Forbidden Indulgence Part 1


Part 1: A Friendship Found? She stood facing the fire wrapped in a bath towel. They had just finished bathing and she was warming herself, pondering the future.A few minutes later he followed wearing his bathrobe. As he stepped into the lounge her towel slipped revealing her unblemished nakedness silhouetted in the dancing flames.Even in middle age, she retained her gymnastic body with amazingly firm 42D breasts. Every part of her body was perfect. She represented the very epitome of womanhood and her deep pink nipple stands would raise anyone’s manhood beyond expectation!He approached her from the back as he opened his gown. His hardening cock nuzzled in between her firm, rounded buns. He placed his hands under her breasts and gently massaged her erect nipples. Simultaneously he nuzzled her ears bahis şirketleri with his warm tongue. He could feel her melting.His one hand slipped down onto her shaved mound and gently fingered her pouting clit. As he proceeded deeper between her gorgeous puffy lips, her wetness encouraged his searching fingers.What an amazingly responsive woman, he thought, who welcomed any of his sexual approaches and simply wanted more. He had never met, let alone experienced anyone as warm as this.He whispered, “Geez, babes, I love you,” and asked, “Why is this so wrong when it is so perfectly right for us?”She did not respond as she knew he knew the answer.They met at the gym where she enjoyed the attention of all the other red-blooded males, irrespective of age. Her figure was a “show-stopper”. Potential bahis firmaları suitors never ceased to ply their charms.But she had been hurt too many times in the past, especially after her divorce, and treated everyone politely as an acquaintance, nothing more, nothing less.He somehow managed to befriend her. Maybe it was because he was a lot older and married with grandchildren and therefore an unlikely suitor. But then she also had grandchildren!Their gym friendship grew to the stage of sharing a fruit juice afterwards and later he plucked up enough courage to suggest a lunch at a quiet country restaurant. He knew it was wrong because he was married but just wanted to enjoy her company, nothing more, nothing less!It was here that they realised they shared so many common interests like kaçak bahis siteleri outdoor activities, socializing, laughing, and enjoying all the good things in life.She had experienced many difficulties and challenges being widowed and now divorced and raising a  sixteen-year-old by herself. She also ran her own business so was totally challenged. All these pressures encouraged heavy smoking and drinking on social occasions which only escalated in her efforts to meet someone she could trust and spend the rest of her life with.They shared a lot with each other and simply bonded more each time. She knew he was married and quite a few years older than she was yet he was still in quite good shape. She also felt that they could become good friends.At this restaurant, body language started to play a part. Hands rubbed on the table. Her shoe occasionally rubbed against his leg. Lots of eye contact and humour flowed from both sides.He enjoyed all this and felt an instant swelling in his pants. She certainly aroused him in a special way.

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