My Affair with a Student – Part 2


My Affair with a Student – Part 2In part one of this story, my student, Jaime, and I were having a very torrid affair, always meeting in my office after school hours. I’d taken her virginity and we were settling into an enjoyable affair when her best friend, Jenny, caught us!- – – – – – – – – -When Jaime opened the door, Jenny was standing there.“Oh! My! GOD! You’re fucking Mr. Graham!!”“Jenny!” Jaime yelled.I collapsed into my chair. We’d been caught. All I could think was, “There goes my career; maybe even my freedom. I having sex with a student! My life as I’d known it was over.”Jenny walked past Jaime and came over to me.“Jaime says you have a big cock. If that’s true, then I want to suck it,” she whispered as she knelt down in front of me.I was still in shock as she rubbed my crotch, trying to make me hard again. Normally it would take more than that to arouse me right after having sex, but Jenny was such a gorgeous and sensuous teenager, that my cock started to respond.I ran my fingers down through her beautiful blonde hair as she looked up at me with a smile that said, “You’ll love the way I’m going to suck you off.”Jaime was still standing at the door, spellbound. I guess she didn’t know whether to leave or to watch. I hoped she would watch. That would be so hot!Jenny’s rubbing on my cock was having the results she wanted. She slowly unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out.“Mmm! It’s a nice big one!”She sucked my cock into her mouth for a few seconds, then said, “Mmm! Your cum and Jaime’s juices taste nice!” Jenny then sucked my cock back into her mouth, going all the way down as I pulled her head. It reached deep into her tight throat, but she didn’t gag one time. She was definitely good at giving head!She began to thrust her head up and down on my cock, going all the way to the back of her throat each time. I was assisting her with my hands as my climax quickly approached under Jenny’s skillful efforts. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed her warm, skillful mouth. Never in a million years would I have dreamed that I’d someday get a blowjob from Jenny. If she gave such a great kaçak iddaa blowjob, then she must also be a great fuck. I wanted to find out.I couldn’t hold on any longer, so I pushed my hips up and pulled Jenny’s head with my hands, forcing my cock so deep into her throat that her nose was flattened against my belt buckle.As my first spurt of cum hit the back of her throat, she jerked in surprise but didn’t pull away. She let me keep squirting until every drop of my cum had slipped down her throat.When she knew I had finished, she slowly pulled my cock from her mouth, sucking hard to get every drop of remaining cum.“Mmm! Did you like that, Mr. Graham?”“I sure did, Jenny. You’re really good!”For the first time, I looked up at Jaime and she was rubbing her pussy and looked like she was about to have an orgasm. So, I quickly stuffed my cock into my pants and went over to her. I kissed her passionately as I reached down and rubbed her clit. She moaned, put her arms around my neck, and almost immediately had an intense orgasm.“You must have liked watching Jenny suck me off,” I whispered when her orgasm was over.“For some reason I did.”Jenny came over and kissed Jaime. Jaime, to my surprise, kissed her back.Jenny asked, “Would you like to watch him fuck me, too?”Jaime was still recovering from her orgasm and could only bob her head to indicate ‘yes’.“Then next week we’ll come here and Mr. Graham can fuck us both. Would you like that?”Again, Jaime just shook her head ‘yes’.I was thrilled with the possibility of fucking gorgeous blonde Jenny and gorgeous brunette Jaime at the same time.They each gave me a passionate kiss and left.- – – – – Jaime and Jenny talk – – – – -“I can’t believe we kissed each other, Jenny.”“Why? Didn’t you like it?”Jaime hesitated and said, “I guess I did. I’m just not bi-sexual at all.”“Well, having just had an orgasm may have had something to do with it.”“Maybe.”“I’m looking forward to Mr. Graham’s cock thrusting in me. It’s nice and big!”“It does feel good when he pushes it in really hard.”“Mmm! I can’t wait to feel it for myself!”