The Party was Fun After All


AUTHOR’S NOTE: All characters are over 18. This story contains alcohol use and infidelity, so if you don’t like those things, please do not read further. Comments, feedback and constructive criticism are all welcome and encouraged. Hope you enjoy!


I took a deep breath as I reached for Barry’s front door. I was in a bad mood but didn’t want to let it show at the party.

“Hey Jack!” My friend Barry called out as we came in the house.

“Hey Barry!” I said, shaking his hand and putting on my best smile.

“Wow!! Look at you guys!” Barry said to my kids. “You’re getting so big!”

“I’m six!! I’m a big girl now!!” Riley yelled.

“No, I’M a big girl Riley! You’re only in kindergarten. You’re not a big girl until you’re in big girl school like me!” My oldest, Maeve, snapped.

“Maevey, be nice..” I admonished.

“You’re the big sister huh?” Barry said to her.

“Yup! I’m eight! I can already do two cartwheels!” She replied.

Barry turned his attention to Nora, who was doing her best to hide behind my legs.

“And is that little Nora hiding there?” Barry said. “That dress looks so pretty! Can I see it?”

Nora beamed and jumped out to do a twirl.

“It’s my faybit!!” She cried.

“You guys want to go jump on the trampoline?” Barry asked.

“YAAAAYYYYYY!” The girls all screamed, running to the back door.

“Where’s Laney?” Barry asked.

“She’s got a stomach bug.” I replied.

“That sucks. Want a beer?” Barry asked, leading me towards the kitchen.

“Definitely.” I replied. I normally wouldn’t drink at a kids birthday party at noon, but I really needed something to take the edge off this morning.

“Where should I put this?” I asked, holding up the gift bag.

“There’s a table set up in the den. I’ll grab you a beer. Meet me in the kitchen.”

I made my way to the den, giving polite nods and smiles to friends and aquaintances. I dropped off my gift amongst the pile of others and made for the kitchen where Barry was waiting, beer in hand. We clinked our bottles together and took a pull.

“So Sophie is a year old now huh? Man, time flies.” I said.

“Yeah. And Adam’s five in September. Can you fuckin believe it?”

“Soon you’ll be like me, outnumbered by screaming, fighting little monsters.”

“I think we’re done now. Babs has been dropping some hints that she doesn’t want anymore.”

“Smart move man. It’s tough having three.”

“Hey, Bar, can you grab some more soda and water from the garage?” Barry’s wife, Barbara said popping her head into the kitchen door. “Oh hey Jack!!”

Barry excused himself and made his way through the crowd. Barbara made her way over to me to give me a hug. She held Sophie, who was goggling wide eyed at all the excitement around her

“Hey there birthday girl!” I said, pinching Sophie’s cheeks. She immediately started crying.

“Sorry.” Babs, said “She’s going through a faze. Where’s Laney?”

“Home with a stomach bug.” I said.

“Oh no! I hope she feels better.” She replied, bouncing Sophie to stop her crying.

A woman I didn’t know came into the kitchen.

“Hey Babs, Adam scraped his knee and he’s crying. Where are your band aids?”

“Oops, sorry Jack, gotta go. Catch up later.”

Babs made her way back to the living room where the food was set up. I stayed behind, drinking my beer. Despite the fact that Barry and Babs were good friends, I really didn’t want to be here. I was telling people that my wife, Laney, was home with a stomach bug, but she was really home nursing a massive hangover. We’d gone to dinner the night before and run into a couple of her old sorority sisters and gone out for drinks with them after dinner. Laney got way too drunk, which didn’t bother me on the drive home as she stroked my cock through my pants and told me how much she couldn’t wait to fuck me. I did my best to get home as quickly as possible since this would be the first time we’d had sex in almost a year. It turned out she was making promises she couldn’t keep though; by the time I paid the babysitter and saw her out, Laney was passed out and snoring on the bed. Spending the morning dealing with a puking, hungover wife and three screaming kids did not put me in a celebratory mood.

I cracked open another beer and made my way to the food. Barry had a great spread set up, which wasn’t surprising since he ran a catering company. I made a beeline for the pulled pork, one of Barry’s specialties. After getting a plateful of food, I made my way back to the kitchen. There were no people there and I wasn’t in the mood to deal with anyone. I finished my beer as I ate and considered whether or not I should have another.

‘Fuck it.’ I thought. Even though another beer would get me feeling pretty tipsy, we were going to be at the party for a while and I should have enough time to sober up, especially since I planned on eating a lot of Barry’s great food. I opened the fridge to get another beer.

