Pat’s new friends.


Pat asked to stay a few more minutes. We were in a dimly lit car park. Pat had heard it’s a meeting place for people wanting to have fun.Dogging is the word she used.No sooner had I said, “Let’s go,” than headlights appeared behind us. The car parked about half a dozen car widths away. Nothing happened for a while; then, the side window came down.I could make out the outline of a man, “What’s happening?”Pat told me to be quiet and rolled her window down.The man opened his car door and walked over. He stopped a couple of paces away from us, unzipped his pants and freed his already hard cock. Pat watched him, stroking himself for a while and then opened her door. She swiveled in her seat, so she faced the stranger.”What shall I do?” Pat asked. I asked what she meant. “Shall I suck him, or let him fuck me?””Blow him,” I said.He must have heard me because he stepped forward. Pat replaced his hand with hers around his prick. She began with her tongue playing with the head of his shaft, and then she slowly swallowed him. His left hand played with Pat’s right breast, but soon his grunts became louder.He gripped the car with both hands, and Pat grabbed his ass with her hands. His hips pulled back and pushed bahis şirketleri forward with a determined force several times.”Holy fuck,” he groaned and held his cock in Pat’s throat while he came. Pat hummed from her neck as he strained to empty his balls. She pulled her head back, releasing him from her mouth. The last discharge of cum landed on the side of her nose.Pat scraped it from her nose and onto her tongue, and then swallowed it.The stranger slipped his prick back into his pants, walked back to his car, and drove away.Pat made herself comfortable and closed the car door. She had a smug look on her face and a satisfied smile.”Home?” I asked.”One more car. Please,” Pat begged.I gave into Pat, “Okay, one more, then we’re going home.”We waited a few more minutes, and another vehicle drove in. It parked the same place as the other. Pat didn’t wait; she got out of the car.I wasn’t sure it was a good idea, “Wait, where are you going?””Don’t worry. I’m staying here.”Pat stood by the side of our car and unfastened her jeans. She pushed them down to her knees and hunched over the hood. The driver’s door opened on the other vehicle opened, and a man got out. What I didn’t see straight away bahis firmaları was someone getting out of the passenger side too.They strode up. One stood either side of Pat. First Pat’s panties were yanked down, joining her jeans at her knees. Pat flinched when the flat of a hand-cracked her ass.I didn’t know what to do. I thought about getting out and pulling Pat back into the car. I was relieved when Pat turned her head and smiled at me.The hand that smacked Pat began to caress her buttocks. The fingers were slowly making their way between Pat’s pussy lips.”This bitch is ready,” the guy fingering Pat said.”Ready for some cock, slut?” the second guy said while he unzipped himself. He barely gave his friend time to get his hand out of the way before he forced himself into Pat.He began to bang Pat a little too hard for my liking.”There, you fucking whore bitch, you like it rough, don’t you?”The guys looked decent enough. Clean cut and well dressed, but they were getting too much, so I got out of the car.”Wow, wow,” the guy with his cock inside Pat said, “We don’t want any trouble.””We’re here for some fun, that’s all,” the other man responded.”Get your prick out of my wife,” I snapped.No sooner kaçak bahis siteleri had I said it his cock was locked away in his pants. Pat, on the other hand, stood and faced them. She left her panties and jeans down by her knees.”Look, we’re sorry. It’s our first time doing anything like this. We just thought.”I interrupted and told them they thought wrong, “Pat’s not a whore. We came down here for some fun, too, but she still deserves to be treated with respect.”I got another apology from the guy that had started fucking Pat, “Sorry, you’re right. I’m Ken by the way, and this is Tony.”He held his hand out, and we shook. Tony did the same.”This is Pat, but you’ve already met, haven’t you?” my quip got a giggle from both men, and Pat.”Look, as long as there are no hard feelings, could we buy you a drink?” Tony asked.”Why not,” I said, “And as soon as my wife covers herself and stops looking like a slut we’ll meet you at the bar down the road. Do you know it?””Or we could go back to our place,” Pat suggested.I felt more comfortable with Ken and Tony, so I agreed with Pat.We climbed into our respective cars, and they followed us home.At first, there was a hint of awkwardness, but after the first beer, we relaxed around each other. The boys didn’t try anything with Pat, so I thought I should start them off.I stood Pat in front of the boy’s, and I stood behind her. I unfastened her jeans and pushed them to her ankles and over her feet.

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