Sneaky Sex in front of his Ex


Nicolas and Emika – Sneaky Sex in front of his Ex

by valucia

Nicolas Conde was a tall, attractive man from Spain. From his family’s small company, he had created an international conglomerate over the years, based in New York City. It wasn’t a straight rise to the top, though. He had allied himself with some disreputable people. He got in so deep, he thought he could never respect himself ever again. But, one evening, he had met a mysterious woman in a sea of vacant socialites: Emika Morgan. She was the famous daughter of a performance artist and an enfant terrible of the New York Symphony, but she was also involved with some bad men. It was Emika who got him out of trouble with them and kept his secret.

That was twelve years ago, though. Emika had married an Oscar-winning actor but they remained friends, although they sniped at each other and sometimes couldn’t stand the sight of each other. After Emika’s husband died in a drunk driving accident, they put more effort into their friendship. A lot of effort. Their new relationship was still a secret to his ex-wife, ex-girlfriends, all of their friends, and each of their children. This weekend in late January, they went away to his luxury vacation home in upstate New York.

Nicolas (or Nico to his friends) had spent a few hours of his morning out in his forest, raking and clipping his trails that circled the lake and caterpillared up and down the hills. The interior of the cabin was mostly natural wood and light Mediterranean colors throughout the modern decor. The woodstove was the finishing touch, the final detail that made the home impossibly cozy. Emika was lounging on his couch for a mid-morning nap.

As he came in the front door with his dogs, their doggy toenails clattered loudly on the floor as they ran over to their water bowls. Their names, unfortunately, were Badgley and Mischka due to an ex-lover of his. Taking off his coat, he set his eyes on Emika and smiled. Her dark hair was wavy and puffy on the pillow, like a cumulus cloud dyed ink-black. She was half Japanese and half American with a variety of European roots. Today, instead of her fashionable avante-garde outfits, she wore a loose-knit lavender-colored sweater with a cowl neck and black bootcut yoga pants, along with charmingly ugly socks she had bought at the farmer’s market. and Nicolas came and sat next to her.

“You must be so exhausted,” he whispered into her ear, tucking a strand of hair behind it.

“Mmm. Let me nap,” she murmured as she hugged the throw blanket more tightly around her. Nicolas leaned over her and inhaled her scent, making her favorite low animalistic hum in approval. He kissed her neck a few times and then her cheek. “MmmMMM, you’re so mean to me,” she whined in her sleepy voice. Nicolas leaned back into the couch, eyebrows bent in skepticism.

“Oh, yes. I’m heartless. I didn’t rub your feet last night until after I made you brownies,” he retorted. He unbuttoned his flannel shirt and shook some pine needles off. Emika pretended to grumble and go back to sleep, but she opened one eye and shut it again, a sultry grin spreading on her face. He loved her coy little games.

He sat on the floor in front of her head resting on the pillow and cupped her cheek in his hand, giving her gentle kisses that got less and less gentle. Emika let him work his tongue into her mouth and she gave some little moans. Just as she sat up to let him join her, there was a knock at the door. Nicolas looked surprised and then instant irritation appeared. There was only one person he knew who was rude enough to intrude on his privacy like this. His dogs knew who it was, too, but they were wagging their tails happily and running to the door.

“Gisela?” Emika whispered, lifting her shoulder to chin to make a scandalized pose.

“Yes,” Nicolas answered and got up off the couch. There were two more knocks on the door.

“” a woman’s voice sounded in Spanish from outside. Nicolas stormed towards the door and opened it.

“” he said irritably in his Castilian Spanish. Gisela was still tall and slender with her light brown waves in an updo that was probably done at a salon. Nicolas hated how she would spend money for someone to wash and dry her hair. Badgley and Michka held no resentments toward their former mother figure and leapt up on her excitedly.

“” she squealed in a high pitched sing-song voice. Her outfit was all white and probably had real fur trim.

“” he said insistently and opened the side door that led into the garage.

“Oh, Emika! Hi. I didn’t know you were here!” Gisela said, using her syrupy sweet voice to pretend she cared about any of his friends. The last she knew, he and Emika were friends who didn’t see each other too often and bickered all the time. She hadn’t been attentive enough to form any opinion, but she was the kind of person who had to manage her reputation with everyone. Especially if they were wealthy.