“And who is this, hiding away by himself?” I heard a sultry female voice with a Russian accent kaçak iddaa behind me. I turned.

“Alina!!” I cried out. “Oh my God, I didn’t know you were coming! It’s great to see you!”

She laughed as I pulled her in for a hug. I hadn’t seen her in years.

“It is very good to see you too Jack! I’ve missed you!” She squeezed me and I felt a thrill at feeling her breasts pressed against me.

“God, you look fabulous!” I said, looking her up and down. Time had been good to her. She had always been thin, almost too thin for my tastes, and that hadn’t changed, but now she had developed some curves in just the right places. Her boobs were definitely bigger and now her hips and ass had an attractive plumpness to them. Seeing her figure in her thin sundress with her long, straight hair draped down her back got my cock stirring.

“Thank you!” She said, laughing. My smile was genuine for the first time that day. It was hard not to smile while looking at her bright eyes, light blue with just a hint of green, like the ocean. “You’ve been keeping in shape as well I see. You wear fatherhood well.”


Alina and I had been good friends in college and then worked together at a marketing company just after graduation. I’d always had a thing for her but she’d been dating my friend Anthony, then I met Laney at work and started dating her. The four of us, along with Barry and Babs, had formed a pretty tight friend group for a while but eventually Alina left to go to another company and we drifted apart a little, our friendship now mostly confined to occasional text messages and social media posts.

“Is Tony here?” I asked.

“No. He has decided to stay home with our daughter, Gianna.”

“Wait, you have a daughter? How old?”

“Gianna is seven months old.”

My jaw dropped. “There’s no way that’s true. You look too good to have a just given birth seven months ago.”

Alina laughed again. “You are too kind. There is much catching up for us to do but I will discuss nothing else until you have poured me a glass of wine.”

“Of course! I’m sorry!”

“No apology needed.” She said. Alina smiled and put her hand on my arm, sending a thrill running through me. God, she was gorgeous.

We walked out into the dining room and found the area where the wines were.

“Do you still drink Pinot Noir?” I asked, reaching for the red wine.

“Why Jack, I’m delighted you remember.” She said, reaching out and lightly touching my chest.

I felt my face flushing and my cock stirring at her touch. I poured her wine and gestured towards the food.

“Have you eaten?” I asked.

“Not yet. I’ve been saving my appetite for Barry’s famous cuisine.”

“You’re in luck, he really outdid himself today.”

Alina fixed herself a small plate, mostly salad, and we sat down at a nearby table.

“God it’s great to see you!” I said. “I really miss our group happy hours from Premier Marketing. We had so much fun!”

“Yes. I have fond memories of the nights we would go out dancing. Do you still go dancing Jack?”

I too had fond memories of those nights. Tony never enjoyed dancing, and Laney would only stay on the dance floor for a couple of songs, so Alina and I often found ourselves paired up while our significant others were at the bar. Alina was an amazing dancer, and I’d spent many nights pleasuring myself to the memory of her writhing in her skimpy club outfits.

“No, I haven’t been out dancing in years. Once we had the kids it got much tougher to get out. And Laney isn’t really a huge dancer herself.” I said.

“It is a shame. You are a fantastic dancer.” She replied. “And where is your wife?”

“Laney’s home with a stomach bug.” I said taking a sip of my beer. “How about you? You can really light up a dance floor yourself.”

“No. Tony does not enjoy dancing and I do not enjoy dancing alone. I prefer to dance with a skilled partner, like you, Jack.” She said, and placed her hand on my knee. My cock jumped involuntarily at her touch and I felt myself getting hot. I’d always been faithful to my wife but trying to resist Alina’s charms was hopeless. Even after all these years I was smitten.

“DADDY WE’RE HUNGRY!!” Maeve screamed, suddenly appearing next to us with her sisters in tow. I wasn’t sure whether I was grateful for or annoyed at the interruption.

“And who are these beautiful princesses?” Alina asked.

My girls introduced themselves, except Nora who tried to hide behind me.

“Girls, this is Alina. She’s an old friend of mommy and daddy.” I said.

“I’m so glad to meet you.” She said.

“You talk funny!” Maeve cried.

“Maeve! That’s not nice!” I yelled.

“It is fine Jack.” Alina said, smiling. She turned to Maeve. “I was born in a country very far away, called Russia. I didn’t learn to speak your language until I was much older.”

“Mascha is from Russia!!” Riley yelled. Mascha was a character in the cartoon Riley was currently obsessed with.

