Election Night Denial


Note from the author

This story contains themes of female domination, humiliation, and male chastity. If that doesn’t interest you I’d recommend another story. I’d also like to credit the works of White_Raven47 which inspired this piece.

Though the ballots for Wednesday’s election will offer two candidates, in reality the vote has come down to a referendum: Does the nation support forced male chastity?

It’s worth revisiting the timeline that brought us here. Following a string of assaults on campuses in Salt Lake City, the conservative state of Utah seized on an unlikely coalition of religious conservatives and forward-thinking feminists to impose the nation’s first mandatory male chastity law.

Initially all men of reproductive age were required to wear a locked device that prevented erections when in public. Later the law was extended to include any time when a supervising female of legal age, colloquially known as a keyholder, was not present. The state immediately experienced a plunge in sexual assaults and teen pregnancies, but unintended effects soon followed.

The stagnant birth rate recovered as married men who previously found satisfaction in pornography turned increasingly to their female partners for relief. Economic productivity and entrepreneurial innovation also increased as single men focused their efforts on their work life. In short, the policy was an overwhelming success.

When feminist Presidential candidate Sofia Perez included a locking policy on her platform, pundits claimed that it was only there to appease her base, and that the law would never see the senate floor let alone leave committee. But the bill narrowly passed the senate, and was upheld by the courts, shocking the nation.

The government was quick to establish the Department of Chastity to oversee the implementation of the new mandate. As soon as enforcement began, women across the nation praised the effects of the new laws, with many noting that they no longer feared walking alone at night. Some men also expressed a qualified endorsement, acknowledging that the new lifestyle allowed them to focus their energy on other pursuits.

Technologists have been quick to note that two key developments have enabled the success of the locking laws. First, an advanced polymer with a breathable design has not only allowed for sanitary long term security of the male genitalia, but also integrates with smart technology, communicating the user’s status to his keyholder and nearby law enforcement.

Second, the widespread use of “memspecs”, video recording devices which upload footage to the cloud directly from a small implant in the user’s retina, has given keyholders unparalleled levels of accountability for their charges. When the laws were first established in Utah, men complained of the discomfort associated with chastity, while keyholders found many of their men achieving orgasms through the use of vibrators or other means. New technology has rendered these complaints obsolete.

Of course, many still oppose the law. Presidential candidate Mike Talbot, who is currently well ahead in the polls, has vowed to repeal the legislation on his first day in office. Without a shift in the electorate, the locking laws may be nothing more than a four year experiment.

Cameron swiped the news story off his phone screen just as he exited the commuter train. Putting in his headphones he queued up a podcast for the short walk to the polling station. When he arrived he found a line still exiting the building, and fell in behind a young man in a suit who looked to also be fresh from his shift at an office.

The tension among the waiting voters was palpable. Cameron surreptitiously looked over some of the women in line. Several wore keys on bracelets or necklaces. According to the polls, Sofia Perez, the pro-locking candidate, maintained an unprecedented lead among female voters. Cameron found it strange to think that so many of the women in line with him would not only know that he was presently caged, but were voting to make that reality permanent.

As Cameron entertained these thoughts, the young man in front of him was joined by a rather attractive woman in a short summer dress. She glanced at Cameron who nodded to acknowledge that he didn’t mind her jumping the line.

The woman cozied up to her partner and began whispering in his ear. At first Cameron couldn’t hear what they were saying, but when they made their way inside the silence of the building he turned off his podcast and caught snippets of their conversation.

“I’m not telling you what to do, I just think you should be an informed voter.” The woman said to the man.

“Look babe, I understand the issues, I just think this is my private choice to make.”

“I agree, but what happens to your cock is my private choice.”

Up until this point Cameron had studiously avoided checking out the woman in front of him. His balls were already aching bahis siteleri and he didn’t need more stimulation. But at the suggestion of sex he allowed his eyes to roam quickly over her body, slowing over the outline of her underwear just barely visible through the tight cotton dress.