“Hi, Gisela. yalova escort Do you live nearby?” Emika asked, feigning confusion. She tried to make it look like she had been quietly reading a book on the couch.

“No, I was just a few towns over with some friends and they invited me to go to Switzerland, so I thought I would retrieve my snowboard,” she explained. “It was very expensive and customized just for me, so…” Nicolas had taken the initiative to grab the snowboard for her and put it against the wall near the front door.

“Here you are,” he said with the bare minimum of cordiality.

“Oh, thank you!” Gisela answered, clapping her hands together. Her fingernails had Swarovski crystals on them, which Nicolas almost had to comment on, but decided to concentrate on getting her out of here. “Do you mind if I take the boys for a little walk? For old time’s sake?” she asked, her long false eyelashes fluttering at him.

“Fine, okay,” Nicolas said. He ran his fingers through his short salt-and-pepper hair and clenched his square jaw under his beard. Gisela chirped something in Spanish at the dogs and trotted off to take them around the lake. Nicolas made a beeline to the kitchen and made himself a cup of tea.

“Ohh, is that your calm tea?” Emika said, slinking in behind him and watching him dunk the tea bag a few times.

“Yes. Let’s hope it works,” he replied. “She has no right to show up here like this.”

“My poor baby,” Emika purred, turning him around and holding him in a tight embrace. She held his face and ran her thumbs down his cheekbones, down his neck and chest, and ended up hooked into his belt, tugging on it heavily. Her green eyes looked up at him directly and unblinkingly.

“Emika, she’s going to be back in–” he started to say. Emika started undoing his belt buckle. He put his hands around hers to stop her.

“So? We’ll see when she’s coming back,” she said with a dismissive tone and pouted her lips at him.

“Let’s hope she’s taking them all the way around the lake…'” he said uncomfortably. The last thing he wanted was more drama from this woman.

“We’ll hear her get closer. The dogs make jingly sounds,” Emika continued her mission and opened his belt buckle. Now, she was unbuttoning the top button to his work pants. She could feel his lower belly tremble a little in nervousness.

“I hate her,” Emika said, not looking up from her cock-seeking project. “She never deserved you. She didn’t appreciate how fucking sweet and sexy you are. I want my lips around your cock. I’ll show you how much I like you,” she said innocently and dropped to her knees.

Nicolas stood flat against the counter and cabinets and glanced outside through the large picture windows. He could see that they were still headed to the lake. They probably had some time, he justified. Still, he didn’t know Emika to behave like this for decades. His mouth was grinning mischievously, but he raised an eyebrow as if to ask “are you sure?” Emika promptly ignored him and pulled out his cock. She was a little disappointed he wasn’t hard for her yet, but she knew this would be very temporary.

“Hmm…” she said, lengthening it in her hand and dipping the tip in her mouth. Emika secretly liked uncut cocks better than circumcised ones. As soon as he got hard, she would get to have so much fun with him.

Nicolas sighed as he felt her warm lips and hot tongue caress his cock like a lollipop. He didn’t know where this sexual energy was coming from, but it was clear that Emika liked to be a little theatrical. She watched every micro-expression of his face. Her tongue lapped up and down his shaft like it was a popsicle that was about to melt. She clamped her pillowy lips on his cock lengthwise to cover every centimeter of him with her saliva and make him feel so warm and soothed.

Emika pumped his shaft some more and then held it straight up so she could reach down and put one of his balls in her mouth. Nicolas grunted and felt more blood rush to his erection. It felt nice to have her sucking on another part of his body, but what he liked more was how he could see every crease in her lips rubbing against the smooth skin on his shaved balls. And the sounds, the wet sounds, like she was suckling on them. She started to moan quietly. Her voice made tiny vibrations, so as she sucked his balls into her mouth and ran her tongue over them, he was lulled into a hypnotic trance. Briefly. He looked out the window again and estimated his shitty ex-girlfriend and the dogs were just at the lake by now.

“Don’t worry, baby… just let me take care of you… I love your big, thick cock. I want it… down my throat…” Emika gasped and licked up the extra saliva and precum trailing from his mushroom tip. Then, she tilted her head to the side and slid his cock deep inside her throat. Her hands gripped his hips and her thumbs braced him to stay still. Her head moved closer to him to envelop his cock. When she withdrew yalova escort bayan with her lips locked tight around his shaft, it looked like she was trying to pull all the semen out of him.

