Paul and Amanda Pt. 02


Kathy and I discussed a few times throughout this past week our encounter with Paul and Amanda. We were both surprised at the brazenness they had shown for their first time swinging. I am sure this is in part because they are both comfortable in who they are- Paul a well hung good looking guy and Amanda a sexy for her age fairly fit woman.

It was now the next Saturday, and I had just woke up. Kathy and I were sitting in the living room relaxing, trying to decide what we were going to do that night. It is about 50/50 each week if we have something going on. We like to have parties at our house but the reality is that many people are busy in their own lives, especially if they have kids. We have come to enjoy it though, knowing we don’t have to have everything ready for people. We are able to enjoy the more spontaneity of the moment, worst case scenario is we just end up making love. My phone dinged as I received a text, and as I picked it up and looked, I saw it was from Amanda. The text simply read: “He liked it!!”

Kathy saw me grin and asked what it was. I told her Amanda sent me a text that Paul had gotten a hard on while they watched a bisexual swinger video I had lent them. Kathy laughed and told me I was really going to enjoy Paul’s cock, and she sent a text to Paul asking if Amanda had liked the girl on girl scenes as well. Paul replied to her that he wasn’t sure, but he knew she was horny as shit after watching the video.

I texted Amanda back and said how great that was, but I was sure she got just as hot over the bi-women scenes. I could picture her face getting red in embarrassment, but in a minute she sent me another text that said she did find it a bit hot, but liked the guy on guy parts better. I told Kathy what Amanda had said and Kathy laughed and said she would get her to change her mind on that one. I knew if Kathy ever did Amanda in bed she would eventually have Amanda wrapped around her finger.

Kathy said she had to run over to her parents house for a few minutes. I told her I was just going to go outside and soak in some sun and relax. I walked out into the backyard, chose a lounge and stretched out. It was warm with a slight breeze and it wasn’t long before I was taking a nap.

I awoke when I realized my cock was getting sucked. I assumed Kathy had come to say goodbye, but when I opened my eyes there was Amanda with my cock in her mouth. She was already naked, her 38C boobs resting on my legs as she played with my cock. She smiled at me and said she has been practicing on Paul so she wouldn’t choke when she sucked me. Then she bowed her head and slid the entire shaft of my cock down her throat. The feeling of her sucking was amazing, it is one of the best blow jobs I have ever had. My hard on swelled just a little more and Amanda choked just a bit as it filled her throat just a little more. After about 5 minutes I pulled her up and she moved over me, reached down and guided my cock into her pussy as she lowered herself down.

She took it slower this time that she did the first time we had sex, more in control. Her kisses were deep and strong, her hard nipples pressing against my chest. I reached down and squeezed her ass as she rode my cock.

She looked into my eyes and smiled, and told yalova escort me she hadn’t planned on fucking me today. Paul had to run into work for an emergency and my text had got her thinking. She had looked out the window and was slightly disappointed to see Kathy drive away, but then thought about me here naked and the thought of my cock made her touch herself. She knew it was impulsive, but she decided if she was going to be allowed to have a toy she was sure going to use it, and walked over here. She had let herself in the house and found me laying outside. She said it was almost without thought and she had suddenly found herself nude, not remembering getting undressed. She had looked down and saw her clothes on the floor, realized she was fingering herself, and opened the door and approached me. She had noticed I was sleeping, and decided to see if her practice would pay off.

I heard my cell phone beep with a message, and I saw on the screen it was from Kathy. I grabbed the phone and showed it to Amanda who giggled and squeezed her pussy muscles tight on my cock. Kathy had said she was getting gas and almost at her parents, she would see me in a while. I sent her back that Amanda had stopped by and I was going to fuck her again. Kathy said to have fun, but save some of Amanda for her. When Amanda saw that her pussy started quivering again, and I knew she really wanted to experience sex with Kathy too.

I set down the phone and started sucking on her nipples.She sat down and started grinding against me, rubbing her pussy against my balls. We were both clean shaven down there today, and her wetness quickly spread all over. Amanda pulled up my head and started kissing me again, her tongue flickering around in my mouth.

We were both very much into it and we both jumped when we heard something hit the ground next to us. We broke our kiss and saw Kathy standing there watching us. Her pussy was already glistening wet in the sunlight. One hand was playing with her pussy, the other pointed on the ground next to us. We looked down and saw she had thrown one of the mattresses on the ground next to us. Amanda looked at me and I could tell she didn’t want to get off my cock, but at the same time was curious about what was to come. I smiled at her, squeezed her ass, and she sighed and climbed off me.

Amanda laid down on the mattress, and watched as I got up and kissed Kathy hello. Kathy then knelt down and started sucking my cock, wanting to see what Amanda tasted like.I looked as I heard Amanda whimper, and she was fingering herself while watching Kathy blow me. I knew what Kathy really wanted, so I gently pulled away from Kathy and moved over toward Amanda.

I straddled Amanda and started to titty fuck her. Amanda held her boobs together and sucked on the head of my cock every chance she could. Kathy moved down between Amanda’s legs and started licking Amanda’s pussy. I looked down and Amanda’s face was starting to glow. She was loving all the attention.

I looked up and saw Paul standing there watching us, cock in hand. He had unzipped his shorts enough to pull out his cock. I told him to leave his clothes at the door and get over here. He stood there and watched me titty fuck Amanda then moved around to watch Kathy yalova escort bayan eat her pussy.Kathy hiked up her ass, and Paul got behind her and started fucking Kathy.

