The Club

Big Dick

“I won the bet, so I get to do it my way,” my wife explained as we got out of the car.   “I’ll pick whom I choose and you’ve only got a yes or no vote, no negotiations or questions.   All right?”   “Okay by me,” I said.   This was certainly a new turn of events, as she usually was more sedate and reserved and let me always take the lead.   My wife is a petite brunette, with awesome legs, a very nice ass, little pert boobs, and she wore her dark hair long.   Tonight she had painted her face to really emphasize her eyes and she looked like a million bucks.   She had on this blue-jeans dress that buttoned up the front.   She’d unbuttoned the top four buttons on her dress and three on the sheer blouse underneath.   She never wore a bra and every once in awhile I could catch a glimpse or her tiny nipples.   Her shapely legs were really shown off by those hose, and I recognized them as the kind that required a garter belt.   I wondered if she was wearing the matching panties and was tempted to raise her skirt to find out, but we were directly in the light over the door.   The interior of the club was dimly lit and it wasn’t that crowded, not for a Friday night, but it was still early.   We got a small table in the back and I ordered for us and then watched the waitress shay her ass in the way to the bar.   De nudged me under the table and leaned closer to whisper that it was güvenilir bahis okay for me to flirt, but I wasn’t to pick anyone special.   I asked how far the flirting was allowed to go, and she smiled impishly and told me that we could touch and kiss and that was it.   “Yes or no,” she demanded.   “Yes, of course,” I quickly agreed and by then the waitress was at our table, setting our drinks down.   I bent over to check out her legs and she laughed as she looked at De.   “You going to let him get away with that?” she asked, but she was still laughing.   “Why not?   You’ve got such a beautiful ass.   I wish mine looked as good,” De sighed with a laugh.   “Don’t be silly, stand up and let me see your butt,” said the waitress.   I thought De was going to refuse, but she surprised me by standing up and bending over her chair, slowly swaying her ass.   “See?   Not as beautiful as yours.”   “Let’s say equally as beautiful,” said the waitress, “so it’s a tie.”   De quickly agreed and sat down.   Then the waitress touched De’s hand and leaned over and whispered something in her ear.   They both smiled at each other and De brushed her thigh as she moved off to take more orders.   “What did she say to you?”   “Girl talk,” said De and no matter how I asked her she always gave the same answer, so I dropped the subject and we güvenilir bahis siteleri talked of other things.   However, I did notice that every time the waitress checked on our table, she always managed to touch my wife or De managed to touch her first.   By the time we were on our third round, De was rubbing the waitress’s thigh when she sat our drinks down.   “My name’s Hanna,” said the waitress as she wiggled against De’s hand.   “I get off at ten.”   “Mmmm, I’d like to get you off before that!” laughed my wife.   “Meet me out front a few minutes after ten and you can get me off by ten-thirty!”   De patted her ass and told her it was a date.   We finished our drinks and went out for some fresh air.   It was almost ten so we decided to wait and see if Hanna actually came out or if that was her way of getting a better tip.   If it was, it worked as De insisted on giving her an eleven dollar tip on a nine dollar tab.   Oh well, it was worth the ten dollars to get to watch them together.   We were just getting to our car, when Hanna joined us.   She had on tight jeans and a button-up blouse.   She wasn’t wearing a bra and her hard nipples strained the material.   “I’m glad you guys waited on me to change,” she said as she sat her purse on the trunk.   “I know this great club right down the road or we could go to my place for a few drinks. iddaa siteleri   I’ve got a pretty well-stocked bar and I know I have what you two drink,” she laughed.   De quickly agreed that drinks at her house sounded better than a noisy club.   “Do you want to ride with us, or do you want us to follow you?”   “Follow me, but I only live two blocks over.   Turn right at this light and left two lights down.   My place is on the right and you can park at the curb.”   “Great.   Want us to pick anything up on the way?”   “Nope, I think I’ve got it all,” replied Hanna.   We got there just as Hanna was turning off her engine, and we joined her on the porch as she unlocked the door.   Ushering us inside, she motioned to the couch as she went over to the bar and fixed all three of us a drink.   When she turned back around, I noticed she had unbuttoned her blouse almost all the way down, giving us an excellent view of her rounded breasts.   She wiggled her way back across the carpet and handed me my soda, bending way over when she did.   She leaned even farther over De and lightly kissed her on the neck.   “Wanna dance?” she cooed as she pulled De to her feet.   “Sure,” replied De as she slipped into Hanna’s arms.   They rubbed their nipples against each other until each set were hard as rocks.   When the radio played a slow rock song, Hanna slipped her hands between them and gently started unbuttoning De’s dress.   It wasn’t long before De kicked it off completely along with her shoes.   My wife un-tucked Hanna’s blouse and slipped it off over the tall brunette’s head.

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