Nicolas was breathing heavily. His eyes kept darting between the window and Emika’s seductive movements. He let himself enjoy her mouth for a few minutes. When he looked at the window this time, he saw that the three of them outside were on their way back to the house, though still far away.

“Uhnn… we gotta… finish this up…” he panted. He got nervous and felt his erection falter. He really didn’t want Gisela to bitch him out for having his cock sucked in his kitchen by his platonic friend Emika. And he didn’t want their families to find out about their relationship in such an unseemly way.

“Don’t be nervous… This is the best part!” Emika said cheerfully. She plunged his cock down her throat a few more times and he was rock-hard again. Her moaning sounds got louder and it vibrated his cock in intense pleasure. He saw Emika pull back his foreskin and start to lick and kiss his head. The only sounds they could hear were the sounds of precum and spit squishing as her tongue was in constant motion. Then, she let his foreskin cover about half of his tip and she slipped her tongue in between his foreskin and his head. He couldn’t stop staring as he felt the underside of her tongue sliding under his foreskin, the tip of her tongue subtly stretching it while her soft bottom lip caressed against the other side of his head. She was relentless. Her lips and tongue were coaxing, begging his pink mushroom tip to pour out some cum for her.

The sight of her, the wet sounds and vibrations were finally too much for him, so he moved to make sure his tip would unload into her mouth and then he grunted and arched his back against the counter. He came for what felt like several minutes into her beautiful, soft pink mouth. Emika swallowed it up greedily. When he was almost done cumming, she deliberately let it get on her upper lip so he could watch her clean up their mess with sticky sperm on her face. Her hand firmly shoved his cock in her mouth to make sure he didn’t have anything left. She licked her lips and rose quickly, her agile hands quickly buttoning and zipping his pants before he could form a conscious thought.

Emika kissed him passionately and all he could do was groan and kiss her back. In a few more seconds, his belt was buckled and everything looked as if nothing unusual had happened in the kitchen. Emika leaned over the counter and started making toast to appear occupied. He noticed that she could barely conceal her wicked grin.

As the door opened, the dogs burst in, eyes wide in excitement. Gisela knelt down to talk to them.

“” she said insincerely. She stood up quickly and took the snowboard in her hand. “Thank you so much for letting me grab this,” she told Nicolas.

“Yeah, no problem,” he muttered. He couldn’t make eye contact with her.

“Bye! Nice to see you, Emika!” Gisela added and then sashayed out the front door. They heard snow crunching under her feet and a car door open and close.

Nicolas immediately grasped Emika and started to kiss her passionately. His chest felt hot, like his veins were full of lava. Emika rested her hands on his chest and she smiled at him.

“Wow, you’re so overheated,” she said with a naughty smile, tilting her head up and pointing her chin at him while her wavy hair dangled behind her. Nicolas growled and reached under her shirt to grope her tits, squeezing each nipple. Emika made a sound of surprise and delight. Luckily, they were both quiet for a few moments as they made out, because Gisela’s voice called out again.

“Nicolas, I forgot something,” she said. Nicolas and Emika looked at each other with their eyes wide as they backed away from each other. Nicolas was the first to think of what they should do. He simply took her by the hips and turned her to face the counter and the front door. Then, he knelt down on the kitchen floor right as the front door’s knob started to turn. Gisela came back inside. “I almost left with the dog treats!” Gisela said, taking them out of her pocket and setting them on a high shelf. “Where did Nicolas go?”

“He went to go meditate,” Emika answered hastily. She thought that “he went to take a shower” sounded like he was going to jerk off thinking about Gisela, so she made up a lie and hoped it would keep her from walking further into the house.

Nicolas grinned wickedly from behind the counter and started to pull off Emika’s yoga pants and her lacy little thong. She had teased him for being so nervous about being caught. He’d show her. He spread her legs just wide enough to fit his head in between them. His head was against the cabinets, below the counter– completely out of sight from the front door.

“He meditates now?” Gisela asked with an extremely unimpressed look on her face. At least it wasn’t escort yalova a dubious look. Emika breathed hard as she could without drawing attention to herself. She felt Nicolas start to caress her pussy lips with his rough fingers. He could already tell that she was really worked up, but he wanted to feel more of her wetness, so he pushed a finger inside her.