He didn’t want to linger too long – he shared a memspecs account with his wife, a common arrangement for married couples these days. This meant she had access to all of his recorded visual data. It wasn’t like she poured through his footage every day, but he tried to be discreet just in case.

“Babe, it’s been three weeks already.” Here the man spoke in an urgent whisper that brought Cameron back to the moment. “You promised me when I gave you the key that it would never go this long.”

“Well I had that trip with the girls and then my period came. So you ran into some bad luck. Just don’t make more bad luck for yourself with this vote. Anyway, who you pick won’t actually decide the election. There are millions of people voting, the chances of your ballot mattering are like winning a lottery. And probably this Talbot guy is going to win and you’ll get your freedom back in a couple months. I just want to know that you support me. That you support women.”

Cameron grimaced – it was not the first time he had heard this argument. Just yesterday his wife had told him nearly the same thing.

“I do support you baby,” the man insisted. “I’m not one of those sexist freedom guys, you know that.”

“I think I’d just feel more secure if I knew you voted for Perez.”

The couple in front were the next in line and it was clear their argument was about to be cut off prematurely.

Taking advantage of her remaining moments, the woman leaned in. “Listen hun, I know you’ll do the right thing. But if you don’t, you’re gonna spend another three weeks in that cage while I wander around the house in my underwear.”

Cameron saw her make a sly wink and felt his legs grow weak while he imagined this woman in her bra and panties while her partner looked on helplessly.

Cameron’s turn came soon and he found himself staring down at the ballot. Perez or Talbot. A vote for chastity or a vote for his own freedom.

Mariko sat at home, scrolling through her phone as she waited for her husband. As was often the case, she was on Keyholder. Previously a product information site started by a male chastity company, Keyholder had sprawled into a women-only social media phenomenon. Access to the website required a continuous retinal scan associated with a female keyholder’s profile. Short of peeking over a woman’s shoulder, men were completely unable to view the site.

Only a small portion of the content related to chastity on any given day: most of the posts were vacation photos, funny cat videos and so forth. But the exclusive nature gave it wide appeal.

Though today’s content was dominated by the upcoming election, Mariko was revisiting a classic tag that had never quite gone stale: “Managing your man”.

Queen_of_Kings: I lost interest in having sex with my husband probably fifteen years ago. My libido was always weak and a few years of marriage killed what was left. When the locking laws came into force I was irritated – now I had to coddle him when he used to be perfectly independent. So I established a rule that whenever the cage comes off, he needs to orgasm, and he needs to eat it. Done and dusted.

It’s so funny watching him get progressively more agitated as the week goes on until he can’t handle it anymore and sheepishly asks me for the key. I give it to him and watch him spill his seed however he chooses, just so long as it doesn’t get on me, and then he cleans it all up.

The weird thing is after a while this routine started turning me on. At first I would wait until he slunk away and then touch myself quietly. But then I realized there was nobody to shame me. He was the one who would rather humiliate himself every week rather than stop playing with his favorite toy. So unless I’m in a hurry I’ll lie in bed with my vibrator as he strokes himself and try to time my orgasm for right after he finishes. I like the idea of him listening to my moans while he’s still on his knees licking cum off the floor.

Dentata_42: I have a husband, three boys and a daughter. Like some other busy women, I was wary of the locking laws adding to my household duties. My husband and I have great sex, but it was still a hassle managing his grooming and making sure he was always safely locked up before leaving for work. The last thing our bank account needed was a hefty fine for chastity non-compliance! But then I had three boys to worry about as well and who knew what they would get up to. So when our daughter, the youngest, turned 18, we immediately enrolled her in the Keyholder course and got her licensed for multiple users.

Having her take over the supervision of her brothers’ cages was a godsend. Sibling squabbles disappeared overnight. canlı bahis siteleri You wouldn’t believe how well those boys treat their younger sister now. At first I worried about her becoming an entitled brat. Sure she asks for massages or favors for her and her friends, but she’s also keeps track of her brothers’ chores and oversees their browser histories.

