The Mounds Hotel Pt. 01


Fred sat back in the co-pilot seat of the rental Ford Escape, watching the yellow-orange shoulder of the 2-lane Nevada highway whisk past, scrubby bush blurring away into rocky desert landscape.

He stretched his long, toned legs and reached a muscular arm around the back of the driver seat, occupied by the large frame of his husband Ken, confidently navigating the SUV.

Both men were relaxed; they wore cropped chino shorts with the bottoms rolled up, with faded sweatshirts; Ken’s shorts were brown and Fred’s tan. Fred had hesitated earlier that day back in their Virginia town-home whether to wear the usual low top sneakers or his old leather cowboy boots; he had chosen the boots. Ken’s wavy black hair was still disheveled from sleeping on the plane from Virginia to Nevada, carelessly concealed by a baseball cap. Both men were beautiful to one another and deeply in love- Fred had bright, twinkling green eyes and a narrow skull, atop a chiseled, tan muscular 5’10” build. Meanwhile Ken was 6’5″, had a rounder face with dark features, and was blessed with soft shoulders, a generous belly, sensuous hips and a perfect, large butt.

The young couple were taking a much-needed 3-day weekend vacation away from their busy professional lives- but unlike their usual hiking trips to the Appalachian mountains or gourmet explorations in New York, this trip had a different theme: the two men had decided to make a trip dedicated to fulfilling the other’s fantasy, and this first time it was Fred’s turn to indulge. He was ready to make it a trip to remember for them both.

Fred’s big green eyes darted mischievously across the horizon, 90 minutes outside of Reno and comfortably into the undisturbed countryside. He had researched the destination, “Mounds Hotel”, by internet and even phone calls. Finally he and his lover were going to experience the bliss of his fantasy, undisturbed and uninhibited.

Fred was already bloated and full of food from the airplane- he shifted in his seat and let out a loud, long fart and laughed lustily, squeezing his thighs together around his tingling, slowly engorging penis. He could feel his shortly cropped brown hair stand on end with anticipation.

Ken resounded with a loud, wet-sounding fart and a blunt laugh. The two men frequently farted in front of each other as an unspoken sign of affection and a nod to Fred’s dirtiest pleasures, which were yet to be explored by the two of them.

“We’re here, babe…” Ken’s deep voice sounded naughty but intrigued at the same time as he maneuvered the car off the road.

From the side of the secluded highway, they proceeded up a steep gravel driveway to a gate. Ken unrolled the window and immediately was greeted by a rush of the sweet stench of cow manure.

“Mmm” Fred grinned and inhaled deeply, rolling down his passenger window to further invite the smell inside.

“You dirty thing” Ken laughed and pushed the intercom button.

“Ah, Ken and Fred” a demure male voice returned almost immediately. “We’ve been looking forward to your weekend with us. Come on in” The electronic gate slid open.

The men drove over a hill to find a long, single-story motel-style structure expanding away from a single-lane parking lot. A few sports cars from California were interspersed with pickup trucks and small rental vehicles. A rainbow pride flag flew prominently next to a large brown flag.

“Well, Ken, you know what that means” Fred gestured to the brown flag, smiled and farted loudly, as if on queue. He started laughing more and more deeply, sitting up straighter in his seat to feel his hardened testicles tingle with glee under the weight of his fit torso.

Ken grinned, “Alright you teenager, at least try to contain your horny excitement til we get past the recept…”

A tall slender man, presumably the hotel reception staff, was walking toward them in the parking lot. He strode confidently up to the car in cowboy boots, wearing a crisp button up shirt, brown leather vest and blazer, and- an enormous white diaper with no pants.

The oversized, pristine adult diaper hung low between his hairless thighs, billowing slightly in the desert breeze. Ken and Fred could almost hear the crinkle of the absorbent material from the car.

“Welcome you two. I’m Al, head receptionist” Al spoke up in his demure, sultry voice as he approached. He smelled faintly of lavender soap and- yes, baby powder.

“Surprised?” Fred giggled quietly to Ken. “You know what I liked about this place, and you know why I wanted to come, don’t you? We’re going to be dressed like that in a matter of hours…or minutes.”

The dapper diaper receptionist helped the men with their luggage from the trunk onto a cart, showing uncharacteristic strength. Ken and Fred both admired his polished, lightly oiled legs as he squatted in his clean diaper, helping the suitcases out of the back of the car and guiding Ken into a parking spot.