“Mascha’s not real.” Maeve snapped.

“Ok girls, let’s get you some food.” I said, trying kaçak bahis to distract them. “Who wants meatballs, who wants pizza?”

I fixed plates for the kids and we sat, Alina and I trying to chat around the chaos of three excited kids. We talked about the joys and challenges of parenthood, as well as the realization that we were leaving behind the carefree days of our youth behind. Alina talked about how torn she felt about putting her career on hold to focus on motherhood. At some point Alina finished her wine and I went to get her a refill.

“Can we go play?” Maeve asked, when the girls had finished eating most of their food.

“Yes, go play.” I said.

“Jack, you are an excellent father. So patient.” Alina said.

“Thank you. I try.” I said.

“I must say I’m a little envious. Laney is a lucky woman.”

“Thank you! And Tony is a very lucky man.” I said. I touched my beer bottle to her wine glass in a toast and finished the rest. Alina surprised me by finishing her wine as well, even though it was about halfway full.

“Shall we have another drink?” Alina asked. “I don’t remember the last time I’ve enjoyed myself so.”

“Let’s do it.” I said. Another drink would probably get me slightly more drunk than I was comfortable with, but being around Alina was making me throw caution to the wind.

We stood and Alina took my arm in hers, making me break out in goosebumps. We went arm in arm to get more drinks. My heart was beating fast. Having her pressed against me made me feel as if I was in school again. It had been a long time since I’d had a woman pressed so close and it was exciting.

We got another round and Alina raised her glass. “To reconnecting with dear friends.”

“To keeping that connection from now on!” I said. Alina smiled again as we each took a sip.

“We must get together more often Jack. You make me feel young again. Tony is a wonderful father but he has no passion for life. I have no desire to become old and boring like him.” She drank another sip. “I need PASSION. Tony has none. Especially not in the bedroom.”

“Wow, that’s surprising.”

“Perhaps. But you and Tony have always been very different.”

“You can say that again. He’s a fool if he can’t appreciate a gorgeous wife like you.”

Alina dropped her eyes with a smile. “It is kind of you to say.”

She looked up with an almost startled expression on her face. “I am sorry Jack. You are not a therapist and do not wish to hear about my love life, or lack thereof.”

“No, no it’s fine.” I said. The alcohol emboldened me but more than that, I had always been able to open up to Alina. “To be honest, I can really sympathize. Laney and I have been having our own struggles. She’s amazing in so many ways but sometimes it feels like we’re roommates instead of spouses. I can’t even remember the last time we were intimate. I sometimes wonder if it’s me, like maybe I’m no longer attractive.”

Alina put her hand on my chest again. “I can assure you that is NOT the case.” My heart started beating so hard from her touch I thought I might faint. “You are just as attractive now as the day we met.”

“Hey Alina!” Barry said, approaching us. I silently cursed my friend for breaking up the intimate moment between Alina and myself. “Having fun? Did you get some food?”

“It is a very enjoyable party Barry and the food is absolutely delicious. Thank you so much for inviting me.” She replied.

“Thanks for coming. Sorry Tony couldn’t make it. I wish I could spend more time with you guys but there’s a ton for me to do.”

“Think nothing of it. Jack is excellent company. He’s keeping me entertained.”

“Great.” Barry said “Jack, the entertainment just got here and they’re setting up in the den. You mind helping me gather up the kids and getting them in there?”

“Sure. Let’s go round em up.” I said.

“I’ll help too.” Alina chimed in. “I sense you could benefit from a woman’s touch in this.” I wasn’t sure if I was crazy or not, but it seemed as if she had emphasized “woman’s touch” and directed it to me.

We gathered the kids from their various play spaces and directed them to the den, where a troupe of people in their late teens or early twenties, all dressed in cheap looking Avengers costumes had gathered. The one dressed as Captain America stepped forward and boomed out, “We need help fighting evil. Who’s ready to join the World’s Mightiest Heroes?”

The sound of the dozen and a half kids screaming could probably have been heard in the next state. The booming pop music that started playing from a speaker in the corner of the room sounded just as loud. The combination of the music and the screaming as the kids went through their “Avengers tryouts” (a series of jumping and dancing games) created a cacophony that was nearly overwhelming.

“This noise is unbearable.” Alina screamed at me over the furor. “Can we find somewhere quieter?”

“Gladly!” I yelled back.

Alina took my hand and led me away from the chaos of the den, weaving through the other guests towards the door to the garage. illegal bahis She took a quick look around to make sure no one noticed, then pulled us through the door into the garage.