Once, when I went on a work trip, I even let her supervise her father. Sometimes I still rewatch the footage of me handing her the key while he looks down in horror. I instructed her that he was to receive a maximum of one orgasm while I was away. Two weeks in she sent me a message letting me know that she would unlock him shortly and so I opened his memspec account to watch the live footage from his point of view.

The video showed one of her friends seated on the family couch, fully clothed and giving him instructions on how to touch himself. Faster, tighter, stop, wait, and so forth. Every so often she’d lick her lips or adjust the hemline of her skirt a little higher just to egg him on. Then she’d chide him like a child for not maintaining eye contact. Nothing outlandish and all very tasteful.

After 45 minutes of watching this talented young woman torment my husband, she finally let him off the leash for too long. He begged her to kneel and she agreed thinking he was being subservient, though he later confessed to me that he did it intentionally to get a better view up her skirt.

As soon as he caught a glimpse of her white panties it became too much for him to handle and he sprayed his load over her innocent feet and calves while she and my daughter shrieked and giggled and swore that he’d be in so much trouble when I got home. And of course he was. But it was a lesson for the two of them and I felt good knowing that we were preparing the next generation for a new kind of feminism.

Mariko didn’t always approve of these posts. Some were too kinky. Others too callous towards their men. But they often gave her ideas that eventually found a use. As Mariko scrolled she was surprised to find her own post, which she had written over a year ago, now being recirculated.

Mary_Co: I think it’s important to remember that while we go through the troubles of chastity for womankind, we also do it for our men. Our men want to be horny. Being horny feels good. But they don’t have the self-control to keep themselves in that state. If I left my husband alone with his key for one hour he’d probably masturbate himself raw. In his rational mind he knows sex is better when he can’t have it all the time, but I’m the only one strong enough to actually make that decision for him.

Our men also want to feel attracted to their partner. But humans are designed to seek out new stimulation, and so unless we reign in those urges men will try and find satisfaction elsewhere (which doesn’t mean cheating, it could just be looking at VR pornography). Sometimes my husband and I have sex three nights in a row. Then I might lock him up and not let him even see my body for two weeks. Chastity can be used as a tool to keep his eyes on you because he knows that you alone are the source of all his sexual satisfaction.

So a responsible keyholder knows that she benefits from male chastity. No cheating, a safer society, a man that worships her very body… but it also takes some work. Thinking of new ways to tease and deny them. Lovingly criticizing them even if you think they’re doing the best job possible so that they don’t fall into a rut. Making them do things in the bedroom that are a little demeaning so they appreciate it all the more when you let them have their way.

Ladies, it’s a new era and we may be on top for now, but I think the key to keeping us there is making sure that in their heart of hearts, men know it’s better this way.

As she scrolled further she heard the front door open and set down her phone to greet her husband with a kiss.

“I brought home everything you asked for,” Cameron said, his hands full of grocery bags.

“Shh shh. This is your big day honey. No boring domestic talk. I’ll put these away and you can go straight to the shower and then the bedroom. I’m very excited for you!”

Cameron thanked the gods that he was with this woman and hurried up the stairs. He had already showered that morning, so he rinsed off quickly, slowing down just enough for the soap and water to pass through the semi-porous cage. But by the time he had his towel in hand he could feel the strain of his shaft swelling inside its polymer prison.

He went into the bedroom, finding it unoccupied. There were ropes on all four posters of the bed and he knew he was required to tie himself down. He lied there waiting, wearing nothing but his cage, his ribs rising and falling with each nervous breath. When Mariko entered she found him spread eagle on the bed, fully restrained but for his right wrist which he could not do alone.

She was wearing a pink nightie and she canlı bahis noted Cameron eying her nipples through the semi-sheer fabric. As she tightened the final binding she saw his cage shift in anticipation.

“So first thing is first, we’ll get you out of that cage and then we can check if you were obedient today.” Her smile was somehow both devilish and loving.