“You yalova escort two follow me, I’ll show you to your pre-paid suite.” Al followed the men’s gaze to his massive puffy undergarment. He stopped and rested on one hip, caressing a hand lightly over his crotch. “You like? Hah. I love it!” He squatted slightly in his cowboy boots and laughed. “This is how we all dress. You know, we’re under strict orders not to use a toilet for a week, unless it’s diarrhea or something we don’t want… down there.” He spoke slowly and deliberately with a smug grin, “I just changed my garments for the week this morning, and I’ve not yet laid my egg today- mine is usually around 8pm. I like to enjoy my works in peace. But Frank over there” Al gestured to a tall, young bald man sitting behind the front desk just inside the door.

Just then, the three men walked into the men-only hotel lobby, a small, low-ceiling room with a reception desk and a simple dining area of a few tables in the corner. As soon as they passed through the sliding doors the men were greeted by an onslaught of the thickest smell of poop they’d every experienced… yet, that is. Fred breathed in deeply and gagged slightly, but smiled at the familiar spiking scent he enjoyed on his own at home so much. Ken had to take a few extra deep breaths before he got used to the smell, but Fred squeezed his hand reassuringly.

Frank was the only man in the lobby, sitting with a philosophy book behind the front desk. He looked up and smiled at the men as they walked in.

“Yes, Frank, he likes to, er, think on it.” Al said with a laugh and – a nonchalant sulfurous fart that Fred and Ken could both smell. Al saluted to Frank with a wink as he passed by.

Frank shifted and leaned forward on his office chair and spread his thighs out. Over the desk Ken could just see a massive, dark lumpy mass spread around Frank’s exposed waist. Frank looked so content, seated on his throne, unperturbed and absorbed in his book. Ken was intrigued.

Al continued down a single hallway of 40 rooms, away from the simple lobby. The pair’s room was at the very end. Al produced a branded paper bag as he handed the room key to the men. “Inside you will find custom underwear, swimming trunks, and, well, our famous signature supplement mix. There are enough mixes for each of your meals with us for the next three days, so, get ready to be cleansed within and be completely ruined.” Al winked. “With that, I know you two have a lot of- exploring- to do. Just remember our rule- never say no to anyone’s shit around here.” Al studied the grin of Fred and Ken’s curious but hopeful expression. “Oh, ah-ha!” Al suddenly pressed his oiled thighs together and laughed. “I love showing new guests in here, I LOVE it!” He hissed and squatted again, letting an audible splash of pee out into his diaper. “Alright, I’m off to find Frank for an hour or so of some staff-only fun. Okay, you two enjoy.”

“Well- that is that I guess” Fred unlocked the pinewood door to reveal a modern hotel room, featuring a large white double bed and a generously equipped kitchen and dining area. The room was stylishly accented with masculine earth tones, mood lighting and wood furniture. The room was bright, with a floor-to-ceiling glass door that opened out onto what appeared to be an opulent golf course, expanding away from the single-story hotel room.

Unlike the lobby, the sunlit room smelt of crisp linens and essential oils- clean smells all too ready to be ruined in Fred’s mind.

Without hesitation he stripped to his grey FTL boxer briefs, stained slightly along the midline with sweat from the long journey, and stood over the hot water machine in the corner of the kitchen. His erection had resided from earlier, but his massive dangling testicles rested and jostled intermittently inside his underwear. Ken was obsessed with Fred’s genitalia and, as always, sat behind him transfixed before yanking his lover’s underwear off, tickling Fred’s balls gently and giving his wet fuzzy butt crack a gentle kiss. Fred laughed and gently bopped Ken’s forehead. “Now who’s dirty.”

Ken himself had a naughty erection that was stretching up through the side of his underwear and was plainly visible across the left side of his trousers. He had never played with poop before like his husband did on occasion, but something about Fred’s fetish was so relaxed, boyishly inviting, yet utterly disgusting that he couldn’t wait to try it for himself. For months Ken and Fred had been plotting a getaway that would allow them to explore Fred’s fetish, and the Mounds Hotel was the only retreat in the country that actively encouraged the mischievous play.

“I guess this is how we make our magic brew” Fred murmured as he poured hot water into a mug.

“What does this stuff do again?” Ken rested his large hips and hard penis against the naked backside of his man. “You’re the FBI chemist, tell me.”

