THE AWAKENING OF JAN.I first met Jan about 17 years ago whilst dating a young woman,Rhonda who was a single mother ,2 k**s and was about 27, I late 40s so there was quite an age difference.It was a side affair, occasionally taking her out for a meal and sex after.We were more good friends than anything and I used to enjoy her company and there was no real anything in the relationship.On one occasion while visiting , she asked if I would take some things around to her friend Jan, who lived nearby.Jan explained she had divorced a few months earlier and had been married to the same guy since she was 17 who was a drunk.The marriage had never been a good one and finally when Jan found him playing around, she decided to walk away.She was 57 had , a boy and a girl , both now adults, who had moved out and married, leaving Jan on her own, broke and not knowing what the future held.She was about 5 foot one, plain, and a normal figure, basically your everyday housewife type verging on grandmother, which she actually was.She was a very glum woman, pleasant enough but just didn’t seem happy, which I put down to her past life , marriage and recent divorce.Over the next months I often saw and talked with her as she was constantly at Rhonda’s having coffee, but other than that I never really thought anything about her.I ended up breaking of the relationship with Rhonda shortly after ,as she had met a guy the same age and was planning to marry .We remained close friend and in contact but no more sex.About a year later she called with unusual news, asking if I remembered “Jan”.“yes vaguely.” I told her.She said Jan had called wanting my phone number, was it OK to pass it on.Neither of us had any idea why she would contact me, Rhonda had not heard from her for over a year, and as far as she knew, Jan had moved to Queensland, 2000 miles away.Two days later the phone rang and it was Jan.She had met a guy, had become engaged, moved to Queensland to manage a caravan park in a mining town, and had been living there the past year.The guy had found another woman , had dumped her, and as a result she was living with her daughter, but wanted to get back to Melbourne.She had minimal money and needed someones help bringing her and her belongings back and asked if I could help?Thinking why not, I was retired and a week away on a long drive would be fun as I had never been to North Queensland.She only personal belongings as she had sold everything else.As a result the following week I drove 2 days to Queensland.Jan had changed little, was still a rather quiet, and dour, but I wasn’t worried about it as I had enjoyed the trip up and was going to spend a couple of days there. Her girl Kathy was nice and her partner Pete was OK, a bit of a loud mouth and drank to much, but overall socially it was enjoyable visiting with them in the evenings for BBQ s and sit rounds, the weather being hot as hell but lovely evenings, typical for that part of the world. Over the next couple of days we packed the car , eventually realising there was no room for all, as well as Jan, so we came to a plan that I would drive back with her stuff and she would get the train a week later.Her plan was to go to a small country town in Victoria about 2 hours from Melbourne. She was a member of the church, and the local priest had contacted a church in this small town and they had emergency accommodation for women. It wasn’t much but she was happy as it gave her somewhere to live while she got her life back together.I drove back and 3 days later Jan called and had arrived and we arranged I drive up with her belongings on the weekend and with that, after having a coffee with her, it was all done.Over the weeks we kept in touch by phone , and during one call she mentioned she was in Chat Rooms in Yahoo on the net.I had seen she had a computer when I helped move her stuff but had no idea she was on the net let alone in Chat rooms, and to be honest, she didn’t seem smart enough to use a computer. As for chat rooms, I had izmir escort bayan heard of them but never seen or been in one and only used the net for surfing, mostly for porn I must admit.Jan was getting back on her feet and things were looking up,she was saving to get her own place and wanted to leave the Church flat as it was old and not in any way comfortable to live in.Asking if I was on the net and me confirming I was, she asked if I had been in chat to which I said no, I had heard of it, but had never been in it, I used my computer for surfing and sending things to my friends and family.Asking if I sent pictures and me saying yes I did , she asked if I had a digital camera.Now remember at this time, 17 years or so back, digital cameras were pretty new and expensive and not many had them.Jan asked when was I coming up again and I said anytime she liked as I enjoyed the drive and a day out.Could I bring the camera? sure no problem,I would be up the next weekend, not thinking to much about it.Saturday I drove up. Jan was her usual self, we had a coffee and a chat and she asked if I had bought my camera, she wanted some photos taken.She had met several men in the chat rooms, most in the UK, and many had sent pictures of themselves and wanted photos of her.As she went on I thought to myself that half these guys were full of shit and talking rubbish but to Jan with her life and back ground, she was falling