Revenge and Blackmail


A couple of years ago I was away attending to commitments. One of those commitments was attending a symposium out of state. In case you don’t know, a symposium is an excuse to drink massive amounts of alcohol while exchanging life experiences that gradually turn to sexual experiences as the night becomes older, the scotch bottle becomes emptier and inhibitions become non-existent.This night, we’d shut down the hotel bar and five of us went to my room where an un-opened bottle was waiting. We were going around telling you-won’t-believe-this-shit stories trying to one-up the last story. One lady finally opened up about her you-won’t-believe-this-shit story. This is her story…****’I’m getting married today’, was my first thought when I woke up in the hotel room. It was only 7am but I knew I wouldn’t get any more sleep today. There was the expected flurry of phone calls to make and answer. The ceremony was scheduled for 1pm. I told my mother and soon to be mother-in-law that I’d do my make-up in my room and come down at noon to get into my dress. From 8am till 10am my maid of honor and two bridesmaids were in and out as we talked about this and that and laughed at nothings. They left me alone to have a little quiet time while they went to do their make-up and we all agreed to meet in my mom’s room at noon.I’d just put on my hose and was about to put on my matching bra and garter when there was a knock on my door. Throwing on my robe I opened the door and found Ted standing there. He looked so damned good in his Marine Corps uniform!As corny as it seems, Ted and I were the original boy-next-door meets girl-next-door when we were growing up. We met in the playground at age three and didn’t separate until after high school graduation. I loved teasing Ted with low cut t-shirts and thin bras that showed my cleavage and hard nipples to maximum advantage. I’d even pinch my nipples to make them hard to poke out from my t-shirts more. By my sixteenth birthday my firm 34Cs had become a larger and softer 34D cup size that Ted and other boys couldn’t resist looking at as the buttons of every shirt or dress I wore strained to contain them.Our parents worked and that left plenty of time for me to tease Ted with bikinis in my backyard pool during the summer of my sixteenth year. One day, after I’d splashed water at Ted, it led to a mock wrestling session and my being pinned to the side of the pool. I’d felt Ted’s hard-on rubbing against my hip while we were wrestling. Pinned, I could feel his erection through his swim trunks rubbing against my stomach. As Ted held me against the side of the pool, undecided on what to do next, I decided to make the decision for him. I was very tired of waiting for Ted to take our relationship to another level. I only had to say, ‘Kiss me,’ for us to share our first sloppy kiss.Our kiss led to our first grope session as we explored each other’s body with inexperienced hands. Ted’s hands were the first to grope my tits and make them ache like they had when they’d first started enlarging on my chest. Ted’s mouth sucking on my nipples for the first time made them so hard they felt like they’d explode as he sucked harder and harder. It all felt so good that I put my head back and closed my eyes as my hand on the back of his head pulled his mouth tighter against my breasts.While Ted was exploring my breasts, I had my hand down his swim trunks holding my bahis siteleri first hard cock. But when Ted pulled down his suit and tried to move the crotch of my bottoms to the side, I pushed him away saying that I couldn’t take the chance of getting pregnant. We were both so worked up from our frenzied groping that we were flushed and breathing hard. Calming down, I told Ted that if we both agreed to just use our mouths and hands, then I couldn’t get pregnant and we could do… Things. Ted was very eager to agree to explore what those ‘things’ might be while observing my conditions. It was close to the time for our parents to arrive home and I ran inside my house after tying up my bikini top. All that evening and night I thought about what I could do with my mouth and hands while dreaming about what Ted would do to me with his. I had to masturbate just to relax enough to fall asleep.The next day, after laying down the ground rules that either my bikini bottoms stayed on or Ted’s swim trunks, one or the other at all times, I sucked on my first cock while underwater in our pool. Moving inside my house away from the watchful eyes of our neighbors, it was on my couch that Ted’s mouth between my legs