The Gardener Ch. 02


Hi, my name is dan, all the characters in this story are over 18. This is the story of how an awkward 19 year old became the local stud for his whole neighbourhood.

I walked over to the side of her bed as she presented her pussy to me. “Do you want me to wear a condom?” I asked, stroking my cock back to life. Rachel simply shook her head and took her shirt off, revealing her beautiful tits.

My recent blowjob had given me a new found confidence as I dove into her cleavage, flittering my tongue over her left nipple while my hand firmly grasped at her right. Rachel let out a drawn out moan as she swung her arms around my neck. As I moved my mouth from one breast to the other, my free hand went for her pussy. I lightly caressed her bush before sliding a finger into her.

I began to finger her, my finger somewhat clumsily diving in an out while I brought my head down to her hips. She stood up expectantly and held my head against her. I’d never given head before and it was showing, but I did my best, my tongue flicking and twirling as it bounced over her protruding clit, her moans now louder and louder. It was only a few minutes later that her grasp on my head abruptly got tighter, and I felt the muscles in her pussy contract as she reached her first orgasm of the day. When she finished, she let out a sigh and fell back on the bed. “Oh my god.” she said under her breath, before I stepped forward and aligned my cock with her opening.

I stared directly into her eyes, seeking one final confirmation that I could do this. “Please Dan, I need your cock in me,” came the response.

I pressed my turgid cock into her dripping wet pussy, sliding my whole length slowly and steadily into her, as her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she let out one continuous moan. Her pussy was perfect. The only girl I had been with before was too tight, complaining about the thickness of my cock, but Rachel was just… perfect. When I was all the way in her, I placed my hand on her hips and began my workout of deep thrusts, as she played with her magnificent tits. I continued fucking her missionary for a while, my brain simply swimming in the pure, unadulterated pleasure of Rachel’s body. In that moment, nothing else mattered. I didn’t give a shit about the freak shower, I couldn’t care less whether my mom found out, I just wanted Rachel.

She demanded I go faster between laboured breaths and I obliged, now smashing myself into her repeatedly. Rachel became more and more vocal, with phrases like “fuck me.”, “yeah yeah yeah.” and somewhat surprisingly “I love youuuuu.” became commonplace, while I just kept jackhammering my cock in and out of her pussy. Suddenly, her hands hit the bed either side of her, she was nearing orgasm. So I gave it all I could, thrusting hard into her and unleashing the load I had been holding back on. The air became filled with my name, repeated by Rachel as she reached her orgasmic conclusion, and I watched her, making sure that her face was the last thing I saw before I exploded into her pussy. After my powerful ejaculation, I collapsed to the bed to catch my thoughts and my breath. And there we lay for a while, basking the afterglow as she snaked her bahis siteleri body around mine.

After a while the inevitable happened, but it still made me sad. “Dan, you have to go, and I have to go pick up Tim from nursery,” she said in a melancholic voice, as she rose from her and collected some underwear from he drawer. “There’s some clothes on the bathroom floor, that’s what I was coming in for before…” her voice trailed off while we both remembered the incredible events that had taken place. “If you like I can drop you off at home, you’ll have to leave the lawnmower here until it’s stopped raining though.”

“And when I come and pick it up,” I said, as I stood up and started moving towards the en suite. “Are we gonna…?”

“Well that’s up to you,” she interrupted “but that was the first time I’ve been fucked in 2 years, and you were fantastic.”

I grinned, and went to get dressed.

I swung round to pick up the lawnmower 5 days later, on the following wednesday, just in time to cut Haley’s grass the day after (but we’ll get to that later). I knocked on her door, already anticipating what was gonna happen next. She opened the door and my hopes were immediately smashed by a crying noise coming from the background. “I’m sorry, Tim’s been ill and I’m keeping him home for a few days,” she said.

“Oh shit, is he ok?”

“Yeah he’ll be fine, thanks.” We stood there for a while in silence before she invited me in. “About… that, I’m really sorry but I just don’t feel comfortable with that while Tim is in the house.” I nodded understandingly, before a thought came into my head that I struggled to put into words:

“Are we… you know…”

“No,” she said almost bluntly. “I think we both know we can’t be a thing, I’m friends with your mom and hell I’m a dozen years older than you.” she said “You want sex, so do I. Let’s keep it simple.” she held out a hand for me to shake, but instead I took her in a warm embrace. “And yes, that does mean you can fuck other women.” she chuckled.

“Hah, I doubt I could get a girl if I wanted to.”

She stared back at me with a devious grin before replying “you’d be surprised.”

I collected my lawnmower and left with blue balls and a slight confusion over what she had said.

The next day was sunny, and I was pleased to see a complete lack of torrential downpour as i pushed the lawnmower up and down, earphones blasting. I bobbed my head to the music, in my own little bubble as I unwound from the stresses of life, before I noticed Haley standing in the doorway, giggling. Haley was blonde, her hair flowing down just past her shoulders. She had two kids, both about the same age as me, and neither were home. Rachel had always been my favourite, but I couldn’t deny Haley’s beauty. Her marine eyes glimmered in the sunlight as they looked into mine. She wore a bathrobe that showed off her phenomenal 34DD breasts, and a cute pair of white slippers.

“Hey.” I said, taking out my earphones and stopping the machine

“Nice head banging,” she mocked, “what are you listening to?”

“The Lord of the Rings audiobook.” I replied with a smirk. “Just kidding, it’s AC/DC.”

“Wow you’re old.” Haley replied canlı bahis siteleri sarcastically.

“You should respect your elders.” I said in a croaky voice.