It was much quieter in the garage. Various shelves filled with boxes and storage bins lined most of the walls, others has pegboards of tools. Alina flicked the light switch and hopped up onto the chest freezer next to the door. Her dress rode up revealing a lot of her thighs. I couldn’t help but stare, admiring her gorgeous legs from her perfectly manicured toes to the hem of her dress. I felt my cock thickening, getting half hard.

“This is much better. You agree?” Alina asked. She took a sip and flashed her eyes at me over the top of the glass. She looked like a hungry lioness, all flaming desire and sensual grace. I just nodded my head.

“I am glad we have this time alone together. The main reason I accepted Barry’s invitation to come is because I hoped to see you. I have missed how close we were.” Alina continued.

“I missed you too. You’re one of the smartest, funniest, most interesting people I know. And clearly the most attractive.” I said.

Alina put her wine glass down next to her and reached to take my hand. She pulled me closer until I was standing between her legs as she sat.

“I have always thought you were one of the most attractive men I’ve ever met. I’ve thought many times about how different my life would be if I had chosen to be with you instead of Tony.” She pulled me closer, close enough that she could whisper in my ear. “But we are here together now.”

I groaned when she nibbled on my earlobe and reached down to feel my cock through my jeans.

“Alina, I…” I tried to form words, maybe push her away, offer some resistance, but the feeling of her lips on my skin and her hand on my dick pushed out any rational thought. I was finally able to blurt out “What about Tony?”

“I don’t care about Tony. I want this. I want YOU!” She said and kissed me deep. When her lips parted and her tongue met mine, all my restraint melted away. I growled and pulled her tight against me, grinding my cock against her pussy.

“Yes, oh yes” she moaned, leaning her head back as I kissed down her neck. My lips moved down to her chest, kissing the tops of her breasts that were visible above her dress and bra. I didn’t spend much time there, because Alina put her hand on top of my head and pushed down. I took the hint and moved down, kissing up and down her legs, pushing her dress up higher as I got closer to where her legs met her body.

Alina leaned back, supporting herself with one hand and playing with her breasts with the other. I reached up under her dress and hooked my fingers under her panties. Alina lifted her hips so that I could slide her underwear down her perfect legs. She pulled her dress up all the way, revealing her awe inspiring pussy. I took a moment to admire its beauty. She was completely clean shaven, her lips a perfect light pink color and not too large, her clit peeking out ever so slightly from her folds. I stuck out my tongue and slowly licked up her pussy, relishing the sweet, tangy taste of her sex. It had been years since I had eaten anyone out and licking the amazing pussy of this gorgeous woman was getting me more turned on than I’d been in a long, long time. I sped up the pace of my licks and focused more on her clit, Alina’s moans encouraging my efforts.

Alina laid down on the freezer, putting one hand on my head and alternating the other between tweaking her nipples and licking her fingers.

“Da, da, lizni menya. Oh Jack, lizni menya. Ohhhh harosho…” She moaned out in Russian.

I could have licked her for hours. I couldn’t get enough of her taste, her smell, the smooth feel of her lips and folds, the sound of her moans. I brought a finger up and started tentatively rubbing around her soaking entrance before slowly sliding it in. She gasped and lifted her hips up when I ran my finger over her g-spot.

“Ne dvigaysya!” She cried out urgently. I had no idea what she was saying but I figured she didn’t want me to stop. I kept rubbing my finger over the soft, spongy spot at the front of her canal and kept my pace licking her clit. “Harosho, harosho, oh, OH”

Her whole body started shaking before she tensed. I felt the walls of her pussy squeeze onto my finger.

“UHMH, UHMH, UHMH!” She groaned, clamping her legs painfully around my neck. I ignored her crushing grip and kept licking as she started twitching and squirming until she pushed me away with her hands and legs. She sat up, desire burning in her eyes like an inferno and grabbed me by my shirt, pulling me in for a deep kiss. She reached down and started fumbling for my belt and fly as we kissed. I moaned as I felt her hand reach into my boxers and wrap around my cock.

“Mmmmmmmh. This is what I want.” She purred, then bit my bottom lip and started stroking my cock.

I felt pre-cum leaking out of the tip of my cock as Alina jerked me off with one hand and pushed my pants and boxers down with the other. She pushed me back a couple of steps, then hopped down and turned around and bent over. I stood there for a second, stunned by how perfect her ass looked, even in her dress. She turned to look back at me and wiggled her ass.

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