My Hospital Visit


Like most people, I don’t enjoy having to have a hospital stay, no matter how short. It was a few years ago and I was in for a very simple and routine procedure. I shared a room with an old lady called Gladys. She was a nice old lady, perhaps a bit too chatty, but nice all the same. Gladys was constantly telling me about how many times she had attended that particular hospital, and how the food never gets any better. Luckily, hubby brought my food in.On the morning of my op, Gladys was asleep when a young doctor came to visit. Smiling as he pulled the screen around the bed, he opened his box of tricks to reveal a shaving bahis siteleri kit. He explained how I would need a little shave down below. The good doctor explained that there wasn’t a female nurse available, and he was quite happy for me to do it myself. I was, however, to be extra careful not to cut myself to avoid any possibility of infection. He looked like he knew what he was doing, and was also quite handsome of course. I said I was okay with him doing it.He went off to get some warm water for his bowl and returned a short time later. I know you must think me a right old tart, but as soon as he started lathering my pussy canlı bahis siteleri with his shaving brush it was turning me on. I was letting out little moans of delight. I just couldn’t help myself. It’s not very often that my pussy gets the attentions of a young man. It was becoming more and more obvious that I was enjoying it, a lot more than I should of course. I was just happy that Gladys was asleep.After the lathering came the shaving. The gentle way he pressed his gloved fingers against my labia, as he shaved, was almost too much to take. It was only after he finished shaving me, and was applying a little canlı bahis moisturising oil, that I reached the point of no return. As he went to remove his fingers, I reached down, grabbed his hand and asked him not to stop. I held his fingers against my pussy and started moving them up and down. He offered no resistance as I pushed his fingers inside me and brought me to climax. It was wonderful. He knew exactly what he was doing. I guessed this wasn’t his first time he had given such treatment to a young lady.As he pulled my surgical gown back to my knees, he said. “There, all done. I hope you are now fully relaxed and ready for your operation Mrs Robinson.” I was indeed fully relaxed and ready, but told him I wasn’t Mrs Robinson. Mrs Robinson, Gladys, was in the next bed. I thought that having a lady shave for a wisdom tooth was a bit odd. Oh dear.

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