“And you should work on your old guy impression because that is embarrassing. Anyway, I’ll let you get back to it. Nothing’s more heavy metal than cutting grass.”

“Hell yeah.” I replied, replacing my earphones. I look up to see her still waiting at the door, so I raised an eyebrow

“Don’t mind me, I’m just watching you work, grandad.” whilst a little weird, I did what I was told, and started up the mower again. I could feel her penetrative eyes on me as I walked up and down the lawn, so when she asked if I’d stay for a coffee after, my mind was already jumping to conclusions.

There I sat in her leather armchair, examining the picture frames of her and her kids on various holidays, until one particular photo took my eye. I got up and moved over to the mantelpiece, and was greeted with the sight of Haley and her daughter smiling together in bikinis. I smiled to myself, I’d never really met Haley’s daughter, but she was just as hot as her mother, if not more.

“Her name is Andrea,” she said. “And yes, she is single.” she giggled as he handed me a mug

“Oh no I wasn’t…”

“What, you weren’t checking my daughter out in a bikini?” She cut in. My silence was a conformation “Don’t worry I’m not gonna be weird about it, she’s an attractive young woman, I wish people still looked at me that way.” I replaced the photo and looked back at her.

“Well it wasn’t just her I was looking at.” a cheeky grin spreading across my face. Haley smiled back, and subtly moved her bathrobe to further accentuate her cleavage.

“That freak shower last Thursday, that was crazy right?” she said. “Lucky Rachel lent you her shower.”

“Yeah, that was kind of her…” I stopped dead in my tracks “wait, how do you know…”

“Look Dan, I’m not going to beat around the bush” she explained, placing her hands on my chest. “I know about you and Rachel.”

My cheeks felt hot and I felt a droplet of sweat slowly making its way down my forehead. I waited for her to elaborate, and after an eternity the smile came back to her face. “H-how?” I finally asked.

“We talk.” came the reply “And to be honest, when she started, she could barely stop herself. You made one hell of an impression. Don’t worry, Dan, I’m not going to tell your mom. Or anyone else for that matter, well, unless you want me to.”

“Want you to??” I exclaimed, my face blushing even deeper despite the relief of her claim to secrecy “why would I want you tell anyone?”

“You know.” she smirked to herself before continuing. “Come on, you know there’s at least dozen women in this neighbourhood who would take you in an instant.” Haley now had one hand on each of my shoulders, and we maintained eye contact. “You’re funny, kind, and, well, those abs… We thought you must have all the girls after you, and we assumed you wouldn’t want any of us.”

My brain was still in shock as Haley explained her situation to me, but my cock had ideas of its own, and was now standing to attention. We kept eye contact, so I assumed she hadn’t canlı bahis noticed. “But if you’re open to it, I could think of at least 5 women who would fuck you on the spot. Me included.” I didn’t need to hear anymore. My hands, almost by their own accord, wrapped around her back as I embraced her with a passionate kiss. I felt her magnificent ass through the bathrobe as I pressed my body against hers. She pulled away, but to my relief it was just to close the curtains. She then turned back to me, untied her bathrobe and dropped it to the floor.

She walked over to me, her huge tits swaying back and forth. Her pussy was clean shaven, with a protruding clit and a perfect labia. She pushed me back into the armchair, as I wriggled out of my clothes. Not a moment after my cock sprang free was it being furiously tugged at by Haley, as she knelt between my legs. She brought up her tits around my cock and began to fuck me with them, and I could do nothing but sit back and watch in awe. I grunted like an animal as she pleasured my cock, while praising its length and girth. It couldn’t have been more than a few minutes before I warned her I would soon cum. She instantly stopped and got off of me, making me fear I had done something wrong, until she took me by the hand and dragged me into the floor, where I lay face up as Haley mounted me.

She straddled my cock and immediately pushed herself onto me, letting me fill her up with my throbbing member. “Fuckkk.” I groaned as she started to bounce on my cock. Her juicy ass slapped against my thighs and I was treated to a view of her perfect tits jiggling up and down. I leant up to grab her tits, but she pushed me back to the floor, taking complete control of me. She rode me well, each drop somehow fitting more of me inside her – she clearly had more experience than Rachel. I tried to tell her I was going to cum but, she kept impaling herself on me and I wasn’t exactly going to fight it.

I moaned loudly and I started to unload into her pussy. Ropes of cum shot into her and she let out a joyful scream. “You really are as good as Rachel said you were.”

“You did all the work.” I said between breaths, as my head lay back into the carpet. She lay on top of me, her huge tits pressed against my chest, and her warm pussy still engulfing my cock.

“You should have a code word.” Haley told me, returning from putting the mugs back in the kitchen.

“What do you mean?” I inquired, zipping up my jeans.

“For women in the neighbourhood. You know like in those old spy movies, so you know you’re on the same page.”

I laughed at first, but I then found myself imagining making a move on someone who had no idea of the situation, nor any interest in me. “That’s actually a good idea.”

“I’m not just a pretty face.”

“You’re also a pretty pair of tits.” I said deviously. She feigned offence, before giving me a wink. “So what should the code be?”

She thought for a while before she proudly announced “AC/DC. If you think a woman is coming onto you, ask her if she likes AC/DC. If she replies by calling you old, then you know they’ve talked to me or Rachel, and they want sex.”

“I like it.” I confirmed. I said my goodbyes and went to collect my lawnmower to take home, glancing back at the photo on my way out. Just for a moment, the idea of a threesome crossed my mind. No. No way, they were related, they’d never agree to that.


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