for it and thought they were genuine and perhaps she may find the “Mr Right”.Web Cams were unheard of in those days and other than “scanning” photographs on to a computer which most people couldn’t, it was next to impossible for all these people in chat rooms to know who they were chatting with and who was lying and playing as very few had a Profile Picture and many of those who did were using fake pictures saying it was themselves. But what the hell it wasn’t my concern so out came the camera.She was dressed in a light blue dress and sitting on the floor. I took her picture as she sat at her computer with it in the background so the guys could see where she talked to them from her desk, and to prove qathe photos were actually of her.She said that she had a favour to ask and when I asked she said how would I feel if she wanted some “naughty” pictures.What do you mean by naughty?She blushed .Some of them asked for “sexy pictures” and “flashing” I thought it funny and said sure no problem.She made me promise I wouldn’t show or tell anyone about any of this, she was in a unit supplied by the Church, in a small town, as well as family Kathy and Steve she didn’t want in anyway to be found out as it would mean total embarrassment and disgrace, as well as no doubt the Church totally disavowing her.I assured her no way, I wouldn’t ,but if she was worried then she should block her face in the pictures, and explained that I would take the pictures, blur out her face, and that way it would be safer to send. The men were strangers to her so she didn’t want them having photos of her to put in the chat room or the internet.She thought it a good idea.Suddenly she stood and taking the hem of her dress she raised it displaying her legs and pantyhose. She did it so quickly it caught me buy surprise, but my cock started rising as she had a nice set of legs, and it looked erotic standing holding up her dress.She wasn’t sure what to pose next so I told her to sit back at her computer and had her pull her dress up showing her panties ,and spread he legs.I was rock hard by now as she had plain white panties on with pantyhose and to see her spreading like that was a turn on.I told her to place one leg over the arm of the chair .The whole time she was smiling nervously, which was a hell of a change from her usual grumpy face.After, we sat having a smoke while I showed her the shots on the view window, and she seemed pleased with them but being a typical woman thought she looked “ fat “.I disagreed , and taking a chance had her stand and said “take your dress of”. izmir escort bayan She looked stunned.“why”?“I want to see you without the dress on, you have a bra and panties, so its not like your nude or that and I have already seen your panties in the other shots”.Thinking for a brief second and saying nothing, she reached down and slowly drew the light dress up over her head discarding it on the floor, and stood facing me. “you are going to block my face as promised ?”I assured her I definitely would and to turn side on, after which I took another shot , thinking to myself I best not push it as I sensed she was on the verge of saying stop altogether.“OK that’s it you can relax” I remained sitting on the couch and after slipping on her dress she sat on her computer chair while we smoked, and I showed her the pictures. She seemed quiet happy with them and we had already planned that as her computer had no program to download from my camera I would be taking them with me, block her face, and email them up to her that night. She asked how much all this had cost me in petrol, and that combined with driving thousands of miles to get her from Queensland, she must owe me a fortune.I laughed it of and jesting said, “you owe me a few head jobs hows that”She then surprised the hell out of me, “OK if that’s what you want”I asked if she was serious.Yes she was.That was how her ex husband had worked things, whenever she wanted something or he had done something, she had to repay him with sex,so to her it was quite normal men did that.Oral sex was usually a no no though, as her husband had been a drunk, and early in the marriage had forced her to suck him, had cum in her mouth without warning, and nearly made her sick.After that she mainly either gave him hand jobs or a straight sex.She had given head to the guy she had been engaged to on two or three occasions, but only briefly before sex ,and never fully until he came.It was the main reason he had found another woman and dumped her as she never liked to suck him and was not very good at sex.‘Why would you suck me if you don’t like it”?“To be honest ? I want you to take a photo to send to my ex boyfriend who dumped me”“He left me high and dry for that other woman, so if you want I will suck you just to spite him . I to smile and look at the camera, but you have to promise that you wont cum, and its only for the time it takes for the photo OK? I’m not going to suck you right of till your shooting. Deal” ? “ OK but its a bit unfair to get me turned on, so the deal is I get to cum, not with you sucking but jerking me of.”