I got up so Amanda could watch Kathy eat her out. Amanda started pinching her nipples as she watched Kathy eat her an get fucked by Paul. The look on her face was priceless.

I watched them for a couple minutes then went over to the toy box. I pulled out a dildo and some KY, lubed my ass, and started playing with myself. I was fantasizing that Paul was fucking me, playing with my cock while sliding up and down on the dildo. Next time I looked over, I saw Amanda watching me. She motioned for me to come over there.

I walked over and bent down to see what Amanda wanted to do next and she took the dildo from my hand and told me to lay down. She pushed the dildo inside me and started to fuck me with it.

Paul had stopped fucking Kathy to watch. Kathy had to tell him he was being a bad boy again, and that he was in danger of being blindfolded. He started fucking her again, but couldn’t keep his eyes off Amanda fucking me. I was glad Amanda was correct in that he was interested, I was about to try and find out how much.

I sat up and moved down toward Paul. Amanda’s eyes got wide as I grabbed his cock and took it from Kathy’s pussy and started sucking it. I could taste Kathy’s wetness, and it turned me on. I reached down and played with my cock as I sucked off Paul.

Paul was just kind of frozen like he has the habit of doing. It is like he is fighting himself, one part wanting something, the other to scared to try. Kathy scooted Amanda sideways and they went into a 69. She could watch me with Paul while eating Amanda’s pussy. Amanda also had a good view, and had Kathy’s pussy right there in her face if she wanted to try it.

Kathy teased Amanda with her pussy, lowering it down to her face and wiggling back and forth. She did this while licking Amanda’s pussy and watching me. Finally Amanda got the courage and reached up and steadied Kathy’s ass, then dove her tongue into Kathy’s pussy. I saw Kathy shiver and knew she was finally getting what she wanted. Soon Amanda and Kathy were only into each other, their faces smothered in the others pussy, both moaning.

Paul was still just kind of comatose. So I pulled him down and had him lay next to Amanda. I reached over and grabbed a condom off the table and slid it over his cock. Then I lubed my ass once more and climbed on top of him. I grabbed his cock and guided it to my ass. I felt the head of his cock penetrate me and man did it feel good. It wasn’t long before I had his cock completely inside my ass. I felt a fullness I haven’t felt in a while thanks to the size of Paul’s cock.

I heard Amanda panting as she orgasmed. I looked at her and she had glaze all over her face from eating Kathy’s pussy. She had a huge smile on as she watched me ride Paul, and I remembered from before she had said she always wanted to see two guys fucking in person. This was her fantasy and we were making it a reality. Amanda rolled out from under Kathy and went to the table and grabbed another condom. Kathy moved over and sat on Paul’s face. He started to eat her pussy, and suddenly he couldn’t get enough of escort yalova it. He was making noises like a mad man, squirming around under her. It was making it hard for me to keep his cock in my ass.

Amanda came over to me and unrolled the condom onto my cock. She squirted lube on it and told me she wanted me to fuck her husband. She said to fuck him good but when I needed to cum let her know. She wanted me to fill her pussy with my hot cum. So I moved behind Paul and lifted his legs up. Amanda grabbed my cock and helped guide it to his ass, not that I really needed the help. My cock was aching to be in his ass really bad. I pushed in the head and his ass resisted a little at first. Amanda hadn’t said if he had experimented with dildos or not, but I know my cock is intimidating to most asses at first penetration.

So I took it slow, although Amanda I think wanted me to go faster. She played with her pussy as she watched me slowly go deeper. I would push in a little, pull out a little. Push in a little deeper, pull out a little. Over and over until I was finally fully inside him. Then I slowly started to fuck him, making sure Amanda could watch every stroke.

Kathy got down and starting sucking Paul’s cock. Amanda moved to take her place, and Paul started to eat Amanda’s pussy just as frantically as he did Kathy’s. Amanda was moaning in ecstasy getting her pussy eaten while watching me fuck Paul. I was stroking long and hard by now, stopping only to squirt a little more lube.

Kathy went and got a dildo and strapped it on. She moved around behind me and slid it into my ass. She was used to fucking me so it wasn’t long before we were all in a rhythm.

I could tell I was going to cum soon, so I reached out to Amanda and slid out of Paul. I stripped of the condom and mounted Amanda. She was the wettest I have seen yet, and I slid in easily. Amanda motioned to look at Paul, and Kathy had taken my place and was fucking Paul’s ass. I was stroking deep in Amanda’s pussy, feeling the cum rising up from the base of the shaft of my cock. When I squirted my hot cum inside Amanda, she instantly started to cum too.

Kathy saw that we had orgasmed and pulled out of Paul’s ass. She got on top of him and quickly guided herself down onto his cock. She rocked back and forth milking his cock with her pussy muscles. Their bodies started convulsing as they started to cum, Paul filling Kathy with his hot sperm.

I started to chuckle and Amanda gave me a funny look. I told them a month ago I thought they were a couple of stuck up neighbors who would never give us a second glance. I never would have dreamed that we would have just fucked for the second time, let alone everything that we did today. I figured it would have taken months to get here not days.

Paul said that things have been so stale between him and Amanda that once it was started it was like rolling a stone downhill, impossible to stop. They never realized that there was so much more out there to enjoy, but now that their eyes were open they were going to explore it.

Kathy told them she was happy for them, but warned them to take it slow. It is easy to get hurt in this big bad world if your not careful. She said we are help them all we can, and they are welcome anytime.

Amanda grinned and pulled Paul to his feet. She said thanks, they will definitely see us again, but right now she was going to take her husband home and fuck him. They quickly got dressed and rushed out the door.

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