“Simple stuff- It’s a potion of probiotics yalova escort bayan and rough and refined fibers, along with some plant extracts… supposed to make you make a lot, a LOT of poop” Fred replied. “It reacts positively with the food already in your gut and multiplies the amount of waste your body can produce, helping to cleanse your gut while also giving you the most glorious, soft, massive stool you could dream of. So it’s healthy and ooooh-so bad. Mwahaha.”

Just talking about poop had aroused Fred. His own engorged penis pressed hard against the countertop in front of him as he swirled the frothy beige drink mix in the warm hotel coffee mug.

“Well, here we go.” Fred took a sip of the thick, milky froth, then another.

Ken started to fix his own batch of hot water for his own drink. “Wait, so, we can poop and pee wherever we want in here, right?”

“Yep” Fred grinned. “That’s in the expensive bill we paid to stay at this place. Gotta go?”

“Well…” Ken started with a small grin.

Fred turned around, erection coming full on. “Go on. Break a rule. Show me.”

Ken stood and walked to the corner, turning around coquettishly. “I’m kinda, nervous” His southern Virginia twang always resurfaced when he was nervous. “But…” Ken tilted his brown eyes to the ceiling. “A- aha- haha…”

A cute silky fart rang out from Ken’s enormous butt, still clothed in the khaki shorts. A dark spot spread quickly from the center of his pants outward. Golden streams of warm pee trickled from his shorts-legs down onto the hardwood flooring, subsiding for a moment.

Ken turned around, his big eyes filled with guilt and excitement like a boy. “I just peed… on the floor… and … I can do more…”

He stood up straighter and let the urine he’d held in since the plane gush out for a whole minute, surrounding himself with a large puddle that spread to the wall. His socked feet were completely soaked and crooked erection clearly visible through his drenched shorts. Ken felt that this was totally in his capability, and he liked it. A lot.

Fred just looked on and smiled as he pulled his sweaty briefs back on, bending the elastic to fit his hard-erect penis inside. “That’s me getting started every weekend you’re away on business, babe…But I do it on the linoleum… usually” He walked up to Ken’s body and pressed himself up to his wet clothes.

“And watching you do this for me, coming on this trip, well…” Fred grabbed Ken’s shoulder with one hand and chest with the other, and they kissed intensely, breathing in the smell of Ken’s first diversion on the floor.

“This is going to be an amazi-” Fred paused. He and Ken both heard Fred’s stomach growl and churn. They looked at each other and smiled.

A few minutes later…

“I… I’ve never felt this heavy in my gut all of a sudden…” Fred exclaimed. “It’s like a giant, warm hug is getting bigger and wrapping my inside, and…” He bent over, not in pain, but with a certain urgency. He smiled.

“I’d better get my drink too, I don’t want to fall too far behind your intestines!” Ken excitedly went to mix his drink, carelessly tracking pee across the floor.

Fred let out a wheeze and a low laugh as he stared at Ken’s puddle of pee. “No, no, it’s getting bigger inside me, babe. Bigger. I can feel it now. Yes”

“The mix did its job, uh?” Ken looked on, oblivious of what he was about to witness.

Fred couldn’t stand up straight, his large intestine was expanding so fast. He hobbled to the glass door and looked out over the golf course interspersed with sandy dunes in the afternoon sunlight. He wasn’t ready, he hadn’t even changed into the hotel diaper, he wasn’t ready to show Ken the right way to do it- but then he remembered that the wrongness was the best part of his hobby- that was the power.

Suddenly Fred stood up straight, and spread his thighs out in a partial split, breathing in deeply.

“Honey, are you-? Oh…” Ken walked up to the bed and sat on it, pulling off his wet clothes and laying them on the sheets.

Fred breathed heavily and pushed just slightly.

It started as it always did- the head of poop poking out, ready to greet toilet water but instead delightfully sticking to dry fabric in mid-air, just a tiny head of stench peeking into the world.

Clenched between a man’s legs, a brown and sticky secret… but this was to be different.

Fred’s testicles and penis hung limp momentarily as all the strength went to his anus- the head of the poop grew to a fist-sized chunk that pushed apart the lips of his anus in all directions, blood flow ecstasy spreading up and down Fred’s spine.

“Ah-ahhh-ahhhhh!” Fred grunted quietly to himself. Ken stood up from behind, but just as Ken’s look of wonder was changing to concern, Fred’s hair stood on end again. His grimace turned to a smile and his grunt to a bellowing laughter.