gave me my first orgasm and I made Ted come for the first time with my mouth and hands.I could take Ted’s cock in my mouth as deep as I could to make him come but when Ted’s fingers pushed to far into my pussy it hurt to much for me to enjoy it. God, I wanted to feel what it would be like to have my pussy full though. Later that week I told Ted not to stop no matter what. So, it was on my bed that Ted’s fingers broke my hymen while he ate my pussy. It was in Ted’s bed that I tasted cum for the first time. I’d told Ted that I was always amazed at the amount of cum that pooled on his stomach after I jerked him off for the first time in a day. After sucking and jerking Ted to spill that day, he’d dared me to lick the pool of cum off his stomach, ‘just once’. Afterwards, I didn’t hesitate to let him come in my mouth. For months it was fear of pregnancy that kept us from fucking. For months we satisfied each other with mouths and hands only.It was the Friday after Thanksgiving that we lost our virginity to each other. Our parents had to work but it was a school holiday. Ted and I spent hours in my bed fucking. A gas station on the Interstate that had a condom machine in the men’s bathroom was our supplier. Ted’s condom covered cock gave me my first ‘cock only’ orgasm while I was discovering the joy having a thick cock up my pussy instead of just fingers. Condom sex became bareback sex when I went on the pill a month later during Christmas vacation with the help of a OB/GYN doc my parents knew nothing about and Ted helped me pay for.Ted and I were boyfriend/girlfriend and lovers all through Junior and Senior years in high school. By my seventeenth birthday our first, hesitant sex explorations had become sexual marathons in his bed or mine until our parents were expected home. During the school year we’d go home and race for the nearest bed to fuck in before having to stop and clean up.We didn’t have sex every day, of course. I might be on my period or a parent might be home from work sick… Vacation trips during the summer… Ted was in excellent physical shape and was on the football team so his practices cut dramatically into our sex time for part of the school year. Since canlı bahis siteleri Ted wasn’t available, I tried out for and became a cheerleader.Our times together after school were limited but all the more satisfying when neither football nor cheerleader practices were scheduled and we rode the bus home together. Our stop was the second to the last and the bus would be empty except for us sitting near the back, a student sitting up front and the driver. Sight blocked by the high seats, Ted would be fingering my pussy while I stroked his cock. Once at our stop, Ted would race me home to bury his head between my thighs to eat me until I’d come. Afterwards we’d fuck with frenzied abandon, each of us trying to make the other come as many times as we could before parents were expected home.With the stamina and curiosity of teens, Ted and I explored every sex position and act a man and woman can do together for almost two years. Oral, vaginal and, finally one day on a dare, anal. From cum swallowing to ass fucking we did it all. Since she did the laundry and Ted and I weren’t always careful about cum stains, I’m sure my mom knew I was letting Ted between my legs at every opportunity but she never said anything.Then graduation came and we went our separate ways. Me to college and Ted to the Marine Corps. At odd times when Ted had leave he’d drop by my campus. We’d have very satisfying, so-glad-to-see-ya sex and I’d show off my handsome Marine lover to my sorority sisters. My God, after years of fucking he knew how to satisfy me sexually better than any other lover I had.No one I fucked in college measured up to my Marine. Ted’s cock had always seemed large in me and I found out why when I began fucking other boys. I found out he was above average in both length and girth compared to other boys I let fuck me. Especially when Ted went through his final growth spurt. I never found a cock to match his as I fucked my way through many sex partners. My husband has a nice cock, but even now I find myself fantasizing at times about how Ted’s cock had stretched my pussy while we were high school lovers. And believe me, after years of fucking, Ted knew exactly what I liked him to do with that cock.Ted’s family are still my parent’s next door neighbors so of course they and Ted were invited to my wedding. Ted looked damned good in his Marine uniform standing in my hotel room’s doorway and I invited him in. Sitting in front of the