The night Jodie rocked my world x


She was my best friend, Jodie was her name and she was a regular in the bar where I worked. I never would of guessed that she was interested in girls, she always told me she loved me and that I was her baby but I guessed that to be affection.Then one night after she had been drinking in the club where I worked, I invited her to follow the night through at my flat which I shared with a friend, my friend was out for the night looking after her mum. Jodie, Isobel and Darren came back to my flat, we sat and listened to music and drunk strong white rum, and even though I had been working that night, I began to feel drunk very quickly.Isobel and Darren fell asleep quickly clearly too intoxicated through alcohol.Myself and Jodie made our way upstairs and sat talking for a while, continuing to drink and listening to Leona Lewis album.I could see her scanning her güvenilir bahis eyes all over my body, I had found Jodie very attractive for a while so thought undressing in front of her would be key to seducing her. As I reached up to take my top off she grabbed my arm and pulled me close to her chest holding me tight. I could hear her breaking inside, longing to talk to me, I looked up into her face and she smiled, I layed my head into her shoulder and stroked her tummy, I could see it was turning her on and she squirmed and her heart was pounding. She lay down flat on the bed and looked at me straight in the face, all I said was ‘You okay babe’ she nodded and snuggled into the side of my face, she then moved her face across and gently kissed my lips, I kissed her back and as I pulled away she pulled me back and started to introduce her tongue. This time güvenilir bahis siteleri I pulled back properly and said ‘Hold on a minute, what’s all this’ She just grabbed my shirt and pulled me on top of her and held my face whilst she kissed me gently stroking my tongue against hers.Her hands trembled as she felt my breasts and unbuttoned my shirt and wrapped my arms around her waist, I could feel myself falling and as I moved up I grinded her pelvis and this is where the real action began, she moaned loudly whispering in my ear how she has longed to have me in bed! She unpeeled my shirt and began licking and kissing my nipples, grabbing my belt and pulling me towards her, by now my clit was throbbing for her and I could take no more. I began to undo the button on her trousers, she was moaning begging for me to release her from all the tension. iddaa siteleri I pulled her lacy frenchies from her waist and deposited them to the floor, I seperated her thighs and slowly began to play with her aroused pussy, she was so wet and moaned and groaned begging, I told her to close her eyes and focus on her pussy only, as she done this I entered my tongue into her pussy and flicked her clit over and over, suddenly she clenched the sheets and let out the most dirty sounding sound as she climaxed, her pelvic muscles clenched and she started gushing with cum…..She lay breathing heavily stroking my hair, I leant up and kissed her, after some time it just got more and more passionate, she kissed me hard and grabbed my love handles. I felt like I was in a dream world….being held by a beautiful girl…..then suddenly I felt myself hit the bed, she began kissing my neck working her way so softly down my body stroking my inner thighs, i felt a huge wave of pleasure, she ever so lightly stroked my wet pussy, I became so desperate for her, I closed my eyes picturing her head in between my legs.

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