The Coppinger’s Workman


Before the JobIt seemed like such an easy job for my mate Edward and, to be honest, it was; it was just the type of job that wasn’t quick. It was a renovation job in his bedroom and spare room. I was to convert the spare room to a huge walk-in wardrobe for his wife, and he wanted his bedroom done up too. Easy, but time-consuming. Especially as his family seemed to be milling around – and by that, I mean his eldest daughters.I’ve been friends with Ed for years but it had been a long time since I’d seen his older children. One of them was around when I was giving Ed the quote and, holy fuck, I was blown away. They were both at University thank fuck, Ed told me whilst complaining about the fees and how, for some reason, their summer jobs weren’t helping pay for it. It was this fact I had to keep reminding myself of throughout the entire time as, whilst I was giving Ed his quote, my eyes were drawn to a young woman with long black hair and legs popping from her skirt like no tomorrow and someone who bounded over to us to say hello almost instantly.She introduced herself as Abbie and had a soft flirty tone to her voice that suggested a hell of a lot and too much for my mate’s daughter, who was only around half my age.Yeah, it seemed such an easy job when I first agreed to it. I was to see a lot more of Abbie as it happened. A lot more. MondayI was nervous as hell when the job came and I arrived at Ed’s house bright and early on a rainy Monday morning. More nervous than I expected for a job, the memory of Abbie having burnt bright in my mind. I needn’t have panicked too much – I only had to see the family in the mornings as I arrived and again when I left. Ed was packing his two youngest off to nursery and the rest of the family was at work. I had three days to get the job done before they’d start to be off work and milling around.My mind wandered almost immediately after I walked through the door. Abbie was not ready for work as Ed was, or her elder sister who was dressed and heading out the door as I pulled up in my van. Abbie was güvenilir bahis still in her nightie, loosely buttoned up with some on the top and bottom left open leaving little to the imagination.  My mind wandered, ideas of ripping it open; forcing her onto her back and slipping my cock inside her. I blinked it away. This was her house and she was perfectly entitled to wear what she wanted to without a pervert builder fixating on her.‘Good morning, Simon,’ she said smiling at me as I started to lug my tools up the stairs.I cleared my throat. ‘Morning, Abbie.’‘I can’t wait to see your handiwork,’ she said. A sultry smile across her lips and I swear she was flirting with me.‘Hopefully, I won’t be disturbing you too much, Ma’am,’ I said.‘Oh, you won’t,’ she said biting down on her bottom lip.She disappeared sharpish after that conversation – her mother Fiona had popped upstairs and was now giving me the grand tour and orientating me to everything I might need. Help myself to tea or coffee, that sort of thing. TuesdayOn Tuesday she was around from the middle of the afternoon. I first saw her in what appeared to be a lace black bralette – no other top – and the tightest pair of jogging shorts I have ever seen. Her ass was entirely on show! They were peachy colored and her black panties underneath shone through. The jewel on her belly button ring kept catching the light from behind me as well as she talked sex to me. Quite why she started to talk sex I’ll never know but she brought it up!‘Hi, Simon,’ she said starting the conversation off.‘Hi, Abbie,’ I said.‘What are you doing?’ she asked me.I gave a brief description of where I was up to but she wasn’t listening. She was asking her twenty questions. ‘So is there a Mrs Simon?’ she asked.I was slightly taken aback. ‘Er, not for a while. No.’‘A good-looking man like you, there must be!’I blushed and acted busy. ‘Not at the minute, Ma’am.’‘No-one that takes your fancy now and then?’‘I’m not sure I follow.’‘You must have someone you see and fuck regularly, surely?’I fucking wish! If güvenilir bahis siteleri only. ‘Sadly not.’‘I do.’ She looked me dead in the eye as if to see my reaction. ‘And I’m seeing him tonight.’ Abbie winked as she walked off then, leaving me feeling slightly hard in my shorts at the conversation and needing a cold shower. The skintight minidress I copped her leaving in did not help my imagination.  WednesdayOn day three, I arrived at my usual time and Abbie was still having breakfast with her mum, Fiona. Fiona’s a lovely girl and a dear friend and I stood helping myself to a slice of toast chatting with her.‘It’s looking great, Simon,’ she was saying. ‘It really is.’I had stripped the spare room right back and today I was going to plasterboard it ready to build wardrobes in front. ‘Ah thanks, you’ve got a lovely home here, I’m only too glad to help.’‘You can do my room next,’ Abbie butted in with a smile on her lips that sent my mind into overdrive. Unlike her mother, she wasn’t ready for work yet. Abbie was still in her dressing gown – naturally a silken kimono – her hair unbrushed and she looked exhausted. Like she had been up all night, which of course she had. My mind wandered with her just been fucked face, her silken kimono was tied loosely around her waist and I could see a hint of flesh underneath and enough to know she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath.I coughed and swallowed at the same time, answering her question. ‘Anything you guys need, I’ll be happy to help out, you’re great to work for.’‘I shall start to think then,’ Abbie said waving a slice of toast in the air.‘More coffee, anyone?’ asked Fiona. She turned her back to us to pour everyone a fresh cup from the percolator and I watched as Abbie quickly took the opportunity to untie and redo her kimono strap. She gave me a huge flash of naked stomach but somehow managed to keep her breasts covered. She was an expert of the tease it seemed and, before I knew it, she was fully covered up.‘You say what you need and I’ll do it for you,’ I croaked.‘Oh, I will,’ iddaa siteleri Abbie said.‘We all will, we really appreciate the work, Simon, we really do,’ Fiona had done the coffee now and seemed to be completely unaware of anything that had gone on. She had finally twigged that Abbie hadn’t got ready for work and raised one eyebrow – Abbie was working through the summer to help pay for her University course apparently. ‘Abbie, don’t you need to get ready?’‘I’m going now, Mum, I’m off towards the end of the week though. Last day for a few days today!’ I was certain she cast a wry glance towards me out of the corner of her eye. I was going to need cold showers a lot more if she was around all day and not just the start and end of my work shift. ThursdayThankfully it wasn’t just Abbie that was off on Thursday. Fiona was too and that kept them quiet for most of the day; the pair of them were in and out of the house together by the minutes performing random jobs and whatnot. Abbie had even gone out for a run; her tight leggings and crop top sent the temperature soaring, especially when she came back soaked with sweat. I imagined soaking her with my cum instead. Despite that, I managed to get a lot done that morning.The afternoon was a different matter.It was just after lunch and Fiona was heading out to nip the shops. I heard Abbie tell her that she was going to stay home and catch some sleep – she was tired and needed a nap. As soon as we were alone she bounded up the stairs towards me.‘Siiiiiimon,’ I heard her say quietly. ‘We don’t have long. Ten minutes max, I reckon.’‘For what?’ I heard myself say.She appeared at the door with a glint in her eye. She was wearing a short sundress, thin straps over the shoulders and she looked lovely. She came into the room I was working in and kissed me. Her mouth felt soft against mine and her tongue found its way around my throat easily. She had done that before for sure.‘Come and fuck me. I need you, Simon.’I dropped my tools and followed her to her room, my cock swelling in my shorts already. She hitched her dress up to her waist and laid down on her bed. She was on her back and her pussy was gleaming and waiting for me.‘I’ve been wanking on and off all day ready for this,’ she said smiling. ‘Just fuck me. I need it. Now.’

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