“Yes, it’s what he does to relax now,” Emika answered calmly. She could tell that her arousal was getting his fingers soaking wet.

“I thought he wouldn’t try something new like that. So set in his ways…” Gisela said, noting the closed door to Nicolas’s bedroom where he was presumably meditating.

Emika glanced down. Nicolas’s dark gray eyes looked absolutely wolfish as he opened his jaw and slipped his tongue up and down her smooth, sweet pussy.

“Oh, he’s delving into a lot of new projects right now,” Emika said, impressed with her own casual performance. Nicolas grinned wickedly beneath her and continued to lick Emika’s wet little pink pussy like he had been in the desert for a month.

“I suppose he does volunteer a lot up here. I think it’s a waste of time, though,” Gisela sneered. God, he hated his fucking ex. He let Emika grind her clit against his nose and lips and fucking cherished her sweet juices all over his face.

“Ugh. Really?” Emika thought. She couldn’t believe how shallow this woman was. Her Nico was so kind and generous.

“He’s deeply involved in the… community up here…” Emika commented as she felt his surprisingly strong tongue slide up inside her pussy. She stifled a moan and stood up on her tiptoes so she could pull away from his mouth a little because, although she had a great poker face, she was getting close to cumming already.

Nicolas felt her muscles tense and pull away, but he wasn’t going to let her wimp out. He knew she was an accomplished con artist when she was younger. Plus, he would enjoy jerking off to this memory for years if they could pull it off.

“Do you know if he’s… starting seeing anyone?” Gisela asked. Nicolas knew that tone. She was always bad at appearing aloof.

“You know, I think he definitely is. But he won’t tell me who she is!” Emika said, sounding exasperated with him as she so often was. Nicolas curled his fingers around her curvy ass and pulled her down. His thumbs lifted her labia out of the way so he could really get in there with his tongue. He loved how fucking clever she was.

“Oh. Well, that’s good. You know, I didn’t think he was ever going to get over me,” Gisela boasted and glanced at the bedroom door again to be sure Nicolas wasn’t listening.

“I was a little concerned, too! I mean, he’s so shy around new people. Always afraid to open his mouth and be… real with people…” Emika said, stammering momentarily. She quickly grabbed the ceramic mug on the counter and pretended to sip it because Nicolas had just pushed a thumb into her pussy and her mouth hung open. His thick, strong, calloused hands turned her on so much, she had to bite her lip a little to keep from crying out.

“He was so difficult to please, too,” Gisela said. Nicolas fucking hated her. She was the most high-maintenance woman he’d ever been with. He channeled his resentment into making the love of his life cum right in front of this bitch, right in his kitchen.

“But I think he found someone who’s into the burly weekend lumberjack thing he’s got going on,” Emika said. It was so hard to think of an ending to this conversation while she was sitting on Nicolas’s face. He slid farther forward to suck on her clit and rub it with the tip of his tongue while his thick thumb fucked her firmly.

“Maybe. But I think he’d come running back if I were interested,” Gisela said, turning to leave. Nicolas almost wished she knew what he was doing to Emika in this moment, that they had found each other after years of being friends and were making each other happier than any other relationship they’d been in. But he settled for letting Emika tilt her hips back and forth and ride his face.

“Well, it is hard for him to get over his girlfriends. Always such beautiful, sophisticated women,” Emika said teasingly. “I’m sure you’ll meet someone in Switzerland!” she added. Gisela gave her some nasty side-eye.

“Okay. You two have a good evening,” Gisela murmured, stepped outside, and closed the door. This time, Emika and Nicolas waited until they heard the car start and pebbles kick up on the road for several moments to be sure she was gone.

“Ahhh!! You fucker!!” Emika shouted, looking down at Nicolas, who had a relaxed feline look in his eyes. “You really enjoy a face full of pussy, don’t you, you fucking pervert?” She felt Nicolas’s fingers grasp her ass cheeks harder. His tongue stopped clinging to her dripping wet pussy for a moment.

“Yeah, do more of that. I like being yelled at,” he said, raising his eyebrows a few times. Now he looked like a cartoon wolf.

“What’s the point of turning you on some more? You’ve already blown your load. You think you can get that limp dick inside me?” Emika asked defiantly. She listened for any more car sounds outside but didn’t hear any. Gisela was gone.

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