The Little Brother Alternative Part 2


Mikey awoke laying face down, awash with disorientation and emotional turmoil. ‘Did that even fucking happen’ was his first momentary thought, which as answered by a wave of erotic memories, and a lingering ache in his ass. Groggily he reached out and snatched his phone off of the bed stand, and glanced at it. It was 9:32, which meant that he had already missed his first class of the day and didn’t need to be on campus for another few hours. He closed his eyes and sighed in relief. He put aside his phone and began to drift off to sleep when he was startled by a sharp knock on his door. Before Mikey could respond the door swung open revealing his sister standing in the doorway wearing nothing but an oversized t-shirt.  Her hair was unkempt and there were bags under her eyes, but the gaze she fixed on him was bright and alert. “Morning, Mikey.” she said, her voice soft. “How are you feeling?” “Uh, fine I guess,” Mikey replied. “I’m kinda out of it. I overslept, and that’s left me more tired, you know?”“Sure.” Sophie said as she crossed the room and sat down on the edge of the bed. “It also probably doesn’t help that you had such a late night, huh?” Mike was speechless, his heart began to race. “Um, uh, a late night? What do you mean?” He asked.“Well, last night after Bryce left my room, I heard a noise. I figured that Bryce was just banging around the kitchen trying to find a snack, so I got up to help him, and maybe fool around just a little bit longer. I had been kind of a tease.” She gave Mike a look at that last word, but he couldn’t bring himself to meet her eyes. “Imagine my surprise when I found that the noise wasn’t coming from the kitchen, it was coming from right here. Bryce sure was banging around though.” At this point Mikey was in the midst of a full blown panic. His body shifted underneath the covers as he instinctively made ready to flee, but his sister brought a hand down on his leg over the covers gently but firmly.“Mikey, please don’t run. It’s…I was about to say okay, but I’m not sure it is. I was mad when I saw what I saw. I was enraged. I felt betrayed by two of the most important people in my life.”“I’m sor-” Mike started to interject, but Sophie cut him off immediately. “Let me finish, please. I was angry and first. I stormed off and locked myself in my room, I laid kaçak iddaa around thinking about what happened for hours. I wasn’t trying to relive all the gory details in my mind, but I couldn’t help it. Certain images just kept flashing in my head, over and over. There was one image in particular that really got me: your face.” She looked over at him.  “My face?” Mikey asked.“Yeah, your face. Your head was being pushed down by Bryce’s hand, your ass was pointed at the sky, and my boyfriend’s massive dick was just pummeling into you. And on your face was this expression of pure bliss, absolute satisfaction.” Mikey blushed, looked down, and subconsciously drew the covers around him tighter. Sophie noticed his embarrassment and gave him a smile. “The reason that detail stood out so much to me is that I recognized it. Mikey, I’ve worn that look before, in the exact same situation. And that got me thinking more about the whole betrayal thing.” She paused, looked at him out of the corner of her eye, and then continued.  “Have I ever told you about how Bryce and I hooked up in the first place?” Mikey shook his head. “It was pretty early on in my freshman year. All my friends had gone away for school, but I stayed in town. I was adrift and feeling kinda lonely, so when my roommate invited me out to a party with her and her boyfriend, I agreed in a heartbeat. To make a long story short, my roomie ended up passed out in the back bedroom of a stranger’s house, while I was trying to fall asleep on a very uncomfortable couch. All of a sudden, her boyfriend comes out, walks over to where I’m laying and whispers in my ear ‘I’ve noticed you eye fucking me and trying to be a tease all night. Be a good girl and deal with this.’ And then he whipped out his dick and shoved it in my face. I didn’t hesitate, didn’t even really think about it, I just straight up devoured that perfect cock. I was wanton, drooling and spitting and gagging myself trying to fit it all in. He finished up by cumming straight down my throat, muttering ‘thanks slut’, and fucking off back to bed.” She shifted in place a bit, and Mike thought he could perceive small tents forming in the thin fabric of her t-shirt.  “That was far from the last time.” Sophie continued. “The rest of the time he was dating my roommate, Bryce was using me as a fucktoy on the kaçak bahis side. All he ever had to do was becken and I would end up on my knees or my back for him. Eventually she caught us, came back early from class and found me bent over my desk getting pounded by her boyfriend. I couldn’t even bring myself to care. Bryce and I started dating and she never spoke to me again. So you see it occurred to me last night: can I really be mad at you for being just like me?”Mikey gulped, finding that his mouth was dry and his heart was still racing. “I…I don’t know what to say. I don’t even know how I feel about last night. I enjoyed it, but…” “That ties in to something I really wanted to talk to you about.” Sophie cut in. “I know what I saw last night, and I can connect that to things I’ve experienced, but what did you feel last night? And how do you feel about it now?” There was a long pause, and then Mikey let out a deep sigh. “I’ve had certain…thoughts for a long time now. Just momentary little impulses or fantasies, you know?“ “About guys?” Sophie asked, her voice soft.“Yeah, but like in the abstract, if that makes sense. I’ll see a girl giving head, or getting pounded, and I’ll wonder about what it’s like. I’ll see a really nice cock in a porno, or maybe even in the showers, and that will get me wondering too. I’ve never thought about going out on a date with a guy though, or really looked at anybody I actually know like that, and I definitely like girls. Then last night happened. I was already incredibly horny from listening to you guys going at it.” Now it was Sophie’s turn to blush a bit. “So when Bryce walked in in all his glory, I went sorta blank.  I’ve had these urges and thoughts for so long, and here was a chance to indulge them, along with a guy who wanted me to indulge them. It felt great to just let go, to give my body over to another person and let him use me for both our pleasure. It was intense, and terrifying too because even just talking about it…” He trailed off and looked over at his sister, who gestured for him to continue. “I didn’t and I don’t want to hurt you, but if the same situation happened again I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t even think of saying no.”  Mikey looked over again at Sophie, who to his surprise wasn’t wearing an expression of anger or even concern, but one of consideration. illegal bahis “Well,” she said, her tone deliberate. “Just going off of past experience, I can tell you that the same situation will definitely happen again. Now that you’ve crossed that line with Bryce, he’ll want to use you any damn time he pleases. So that leaves us with the question of where we go from here. Do you want to be my boyfriend’s personal fucktoy?”“I-” Mikey began, nonplussed.  “Because I wouldn’t necessarily mind, you know. Bryce is…he’s sweet in his own way, and pretty funny sometimes, but he also just has this gravitational sex appeal. Sluts like us are drawn to him. He’s learned  that he can do pretty much whatever he wants to us and it’ll never occur to him that he shouldn’t. It’s just part of the package. Part of me would actually feel better knowing that his side piece is someone I know and trust. We could be a happy little household of fucking. I want to be clear though that if  you’re not comfortable with that, you absolutely have other options. Dad already paid in full for this place through the whole semester, it wouldn’t be any kind of financial trouble for me to just move in with Bryce and give you some space.”“No.” Mike said, more forcefully than he intended to. “I don’t want that. At the same time being Bryce’s little fuck toy,” Mikey ground those last words out. “Seems like it could easily get messy. You’re being honestly shockingly cool about this, but things can change, like they did with you and your roommate. If things between us got messed up because of this, that would probably destroy me.” At that, Sophie crawled across the bed and threw her arms around her little brother, resting her head on his shoulder.“I love you too bro, and I feel the same.” Sophie murmured quietly to him.“Besides,” Mikey continued. “I’m not entirely comfortable with that level of a relationship with a guy. I’m still very into girls. And this might make me sound like a total slut, but I don’t know how much of last night was due to Bryce. I have a feeling that almost any uh stud could have gotten the same reaction. It’s more the overall experience I wouldn’t mind exploring.”At this, Sophie raised herself up from laying at his side and fixed him with a brilliant pearly smile, with a glint of mischief in her eye. “Hmm. The overall experience you say? And you’re still into girls, and up for exploration? It sounds like you might need a guide in the ways of depravity.”“A guide?” Mike asked, unable to repress a chuckle as he did so. 

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