mirror, I began to put on makeup while we exchanged small talk. We talked about old times until Ted stood up from the bed he’d been sitting on and walked over to begin massaging my shoulders.”Know what I remember most from our time in high school, Vanna,” Ted asked as his hands traveled from massaging my shoulders to squeezing my tits through my robe. “After you went off to college, I came home on my first leave after boot camp. I remember my best friend telling me how you let him fuck you a week before Senior Prom. I remember how I felt knowing you’d cheated on me. I beat the living shit out of him.””That’s what caused that fight?” I was amazed. The story of two best friends beating each other bloody was legendary. I’d never learned the reason why best friends had suddenly fought themselves bloody. Looking in the mirror I met his eyes and sheepishly admitted, “I can’t believe Syd told you that. I was so damned stupid back then. God, it’s been five years! canlı bahis You can’t possibly still be mad.” I shrugged Ted’s hands away from my tits, “Those are for my husband from now on.””I had them first. He can have them after you’re married,” Ted replied capturing my tits again and squeezing them harder. Leaning down to put his mouth next to my ear, Ted whispered, “Syd told me everything, Vanna. Remember how I had to work at my job the evening of our Senior Prom? Remember how we’d agreed that I’d meet you at the prom? Remember how you let Syd pull you into Mr. Cruther’s classroom? Remember how you let Syd push your dress up and bend you over the desk? Remember how you let him fuck you just before I arrived? How you greeted me with a kiss while my best friend’s cum was inside you!?”Ted’s fingers gripped my tits hard enough to make me gasp. He used his hold to pull me up from the seat and crush my back against his chest. His mouth still close to my ear, Ted continued as his hands mauled my tits, “And Syd wasn’t the only one. After you left for college, and I’d come back home on leave’s to visit my parents, wanna guess how many other guys told me they’d fucked you?” Ted’s fingers gripped my tits hard enough to make me gasp and plead for Ted to let go.”I didn’t fight them all and I sure couldn’t hit a girl,” Ted’s voice was harsh in my ear. “So, I began thinking of other ways I could repay you for cheating on me. I’ve waited a long time for this, but today? Today, I’m gonna be the guy you cheat with, instead of the guy you cheat on!”Ted stripped my robe off and I was left with only my panties and hose on. One of Ted’s hands continued to crush and mold my tits while his other hand slid under my panties to palm my pussy lips. His knees pushed my legs open and two of his fingers began to force their way up my cunt.”Damn it, Ted! That was over five years ago,” I gasped, trying to reason with him. Ted’s fingers only pushed harder to force their way further inside me. Moving my hips in an effort to escape his fingers only rubbed my ass against the hard cock beneath Ted’s uniform.”Yeah, you’re right,” Ted replied not slowing his finger’s push up my pussy. “Five years of knowing you cheated on me. I never cheated on you and how many did you fuck behind my back? Shit, according to Eddy you fucked half the guys at that music camp your parents sent you to the summer before our Senior year!”Son-of-a-bitch! I’d let Eddy fuck me many times during those two weeks at camp on the provision he’d never tell Ted about what I was doing with the other boys! Dammit! What was the world coming to when you couldn’t even trust your best girlfriend’s little brother!Ted seemed to enjoy watching in the mirror every facial grimace and gasp I made as his fingers continued to squeeze my tit and invade my pussy.”Go ahead and yell if you don’t like what I’m doing? Go ahead. I’m sure someone will hear you. I’m sure your soon-to-be-husband and all your guests waiting to watch you walk down the aisle in white would love to know just what a slut you really are! But, you won’t. If you did that I’d tell your precious new husband what a cum slut you are. Shit! Your pussy is getting wet. You can’t deny that.”The sad thing was, I couldn’t deny it. After fucking for four years during high school, Ted knew how I liked rough sex and everything he was doing was triggering my pussy to juice up. Like now, as his fingers pushed up to the knuckles and Ted began using his whole arm to vibrate his stiff finders hard and fast in my pussy. Both of us could hear the wet sounds from between my legs telling us how creamy my pussy was.

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