Cameron savored her gentle touch as she cupped his balls to hold the cage steady, and then unlocked it with a click. As soon as the cage came off his penis began filling with blood, rising into the air in a stop and start fashion. Mariko allowed her hand to rest gently on his balls, but nothing more.

“Melody” she called out to the household AI, “Bring up Cameron’s memspec footage at the polling station.”

Two screens emanated from what had looked to be ordinary paint on the walls. One was opposite the bed, and one directly overhead on the ceiling. Cameron watched as the footage taken earlier from his own eyes began playing.

Cameron winced when he realized the AI had decided that footage from the voting booth should commence exactly when Cameron walked in the building. He saw the center of the video shift blatantly as he checked out the woman in front of him in line. He drew a deep breath and avoided looking Mariko in the eyes.

It was worse than he had remembered. The video focus shifted down to her ass, then back up at her chest, and then down to her ass again before moving quickly to a poster on to the wall as if that disguised what was going on.

Mariko smiled to herself. These things used to make her jealous, but now that she had complete control over Cameron’s sex, there was really no need for concern. Still, she had so few remaining things to punish him for that she needed to keep him on his toes with misdemeanors like this one.

It occurred to her that maybe she could have Melody compile a half hour clip of the most egregious times that Cameron checked out women, and edge him to the brink of orgasm as they rewatched the clips together. It would cause delightful guilt and anguish before she applied a bag of ice and caged him for the week.

That was for another time though. She let the footage play patiently until Cameron made his way to the voting booth. There were only two names on the card: Sofia Perez and Michael Talbot.

For a second Mariko thought the video had stalled or glitched, the image remained so frozen. Then it became clear what was happening — Cameron couldn’t make up his mind.

Part of her wanted to lock him up right then and there just for hesitating. But after a moment his pencil moved and placed an X next to Sofia Perez. She could see sweat on his palms in the video. Then he folded up the ballot and walked to drop it off.

“Melody, pause the video,” Mariko instructed. She turned her attention back to Cameron. “Good boy. I knew you’d do the right thing.” She realized she had been holding his testicles a little too tightly and he exhaled as she released her grip.

“Tell me baby, what do you actually want to happen in the election tonight?” She stroked his cock ever so slightly as she spoke.

Cameron was never very good at lying. “I… I guess part of me hopes that Talbot wins. I’m happy with how things are but I’m worried that Perez will make too many changes too quickly.” Shades of the truth. So maybe a gray lie at worst. One that he had heard other men make to their spouses.

“But if the locking laws end, you’ll be okay with us continuing this lifestyle, right?” She stopped stroking him to casually nudge the thin straps of her nightie so they fell off her shoulders. The nightie drooped ever so slightly, her pert breasts just a little shake away from being exposed. His eyes willed the gown to fall further but it did not.

Cameron knew how this worked. Obey and the good feelings continue. Disobey and the cage goes back on. His most recent orgasm was five weeks ago. Nothing had touched his cock since early last week when Mariko had decided that his balls were too swollen for constant edging and so had stopped altogether. Yesterday she had taken off the cage only to blow air lightly on his erect penis and then lock him back up.

He needed this.

“Of course we can continue and see if you still enjoy it. You know I trust your judgment.” Cameron managed to get the words out through ragged breaths.

“Good.” She resumed her slow, feather-light stroking. “You agreed that this has been a blessing for our marriage. You’ve gotten into such good shape. We’re sharing household duties. All our arguments have stopped. I wouldn’t want to go back.”

“No, of course not.”

“Great. Well, no matter what happens tonight, I want to make this special for you. We’ll take things real slow so you can enjoy it. You don’t mind if I check in on the election though do you? East coast results will already be rolling in.”

He nodded, only hoping that she would keep her hand on him as she watched.

“Melody, bring up election night coverage.”

The video on the ceiling switched from a freeze frame of Cameron’s memspecs to a national news station.

“Oh my god, there’s a lot of pink on that map.” Mariko exclaimed suddenly.

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