The Cheating Parkers, Chapter 1


One day I was out walking my dog, Daisy, which I did every day as soon as I got home from work. As we got back to the house, I looked next door to see my neighbor, Eve Parker, sitting in her car with her head on the steering wheel.Sensing something was wrong, I went over to see what was happening and knocked on the window, startling her. She looked up and I saw she had been crying.”What’s wrong, Eve?””It’s David… I found out he’s been cheating on me. We had a huge fight about it. I was going to leave but… but I don’t know where to go!”I don’t have a lot of money and besides, in this town, if I got a hotel room or anything word would spread like wildfire and I really don’t want the whole town knowing our business! I don’t know what I’m going to do!””Well, for starters, you are going to come over to my place right now and we will sit and talk. I don’t want you out driving around in your state of mind.”Eve looked up at me and gave me a weak smile. “Thank you, Peter. You are very sweet to be so concerned about me.””Hey, what are neighbors for!” I offered her my hand to help her out of the car and we stood there for a moment. She was so upset over all this that she was a bit unsteady on her feet, so I waited until she was ready. She was wearing high heels, so I decided the best thing would be to stick to the sidewalks.Crossing the soft lawn in high heels is tough enough without being wobbly because you are upset! So we walked down her sidewalk, across the front of our properties, and up my sidewalk to my front door. Once inside, I led her to the living room. “Have a seat, Eve, and I’ll make us some coffee. Then we can talk about all this.””Can I borrow your bathroom? I’m afraid I look a mess and I want to fix my face!”Now, I have known Eve Parker for almost ten years, and not once can I remember her looking anything less than spectacular. But to give her a moment, I pointed down the hall. “Sure, it’s the second door to the left.”By the time she came back from the bathroom, I had our coffee made and was sitting in the living room on the sofa. She came over and sat down next to me. “I wasn’t sure how you took it so I brought some cream and sugar for you.” She smiled. “Thank you, Peter.””So now tell me what happened. What’s this about David cheating on you?”As she fixed her coffee, she told me the story. “Yesterday, David came home after work and he was in the bedroom changing out of his work clothes when his cell phone rang.”I picked it up and answered it only to hear what sounded like a woman’s voice saying, ‘Shit!’ bahis siteleri then it went dead. I looked at the number and didn’t recognize it. “About a half-hour later, David went to the bathroom and I called the number back and got an answering machine with the woman’s voice. I recognized the name as David’s new secretary.”I didn’t say anything at the time, but tonight we were going out to a party and I asked him if she would be there. We got into a big fight when he found out I knew and had called her house.”I was in the car about ready to drive someplace, anyplace, when you knocked on the window.”Well, that explained why she was so dressed up. “This isn’t the first time he’s done this. His last secretary had to quit because word got out that she was sleeping with the boss and she didn’t want that kind of a reputation around here.”And there was another time with a cocktail waitress I found out he’d been having at a business conference. She called here to let him know she might be pregnant! It turned out she wasn’t, luckily for him, but I found out it wasn’t for lack of trying!””I’m so sorry, Eve.” It was about the only thing I could think of to say.”I don’t know what I’m going to do, I just know I can’t stay in that house with him. We only have the one bedroom and I’ll be damned if I will share a bed with him right now!””Well, you could… stay here, at least for a night or two until you figure something else out.””Oh, Peter, thank you, That’s very sweet, but I don’t want to put you to any trouble!””What trouble? I live here alone and I have all this room. Besides, it will be nice to have someone to talk to besides myself–trust me, I’m not that good of company!””All right then, if you are sure I won’t be a bother…””Not at all, hon, happy to help out.””Oh, and Peter, I think you are very good company!” She gave me a coquettish little smirk that at the time I didn’t catch on to… I would later reflect on it and kick myself for missing the hint!Since I had just come home from work myself only about a half-hour ago, I hadn’t had time to plan anything for dinner. “Have you had dinner yet, Eve?””No, we were going to eat at the party.””Well, I was figuring on ordering a pizza for dinner. I don’t like to cook unless absolutely necessary so I usually just grab something easy during the week. The weekend is when I cook for myself mostly. You are welcome to some pizza if you like.””Pizza sounds wonderful, Peter.” She reached over and put her hand on mine, and I felt my cock jump.I placed an order for a couple of pizzas canlı bahis siteleri and then I excused myself to go change out of my work clothes and into