a fun evening with wife and roommate


We lived in a small house, two bedrooms one-and-a-half bath. Since it was just Shannon and I living here, we thought about renting out the other room. That’s if we found the right person. Well, that person came in the form of a girl, Sydney. We met at an anime convention (yes, we go to those and yes, cosplay sex is fun). Syd is a few years younger than Shannon and I. She normally just stays in her room. To be honest, from the sounds coming from her room we just assumed she was doing cam shows. It was a pretty normal day. I was sitting on the couch, while my wife, Shannon, was lying next to me. We were watching some anime, as always. The kind where there are lots of anime tits all over, but wholesome. I’m sure you can think of at least one. We were basking in the afterglow of our afternoon love making when our roommate walked into the living room. Of course the moment she came in, there was a ridiculous amount of fanservice on the TV. She paused, a bit bewildered, saying, “What are you guys watching? Anything good?” Shannon replied, all nonchalantly, “Just the norm, bunch of boobs, ass and random situations to make things suggestive.” “Ooo, Sounds fun! Do you mind if I join you?” Syd said as she walked around the couch to find a seat. “Not at all, the more the merrier,” after finding my voice. She looked at the couch for a second, with a puzzled look on her face. There really wasn’t much room, with me sitting on one end and Shannon lying across the rest. After a bit she turned around and sat on my lap. She has always been a little flirty with us but didn’t normally do things like this. If anything, she would do something physical in the form of grabbing Shannon’s curvy ass (not that I blame her. I do that, all the time, myself). For a while we all sat there, watching the anime, occasionally laughing and making remarks about the things that were happening on screen. Interestingly enough, Shannon didn’t seem bothered by how Syd was sitting on my lap. She may have been distracted by my hand playing with her nipples. She really gets turned bahis siteleri on by little acts of exhibitionism. I looked over at her. To my pleasant surprise, I noticed she was starting to touch herself. I could even hear her making the softest of pleasured whimpers. My dear wife never could seem to get enough, always wanting more, not that it bothered me any. Now with my wife’s nipple between my fingertips, the sight of her playing with herself under the blanket, the fanservice on-screen and Sydney’s firm little ass sitting on top of me… well can anybody be surprised that I started to get hard? I felt Sydney squirm a bit on me. She giggled then said, “So, I’d say let’s talk about the first thing that comes up, but I think right now that would be Clarke’s cock.” “What’s wrong with talking about his cock?” Shannon asked Syd with the cutest innocent look on her face, “It’s one of my favorite subjects to have coming out of my mouth.” “Is it really that great?” Syd inquired. “Come to think about it, I have heard you two go at it plenty of times. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious.” “Clarke has an AMAZING cock! Seriously, you should take a look at it!” I had no idea where this conversation would go, but I could tell by the look on Shannon’s face and the tone of her voice, she was getting mischievous. I cleared my throat. “Do I get any say in this?” but honestly, I already knew the answer. “Nope, just be a good boy and play along, my love,” was Shannon’s reply. I always find it so sexy when she takes the lead. Syd gave her ass a wiggle and settled with me right in the middle of her. “You really wouldn’t mind if I take a look?” She sounded nervous, maybe embarrassed. She looked so cute when she blushed. “Girl! I tell you what, If you like what you see, I will let you do whatever you want to him.” Once Shannon said the words Syd turned around. She stared at me intensely, assessing the situation at hand. I think Sydney always wanted to be a slut, but unless she was online she seemed too shy for it. It may have been my wife’s encouragement, canlı bahis siteleri but something came over her. She had that look of lust in her eyes. I could tell she was trembling. Was she nervous? Excited? It has hard to tell. All I knew at this moment was that she looked cute as all hell. All of a sudden Shannon sat up. She wanted a better view of what was about to happen. We’ve talked about scenarios like this, but never actually expected something like it to happen. At that moment Syd reached forward with both hands. Still sitting on my lap, but facing me with her legs spread apart, she started to rub my member through my pants with one hand while her other hand rested on my shoulder. All I could think to myself was, “Holy shit! Is this really happening right now?” I could feel myself growing harder and harder, while my heart beat faster and faster with every move she made. She was so gentle. But her eyes yelled at me with desire. That’s when Shannon jumped up off the couch. “Hold on one sec, don’t move you two.” She planted a kiss on me cheek and one of Sydney as well. “You both better be good and wait till I get back, I don’t want to miss anything!” That left Syd and I staring a each other, her still gently rubbing my member through my pants. It was all just so surreal. After a few moments Shannon came back, but she was holding something behind her back. She sat down on the far corner of the couch with her legs spread open. She was eager with anticipation. “You may continue now,” breaking the silence amongst the three of us. I nervously looked over at my precious Shannon. She looked so happy. She seemed to really be enjoying this tension amongst us all. Syd managed to pulled my pants off exposing my member throbbing, yearning to be touched. I was so entranced in the situation that everything beyond the three of us just didn’t exist anymore. I hoped this was how we all felt. I really hoped my wife was okay with this. “Sooooo,” Shannon piped up. “What do you think?” “It’s a bit more than I expected,” Syd replied, sounding canlı bahis a little meek. “Would you like me to show you how it’s done?” With a sigh, my wife moved from how she was sitting and crawled over on the couch so her face was right in my lap. “He likes it like this,” she said as she gave the shaft of my cock a few licks. She started kissing the sides as she made her way to the tip and took it into her mouth. I let out a small sound as she did. It felt so good. I reached my hand out running it along her back before reaching to her ass. I couldn’t quite get to that wonderful area, but she could tell what I was going for and adjusted herself so I could grab her bottom as she worked her mouth around my cock. She worked for a few minutes, bobbing up and down before pulling me out of her mouth and looked at Syd. “See? It’s easy enough. Now you try,” she said offering my cock to our friend as if it was a bit of candy she wanted to share. Syd took a deep breath as she moved back into position. She looked at me, then Shannon, then at my throbbing cock. Before she put me in her mouth so she could mimic what my wife showed her. She started to lick at the bottom of the shaft moved up to the head giving the tip a couple gentle kisses. Once Syd started to ease into the situation she put the tip in her mouth, using her tongue to toy with the tip at first before slowly starting to take a bit more, slowing, going as deep as she could before coming up gasping for a breath. “Now isn’t that better? I told you it was good!” Shannon said with excitement. “It is, I want more.” Syd didn’t take her eyes off my member as she spoke. I looked over to my wife. She had moved back over to her spot at the other end of the couch. “I don’t mind, I’m enjoying the show,” she said. I noticed she had lifted her skirt a bit and could see what she had gone to get from the other room. She was now teasing her clit with the tip of one of her favorite vibrators. I could tell she was really into what we were all doing, because she had pulled the top of her shirt down so she could play with her breast, something she normally only did when she was getting very turned on. Seeing that made me even harder. I loved watching my wife when she was turned on like that. I think it is just the hottest thing.

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