takes Jill to the ladies section in JC Penney. Jill finds a black purse to go with the dress she’s wearing, and a lighter colored leather purse that’ll go with other colors.Rosy also has her buy a women’s wallet put her cash in. Once Rosy pays with Jill’s cash, she says to Jill, “Let’s go put your money in your new wallet so you can pay by yourself like a lady.””Where should we go?””The ladies’ room, where else?””Fuck no… I’m not ready to go into the ladies restroom.””Bullshit. You look like a lady, and you can go in there. We’ll go in, you’ll go into a private stall, close the door, put your cash in your wallet, and we can continue shopping. I mean, where are you going to go if you have to pee? Are you going in the men’s bathroom dressed like that?””I see what you mean. I’m sorry I’m being such a little sissy, I’ll try not to be so nervous.””You’re just not used to it yet, Jill. It’ll feel more natural the more we go out like this.”After a trip to the ladies room, Jill comes out with her lady’s wallet filled with cash and her new purse around her shoulder.”I wonder where Carla and Allie are?””Who cares?” Rosy says. “They’re shopping for curtains. Let’s go look at clothes.”Rosy takes her hand, and they’re soon back in JC Penney, looking at clothes. Jill’s much more relaxed once she realizes the other people are into their own thing, and no one’s even looking at her. She feels like she’s in Candyland, looking at so many clothing choices and not worrying about being a boy looking at women’s clothes.

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