something more comfortable. While I was in the back of the house, I got out some extra blankets and a pillow for me as well as an extra robe for her.I came back and found Eve sitting on the sofa with Daisy’s head on her lap like she was a regular part of the family. “Looks like Daisy enjoys you here as well!””Well, Daisy and I figured we could share you while I’m here!” That was another clue to what would lie ahead for me. Usually, I am better at reading between the lines than this, but Eve had me spellbound.I had always been a tad jealous of David, having such a beautiful woman right there for the taking anytime he wanted. And now this beauty was in my house as my houseguest! The thought of it made my powers of observation and my reasoning skills take a little vacation!I sat down in my recliner and watched Daisy and Eve. Eve was scratching Daisy behind the ears–her favorite spot–and Daisy was in heaven. I smiled at the sight of these two beautiful females getting along so well in front of me.A sudden knock on the door brought me out of my distraction. Daisy jumped down from Eve’s lap even before we heard the knock and alerted that someone was there. I got up and went to see who was interrupting my nirvana. It was our pizza.I paid the young man for the pizzas, giving him a tip as well–it wasn’t his fault that he interrupted my fantasy. I put the two large pizzas on the table and got out a couple of plates and napkins. When things were ready I went into the living room.”The pizzas are ready, Eve.”As she came into the dining room followed close behind by Daisy. I got her dog food ready too. I set the bowl down in her usual spot then joined Eve at the table.I served her up a couple of slices of pizza and then myself. Luckily, we both liked the same things on our pizza so we didn’t have to worry about the “his pizza/her pizza” thing.As we ate, I couldn’t help watching Eve. I caught her a few times looking up at me and blushing when she realized I was staring at her. I tried to look away quickly, but I wasn’t always fast enough. It’s not like I never have women over for dinner or to my house–I do entertain from time to time. But none of them compared to the beautiful flower that now graced my table.After we finished dinner, we decided to go back into the living room for a while to let our food settle. I sat down on the sofa because it had a better view canlı bahis of the TV than my chair and Eve came over and sat down next to me.As we watched television, I felt her snuggle a little closer to me. At first, I pretended not to notice, but then she got a bit cozier. I looked down and she smiled up at me sheepishly.”Do you mind Peter? I just… needed to feel close to someone.”I didn’t mind at all. I pulled her to me and she gratefully put her head in my lap. I started subconsciously stroking and playing in her hair. Eve purred softly as she felt my fingers running through her hair. I was just hoping she didn’t feel my cock getting hard under her!We stayed like that for the next couple of hours until it started getting late and we needed to think about sleeping arrangements.”You take the bed tonight and I will take the sofa. I put a robe on the bed for you if you want to take a shower.””Oh, Peter! I couldn’t take your bed! I’ll take the couch.” “No, Eve, you are the guest and you’ve had a tough enough day. Besides, I’ve fallen asleep on this old couch more times than I can count. It has my ass memorized!”Eve threw her arms around my neck and kissed me on the cheek. “Thank you, Peter. Thank you for being such a good friend and for everything you have done for me tonight.”Holding her tightly to me and feeling the soft warmth of her body, the feel of her soft brown hair against my cheek, and her sweet perfume, I didn’t feel much like a “good friend” at that moment.If she had only known the thoughts going through my mind right then, she’d probably have slapped me good and proper–and I would have deserved it!Truth was, this woman, my next-door neighbor’s wife, felt fucking good in my arms. I hadn’t had any female companionship for a few months and nothing real steady for longer than that.The last real “relationship” I had was almost a year ago now and I missed the feeling only a woman can provide. I held her as long as I dared and then she headed off to the bedroom to go to bed. I turned to the sofa grinning like a Cheshire cat… I was going to have some good dreams tonight!But I wasn’t going to have those dreams just yet. I had just finished laying out the blankets on the couch and was about to get undressed when I heard Eve coming back up the hallway, her high heels making a telltale click-click as she walked.I turned around and she came up to me slowly, tentatively, as if she wasn’t quite sure she should be doing this.”Is there something wrong, Eve? Do you need something?””No, everything is just wonderful. That’s just the thing; you have been absolutely amazing to me tonight, listening to me talk about my problems offering me a place here in your home, and dinner. You are an amazing man, Peter, and an amazing friend. But I was wondering…”

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