- – – – -It was during lab class kaçak bahis the following Tuesday when Jaime asked if she and Jenny could drop by my office after school. My heart skipped a beat and started to pound like it was going to jump out of my chest.“Sure. I’ll be waiting.”- – – – -When they walked into my office, my heart started pounding again. They both looked absolutely gorgeous and to think that I was about to fuck them both was beyond belief! I’d been looking forward to this moment; fantasizing about bending the most gorgeous blonde in the school over my desk and fucking her hard. The short mini-skirt she was wearing enhanced her ass and legs so well that I couldn’t wait to pull it up around her waist and see her nice ass and pussy.After I locked the door, Jenny put her arms around my neck and gave me a French kiss that I’ll never forget. I pulled her body to mine and ran my hands through her long blonde hair, down her back to her ass where I pulled up her mini-skirt to find that she was not wearing panties. Jenny was definitely ready to get fucked.“Mmm. I really want to feel your cock thrusting into me, Mr. Graham,” she whispered in my ear in a sexy voice.“That’s exactly what I’m going to do to you, Jenny.”Jaime said, “I just want to watch, okay?”“Are you sure?” I asked a bit disappointed.“Yes.”So, I picked Jenny up by the waist, took her over to my desk, and laid her down. She moaned and spread her legs, exposing her cleanly shaved pussy.“Eat me, Mr. Graham, if you want to fuck me.”I eagerly dropped to my knees and licked and finger-fucked her pussy for no more than five minutes when she had a thundering orgasm. Her moan was so loud that I was afraid that the janitor might come to investigate.So, I quickly stood up and put my hand over her mouth while I managed to drop my pants with the other. Once I’d done that, I bent over Jenny and kissed her to keep her quiet as I pushed my cock into her. I wanted to surprise her with my forcefulness, so I put just one inch in her pussy, then grabbed her shoulders and thrust the remaining eight inched into her body as hard as possible.”Mmm!” illegal bahis Jenny screamed as my mouth covered hers.I then grabbed her head in both hands with her silky blonde hair between my fingers and started to fuck her hard and fast. She was moaning like she’d never been fucked before; like my cock was the first cock to ever thrust into her body. That reaction alone was driving me to a quick climax, let alone the fact that I was fucking the most gorgeous teenager in the school; a teenager who was very willing and very capable of fucking me until I begged her to stop.Jenny locked her legs around my waist and fucked me as hard as I fucked her. Her long, painted nails dug into my ass as she clawed to get my cock deeper into her.“Fuck me, Mr. Graham! Fuck me hard! Your cock feels SO GOOD!”She squeezed my cock with her pussy and groaned loudly as a massive orgasm ravished and consumed her body.“Oh FUCK! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Fuck me!”I kept thrust into Jenny until her orgasm was over and she could hardly breathe or move, then I shoved my cock all the way into her, hit her cervix, and shot my load. Five hard spurts hit her like shocks from an electric outlet.“Mmm! Mmm! You’re cumming so hard that I can feel every spurt!”I kissed her passionately as my final spurts of cum filled her body.”Wow! Mr. Graham, you are amazing! I’ve never been fucked so good before!”“Good! Come back any time you want it again.”Jenny held on to me with her legs and arms and started to thrust on my cock again. She moaned softly and whispered, “Let me cum again. I want to cum on your cock again.”I held her tight and let her fuck my cock until she had another wonderful orgasm. Jenny was obviously a girl with a very high libido. She loved to have orgasms with a cock inside of her, even if it was going flaccid.“Oh my god that was so good!” she said as she tried to catch her breath.“I’d love to stay here and talk after sex, but I know the janitor’s schedule and he’ll be here soon.”“Okay. Give me a sec.”“Jenny, we have to go now or we get caught!” I said insistently.“Okay! Okay!”We both got quickly dressed and left just as the janitor was coming down the hall. He gave us an inquisitive look, but we just waved and kept walking.In the parking lot, Jenny asked, “When can I see you again, Mr. Graham?”“I’ll call you.”

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