The PractiCum


­­The monumental day had arrived. Becky’s client for her practicum was on the table and Becky had to demonstrate that a) she knew how to give a therapeutic massage and b) that her client enjoyed it.One problem though, her client had the biggest hard-on she had ever seen.She felt herself to be weak in the knees. She felt the wetness between her lips; she felt her cunt awakening.So she could continue massaging around the edges, far away kaçak iddaa from the “problem area”, as she had multiple times before with other clients and hope for the best possible outcome, a deflated dick.Or she could take care of her client’s needs more directly and fail the practicum.Becky kept massaging around the edges, somewhat aimlessly, while trying to think of a successful solution to the situation. She tried to avoid looking kaçak bahis too obviously at that tall, slim cock that was poking out from under the draping she had previously so skillfully applied.Her pussy was awash with fluids. Luckily, no one could see, but if they could, she thought, was she dripping enough so that they would see a big round wet spot on her pants? One thing was for sure, if she kept looking at that big fat dick, she illegal bahis would feel squishier and squishier inside. A wave of pleasure gushed through her.It was a choice moment for her. Becky made a tremendous decision. It amounted to a career change. It was then that she brushed aside that dumb dick drape and let all of the saliva in her mouth pour over the man’s penis.The massage evaluators were aghast!Becky ignored them and kept sucking until the client tensed, bucked and put a few spurts of cum in her mouth. Becky felt exhilarated! Even though she hadn’t passed the exam, she knew that she had just given the best massage of her life!

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