Black Memory


Wyatt was walking to his dorm room from the library at his college campus after a long night of study and after he finished swimming practice. Wyatt practiced really hard for the upcoming tryouts to make swim team. At 19 years old, Wyatt was the quiet type, he didn’t like partying like everyone else. His parents were never in his life so he was adopted but his adopted parents past 2 months after he graduated high school.

Wyatt stood at 5’6 with short blonde hair and green eyes. His built was also somewhat unique. At 5’6, Wyatt had a little feminine look to him. It’s not like he asked to looked this way but he did. His face cheeks sat high and his lips were pouty as if he were always sucking on big pieces on candy. And lastly, his ass! Wyatt’s ass had looked good well before he took up swimming. He often got looks from those on campus most of them men! And that’s what Wyatt liked best, especially the muscle jocks who would whistle at him when no one was around. He remembered a certain incident that happened to him his senior year of high school, just a week after he turned 18.

One day, while walking home from high school, his senior gym teacher, Coach Woods, asked to give him a ride home.

“Hey, Wyatt, how bout I give you a ride home. I noticed how hard you worked today”. Said Coach Woods. Wyatt had always admired the man’s great body. He was a dark chocolate god! Coach Woods was a man in his late 30’s with a clean shaven face and head. He stood at the imposing height of 6’7 and the weight of 255 lbs., it was hard for anyone in school to not get turned on by looking at him or the giant monster in his pants. The same monster shaft that was currently fully erect while coach talked to Wyatt in his car.

“Umm… sure. I suppose I’ll take a ride… from you coach”. Said Wyatt, getting into the huge black SUV. He automatically saw the erection in his coach’s sweat pants. It looked so big! Wyatt swore kaçak iddaa it reached down to his thigh, and it looked super thick like putting two soda cans together!

Wyatt then looks back at coach and sees him staring back. “I see you looking this black meat. You want it baby?’ He says looking at both Wyatt and the road. “Answer me. You want to see all 11 inches don’t you baby?” Wyatt nodded his head almost in a trance. He was so turned on by the man’s tone and dick at the moment.

Coach Woods pulls the car into his driveway. Wyatt thought that dick trance must’ve been pretty strong because they’d driven out to the middle of nowhere to where coach lived. His house was beautiful with glass windows covering the whole house. Coach would later explain that he had a button to let the windows darken or lighten so no one could see inside the house.

“Your house is beautiful coach!” Wyatt says. But before he could say another word about the home, Coach Woods was out of his seat. Stomping to Wyatt’s side of the car, he forcibly grabs Wyatt out and shuts the car door. Coach Woods’ eyes go dark and lust filled.

“You wanna taste this black monster?” he says pressing his cock into the trembling boy’s stomach.

“Fuck! Yes!” said Wyatt as he embraced the pressing meat and big body that held him against the huge car. He first reached for a coach’s pants but he stopped him.

“Kiss daddy first, and then I’ll turn your whole soul upside down you’ll be begging for more” said Coach. He kisses Wyatt roughly and then tells him to get completely naked. Wyatt, now completely in the nude turns to face coach, he jiggles his fat ass in coach’s face triggering the big black hunk to grabs Wyatt and force his hands on the car. Coach began slapping the bubble ass and before he knew, Wyatt was lifted the ground with only the car roof to hold onto.

“Ahh FUCK! Coach what are you going to do me?” Wyatt says with anticipation kaçak bahis of what’s to come. Coach Woods roughly plays and squeezes his ass, he then spread his ass wide open showing Wyatt’s tight hole.

“Goddamn bitch! This pussy looks so fucking good.” He puts his bearded face into his waiting ass. “I already know from boys at school that you’ve been fucked before. Right!” he says as he again roughly gropes Wyatt’s fat ass.

“Only by 2 white guys with 6 inches. Umm how’d you know about that any way?” he asked growing hornier by the second. “Shit I’ve been keeping tabs this you and this ass. Got the best one in the entire senior class” says Coach Woods. Before Wyatt could say anything else, Coach had his entire tongue in his ass, kissing it like it was a mouth, spitting in it and placing two huge long fingers inside. “UHHH…Fuck Coach that feels so fucking good with your tongue in my tight white ass!” he spouts in pure joy.

“Damn boy you taste good. Better than real pussy” shouts Coach. He eats his ass and then puts Wyatt over his shoulder. Wyatt notices that coach is only wearing his sweater and that his huge muscle black asscheeks are staring him dead in the face. When they get in the house, Wyatt is thrown on the extremely large bed. “Holy shit! Coach, your bed is so big” he says as the black god in front of him told him to get on knees. “Damn right it is, better get used to it to cuz we gone be doing a lot of fucking in it and in anyplace I want! Got it. Now suck my big black dick hoe!” he yells.

Wyatt sucks on coach’s 11 inch cock like a piece of candy. The sweetest piece. The more he sucks the deeper he gets until he engulfs the full member into his mouth. “Shit bitch, I’m almost bout to bust my nut. Aww aww heeerrrre it comes” he moans as the thick stream coats Wyatt’s mouth tasting the powerful man he currently suckled

. “Damn boy, that was good, now get on stomach so a real nigga illegal bahis can beat up that pussy” he instructs, Wyatt gets on his belly while coach rubs lube on his still wet pussyhole. “Umm that fills so great, I can’t wait to feel so your giant diiiiccckkkk! Awwww’ screams Wyatt as coach impales 9 inches into his ass. “Fuck! Just as tight as I thought. Like how I slam my meat into the pussy huh. Got 2 more inches bitch”. He harshly jerks his hips forward, not showing his new bitch any mercy.

“Fuck Fuck Fuck me sir!” screams Wyatt in ecstasy. His hole grips to every stroke that he is given. “You dumb bitch, you not gone call me sir, you gone call me Daddy. Got it!” yells coach as he spread Wyatt’s asscheeks to pound him more viciously. “Yesss daddy, please don’t stop fucking my pussy! I want your seed so deep in me, daddy!” he shouts as the bed moves faster and makes the thick wooden headboard hit the wall with harsh thuds and the room fills with sounds of grunts, moans and slaps with every stroke. “Ahh shit baby, nhhhmmmm here daddy cums, aww! Fuckkkkkk I’m cumming in that pussy”. He releases into the Wyatt’s now sore chasm, his ass now full to the limit from one man’s black monster cock. Get one your knees baby so daddy can see his seed my black dick spills from you!” he says as Wyatt pushes out his black daddy’s powerful cock seed that is also running down his legs from his now gaping wide hole. “Damn that looks good bitch, thank daddy for fucking that fat ass and turning it into a black cum loving little whore!” he smacks his fat butt still oozing cum to show his power. “THANK YOU DADDY. I love having your cum run down my pussy!” he says out of breath from their long fuck session.

For the next remaining months of school, Coach fucked the hell out of Wyatt’s pussy and sometimes with just a simple look or wiggle of Wyatt’s jiggly ass they would go to a broom closet in school or Coach’s huge isolated house and fuck all night sometimes inside or in a field behind his house and Wyatt passed coach’s classes with ease. Wyatt would go on to graduate with straight A’s, all thanks to Coach Woods and coach’s huge wood!

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