“Sure that’s fine, so how do we do this”?I had Jan kneel on the floor, and walking over, stood in front of her , undid my jeans and let them drop. My cock was hard and pushing through my underpants so I released it , looked down and saw Jan was staring at it a foot from her face mesmerised. I told her to take hold of it and felt her warm hand encircle my cock.Realising it wasn’t a good angle I couldn’t see her face and telling her to wait, I walked over put the camera on the arm of the couch, set the timer for 40 seconds, pressed, shuffled back my cock still hard ,stood in front telling her to take my cock and put it in her mouth. I immediately felt her hand encircle my cock with a firm grip, a few seconds later an incredible warm feeling as she slid her mouth onto it. Feeling the sensation of her moving her head back and forward three times, I said to look across at the camera, and at that moment the flash went of.She stopped and took my cock out her mouth.Looking up at me she said she couldn’t look over at the camera as it was next to impossible with my cock in her mouth, she couldn’t turn her head.We realised it would be impossible to get the photo of her smiling so instead I lay on the couch, my jeans still down and cock hard, reached back for the camera and told her to take my cock. She took a firm grip and lowered down on the head about half way down the shaft.Telling her to look she couldn’t , and took her mouth of.“If you take the picture while I’m sucking you I cant smile , I want a photo that makes it look like Im really enjoying sucking it.”While talking I noticed she still had a firm grasp on my cock.“lick the end of my cock and look at the camera, don’t suck just lick the knob” She bent forward poking her tongue out.I watched as it touched the knob of my cock and putting up the camera, told her to look at me and asked what was the name of the ex boyfriend.“Jim”“OK, think of Jim watching you while you lick and suck another mans big throbbing cock and imagine hes watching, seeing, and knowing you love it.”Jan’s face lit up and she gave a laugh and I took the picture,.hecking the rear display seeing it was a great shot.She asked to see but I teased and said no, it would be a surprise, I would email it up with the other shots that I was blurring her face in for her chat friends, but the two photos of her sucking I would leave unblocked and she could send them to Jim.Laying there I was still rock hard and said good nature, we had a deal, now I got to cum.“Yes, we have a deal, so do you want me to pull you off?”“Nope I want you to kneel like you were when you first sucked me and I want to cum on your boobs, do you mind that?”She was a little surprised.“On my boobs, that’s weird, I haven’t heard of that before, but OK if that’s what you want”She knelt ,and I stood expecting her to take her dress of but she knelt looking up.I laughed.“Jan, can you take them out it makes it easier to cum on them if they are out”She blushed “ don’t I feel dumb, sorry, I thought you were a bit weird wanting to cum on me and my dress “She slipped the dress of her shoulders so it was at her waist leaving her bra, which she quickly reached behind and un clipped, letting her tits spill out, giving me a very big surprise, as the were larger than I had thought and looked great. I was impressed.“there hows that.”She reached up and took hold of my cock and proceeded to gently stroke it, her pace medium but her grip firm and occasionally glancing up at me and then looking down at my cock and then to the side.After several minutes I realised I was not going to cum as she seemed disinterested and wasn’t watching at all, just staring of the side, mechanical.I reached for my cock and she let go of her hold and I started stroking until I felt the rise.“OK Im going to cum, hold both them up for me, and with that I let loose shots of cum”.The feeling was sensational, and opening my eyes, looking down when finished, saw I had hit right across both her tits with a bucket of cum.Jan was surveying the load and then suddenly rose to her feet and headed into the bathroom to retrieve a towel and came out wiping her boobs.I fell back exhausted and satisfied onto the couch and sat catching my breath.Jan walked over and sat apposite in the chair, lit a smoke and handed it to me.Phew that was good I said.“Well it was different, I have never done that before and you sure had a lot in you.Did you save it up or something?” she said with a chuckle.Opening my eyes and looking at her I laughed .“Take the towel of let me see.”“I’ve wiped it all of.”“Doesn’t matter take the towel of I want to see your boobs after I shot on them”The threw the towel to the side and sat there with both tits loose and took a puff of her smoke.“Do me a favour”.What?“Open your legs like you did for the photo and just sit there while we smoke with your legs open and your boobs out.”OK, she said, as if it wasn’t a big deal, and we finished our smokes with her sitting spread legged, tits out facing me.Can I get dressed now and make a coffee, I don’t want to be walking around with my boobs out and someone spots me through the window, smiling.“Go ahead , thank you it was a great view, and one day I want you to make a coffee for me with them out”Laughing she said, “ yeah sure, as if, boy you have some strange ideas”I stayed another hour and then, saying goodbye at the door without so much as a peck on the cheek, said goodbye and drove home thinking how strange she is.Mechanical with sex, yet something about her was very sexy, and I couldn’t for the life of me work out what it was.YET.

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