Fred laughed breathlessly and stomped escort yalova his left ankle on the floor in delight as his turd, as thick as a large orange and almost a foot long, slimy and thick from the sides, slid out more and more easily into his tight briefs.

The massive turd crackled festively, bent and distorted on contact with the back of his pants, pulling on the elastic and shifting shapes to a mound the size of two grapefruits that sunk downward between Fred’s butt cheeks.

Fred kept laughing, unable to turn around and face his husband just yet with this astounding amount of poop between his legs. He squatted slightly and sent another round of softer poop flowering outwards into his pants, pressing the capacity of his briefs as the poop slowly moved outward in a brown stain, now as wide as a dinner platter across Fred’s backside. There were at least four grapefruits’, if not five grapefruits’ worth of Fred’s dung to play with now…

Even without sitting down, a large glob of the poop crept between Fred’s balls, now thickening beneath his erection, revived and throbbing stronger than ever.

The stench filled the room so much it felt like the couple were bathing in it.

Fred let out a loud fart into his saturated pants and pressed his thighs together in glee.

The sac of dung jutted outward, up and around his erect penis and bloomed across his butt cheeks like a putrid pillow.

Fred turned to face his husband, one hand caressing the edge of his massive product.

Ken sat spread across the bed in total astonishment, clutching his mug mid-drink, another hand shamelessly stroking his erect dick.

“So?” Fred’s voice was high and wavering, as if he had just conquered a blissful moon. “What do you think of all this?”

“I…” Ken moved his large frame to the edge of the bed. “I think you need to come sit right here”, gesturing to his open, naked lap.

Fred silently tiptoed toward his husband, his massive poop making squelching noises with every minor movement.

“Heh” He laughed and grasped his husbands shoulders, slowly, slowly bending his knees.

Fred, ever the joker and veteran-pants pooper (though never this much), suddenly dropped himself into his husband’s waiting lap and let it all go- literally.

Ken cried in happy surprise and Fred laughed devilishly as warm poop spilled effortlessly in globs onto Ken’s thighs. The original turd-mound crushed luxuriously beneath Fred’s weight, while outer rims of softer filth ballooned cheerfully upwards and outwards from the legs of his trousers.

He kneeled around his husband’s large frame, pulling his poop-filled crotch to embrace his husband’s, and picked up wads of his own poop, stuffing them back into his trousers with this left hand while throwing a stained right hand around Ken’s shoulder, kissing him intensely.

By this point, Fred was as erect as he could be, his long, engorged cock sliding melodiously atop a two-inch bed of poop in the crux of his underpants, only to meet the familiar and welcome prick of Ken’s enormous penis awaiting at the front end, now also getting stained in gobs of the filth in a massive diamond of poop made in Ken’s lap.

Fred felt Ken’s surprising coherence and enchantment with his fetish to be so empowering.

Meanwhile, Ken couldn’t stop feeling the sticky, tickling goo that his husband had just produced in so many glorious mounds, spilling onto the pressed cotton bedsheets and surrounding his wet body. They were breaking so many rules, yet it was all so allowed. Even though pooping was such a primal act, the deliberate breaking of all the childhood toilet training made Ken feel so free, above all else.

The two men lay back in their shared mess, Fred laying down and pressing himself onto Ken with a mountain of poop ballooning through his briefs.

His penis reached upward toward his stomach through the warm, wet slime, and touched over his husband’s through all of the filth.

The men kissed and laughed and finally gave in to their bliss… Fred pulled out his uncircumcised monster to squirt gobs of cum onto Ken’s chest, Ken spreading his stained thighs apart and ejaculating right onto the mattress, now covered in a mountain of his man’s mess.

The two men breathed a sigh of perfect contentment, Fred rolling over next to Ken with a notable *squelch*, a foot-wide trail of poop following him across the comforter.

A moment of perfect silence in the stink.

“Now this, this is a vacation” Fred took Ken’s hand.

“I love you Freddy… and I think I am getting your poop fetish”

“I love you too babe,” Fred rested a dung-covered thigh on his husband’s round hip.

“I mean, I think I’m really getting it. Like…” Ken reached over for one of the hotel diapers. “I think I’m feeling a new hobby coming out… now”

Just as Fred grasped his husband’s ear affectionately and felt a new rush of pleasure, a knock at the door.

“Gentleman, having fun in there? I can smell it, anyhow. Very nice. Just letting you know, dinner is served. It’s more of the magic potion mixed in… so come as you are, and remember, no shit-shaming”

-to be continued-

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