Paramour Carrousel


I’m having trouble reading you sometimes.First, you lapped me up like a stray dog in heat, but not quite. On nights when we drank together, nothing much else seemed to matter but the moment, until the sun showed us we pushed it too far again and you really needed to clean your coffee table. Too many fingerprints on the glasses. Almost out of cigarettes. Never have I heard so many words between words as when we talked about what bugs us, what brings us to life. You kept looking at my lips.Then, in cold terms, you made clear what you told yourself you’re kaçak iddaa looking for, you didn’t need anybody. There wasn’t a glimpse of me in there. Since forever ago you hadn’t fallen in love. Or so you say. As one does, I told myself I misheard you when you named me prince of everything. Fool’s more like it. Needed a drink after that. Maybe two. Maybe more. I forget.We hid amongst our friends as friends. Dining, laughing, cracking unsavory jokes. Celebrating life in all its shitty splendor. Playing your out of tune guitar all night. Not a single kaçak bahis stolen look crossed the room. Denial. Sweet presence. I wanted to touch your hair.We kissed when they left. Showed parts and licked them, sucked them. You asked me to taste you. I grabbed your ass and felt your petite but strong frame against mine. I never knew you were this delicate, your fragile shoulders in my arms. You smelled like flowers, my heart sang while it cried. You didn’t pull me close and then you did. My body, my lower chest had a golden light, it reached out through illegal bahis my breath. It went up in smoke, together with my sanity. The pathos.I forgot there was sound around us. Then the couch creaked when you climbed on top of me to eat my lips, my tongue and my soul. I understood that you were hungry – fasting makes for feasting. It’s always been there since day one. Did see that. The air had been thick sometimes. You wanted me inside of you, slowly rubbed your crotch on me, but we stopped. We did the romantic thing, holding each other, touching cheeks, locked eyes, smiles, kisses.You went to go pee and I had another cigarette. I had to go home. We hugged at the door, and spent half an hour of eternity kissing like it was our last chance. It was.

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